Contact Info for Yahoo! Corporate (Phone Number and Address)


If you have a problem with any of your Yahoo! services, the best way to resolve it (as others have said on this thread) is to find the help page on their website and choose the right option.

Most of Yahoo! support at this point as automated and it’s very difficult to reach a live human at their Sunnyvale corporate headquarters. I am assuming you have a complaint and simply want to get satisfaction? That being said, the best phone number is their corporate office at 408-349-3300.

If you would like to write a letter to CEO Marrisa Mayer you may mail her at 701 First Avenue, Sunnyvale, CA 94089. Although it’s highly unlikely this will get the results you are looking for either. Still it’s worth a try. The main HQ for Yahoo! is their Sunnyvalle office. Their investor relations (IR) number 408-349-3382.

There are also a few more options for contacting Yahoo! including social media. They are fairly active on Twitter, which I have added below as well. Take a look at their social media outlets including Facebook at Yahoo Customer Care and Twitter at @YahooCare.

Random Yahoo! Fact: the company was founded in 1994 by Jerry Yang and David Filo. The acronym stands for Yet Another Hierarchically Organized Oracle.


Read more complaints: 



Once again, on Yahoo's opening page, you have removed the scan feature which allows for efficient reading of the day's major news stories. Why-oh-why do you keep removing this feature? (The vertical scroll feature is annoying as the majority of the stories are unimportant and, after reading a story, the list never returns to the same place.

My Home page was changed yesterday on 1/28/16.  I don’t know what happened, if the system is down or what:  Please fix it, if that is the issue. Otherwise if this is the new site, it is really bad. I can’t understand why you would put a worse site than the one you had. 

If it is not corrected soon, I plan to start looking around for a new site. The news bar does not move, I can’t leave comments without signing in or find those comments for thumbs up or down and totals. Yesterday, my front home page has changed again. I totally hate this and want the regular page back. I should have been asked if I wanted to try something new not chosen by random. Please go back.


I liked how it was and I don't want it to be changed. Please put it back as it was - with the option for my yahoo on the front page - so I don't have to go searching for it. Why try to fix things that aren't broken? Why can't you leave well enough alone. You have screwed your yahoo home page up once again so that it is not even usable. I could go to yahoo any time to look up the latest world news, and now you have screwed it up, so I will no longer be going to yahoo.  When something is good and it works leave it alone, just what type of stupid people do you have working for yahoo any way?

You changed your home page and while I normally wouldn't give a rats ass, when I can no longer scroll the headlines, you sure know how to mess up a good thing not to mention removing the comics which until now, I have said nothing about. Why mess with something that is already good. Talk about having a brain fart, this really stinks. I know you do not pay attention to your letters because surely, I am not the only one dissatisfied.


I love solitaire so I downloaded your game "Solitaire Arena" After about a week of playing;I had earned  over 20 tournaments. Then all of a sudden my tournaments; plus all my magic points had disappeared and went back to "0". Do you build peoples hopes up, then take them away? I think its wrong to rate this game with 4 stars, if your going to get treated like this. I think you need to check up on this, and correct this from happening to someone else. I am going to let everyone know not to download this game.


Yahoo in its (un)infinite wisdom, just changed the way I access my contacts to send emails.   When having sent an email to one person. sending the same one to others entails a copy and paste procedure because the address does not transfer as before when using Add Contacts. 

Sending to many parties at once can not be done by simply clicking the box by each name and clicking Add Contacts.  I discovered, through trial and error, that I can, however, do it in groups.   [I will interject here that the name stands out in black, but the address has been done in a medium gray on that light gray background making it hard to see.  [Who thought of something such as that:  same color on same color.]  Each recipient must have the address copy and pasted or no addresses appear in the address box. 

Do your designers have to come up with new ideas to maintain their jobs, even if the ideas are Rube Goldberg contraptions?  If you do not the reference, look it up.  Your last innovation was a disaster for me and thousands of others also.  We had to relearn how to use your product, which really added no benefits over the existing one.  I will be (once again) considering switching over to the gmail account that I opened after your last (aforementioned) fiasco. 

If I have to put up with a new way of doing something, I might as well only have to do it once.  If changes are made, they will hopefully be beneficial ones to me.  Innovation for its own sake is not always progressive.  It is also understandable that the persons who develop these ideas believe them to be great, so they should use them, not foist them on a somewhat captive clientele. That is one of reasons the US patent office has thousands every year that never make money. 

Inventors believe in their inventions, other do not.  I also believe that being the large corporation that you are, you will ignore this email because you don't have to do anything about my displeasure because you do cater to a captive audience, and can dictate to that audience what it has to endure from you.   Do you work on a "profits over people" ethic?  How about "what every is good for Yahoo, people will learn to accept."


I am very concerned and extremely upset. We just purchased a Mac. We have been trying to access our Yahoo Verizon mail but have been unsuccessful. I called Apple support but the tech. was unable to correct the situation and told me to contact Yahoo. The Yahoo tech told me that he had to take control of my computer. After a short time he wanted my e.mail address and  my password which I gave him.

My wife is from India. He said somebody from Texas hacked our e.mail address and password and was therefore able to go back into our computer and collect data which could be used for illegal use and then we would be accused as being the person carrying out these illegal acts and therefore I could get into serious legal trouble. I then asked him if I should change my e.mail address and password and he said it was not necessary.  

The problem was my personal internet network. He wanted to know what I was using to protect my internet network. He said " that is your computer and not your internet network".  What are you using as security as your internet network? I told him that I did not know that there was such a thing. He told me that one of his technicians would take about an hour working on our computer to set up security for my "internet network" and that it would cost $199.00. He said that I did not have to do anything with the computer.   He then wanted my credit card number.

I was not comfortable with this as none of this sounded right. I told him that I would call him back after I checked with a friend. He said O.K. and hung up. I then immediately changed my password.  A copy of this e.mail is being sent to Marrisa Mayer, C.E.O. Yahoo. We still do not have a solution to our problem.


Regarding Yahoo's homepage:  I believe that Yahoo is intentionally using tragic, even disgusting, articles in it's homepage.  Just two small examples of the daily negativity that will greet you when you open Yahoo is:  "Rare baby dolphin died after being passed around by beachgoers, for a selfie".  And, "Ultrasound shows twin holding his dying brother's hand".  Also, there is a never ending amount of stories about abused animals. 

None of these stories have a happy ending.  I sincerely believe that some of Yahoo's staff have mental problems.  This is utter garbage.  This is nothing different then the cheap, garbage newspapers found near the check out counters at many supermarkets.

Millions of people are finding this kind of useless, yellow sheet, garbage when they open their homepage.  I have started a grassroots campaign among my neighbors and friends to remove Yahoo as their homepage, and to avoid Yahoo if at all possible.  I was shocked at the support I found when I started complaining to friends and neighbors.  We all are sick of seeing this type of news!

As expected there is no simple way to bring this complaint to anyone at Yahoo.  They have insulated themselves by making their so-called customer care so difficult and focused only on issues they wish to allow, that you cannot actually criticize them and get the complaint to anyone in authority.


My email is frequently blocked and I'm forced to assign a new password. I stay logged on because it has become such a "pain" to log back on. I don't have a fancy phone to download your unnecessary apps. I have a phone issued because I live in Senior HUD Housing. I use a computer and applications well; I don't have to have a phone attached to my ear to survive like the young people of today (I'm 76).

Why does Yahoo keep messing up the emails? First they combined replies to emails so that you cannot see the first email unless you hit "history" and now they are dividing them into days. Didn't anyone tell them that they are all dated. They don't choose to read complaints about their product. There is no way to get in touch with them directly.  That is a big problem.

it is clear Yahoo simply doesn't care. I have tried for days to access my account. Every health screen I go to send me to another health screen with instructions that do not work. There is no support backing Yahoo up. You can reach no one. Yahoo simply doesn't care if you ever get on your account again. I decided to simply leave the account dormant and walk away from Yahoo blocking them from all future communications.


I have used my account happily for 16 years in West Africa, Europe, S. America and Australia with little to complain about until fairly recently. I have in recent months had a series of automatic notices appear from Yahoo when signing-in, asking for contact phone numbers in case I am locked out. I have been reluctant to furnish these numbers because I spend most of my time in Cyprus and travel frequently to Sydney Australia, Brazil and the UK.

My daughter recently visited me in Cyprus and suggested I could give her phone number and actually submitted the details through my account to Yahoo. I have no idea about any special code she may have been given when she did this.

I am now in Sao Paulo State, Brazil. I have now been locked out of my Yahoo account. I put in the number but now Yahoo want some code or other. Although I appreciate that Yahoo think they are protecting my account by this, it is never the less a big inconvenience and whilst I shall try to contact my daughter in London this evening, to see if she can recall any other information provided to or by Yahoo when she handled this, it is doubtful.

Which number does Yahoo want me to provide? My local number in Cyprus when I am in Australia? My local number in UK when I am in Sao Paulo State Brazil? My local number in Brazil when I am locked out whilst in Paphos Cyprus etc. Why not have a notice box from Yahoo to provide details when intending to travel from one country to another to avoid this nonsense? Otherwise make provision for me to provide multiple phone numbers in different countries.


I am so tired of Yahoo! drop down advertising, that if not corrected I am going to make a change, and there is no live human I can call to tell about this. I have some friends that have expressed the same opinion to the community forums but there is no answer. That is the problem with online help, it is usually pretty bad. It's unbelievable that we pay for internet service and have to put up with drop down ads.


For the past month, we have been getting telephone calls from 253-200-4369. They say that they are technical support for Yahoo and want to repair my computer, which they say has been hacked. We generally hang up. This past week we have received multiple calls from the subject telephone number offering the same service and have told them we are not interested and to please stop calling. Last night, at 1:00 am we received another call from the same number.T

oday, we received about six calls. We repeatedly ask them to remove our number. We have called the number back and talked to "Martin" and "Tom", who have identified themselves as representing Yahoo, and asked them to remove our telephone number from their list. The calls continue. We have reported the calls to the FCC. They are making Yahoo look really bad.


Leave the homepage alone.  The new one sucks.  You had a good homepage, so why did you have to jack with it.  I have used Yahoo for the last 20 years but at this rate I will go to goggle instead.  There's an old saying " if it ain't broke, don't fix it".

I have also been getting an email saying, "Your Apple ID was just used to download from the App Store on a computer or device that had not previously been associated with that Apple ID. I have never used apple. I am tired of getting this message. Please stop sending me this because I never purchased anything. I feel like I am getting harassed. I am not paying for this bill because I never used this.

Finally, I want the classic email back. I hate the new format, I can only delete one e mail at a time and the screen is too light. The website keeps getting worse and not better. It is inconvenient and hard to follow. Your eyes don't know where to go first. Yahoo use to be a convenient and quick site. People do not want to utilize sites where one has to hunt for the headings that are needed.


Why is there no coverage of Christies RNC speech and his truthful statements about Hillary Clinton. Why does Yahoo not cover such things that are negative about Hillary yet everything negative about Trump? And how can Yahoo be so arrogant as to steer people to Yahoos liberal agenda. Its obvious who Yahoo is steering them to. This is the kind of coverage that s destroying the USA. Why does Yahoo want Hillary for president when Christie spelled out her record which is disastrous.

Tell the darn truth about both candidates and let the people decide who to vote for. Yahoo shows extreme arrogance in not pointing out Hillary's flaws as they are brought out. Disgraceful and Yahoo knows it. We the people will make the best choice not Yahoo by giving limited facts. You're executives should all be fired. News is not news if its biased as yYahoo reports news. Are you to stupid to see that or are you paid off like Hillary is. Yahoo is a disgrace to serious news reporting and seems to be clueless as to what reporting news is.


Yahoo! has changed the commenting format on all your yahoo products.  News, Finance, Sports, etc, for almost all countries. The new format is terrible.  My history makes no sense - replies don't show up in the comment string, but as a single original post instead of a reply. Clicking on the silly little heart only takes me back to the top of the page.

I cannot follow my friends either.  Can't click on a person to find them.  We have a group of friends who post together. The old format was so much better.  I can understand wanting to foil trolls that follow people, but you've also severed friendships that have been formed over years - I've been on Yahoo a long time.

If the trolls are such an issue then get rid of the thumbs up/down feature. We are not amused.