Why I Contacted Whirlpool Headquarters to Complain Directly


My eight month old Whirlpool Fridge stopped working Friday - spoke to Amanda, Christie, Shannon, Nicole, Brade, Kirsten, Jayme,  Brandon, Emily and finally Cameron the supervisor.  Had to phone all the companies for them that do warranty work for Whirlpool - they do not call - none of them no longer service for whirlpool - they told me I had to find someone and they would reimburse me (I got this in writing)-paid for a tech to come and tell me compressor no longer working.  

He spoke to a Whirlpool customer service representative letting her know the fridge is on warranty and they need to replace. But this was no help!

They refused to do it and fix my fridge. They want to send out a tech but they suddenly found as of this date and time I have had no response from Cameron the Supervisor. So, I have contacted the Whirlpool headquarters in the US Mr. Jeff Fettig is the CEO. Finally I spoke to a Mrs. Pumfery in the Executive Office and she indicated she would escalate this to Whirlpool Canada.

Here's how I did it. I wrote to 2000 N. M-63, Benton Harbor, MI, 49022 and then called the corporate office number at 269-923-5000.

The customer service hotline at 1-866-698-2538 is no help. Do not waste your time with it like I did. Go directly to headquarters! My next step is the News, and report them to the BBB in Canada - they need to be exposed for their lack of service and condescending attitude towards customers who have purchased their appliances. 

I also found a feedback email inbox to send problems. Have not tried this yet, but it might be worth contacting. The address is whirlpool_customerexperience@whirlpool.com. I have also been to Home Depot where I bought the fridge and I am in the process of documenting everything and also copying Home Depot with a recommendation for them to no longer sell these brands.


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2000 N. M-63, Benton Harbor, MI, 49022



My whirlpool washing machine does not clean the clothes it can only be run on bulky items to get them somewhat clean it goes off balance all of the time and it has sprung the lid because of being off balance all of the time. I am ready to see a personal injury lawyer just for the back problems I am having from having to lift all of the wet clothes to get the thing balanced. This is ridiculous. I bought warranty until 2021 wishing I did not it doesn't help.


We bought a whirlpool side by side refrigerator 6/25/2012 and also purchased a 2 year extended warranty through Lowes. Exactly 34 days after the warranty expired the compressor went out.  The repair man came out and gave an estimate of $1200 .00 to fix  it. We only paid $1100 for the appliance.

Your company use to produce quality products but I don't believe that is the case anymore. Now we have to wait 4 days for a replacement so in the mean time I am losing $500.00 worth of food.  I will never own another appliance made by Whirlpool.

Purchased another gas range from The Home Depot 9/15/16. Have not been able to bake in it to  the present time.  Repair man came and now have to wait 7 to 10 days for a part. This is unbelievable for a new stove. Could not cook dinner.


After using the self clean option for the first time in 5 years, the oven is no longer functional. After the oven went through the whole process and a cool down it went black and never turned on again. A repairman told me that this is a well known problem and will be a minimum of $300 to repair and I may be w/o the oven for 2 weeks as it may need to be sent off for repairs.

After looking at all the complaints online of people that used the self clean process and had this result, I decided to call Whirlpool to see what their response would be. She informed me that they never had a complaint of this nature and that since the product is out of warranty there is nothing they can do. Considering I found a class action lawsuit against Whirlpool for this problem, mine cannot be the first complaint she had.

I have submitted a complaint to the consumer services department in my state. I doubt anything will be done, but I will never buy Whirlpool again and will tell anyone who asks my opinion about their lack of customer care. Terrible customer support. My front load washer broke after 5 years of use by just my husband and I. The inner tub was damaged and was told it would cost $849 to fix it. We only paid $630 for it. After I complained they sold me a useless extended warranty policy and told me they would fix it  I had to take time off from work to meet second service guy who said it wasn't covered!


I purchased a Whirlpool washer model #WTW4900BWO with the Serial #C40230880 on February 8, 2014. I have been dissatisfied with it ever since. I have to place a rubber band around each end and in the middle of my contour sheets every time I wash them to keep them from getting tangled up inside the pocket areas where the elastic is.  The spin cycle usually goes off balance.  I have to push the 'lock' button and wait for the machine to unlock (which is a real pain!) before I can rearrange my load and hope it will not go off balance again. 

Every time I do a load of wash I look at this machine and wish I had my old one back that had the agitator as it did not go off balance like this one does so often. I have been putting up with this machine but have been meaning to write this letter for a long time.  At least now I have written it and gotten this off my chest, but will continue to hate the washer and dread doing my laundry for as long as I have it.


We bought a side-by-side Whirlpool last Oct. at Home Depot (Ontario Canada) and in a month or two, the refrigerator section (not the freezer section), all our foods turned frozen everyday. It was even at a low cool temp. The vegetables are all frozen as ice every day and the rest of the foods in the frigidaire section. We contacted Whirlpool corporate, gave our model #, serial # and they wouldn't replace us a new unit instead, just recommended for a service repair. What? Are they kidding us! What a bad business practice, eh! Informing community about this co.


Purchased a whirlpool washer and dryer (matching set) on August 20, 2015. Delivered by Lowes on August 22,2015.  In the month of September washer tore a set of sheet, on another set of sheets tore the pillow case. And also tore my husband jeans.

Called Lowes in Oct. stated that I need to call Whirlpool because it has been over 30 days. Called Whirlpool customer service stated they had problems with these machines. Made an appointment to have serviceman come out. He came out on Oct 26,2015. Stated I need to put the washer on heavy soil and I was not washing correctly. Still tearing my husbands jeans. Now we are up to 5 pairs of jeans being damaged. On Jan 19, 2016 called Whirlpool customer support again and told them of the problems.

They stated they had never hear of any problems. Asked me to send photos of the jeans and repairmen came out on Jan 21, 2016. This time he took his tools out and took off the top button of agitator is damaged and pieces are missing from it. Remove the hat like place and discovers that the 4 dimples have points sticking out.  Now today Feb 1 the repairman is coming out to replace the parts. I asked whirlpool to refund me money on the damaged jeans they said no that they are repairing my machine.  what a piece of cramp this machine is.


The light bulb on the bottom side of our microwave burned out.   I tried to remove it to replace it and discovered the bulb was glued into the socket.  We had to call a service man to take it out at the cost of $150.00.  This is ridiculous for such a simple problem.  Why would anyone glue in a bulb which is in constant use?  We know how to change light bulbs.  This was obviously made to make one buy a new appliance rather than repair it. 

That was the first comment when we called for service.  "Why not buy a new one?"  We have been very happy with the microwave up until now.  We don't want this to spoil our opinion of Whirlpool appliances of which we have several. Corporate should refund our $150.00 service charge.  This does not say anything positive about Whirlpool. 


Refrigerator Model #WRF990SLAM00 was purchased for our new home and delivered end of May 2013.  Panel on the door stopped working and had to be replaced.  Shortly after that the ice maker stopped working and was replaced.  Was still under warranty and then we purchased the extended warranty.  The ice maker stopped making again and they came out and replaced a part they said was faulty on all of these models.  A few months later it stopped again and was repaired again.  

It has now stopped making ice again and there is ice in he back of the refrigerator melting and running down under the drawers,  We still have the extended Whirlpool warranty and after being without ice for a week they are coming again today to look at it.  Technician said sounds like the ice maker has gone out again!  Refrigerator is less than 3 years old and has been worked on about 6 times already!  We paid over $3000. for this refrigerator and it is the worse one I have ever owned.  It is a lemon!  Technicians say the warranty company has to decide whether or not to replace it and the warranty company says it depends on the technicians.


Moments ago, I filed a complaint with the BBB in Michigan closest to the Whirlpool corp. In short, My wife and I purchased a gas range/oven, model KGRS505XSS, in Oct. 2011. Along with that, since we do not have supplied gas, we purchased and had installed a propane tank to serve just the stove. Total cost about $3,000.

Since then, the appliance has failed four times, three of which out of warranty. Now, we regularly host holiday dinners for as many as 20 family members. With the repeated failure of this machine, my wife has come to fear Thanksgiving! Her favorite holiday, no less....Today was visit #4, with one of the ovens down. Approx. cost to repair? about $280, says the tech. (nice man, well trained). But we'll wait 7-10 days for the part, then some more for said tech. to come back.

When the first failure occurred, I gave the thing a pass...a glitch, I said. Second failure, we made some calls, dealer, whirlpool.....pretty much no response. Now, I spend half a day from my business to wait for the technician, money to fix aside, and what if this were Thanksgiving. I am not social media savvy, but if nothing else, this experience provides me with the opportunity to sharpen that skill, so that good people, spending good money, won't be screwed.