How to Complain to Google Headquarters (About Anything)


Upset with a Google product or service? There are many ways to contact them with your complaint. Unfortunately, it's very difficult to talk to a live person on the phone. Most of the contact information Google provides is in the form of a support website.

If you do want to write a letter, their corporate headquarters address is:

1600 Amphitheatre Parkway
Mountain View, CA 94043, USA

Otherwise, here are the best links to complain to Google by product:

  • Chrome (browser bugs, plugins, and feedback about Google Chrome)
  • YouTube (complaints against YouTube users and video content)
  • Google Play (reviews of the app store and video games)
  • My account (for issues with all online Google services)
  • Maps for mobile (complaints for both cell phones and desktop driving direction)
  • Gmail (storage and account login problems)
  • AdSense (monetization and payment processing)
  • AdWords (related to advertising, billing contacts, and paid spend)
  • Search (Google search and home page feedback)
  • Drive (storage problems or sync bugs)
  • Nexus (wireless issues and cell phone complaints)
  • Hangouts (for problems with Hangouts and video chats)

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I cannot get to my email, i have had to set it up twice. and know i need to check it and i can not get into it again. Also, your Google reviews on businesses are not current. They are out of date and old. Reviews should drop off of accounts after a couple years to keep you guys current. Your reviews are out of date and useless.


I was forced into upgrading to windows 10, 8 was causing internet and computer issues ( shutting down and restarting at will). When I went to YouTube all of my passwords and email addresses were wiped out. My account is still there but not accessible. I have tried numerous times to contact google for a resolution without success. All feedback was not able to be snap shot.


Google+ have made it very difficult for me.  They have deleted my tagline on google+ and posts of those that I am following do not show up on my home page.  I also cannot share any posts.  I also am not able to access my home page on the computer.  Google often delete my comments on you tube. I do not have a cell phone; only a landline.  Also, I do not have a home computer, but only check my email at a friends house or the library. 

With the new security system, it will not let me login with a cell phone, which I cannot afford.  This security system is great for those who want and can use it, but I cannot.  What do I do?  Of course, I can't check my email, since I cannot log in anymore, so you must call my landline. Totally inadequate support regarding Play purchases. Directs customers to speak with the dev, but devs say they can't refund, or don't reply. Google takes no responsibility for the products and transactions in their store.


Your home search page has the evolution of ape to man. This is very offending to Christians. Are you going to put Adam and Eve or the Christ child? I cannot use your search if you show bias to Christians in this world. I cannot believe that Google are today celebrating the discovery of "Lucy", by using a totally false and fabricated animated image of her being the "missing link" between Apes and Man. NO link has ever been found!  Lucy is a unique creature, which in no way fits into any supposed evolutionary sequence.  Shame on them, for this poor research or deliberate deception!


I am sending this request for a refund because I do not want your product or the troubles you have caused me by infiltrating my computer and changing the settings to destroy my business files.  I have a record of what happened and will be forwarding the record to my Attorney, the FBI Fraud unit, Federal Communications Commission and to Google who are all going to be interested in the way you are conducting your business through intimidation, deception and malicious damage to clients who do not wish to be defrauded and can see through your scam of a business.

I never wanted to pay a full up front price and had expressed that to your representative who did not pay attention to what I was saying and did not tell me before I had run my card through that I was going to be charged an up front payment of the full amount he just said up front and I assumed he meant $4.99 up front because that is what I requested an up front payment of $4.99 or no deal. I have a screen shot of the different ways you changed my settings and then got on my computer unauthorized and ran a JAVA program to change the settings. I saw it happen!

I had to go into the settings and change things back and than clean my computer, take your programs off and out of the registry, that I never authorized installation of or never activated your program even though it was in my computer installed and included some hidden viruses in the registry!  This took me about 4 hours at my rate of $80.00/hour as a Civil Engineer or $320.00.  So not only do I want a refund of $123.96 but also a payment for damages of @$320.00 for a total of $443.96.

This is my invoice to will settle for this amount in Lieu of Federal Legal Fees, Court Fees, Damages, Refunds and Punitive Damages. Back in the day, say about 5 to 10 ago, there was this service called Google. Bearing in mind I was new to computing, I found Google the most surprising and easy to use service I had ever come across. So how come when I am now computer literate and wish to open my google home page, do I have to sit and wait and keep tapping the typing box to try and get get some response. So come on guys? What use to be easy is now a pain in the proverbial and a glorious waste of time (or is it my iPad ). Surely all the software updates I keep installing should be making the service easier to use.


On a day when a jetliner was lost due to terrorism Google honrs Yuri Kochiyama. She was a terrorist. Shame on you Google. Will NOT be using you whenever I can find alternatives. Later, I called for help logging into my email. I was told it was i would need to pay 49$ to have it cleared and have access to it again. He was rude and sarcastic, raising his voice to me. When i asked to talk to someone else, he refused, said "those days are over" and "I CAN help you but i won't" and hung up on me. Initial issue was never resolved.

So I have been without access to my gmail account going on 2 weeks.  I was hacked and had to change everything including my phone number.  You would think Google would be able to have a quick response.  They say 3-5 business days which is BS!  I even have another gmail account that I was able to access but not my personal.  I hate everything Google.  They sent an email to my recovery email but still they want to send a text to a phone number I don't have anymore. What a joke!


This morning when I turned on my computer the screen was black.  I thought something was wrong with my computer. I have a great deal of work to complete today, and I was frantic that something was going wrong.  A black screen to me means the system is broken.  I turned off my computer and rebooted.   I have windows 10 and I have had a number of issues with upgrades from 8.0 and 8.1 and 10. The screen is black right now and I am having lots of trouble seeing this stuff I'm writing.

Who is was it at Google Chrome has decided to change the appearance of my computer to a black screen (something to  do with being able to see things better,... well you can't!--as most of my life I have read black print on white paper, that is what I am used to and prefer) Additionally all my nice background pictures are not coming up, and I kind of like that.  I tried to reverse this, but I can't seem to do it.  I will need someone from Google Chrome to do this for me as I do not have the technical expertise to reverse this unwanted change.  

I realize some people may need these changes, but I would like to advise Google Chrome that this person does not want these changes made to the appearance of their  computer without notice, and I am really frustrated with the difficulty in trying to remove it.  You may wish to make a better way of declining these changes for people like me who are not particularly adept at reversing these things.  As Ron James said, "I don't have my PHD in GEEK!  Would my computer go back to the normal appearance if I deleted Google Chrome?  I am not happy with this black screen/white text.  Please advise me immediately.


I was logged out of my account, after performing an update on my computer, and I found that I couldn't get back in. I tried my main email, the one I was sure I used for the account, and the state the account was in before I uploaded anything, had any subscribers or likes or anything of the sort came up. It didn't show up as how it currently is, and I know the account wasn't deleted, as it's still on youtube. I logged in and checked for any linked accounts or information, but there's nothing there. The account is very important to me, having uploaded videos and gained subscribers, and I have no way of getting into it. I've tried every email I have and not one of them have been registered into Google+.


My complaint is not about an experience or technical difficulty. It’s just a comment about your google animation, or ‘doodles’ that appear on the search page. Over the year you’ve gone out of your way to do elaborate animations on trivial facts, like Mozart’s birthday or even today, Lotte Reiniger’s birthday, or social issues you are trying to bring attention to, or cinco de mayo, or just silly stuff that has no significance at all.

So on Memorial Day, I was shocked and disappointed, and I must say angered to see you did nothing. The lettering was not even in red, white or blue! Yes, there was a tiny little flag with a yellow ribbon under the search box, but the minuteness of it in contrast to what you have on an almost daily basis was shameful. It felt like a forced obligation to do something even though you didn’t want to, and the tiny picture was the most you could do without drawing attention to the day.

I am tired of seing everything but our own country celebrated, and especially to treat the day we celebrate those brave men and women who gave their lives for our liberty and freedom, as though it was nothing, made me see stars – stars I should have seem in some animation! I’m sure there was some way you could have acknowledged their service and celebrate the values of our country without making it solumn. You had a wonderful opportunity to remind people what the day is really about, but you chose to treat it as almost less than an ordinary day. Shame on you Google. I am seriously considering switching to another search engine, because I don’t appreciate what feels like your anti-American bias.

Maybe on Fourth of July you can redeem yourself.


I've been dealing with google play now for years and I am trying to file a complaint against one of the game apps to google so I don't know if this is the right site to do this on but I am going to try because I am tired of getting ripped off and so is my mother. 

We have the game app Toy Blast and play that game a lot we buy coins often so when we don't get our coins we send in a request to toy blast with no response so then we have to keep sending them emails about paying them money and not receiving our coins then we get an email saying that if we keep sending them emails about this issue their just going to consider it spam that is the most unprofessional thing.

I have every heard from a company months ago I told them that I paid $4.99 and never received my coins and still haven't and now my mom is going thru this with them and they are refusing to make any of this right but they have taken our money which is considered theft we would like something done about this. 

The owner of the game app is stealing money from customers and something needs to be done about this and I hope this is the right site for this I am tired of getting ripped off by these game apps and we need a site were we can file complaints against this kind of thing so that they can take this issues to someone who can handle this and get our issues dealt with. If you look at our payment history it shows that we spend a nice amount with this game app so when we don't receive any of out coins then we should surely be treated right and reimbursed our money or given our coins not be told to stop emailing them or they will consider it spam. 

So please help us with this or send us to the right people that handle this kind of issue we are not going to continue to get robbed by these game apps when were spending money with them already we are not going to tolerate this we work hard for our money then to just let some game just take our money.


Have a complaint for Google customer service. On May 18, 2016 my Wife bought herself an expansion to a video game she has not played in quite some time. She soon realized that she needed to activate it on her game account, it uses gmail as part of her account information. Soon realized that due to two step gmail account verification & the fact we had changed our telephone number recently, She was not able to log into her gmail account, to verify account info for her video game.

She tried using google online assistance etc: to remedy the problem, but had no luck & appeared to just be going in circles with no results. So she decided to contact goggle assistance via phone.  Well for starters she ended up in dealing with an individual who's English was barely understandable, He then led her through some process which led him to having remote access to her PC (She was not aware that this was going to happen & would not of agreed to this had she know) For about 40 minutes all he did was go on about "Our network is not safe, you have no security or no security software on your PC, I can see hackers observing your PC & they are ready to attack etc: etc:.

The end result was:, Google employee basically refused to help her update her phone number so she could access her gmail, he would only help if she went through this BS process of fixing out network & our PC software so it was secure. The issue was trying to access her gmail account, not if our "this & that is secure" Appreciate the concern, but was not the issue or any of his business, "Personally feel this was just a lame effort at racking up our phone bill & some BS fear mongering"

Well, Our network is very secure as are our PCs. yes PCs have all the security programs that are needed (antivirus, malware/spyware etc:) all are active & are run on a very frequent basis, needless to say we have not had any security breeches or issues in years. Not to mention the only time Windoze is used, is for gaming, LINUX is used for everything else.

To conclude; Google customer service was a complete joke & a waste of time, thanks for the inflated phone bill & thanks for no help at all, in helping wife access her gmail account, so she could use a product she just purchased.


Over the past months including October 2015, without knowing, I was using Google Chrome identified by its symbol with a small picture within the circle. However I was always puzzled by the female pic not quite distinct one. It was not not until I got my pic on the Google Chrome sign at the bottom of my laptop page that I realized there was a difference in that someones sent their google chrome account for me to use? Which I did use while doing my personal academic work for months. They probably had access to all my works my guess. Kindly prevent this if possible in order to protect my privacy.

I uninstalled many Google apps to make room for others and play store reinstalls them and updates them taking up space on my phone and annoying me by not allowing me to free up storage and ram because i reiterate the app store re installs useless apps that i hate that don't work and that i do not need to have. I hate it and am very dissatisfied with google and all affiliated apps that continue to install without my consent. To all i want to stop this it is unfair that I have to deal with this on a privately owned device.


If you claim to not have singled me out why am I unable to get help I call give my email immediately. They think I'm going to ask for a refund and put me on hold constantly then say there going to transfer me to survey but instead I'm hung up on, this has happened last 5 times I've called how am I supposed to even trust spending money on Google if when I give my email I'm immediately labeled as soon as they get my email? I can see that it's happening every call now.

On my mobile device, I read a lot of stories from several websites. I often bookmark the stories to save them and read later. Unfortunately, recent changes have made the formatting of the mobile bookmarking different. It is now very difficult to bookmark anything, and navigating my bookmarks folders has become very hard. If I bookmark something, it automatically saves it to mobile bookmarks, which I prefer not to use because I like to access the stories from my computer as well. I wish for the bookmarking feature to return to how it was before the update. I keep getting emails after I flagged a fake comment on my work google page. Then I had a Google rep send me the persons IP address and name and address.

Then he sent me a email that said they couldn't remove this comment and then a couple more bad comments came and went then a couple awesome comments from clients were rated and I get some emails from this same Google reps (2) and telling me there aren't removing and fake ones that they sent me the IP addresses on but are removing and flagging the good rating comments. Is this allowed or can these Google reps send me IP address and customer info and pick and choose with ratings they will remove.


Every holiday marks the perfect opportunity for Google to upload their signature Doodles onto the homepage of their website. However, this year, March 27, 2016, I was rather disappointed to see not even a single bunny or Easter egg for the revered holiday. Yes, Easter is a Christian holiday, but does that mean that an entire company can disregard it, but stand for things such as homosexuality instead? Whether Google believes in Easter or not, it doesn't matter, but there was absolutely no reason why they could not have uploaded a Doodle for it. Christmas, Halloween, and St. Patrick's Day was no problem.

Google even goes so far as to recognize famous writers or composers on their birthdays, so why refrain from putting one up for an actual holiday? Google even posted Doodles for lesser known holidays such as Earth Day or Columbus Day which are only revered as "just another days". America's on-going "all-inclusive-but-not-to-Christians" is completely unnecessary.

Honestly, I know this is a small matter compared to the grand scheme of things, but to not put anything up at all is just uncalled for. Besides, companies would have a much better business if they focused on the business itself rather than purposely making political statements all the time. And not to blow it too out of proportion, but America has really abused their First Amendment rights, and have also contradicted themselves by showing favoritism to secular subjects as well. I hope this reaches somebody's ears.


I have been having problems with Google not knowing what they are talking about for over a year. I have spent the past four days doing nothing but trying to get help from Google.  The last ineffective "customer service" person told me they would have to hang up on me because of my language.





If they are such a fantabulous internet company, why is there apparently no way to contact someone with any authority via email address? What a joke.



My gmail account was totally blocked in the RCS-RDS Network (Romania). Afterwards the informations already arranged for sending were stolen. I've found in the next day half of the message saved in the Trash. No doubt the account was permanently in the surveillance.


I am at the end of my patience. I have emailed Amit Agarwal 7 times. I signed up for Gmail merge for 95 dollars for 3 licenses per below.    I wanted a licsense for each email below.  The amount I was charge was 124 dollars per below. I need to have Gmail licenses for the following email per my purchase.    I have one email confirming I have been charged for the three.This is the order I purchased.

We appreciate your order for Mail Merge for Gmail.Please sign in with your Google account and enter the key below to activate your license. Read the PDF guide for instructions. In the meantime, check out popular Google Add-ons and learn how Google Scripts can help you automate business workflows and increase productivity at work.

If you have any questions, just hit reply or tweet @labnol.


Today is January 3, 2017. I have been trying to access my email and my other programs on Nexus and my laptop. After going through the steps and getting a code through another email, Google says I'm not getting access because they can't verify my account. I tried both my google email accounts and the phone numbers listed on the accounts.
Lately, I've become aware that in efforts to make everything secure for the user, you have done nothing but make an exercise in frustration. I can't do things because the current password isn't recognized, then I can't get one because you won't recognize my accounts without additional verifications, which include when I made my accounts (it's been years, so I don't remember).
When I get an old phone number right when asked that still isn't enough.
I can't access the programs on my Nexus, can't get into my email or google on my laptop.
My husband is in the same situation -- he can't access his account because passwords are not recognized, even though they were used successfully just hours ago.
 All the major carriers we use, Microsoft, Google and AT&T are guilty of this.
I don't think this electronic usage is any better than the pen and pencil method of the past.
Speaking on the phone to customer service is no better. Any CS call to anyone who uses computers for business takes 45 minutes at least.
I am at the point of going to  a smaller carrier because this is so frustrating. You all have too many little requirements for security. My bank doesn't have this many.


I ported my business line over to Google Voice on Sunday.  On the site, it said it should take "up to 24 hours" for the porting process to be complete.  It is now Thursday and nothing has been done.  There is no customer service phone number available, and I have submitted countless posts on various forums, with no response.  I have been told by a Google person in a different department who was willing to look into it for me that the process normally takes 5-7 business days. 

This is completely unethical and irresponsible.  I have lost an unknown number of potentially new clients, not to mention jeopardized the clients I currently have. I am in the mental health field and have clients in crisis.  I have no business phone number and don't know if I can count the porting to actually complete in 5-7 days.  I consider this negligence, misrepresentation, misleading and professionally unconsciounable for you to say you will take up to 24 hours when it is known to actually take 5-7 business days.  

My phone number ends in 4848.  I am hoping someone can expedite this asap.  If not, I want to know so that I can make other arrangements.  I am considering seeking legal counsel regarding this matter.  I am thoroughly disgusted by Google at this point.

Terry Jordan