Costco Customer Service — You Just Lost a Customer for Life


I would like to start this email saying that I never in my life have complained about customer service. But I was treated so poorly at your Maui location that I searched hours for a place to place my complaint. We started our weekly, yes I said shopping at Costco around 1:30 and got done round 3:30. When we went to wait in line to exit. Approaching the exit, I noticed an employee standing outside the exit ,staring at me rather intently. He stared at me so aggressively that it made me feel uncomfortable. Soon it was our turn to hand the door attendant our receipt.

The man immediately approached our cart and asked that I open my baby bag and let him search. This has never happened to me in my whole life of shopping at Costco. Nevertheless, I obliged. He and the door attendant proceeded to rip apart my bag grabbing my newborn daughters formula, touching her clothing and diapers. I then realized they were searching for stolen merchandise. But when the door attendant and the so called 'loss prevention ' agent found nothing, he just left and the door attendant told us to exit.

No apology no explanation. Hell, the man didn't even say his name! I was so taken aback and at a loss of words that when we went to the food court and sat down I was holding back tears. That's when I went to the door attendant in the entrance and asked to speak to the manager. The entrance attendant was helpful and polite. Very refreshing experience after just being so disrespected just minutes before. I thought it couldn't get any worse.

But I was indeed very wrong. The manager comes. She does not introduce herself and her demeanor was like I was a huge inconvenience and I was interrupting her work time. Perhaps interrupted her lunch? Or maybe she just was poorly trained in customer service? I digress. I told her what happened. I explained to her that I witnessed 3 families exiting with larger bags than the one I have for my daughter. The man was not outside nor were the attendants asking to search. Here is where I got disrespected for a 2nd time in a matter of minutes from the first time. She told me I perhaps caught the eye of an employee.

Then she accused me of acting suspicious, and that he was alerted because an employee saw me steal. When in fact I did not and the savage search of my belongings proved so! Then she proceeded to tell me 'if they found something I would be arrested' she told me that twice. I told her but they didn't find anything, and I got no apology or explanation in fact, the man left immediately after the search. She then had the audacity to tell me 'ya next time be careful cause if they found something, we would have you arrested.' Patted me on the back and left.

Did not hear my complaint out just told me it was policy to check bags.if this is so, then why is it that I have never witnessed this happening to other people. Oh I forgot that its only policy if an employee feels you are 'suspicious' how completely bias and unprofessional! Who trains these employees? She basically accused me of stealing again! So two times I have been accused of stealing after the search lead to nothing. The manager, attendant and the 'loss prevention agent' managed to make me the horrible one when I fact I was treated so horribly when I sat back down with my family I started to cry.

Maybe Costco should actually train employees to treat suspects and actual thieves and customers instead of treating all three the same. I am so appalled I told my family I will never step foot in Costco again. I'm sure this does not concern Costco,  but I just feel so disgusted that I just had to leave this complaint before I stop shopping, filling up my gas tank, getting my tires serviced, eating and paying for my membership. I would normally end an email with my best regards but since I do not wish my best I will simply say bye for life.


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On Friday November 20, 2015, I bought salmon (farmed) from Costco at the Calgary NW location (Beacon Hill). Later that night my son and husband got very sick and started vomiting. The fish was cooked properly (as always). No one noticed anything funny about the flavor or texture so we all ate it. I have read a report that says that some BC-farmed fish may contain parasites and I am concerned that may have caused the problem. 


Its time for me to renew my Sam's club membership and I decided before I do to see how Costco compared. Unfortunately I wasn't even able to get in the door. The "Greeter" informed me that I had to be a member before I could even enter the store and explained that it was "new" company policy because someone stole a TV? Like membership is going to prevent people stealing merchandise and realistically it was put forth in such a haphazard guessing manner that I honestly don't believe the woman in question even knew her job. But hey I guess Sam's will appreciate Costco's service since I'll be renewing my membership there.


I purchased Regal movie tickets at Costco recently to put in a birthday card. When my granddaughter gets to the movie she is told there is a $1.50 surcharge each ticket because they have stadium seating. No where on the ticket does it say that there is a surcharge for the tickets. I feel this is a wrong a fraud in away. I feel these tickets should not be sold anymore at Costco because it make you look bad for selling them for one price and then being charged extra when you get to the movie.


I was at the Senter road Costco in San Jose, Ca. The cashier Maria L. Said "Hello, Costco card?" Then IMMEDIATELY turned to the customer behind me and started a conversation with her in Spanish. I was stunned, for a second before I told her "It makes me uncomfortable when you speak a language I can't understand while you are processing my order." She began to ARGUE. "Oh well I know her." I repeated "that makes me uncomfortable." She didn't apologize. She handed me my receipt and turned her back to check out her friend. 


On Monday, July 20, 2015 time: 14:04 p.m. I went to a check out counter push my cart on the side with a case of Gatorade, water bottles, Mocha Frap and few other items.  I used my American Express credit card to check out  with no problem. However, when I went through by the door and hand out my receipt, the person that checked my receipt asked me if I have another separate receipt,  I said "no," and full me aside and said I have to call the manager!   

The manager came, took my receipt and yelled!  "Don't let that cart go out!"  I followed her and told me that the Water that was under the cart wasn't checked out!  That when I asked for the store manager.  I told them  why I was treated liked a thief, criminal or shoplifter for the mistake of the two clerked for not paying attention doing their job.  I have been a Costco customer since the 90's and this is a pretty embarrassing experienced!   I think I should compensated for this embarrassing situation.   

Costco workers shouldn't treat Costco customer like what i experienced because It wasn't my mistake...If anything that goes through that checked counter with out getting on the receipt, Costco clerk should just let hat Costco customer with that Item to avoid having the person getting embarrassed.   This is just my suggestion!  All and all, I am thinking action for this embarrassing experienced!


On July 28, I phoned the Springdale, Ohio store and asked a member of the customer service dept. and a member of the pharmacy staff for help in finding Truenature Vision Complex supplement.  I was told by both employees that Costco didn't carry Truenature. I told them I have purchased this item several times before. I just needed help in determining which location I should go to to make my purchase. They told me firmly that they don't carry the product. I then called the Centerville store and was told the same thing. 

The next day, I went to the Springdale store and found the product in the pharmacy approximately four feet away from the pharmacy. I'm sure you want to know that this is the kind of service being given at these locations.  It appears they either don't know what products they sell in the pharmacy or they don't want to bother with your customers. I will appreciate a response to this complaint as I am a weekly patron of these two locations and look forward to better service.


Today at Costco, my executive membership was refused and no one at the desk would even speak to me without my having a membership.....when I have a new executive membership card.
No one would help me until I called a bunch of phone numbers that never answered and would not allow me to purchase a whole new membership. Regular stores don't do this. I am 110% telling everyone about my experience with Costco refusing my membership and refusing to service me at all. Thanks for sucking, Costco!


I ordered snow tires on October 31 so I would be ready for snow.  No one called so I checked on November 8 to see if they came in.  They said they were in due yesterday and someone should call.  I said if they are in I am off work on Monday and could  I get them installed. They said good luck - there are 30-40 people in line.  Great customer service. I stopped by today, November 11.  They said  they came Monday but they didn't have our phone number.  Another mark against them.

I asked when I could get them installed and was told I would  have to wait in line and people start lining up st 7 am.  I told them I work and can't wait in line. I am very, very unhappy and will never buy tires from Costco again.  They told me if I can wait until December, things will slow down,  that is not why I bought snow tires. What horrible service.


I was due for an upgrade on my cell so I went to Costco, in Fremont Ca, to get a LG G2 phone that was a free one with a rebate on it. When I was there the person taking care of me told me it was a "on line" only phone and I would have to order that myself on line because they didn't do that.  I then went to order it on lone and I was suppose to go back to Costco to have it set up. When I got there they said they could't do it because I got it on line and I had to go to Verizon to have it done. Verizon then told me there was nothing they could do for me that Costco had to do that.  

Well after 2 more trips to 2 different Costco's all saying the same thing, "there is nothing they could do for me" my daughter took it to her Costco store 1 and a half hours from me and they told her that the very first Costco had done it all wrong. It seems as though they should have ordered it for me in the first place and not have me go on line to do it. At that point the only thing they could do is have me send the phone back to the place I ordered from and they had to reorder it for me from that Costco store.  

Now mind you all I needed is the paper work done because the first Costco didn't even do that part right. This was all a time sensitive matter due to the rebate on that phone and all this was in a 2 week period.  I still don't have a new phone but it is suppose to be at my daughter's home this Mon. and they said I was still ok for the rebate.

 I hope that is the case.  I know that phone sales are not totally Costco's but I would think you would have some control over it. I firmly believe there should be WAY more training for the people working phone sales and someone should know what they are doing in every store.  No one should have to go through this just to upgrade their phone.  Thank you for taking my complaint