5 Ways to Contact Aldi Corporate with a Complaint


There are many ways to contact Aldi if you have a customer service complaint. 

1. File a complaint by phone
The best way to get help is to call Aldi corporate directly at 630-879-8100 inside the U.S. or at +49-201-8593-0 for customers in Europe. It's worth noting that this phone number has multiple language options and you can only reach a live human from 8am-5pm weekdays. After hours and weekends you will have to leave a message or call back. That is why we have provided additional contact options below.

2. Write to the Aldi head office
You are certainly welcome to write a hand written letter to Aldi. This is probably the slowest method of communication, but some people find it worthwhile. The best address is 1200 N Kirk Rd, Batavia, IL 60510 for customers in the United States or their worldwide headquarters at Eckenbergstrasse 16, Essen, 45307 DEU. Be sure to address your feedback directly to the attention of the customer service department.

3. Submit an online contact form
Their website lists a live contact form that is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. However, the website claims you will only get a response back during normal business hours. The response times are between 8am-4:30pm, Monday to Friday.

4. Post a message on Facebook
They have a fairly active Facebook page with almost 2,000,000 followers. While this is not the best way to complain, it's certainly an option. You should know that if you are rude or harrassing they will probably take your message down and you risk being banned by the page.

5. Mention Aldi on Twitter
Aldi's twitter page has over 80,000 followers and they are responsive to mentions. So, if you find yourself all out of options trying the above methods, mention their account with your complaint directly on Twitter.

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The event happened in the Aldi Wallisdown Road, Bournemouth car park on 19th December 2015.  I needed to do some shopping in store and from there go to the next door shop where I had an appointment.  The general area was very busy due to Christmas shoppers.  I parked in the Aldi car park and asked the attendant on duty if I could stay after my shopping in the supermarket.  I told him there was a possibility I would probably not complete my business within the two hours and he assured me there would be  no problem.

At the beginning of January I received a parking charge notice from ParkingEye fining me 70 pounds.  I was dismayed since I had asked permission before leaving the car and the wording of the letter was threatening.  I am happy to submit a copy of this letter for your inspection if required.  I do not know if Aldi are aware of the tactics employed by ParkingEye, but I must admit that I feel loathe to shop at Aldi again in view of this experience.  Perhaps this is so something that can be looked into.

I look forward to receiving your comments.


What happened that you stopped selling rye bread such as Hausbrot? Many of your customers including myself come from central and Nordic European countries such as Finland, Estonia, Lithuania, Russia, Ukraine, Latvia, Sweden, Norway, Poland, Germany, Czech Republic, Slovakia and Austria who appreciated the availability of rye bread in your stores. After all, your company has a German origin and I have no doubt that Aldi management is well aware of this basic food requirement for many of us. Your  policy is  to reply to legitimate complains.

I have written to you previously but haven't received any answer to my query. Another item needs mentioning. You sell two pieces of fillet pork sealed in plastic. The price is quite high for these 2 small pieces of meat, but the quality is very poor,  the meat is tough, full of sinews and grizzle. The beef fillet is of a superb quality in comparison and altogether a much better buy. I also miss a good German mustard, like Thommo's for example.


On several occasions, I've waited patiently in line to come to pay my purchase. But recently I was making my purchase at Aldi located in, 4607 S. Orange Blossom Trail Orlando FL. Around one week ago, I went to do shop, and when I proceed to pay only one cashier was serving more than 12 customers, and she was by herself.

While in front of the cash register machine was a Manager chatting with two cashiers who do not were serving customers, it's amazing to see the manager and the cashiers talking like nothing was happening. Also, they were very aware of the long line of clients, and they did not take any action in attending the customers and reducing the long wait.

I am writing regarding the sharpness of your staff in the branch as this seems quite a common occurrence, having experienced it at least 4 times recently. Today another customer was asking the checkout girl to speak quietly as they were talking about  a delicate matter and the customer was clearly embarrassed when another checkout girl joined in with the conversation, clearly distressing the customer further.

It was clear to everyone that the checkout girl should not have said anything as all that was achieved was to make the customer feel as if the checkout girls were ganging up against the customer.  Are your girls not trained in customer service and whatever happened to 'the customer is always right ' as without  customers, Aldi would go out of business.


I wrote a lengthy explanation but it disappeared on Aldi's Facebook page so this one will be brief. the Aldi store in Norman, Oklahoma has an employee who has verbally accosted me...twice. I am very frightened of her and even though I Love Aldi and it is my preferred store, she appears to have anger issues which will erupt soon, and I do not want to be the target. She yelled at me once, actually yelled, when I walked into the back area to see if there was a loose box. I mean yelled. Like a fool, I apologized. I went to my car and cried. Usually at times like this I would bow back and stand my ground, but something told me not to.

Today when I was unloading my groceries onto the conveyor belt, she  told me to hurry. I was gobsmacked, but still I said nothing. I overheard her tell another employee that she was ready to go home, nut it appears her replacement had not arrived. So I was in her line of fire. She gave me a look sent chills down my spine. I do not know her name, but she is dangerous. I have never complained about an employee before at any store. But she is a ticking time bomb.

I told the employee she was talking to how she treated me and she said Sorry, but that did little to ease my angst. She is a tall, very thin, muscular black women, in her 30s or early 40s. Perhaps she could receive counseling to help her. I hate to see anyone that seems that unhappy. Either way, Aldi lost a very good customer.


On Saturday morning, April 23, I visited the recently opened Aldi store at Crostons Retail Park, Bury. On the day before, Friday, April 22, I had obtained £30 (in a 10 pound note and a £20 note) from the atm cash machine at the Post Office on Ainsworth Road, Bury. So on the Saturday morning I visited the Home Bargains store next to the Aldi one and bought some gardening items (Jeyes fluid and a spray weedkiller) from Home Bargains and paid with the £10 note. The receipt from Home Bargains clearly states £3 98p paid for the items with a £10 note ( with £6 02p change ) and is timed at 10.35am.

I then went next door to the Aldi store and bought a bottle of Sicilian Shiraz wine (£3 99), a bottle of San Miguel beer (£1 25) and two bars of dark whole-nut chocolate (£1 98) making a total of bill of £7 22p. As I did not have enough money in change from the Home Bargains store to cover this amount, I gave the young lady till operator the only other note I had - the £20 one.

I packed the items and she gave me a receipt and change and when I looked at it, the money was change from a £10 note. I said to her: "I am sure I just gave you a £20 note.". She replied that she thought it was a £10 one. I said once again: " I am sure it was a £20." She then took the cash box out and to the store office and came back in literally a couple of minutes to say: "It was a £10". How anyone can do a thought till check in such a few minutes is amazing.

By this time a queue of other customers had built up and they were obviously getting impatient over this delay. So I just took the receipt and change ( for a £10 note ) and left the store. On my way back to the car I thought " I am not prepared  to accept this " and went back into the store and asked one of the young male assistants if I could see the manager. The young man offered to take down the details of my issue over the wrong change and my home and mobile phone numbers ( on a piece of scrap paper ) and look into it. I left the store once again and expected a phone call at the end of trading to say something, indeed anything. Nothing at all. Hence the reason for this e-mail.

Now I know we all make mistakes with  money from time to time when out shopping. But I know that I  paid with a £10 note at Home Bargains and could only have paid with the other note - a £20 - that I had for the four items at Aldi.  It was perhaps the busiest time of the week to go shopping and, with hindsight,  I should have perhaps gone at another quieter time. But it doesn't alter the fact that I feel I have been short changed at Aldi to the tune of £10. I have always found the store outstanding for quality and prices and the staff ultra friendly and polite. And perhaps £10 is not such a big sum on the grand scale of things. But it's the principle and issue that is at stake here.

Incidentally, the Home Bargains receipt is time at 10.35 am and I have just noticed that the Aldi one is 10.43am - there was no way I could have done my shopping and been standing at the checkout till at Aldi some eight minutes later. So perhaps some of the timepieces in the in this Aldi store also need looking at. I hope to continue doing shopping at Aldi - but in future I think it will be done with a debit card. I look forward to any observations on this matter from Aldi.


Today when I was checking out at my local store (#80 in Hickory NC), the cashier (Sharon) was very clear how inconvenienced she was that I needed to put my 4month old (who still has to be in an infant carrier) in the shopping cart, before she started putting groceries in it. Sharon explained that it was inconvenient for her because she was being timed while ringing in my items. I am a full time mom, and my Husband works 13 hours a day to provide for our family. I shop at Aldi because it is easy on our budget.

I worked in the restaurants for 12 years before I became a mom, so I understand that there are corporate goals and times to try to meet, but I also understand that the customer should come first. The world is not kind to mothers, and honestly Aldi was one of the last places that I thought would be rude to me because I have an infant. I have no choice but to take my infant shopping with me as her father is always at work.

It's families like mine that frequently shop on your stores, and I would expect your employees to be accepting, courteous, and respectful of any accommodation that a customer may need, even if it as inconvenient as mother needing to put her infant in a carrier into the buggy, and the cashier having to be more careful when loading the groceries in.


I entered my Aldi store one week ago yesterday, and realized that I did not have a £1 coin for my shop, so I used an Aldi basket. At the checkout this became two baskets. So far so good. I'd left my plastic shopping bags in the car, in the car park. I walked through the main door, intending to transfer the shopping from baskets to bags, and return baskets. I'd heard a bell ring as I left, and looked around, in case it was for me. Nothing. I'd walked about five meters into the car park, when I heard shouting behind me. I turned and saw this person bellowing in my direction. I caught the word 'basket'. I realized he was shouting at me, and demanding that I re-enter the store, and return the two baskets.

I started to explain what I was trying to do, when I was confronted by this individual, wearing a 'security' uniform. He was now shouting in my face, that I was breaking some rule, that was clearly displayed in the store. I said that I'd seen no signs about baskets,etc. We re-entered the store together, where he continued to shout at me, as if I was some kind of criminal. I started to remonstrate with him, and explain that I was not used to such behavior and bad manners. I was clearly taken aback by the ferocity of his verbal assault. Several customers commented on his attitude at this point. I asked him to point out one of the notices he'd mentioned. He waved at the doors, but I couldn't see anything.

I explained again what I was trying to do, and his manner just got worse. He told me that he was banning me from the shop, and tried to take a photo of me. At this point, he said I should pick up a box for my groceries. I asked where from. He shouted 'find one'. At this point I threw down the baskets, and asked him to keep an eye on them, while I returned to the car. He replied 'no, that's not my job'. At this point, I asked him what his job was. Leaving the store, two customers spoke to me. The male said, 'That's the price you have to pay for cheap shopping?' The female said she was shocked by the whole scene.

I returned a minute later (the car was just outside),repacked my shopping, while this 'security individual' was still telling me that he was banning me from the store. I said that he wasn't. He became even angrier, and said he was going to "physically throw me out!" I said "no you're not." I left of my own volition and dropped my shopping in the car. I returned immediately to the store, and spoke to an employee, who had witnessed most of the incident. He said he was the assistant-manager. I explained that I wished to make a formal complaint. He said he'd have to get the manageress, which he did.

I went through the whole incident with her, and told her how I felt. She appeared sympathetic. I mentioned that I hadn't been aware of a rule about removing a basket, and certainly hadn't seen a notice. She said there weren't any such signs. I asked about my so-called ban. She said that, of course, I wasn't banned. At this point, the female customer, who had spoken to me earlier, came up and started telling the manager, what an unfair and unjust situation this 'gentleman' (me) had been placed in.

I left the store, and returned to my car, where another witness approached me, and said what a scandalous situation, over nothing! A week later, I managed to re-enter the store, keeping an eye out tor the aforementioned 'security' man. Things went smoothly: I was not threatened with physical violence, and managed to make my purchases safely.


I went to Aldi's store on North Illinois Street, Swansea,IL 62226 on 02/04/16 approximately 615pm and I didn't get a cart because I was only going in for a few things I found and empty box and got 2 containers of chicken stock, canned veggies, canned chicken noodle soup and canned mushrooms and some granola. It was very busy since it was the Thursday before Super Bowl Sunday. There were 3 cashiers ringing people up and yet the lines wound into the isles of the store. I went to the lane in the middle because it had the least amount of people in it.

When I got my turn to be rung out the girl was talking to other past customers who were packing their groceries- I asked the girl to please be careful because I had a dozen of eggs within my items as well- she paid, no mind to me - she was still talking to other people ( most people ask  " did you find everything you were looking for or something towards the person you are ringing out" ) as she was scanning my items she put the eggs in the bottom of the cart and proceeded to scan and toss the canned items on top of the eggs- most of the time a cashier would put the eggs in the child seat until the end so that the eggs wouldn't get broken. Again , I said miss (because no name tag was worn) please be careful I don't want the eggs broken - still she was talking to people around me and not even listening to me and my requests for her to be careful with my items. When I got out to my car I checked the eggs and the receipt with the cashiers name on it.

When I was packing my items at the counter I seen a lady had bought some reduced priced bundt pans and I asked her where she got them at - she sort of tried to explain it to me (I have been looking for the mini cupcake tin trays to make advent calendars for next Christmas) so I took my groceries out and put them into my car and came back into the store to find the mini cupcake pans. By this time 2 of the 3 that had been ringing people out had been taken off of the registers and the girl that I had (Abby) and a blonde haired lady came to help ring people out but at the register behind Abby the here was a shorter lady standing  (like observing the store was still packed full of people waiting to be checked out and this gal looked like she could have been a manager.

I was just in the store on the first (just several days prior to this) and Bob F. was working on the floor scanning things (working hand in hand with the other employees) and he's the manager there and I have seen Bob F. more then several times jump to a register to help ring people out and has always been nice, friendly and helpful- yet as busy as they were last night the other gal wearing an Aldi jacket just stood behind and watched people get aggravated and frustrated because they didn't understand why (who ever she was ?)

Why she wasn't helping ring people out. When I got up to Abby again to ring out the mini pans that I was buying- Abby said to me-"oh your back"? I said yes and that I came to get these mini pans - she did make small talk this time with me and said " if I knew how to bake -I guess these pans would be a deal! I told her that I was keeping one for my own baking at home and the other two that I was going to make Advent Calendars for Christmas this year. I said, if you buy the advent calendars in the craft markets at Christmas time that they can cost about $35.00 and that I was making my own.

Abby said, "well, Aldi's have advent calendars and they are only 99 cents - I said, "Yes but those are just candy filled and you throw them away." And, Abby - made the comment: "Ya" and I tried to explain to her that I will put little trinkets in for each day and re-use then yearly with new things put in for each day as it counts down to ." Christmas - and Abby said" I thought everyone throws those things away" and then I left. I was very upset and had to take an anxiety pill before I left the parking lot because this young girl upset me so bad. I didn't ask to talk to management because if Bob F. was there he would have been out helping ringing out the lines instead of letting people get irritated.

Please note I have been shopping at this Aldi's since it has opened and I have never experienced the rudeness and inconsideration for me or witnessed this kind of behavior from any employee towards myself or any other customers in the past. If this is the way this Aldi's is going to start handling there customers and treating us this way - I will have to take my business else where or to another Aldi's because this is totally uncalled for.


I am not sure where this complaint is to be sent. Today I had a terrible experience in the ALDI of Sagunto at Av. Abogado Fausto Caruna 7. I spend 150 euros per month on average at Aldi. Today I spent 112,30 because many things were missing from the shelves. My ticket number is B-53948204 of today 06 of July, 2015. I have been a faithful client of Aldi in the UK, Belgium, France, Portugal, and now Spain. Today was my last time.

I asked the cashier to slow down as my wife and I were both filling the cart and the girl kept on pilling and throwing things into the cart. I have never seen such brutality, maybe because I speak spanish with an accent. A frien of hers, a client who knew her began harassing us to go faster, and that we had no reason to ask her to slow down. I had not been rude, but the girl became rude. I asked to see the manager, because I have never anywhere, been treated with such contempt and prejudice. As soon as the manager came the other client knew her by name and began saying I had no reason to complain. I was not allowed to even talk with her because she said she was busy, I was embarrassed in front of people I do not know, and finally asked for the complaint book and was refused.

I will no longer shop at Aldi anywhere, nor will I ever recommend it. One of the reasons I used to go there was because it had less people than Lidl next door. This has never happened to me in any store. Good luck with your new work ethics. And by the way, I did not spend more because half of the shelves were empty. Thank you for your attention. Not that I care for your management, but people should be allowed their dignity.


Dear Aldi management. I believe my wife & I were some of your original customers when an Aldi store opened at Kingston. Queensland, Australia. We have been faithful Aldi shoppers since that day and have always enjoyed the competitive pricing and excellent service. Not only have we spent many thousands of dollars at your shops, we have encouraged a large number of our friends to share in the Aldi shopping experience.

Today however, in your Warwick, Queensland, Australia store, we have terminated our long shopping experience with Aldi. Firstly, your checkout operator addressed me as female, which I am not and I found that deeply distressing. As we were about to finalize our transaction, the operator asked to search my wife’s small handbag. My wife, who suffers from PTSD as a result of child abuse, asked the operator to call the police if he felt there was criminal intent and we were only too happy to comply with a police search.

Your operator said it was a condition of the store to inspect bags and he could not finalize the transaction until we complied. My wife replied it may be store policy for every person who enters the store to remove their clothes, but this is not a legally binding contract between the customer and store. The operator refused to complete the sale and the groceries remained on the store counter.

After all these years of faithful Aldi shopping, treated like a criminal was distressing, harassing and an effrontery to our human moral character. Sadly, we will not shop in your store and neither will many of our friends. Treating people with courtesy and respect is a basic human right and today, your store policy ensured our human rights were assaulted and we will never set foot in an Aldi store again.