Best Phone Numbers for CVS Customer Care (Including Toll Free)


If you have a medical emergency call 911 or visit your local hospital. Do not attempt to call CVS.

My child needs a controlled substance prescribed by his doctor but I have run into frustrating problems with the CVS pharmacies in the Baltimore area.  The employees at the stores I encountered were surprisingly kind but all their answers were the same. Can't fill come back when the pharmacy manger is there. I spent and hour and a half driving around yesterday to find a pharmacy that could fill my prescription.

First, I called the toll free CVS number at 1-800-746-7287. The hours of operation are from Monday to Friday, between the hours of 8:30am and 7pm EST. Yet I still found no help.

No luck no one could.  The reason my main pharmacy could not order it was the head honchos moved the pharmacy manager to another store and did not have a replacement. The replacement will be there but no one knows when and sounded like it would be weeks.  My child will run out of pills this week.

I have to say after reading all the complaints about CVS online I feel horribly sad for all the people who need pain meds or cancer meds and they too ran into the same problems I had. My insurance will not allow me to go to another pharmacy and I tried to fill at Kmart and pay without insurance and it would of cost $500 dollars. I don't have that kind of money.  Does CVS corporate office care about their customers?

Second, I thought about getting help on the CVS mobile app. So I tried to call 1-888-607-4287 instead.

I don't think anything will help, after all the complaints i have seen. This is a horrible horrible business.  I will be complaining to work to change their pharmacy contract with CVS.  The sad part is that the carny village store use to have the worst pharmacists work there but they changed them and now have the most wonderful staff who are also frustrated and cramped in a small store. CVS obviously does not care about their customers nor their employees.  

I know the staff does not make that much money. Why can't CVS see their problems? They could become a great store if they only cared.  They have an incredible staff at the Carney Village Baltimore MD store but I am afraid this will not stay.

Third, the last phone number I would try would be the toll free minute clinic hotline at 1-866-389-2727. But that would be a last resort.

I wish I could go else where and not spend hours trying to fill a prescription. I was crying from frustration driving home. I wish we did not need the meds and I wish someone would read the complaints about CVS and do something.  Jamie Smith is the CVS executive manager of the CVS stores in our area and I think she needs to do something about the issues that arise.  I had talked to her previously about a problem filling my prescription in the past and she just recited government laws and no apology for having me run around in a week to fill a prescription.  

This situation is different because they never replaced a very important puzzle piece, pharmacy manager who can order meds. How can you run a pharmacy without someone to order controlled substance prescriptions? Send upset customers to another store is not the answer because of the rules quoted to my by Jamie that the government only allows a certain amount of controlled substance prescription meds  at each store.

Finally, I will be writing a complaint letter to CVS Corporation. The Customer Relations address is at One CVS Drive, Woonsocket, RI 02895. Do you think the CEO will listen? Maybe, but I doubt it after this experience.

So how in the hell will one store fill the prescriptions of two stores worth of customers? I have a lot of wishes in this complaint perhaps a few of them will be fulfilled. I can't believe no one at CVS reads these complaints it is insane.


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Have a complaint? Call customer service at: 
Upset at corporate? Their office location is: 
One CVS Drive Woonsocket, RI 02895



June 6, 2015 I shopped at CVS 901 s main st wildwood FL the store is very difficult to get in and out of traffic wise.  The clerk was Christopher I had a coupon for $6. off $30.  The credit card machine said my coupon was denied.  I informed the clerk and he said it's on there.  When we were on our way to the car I told my husband the $6. wasn't on the slip.  He went on to the car with the package and I returned to the store with my receipt, the clerk said I had to bring the package back into the store.  

I returned with my package and asked to speak to the manager, when he didn't move I started to walk back through the store.  I turned around and saw a man standing on the customer side of the counter.  I said are you the manager, he said yes, no name.  I asked him if he would come down to another register.  I was explaining my problem to him, "he whispered, this is a quiet store."  He said I hope you weren't inconvenienced.  I said yes I had to go out to the car for my package, he said you didn't have to do that.

I asked why the clerk told me to.  He whispered "this is a quiet store."  I said the Leesburg CVS is very nice, he said it's right up the road "no whisper." He refunded my $6.  We are changing our prescriptions to Walgreens.


Originally this medicine is for my daughter she goes to college at King of Prussia in Pennsylvania her CVS is in Wayne Pennsylvania. She had a prescription for Synthroid. she did not pick it up from Wayne Pennsylvania but was home for the weekend here in New Providence New Jersey.  She did not have any more medicine, so we called CVS in Wayne Pennsylvania to transfer her prescription to the CVS in New Providence New Jersey.  Which Wayne Pennsylvania CVS did.

We called the New Providence CVS in New Jersey the next day, only to be told by New Providence New Jersey CVS that the medicine will not be here for pick up until Monday. We then asked them if it was possible to send that prescription back to Wayne Pennsylvania because my daughter goes back to school and will not be in New Jersey on Monday.

The girl in CVS New Providence New Jersey laughed at her and said okay and then just hung up. Now today, June 17 my daughter is at the CVS in Wayne Pennsylvania to see if she can pick up her medicine only to find out that the CVS in New Providence never transferred her prescription.   

The people in Wayne Pennsylvania were very nice but the ones in New Providence New Jersey the girl there was very rude and did not do her job well there's always a long line at that particular CVS not sure why they really do not do their job well. 

My daughter was a home for the weekend without any Synthroid.  Leaving her without medication for about a week now.  I do know there is nothing you guys will do about this but venting to you hopefully you will understand that somebody actually needs to go to that store without telling them that you will be going there and just seeing for yourself. People wait for a long time to get their medication not to mention the delay in the callbacks for any new medication or past medication.


The CVS store #3437 on Indiantown Rd in Jupiter Fl has had an on going problem with there cooler. I have been there a number of times to purchase milk and eggs only to find out the cooler was not working. This has been going on for over a month, the manager told me they had it repaired only to find out it broke again. Please it's not like your company can not afford a new one, the store is near my home and easy for me to get in and out. Buy them a new one and stop playing around with trying to fix the old one.

I was allowed to wait approximately eight minutes, I was the only customer there, the pharmacist, David, did not once say I'll be with you in a minute!  I got tired of waiting and complained to the manager, she informed me that yes indeed Mr. Manager was extremely busy.  Really, all I wanted to do was drop off a prescription. That kind of behavior is unacceptable.  I took this RX to another CVS.  Once I pick that up that will be the last you will ever see of me.  There are far too many stores that will fill prescriptions and have available all the other things you offer; and with much better service.


After picking up a prescription that I have had for like two years, I went home & saw that the receipts stapled to the RX bag were different than usual and showing two prices. I drove back to the store and asked the tech what it meant. She said said one sticker showed the actual price of the meds and the other sticker showed the price after I had now met my deductible. I have been paying that price since March of this year so I couldn't figure out why the different attached papers. So she asked the pharmacist to explain to me.

The pharmacist was very rude & told me that I have only been getting my prescriptions since April of this year. I said that I had been getting it there for the past two years and she said the computer only shows that I have been a customer at their store since April. I again said that wasn't right because I have been getting my family meds there since my adult children were babies. She insisted she was right & that she was unable to help.  I felt she was very self righteous and uninterested in helping me. She told me that it was between me and my insurance company.

Which of course is not true because my insurance company does not put data into the CVS computer. When I was angry with her response to leave and call my insurance, she then became very insistent that I needed to leave. Good Lord, I was not that angry. I was in need of answers. She could have given me a CVS help assistance phone number. I will not return.


I went to the CVS located on 22515 Greater Mack St, Clair Shores MI 48080, Store #8183 Reg #02 TRN #04559 CSHR #975012. I went to the play my mega millions and power ball lotto tickets as I do every week.

I told the employee that I wanted two draws each for my tickets and the total amount I owed should have been $32.00. $12.00 for Mega Million and $20.00 for Power Ball. I gave him $35.00 my change should have been $3.00. When Anthony handed me back my lotto tickets on the power ball he only did one draw so the amount due was $10.00.

He gave me back only $3.00 change. I told him he short changed me and he owed me $10.00 more dollars, because he only did the power ball for one drawing. When he rang up my receipt he entered it as total cash received as $25.00. I made him aware of this and he said "Yes I Know" in a manner as he was trying to blow me off. He tried to fix the problem by trying to replay my lotto tickets. He had no clue what to do. He called for someone to come to the register and help me.

I told him just give me the $10.00 and I will play my power ball ticket again next week. He then left me there while he tended to other customer.

When the manager arrived I explained to her what happened. She looked at Anthony and said what is going on. I was already there 15 minutes waiting for my $10.00. I explained that I do this on a weekly basis with Vanessa who works there also, and I never had any issues with her. I told the two of them again just give me my $10.00 and I will replay my lotto ticket next week. He replied and said "then my register will be short $10.00".

I explained again, I gave you $35.00 the amount due was $22.00 you gave me $3.00 you still owe me $10.00, how can your register be short $10.00?

At this point he yelled very loudly that the whole entire store and any customer's outside probably heard him and said "You shut up" I told him your manager will hear about this. He just walked away and said he could not deal with this. I said this is no way to speak to a paying customer. The manager said she would report it to her superiors. I spend a lot of money at CVS especial between the prescription my wife and I purchase, along with all the other things we purchase at CVS.

This is not a way I would like to be treated. Maybe it is time for me to change Pharmacy and go to Walgreens or Rite Aid. I hope you do a better job in the future and train your staff to deal with your customers in a better manner. As a repeat paying customer I should have not been treated this way or any other customer should be treated this way.


I had dropped a prescription off earlier and was notified via. Text message it was ready for pick up. When I came to the drive through there was one car in front of me at the window being serviced. Right behind me two (2) other cars pulled up. As you know when in a drive through everyone pulls up close to the car in front on them as it were in this case so I couldn't even have backed up to go inside for just a simple pickup.

After waiting well over twenty (20) minutes and no transaction was being made only back and forth talking, I figured that this situation could not be handled in a timely manner. Tina or Pharmacist Sharan should have ask the customer to come inside to take of this matter rather than making others wait.

I blew my horn a couple of times, which didn't seem to move things along any faster and maybe it caused an attitude of; I'll just take my good old careful time. While waiting three (3) cars sat there wasting their time while burning fuel unnecessarily, the girl at the window, Tina, should have told the person she was waiting on to pull around and come inside, to deal with the situation, rather than to inconvenience the three (3) others customers.

When I finally got up to window she started to tell me how rude and inconsiderate I am towards this customer she was waiting on. I tried to and I do mean tried to explain to her that she was inconsiderate towards the three (3) of us, but she just said that they weren't blowing their horns would not let me get a word in.

I finally had to yell at her to get her to listen to me say: evidently you must think that the customer is always wrong. I was amazed at how she ran off at her mouth without even listening. I told Tina I will report this situation to CVS. Tina then said, in a threatening tone: I am going to put a report on the computer about you as well.  I guess her point is the only point that matters when it comes to dealing with customer on a retail level.

I would like to be contacted by someone in Labor Relations about this matter. All the years that I have been dealing with CVS I have never file a complaint against nor had problems with any of the CVS employees, but rather the opposite of an attitude of always looking for ways to assist your customers. This is the first and hope to find this to be the last time I have an encounter with someone like Tina.  


Went with my daughter to scan in pictures so she could make a Christmas gift.  Went back a few days later with my confirmation receipt and was told my order was never submitted.  They were having issues with the photo machine for over a month.  One would think they would put up a sign or something to warn customers.  Than got told I would have to scan everything back in and I would not have it in time for Christmas. 

I was so mad that nothing could be done.  The girl kept saying sorry and that was not helping.  I can`t believe I had to explain to my daughter why she couldn't have the gift she put so much time and effort in.  I will think twice before spending any more money at your store.

I use CVS almost all the time. My Doctor wanted me to try Victoza, and I said I'm not sure I could afford it. I checked with my insurance and they advised Walgreens was $45 for 30d, $135 for 90d and they were the cheapest. As I usually use CVS I called CVS Pharmacy in Azle, TX and asked if they could tell me how much Victoza would cost me there. They said NO! I said they had given me prices of medicine in the past, let me speak to the manager. I got someone named Andy who said he was the manager. I explained and asked again what it would cost and he said he couldn't say.

My doctors office messed up and called the prescription to CVS because that's who I use. I thought maybe it wasn't much more than above and I would just go with CVS. When I went to pick up the prescription I was told it was $210  for 30d -- I now know why they would not tell me how much it would cost. It's a shame a large company like CVS now does business like this. This is one Senior who will be changing their pharmacy in the future.


I bought couple of baby formulas in the CVS store and i want to return some since my wife will bring the baby travel out of country for more than half a year. it's never been open so my wife bring some to CVS store #432. I don't know what's the hell of the older guy working there, he said we can not return the baby formula there by CVS policy, so my wife argued with him and asked him show us the CVS policy. He was so arrogant and bad attitude that he said he is the policy and asked all the casher reject the return. Moreover, he told my wife his name is John, just go ahead to call the customer service number and make a complain, he is not care.

Is that the CVS service? I don't care if we can return the baby formula or not, it's just couple of bucks. If the policy really say no, we can give up the return. But what i am concern is his attitude, what means " I am the policy, i say no then you can not return"? what means " just go ahead to make a complain, i don't care" If like this guy can be the manager and the service like this, the CVS will be closed shortly. So i want to make a serious complain, please pay high attention with this matter. Thank you so much!