What is the Dell Customer Service Phone Number?


I was a victim of identity theft involving my Dell One account in March 2016.  A purchase in excess of $2000.00 was made against my account, in which a television was purchased and shipped to someone in South Carolina (I have no family, friends, or acquaintances in SC).  Dell did satisfactorily resolve that issue to my favor, but my complaint involves Dell Financial Services, which is headquartered in Round Rock, TX, but is outsources to the Philippines.  Therein lies my problem, as I have unfortunately dealt with very deceitful, dishonest, and unscrupulous officials in the Philippines who "handle" (I use that term very loosely) my Dell account.  

I was so frustrated that I tried almost every single Dell customer service phone number I could find:

I was told to have my order number ready, but how am I supposed to have that when my account got hacked. Dell told me that my account status is available 24/7 online and that the best number 1-800-433-9014. So I began trying other numbers to see if anyone could help with fraud protection.

Next I tried the consumer support line by dialing 1-800-624-9897. But it was a Sunday and they were only available Monday-Friday: 7:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. (CST). After that I tried the small business support hotline at 1-800-456-3355. Once again, they were closed on Sundays. Hoping for better luck with an automated line I tried both the member purchase program at 1-800-695-8133 and credit card support at 1-877-819-3355. Both were sent straight to voicemail.

After my account was compromised (which I firmly believe was committed by Dell employees -- more on that later), I received a new account number.  I unfortunately, did not think to go into my Navy Federal Credit Union (NFCU) Bill Pay and enter the new account number (it would have been very helpful, had the Dell employee I was dealing with, reminded me to do so).  I then made two payments to my Dell account, in which were sent under my original, but cancelled account number; the first being on 6/2/2016, in the amount of $100.00, and the second, made on 6/24/2016, in the amount of $250.00.  I then also made a third payment to Dell in the amount of $200.00 on 7/21/2016, but under my new account number.  

It came to my attention in July that my payments on 6/2 and 6/24 had not been credited to my account.  So I called Dell Financial Services toll-free number, which landed me with "Silvia" in Dell's Financial Department in the Philippines.  Silvia stated that Dell had no information on file regarding no only those two payments, which I found to be incredulous, as I had previously sent another biller payment on a closed account number in the past, and there were no problems.  

The company sent me a letter notifying me of the problem, so I could quickly rectify the situation.  But Silvia insisted that Dell had no information about these two payments, and the only way to resolve them, was to have NFCU send information to Dell.  So I immediately called NFCU, and the representative was extremely helpful, and she immediately faxed the documents for the two payments to Dell.  In the meantime, Silvia stated that she would call me in 2 to 5 business days, as it would take Dell that long to process the payments.

In the meantime, I made a third payment to Dell in the amount of $200.00 on 7/21.  

Silvia did indeed call me back a few days later (7/25), and she stated that Dell received my payment of $250.00 made on 7/21, and further stated that it would take Dell ten (10) working days for their “Cash Department” to credit the $250.00, which I again found to be incredulous.  I also informed her that I had made a payment in the amount of $200.00 on 7/21, and that that payment had indeed been processed by NFCU on 7/21, but per the automatic voice message I received from Dell, it still showed that my account was overdue, which greatly distressed and concerned me.  

After some time, Sylvia finally admitted that Dell had indeed received that payment, but again, it would take 10 business days to process, once Dell’s Cash Department provided her with that information.  I have never encountered any bill that took 10 days to process a payment I made on a bill.  Almost all bills immediately update their records the very next day after receipt of payment.  I do have two (2) bills that do take an extra day to do so, but that is all.  Again, NEVER has any bills required 10 business days to process a payment.  This clearly shows dishonesty and unscrupulous conduct on the part of Dell Financial Services.  

Sylvia was summing up my situation and very much wanting to end our conversation when I had to quite forcibly and firmly remind her that there was also still the matter of the outstanding payment of $100.00 I made on 6/2.  Silvia stated that Dell never received that information from NFCU, which I knew to be a lie.  

So I called NFCU and informed them of the situation, and requested that they re-send the information on my $100.00 payment made on 6/2.  The representative I spoke with was very adamant that she had indeed sent information on both payments, and had received fax confirmation that all documents were successfully sent to Dell.  She therefore stated that because there was obviously a problem with Dell, she would have to send me the document for the 6/2 payment, and I would have to provide it to Dell, which I reluctantly agreed to do.  She immediately sent the document to my e-mail address as an attachment to her e-mail.  I immediately printed off the document, then went to Kinko’s the next morning (7/28) and faxed the document to Dell’s official fax number (512-283-2664).  I received a fax confirmation that my fax was successfully transmitted.

In the meantime, Dell shut me out of my online Dell account, so I could not go in and see what payment information was on file for me.  At first I got a message that stated there was technical difficulties, then I received a message that my account was locked up.  I cannot emphasize enough that I DID NOT do anything myself, such as incorrectly typing my Dell password, thereby triggering the system to lock me out.  I am too exacting of a typist, and I have very keen attention to detail, so I NEVER get locked out of any of my many online accounts or screen names to ANY Website!  I am still shut out of my Dell account.

Meanwhile I made another payment to my Dell account in the amount of $1,500 on 7/28, and yet another payment on 8/1, in the amount of $250.00, which should pretty much pay off my remaining balance from Dell.  But I cannot tell for certain, as I again, cannot access my online Dell account.

Sylvia called me again yesterday (8/1), and joyfully stated that she had the information on the two payment I made on 6/24, in the amount of $250.00, and also the payment I made on 7/21, in the amount of $200.00.  She was trying to quickly end the call when I abruptly told her that there was still the issue of the payment I made on 6/2, in the amount of $100.00, and inquired about it to her.  She stated that Dell still did not have any information on that payment.  That’s when I really began to talk very forcefully, very deliberately, and very assuredly that her statement was an outright lie, because I personally faxed the document to Dell on 7/28, and received a fax confirmation sheet, which I still hold.  I then went on to berate her on Dell’s incredibly dishonest and deceitful practices, and I asked her if Dell was a professional company or just a rabble of hoodlums.  But that was a rhetorical question, so I did not bother giving her time to reply.  

But once I had thoroughly given Sylvia a much-needed tongue-lashing, she finally admitted that Dell had indeed received my faxed document, but again, it would take their Cash Department 10 working days to process it.  In the meantime, she admitted that my account was still listed as being overdue.  I relayed to Sylvia my concern that Dell’s false information would be detrimental to my credit rating.  Sylvia apologized “for the inconvenience,” which I found to be very patronizing and very insincere.  

After having been on the phone with Sylvia for quite some time, most of which was spent on my having to get the truth out of her, and my subsequent railing against Dell’s highly dishonest and unethical practices, she stated that she would call me back in three to five (3 to 5) business days, which did not allay my anger and frustration. After I had finished my conversation with Sylvia, it finally dawned on me exactly what was transpiring with Dell Financial Services Division in the Philippines.  The Philippines is a very corrupt country.  I know this to be a fact, because I spent 24 years in the Navy, and have visited the Philippines.  I also had dealings with many Filipinos while I was in the Navy, and after I retired, when I worked for the Virginia Department of Veterans Services in Norfolk, VA for several years.

What Dell is doing in the Philippines is intentionally siphoning off money from peoples’ Dell accounts and keeping it for themselves.  That is why Sylvia falsely stated that Dell did not have any information on file for the two payments I made on 6/2 and 6/24.  Of course they did!  Just because it was made to my former account number, does not mean that my payments completely vanished into thin air.  Again, I know this, because it has happened with other creditors of mine, when my account number was changed.  They informed me that they received the payment, but reminded me to send my next payment using my new account number.  Monies do not simply vanish in a professional business’s computer system.  They land in the computer system, but are listed under the former account number, which the company immediately addresses.  

Siphoning off the payments I made to Dell on 6/2 and 6/24 is exactly what the Dell staff in the Philippines did.  That is why I have been put through a lot of undue stress, when they repeatedly stated they did not have the information on the payments I made, as well as setting up a new requirement that all payments I made to Dell would take an absolute ridiculous 10 business days to process by Dell’s “Cash Department” in the Philippines, until it could be credited to my account.  The 10 days would give the crooks and thieves in the Philippines time to come up with the money (probably from someone else’s account) they took from my account, and finally be able to correctly credit it to my account.  

Now, on to the subject of why I believe it was Dell employees who were responsible for my Dell account being hacked in March, in which a Samsung TV was purchased in excess of $2,000, and sent to South Carolina.  Very soon after I purchased my Dell computer system (which is the reason for my debt to Dell), I began to get calls from the same person in India who sold me my computer.  He was telling me that I still had over $2,000 in available credit with Dell (which, of course, I already knew), and that I should think about purchasing other Dell products, such as a TV or tablets. 

Of all the creditors I have ever had, I have NEVER had any one of them call me and badger me into making further purchases on my existing account.  Nobody does that!  Well, nobody except for Dell overseas employees.  So I think this guy made the illegal purchase on my Dell account and had the Samsung TV sent to acquaintances of his.  Acquaintances that could not be readily traced back to him.  How else did somebody obtain solely my Dell information and made illegal purchases from it?

The bottom line is that Dell has a serious problem with its overseas outsourcing of both its Products Department (or whatever they call themselves), as well as Dell Financial Services.  There is obviously a lot of nefarious activities going on, and Dell executives probably don’t care a bit about it, as long as it does not affect their bottom line.  

What I want to see get resolved – and resolved quickly, is for my payments to my Dell account to be fully credited and in a timely manner; not the 10 business days that the Dell employees in the Philippines are telling me it takes to do so. 

And any future payments I may still have with Dell also be credited in a timely manner.  And finally, I want my personal Dell account to be unfrozen, so I can view my account and personally see what payments have or have not been credited to my account.  And I want to be assured by Dell executives that I will not encounter any of the problems I have had with Dell at any point in the future.  Of course, it is highly likely that once I have confirmation that my Dell account has been paid off in full, I will immediately close my Dell account and never do business with Dell again.


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I have been having issues with a Dell Inspiron duo since receiving it about two months ago. They promote it as a great mini laptop and a great tablet. It is neither. Having previously owned/used a Dell mini netbook, I was completely thrown by how poor a product really is. When contacted by Dell to sell me an extended warranty, the sales rep said I really should contact tech support, that my complaints must be an isolated issue. I did so, any spend several hours with Tech support in India as they walled me through useless checks, then had me completely re-image the system. If anything, I think things actually became worse because all the useless third party apps pre-loaded where now back.

This include apps, that seem more like malware than worthwhile programs, seem to bog down the underperfoming unit. Also, the pre-installed OS, Windows 7 Home Premium has difficulty running, often prompting me with a black and white screen indicating, “Your computer does not have the necessary system requirements or resources available”. Other serious issues include a battery that can’t provide even two hours charge. What use is a tablet that must be tethered to a AC cord? Recurring screen dimming and brightening, whether on battery or AC, and no matter what power settings are selected.

As a tablet, it is completely worthless – the touch screen sensitivity is terrible. No matter what setting are selected, you cannot get accurate touch response, whether using your finger or a stylus. So… in attempting to work with Dell customer support. It appears they don’t have any. My wife and I have called repeatedly, at different days and times and are given a complete runaround. We can only get to first level reps in India, the Phillipines, and El Salvador. No one would provide us with anyone in the US. As a US citizen, making a purchase from what is purportedly a US corporation, I expect satisfaction from a US representative of that corporation.

We have noted we would be willing to return this lemon for a credit on another, functional Dell product, but we are repeatedly told we don’t have any options. We can return this unit for a refurbished unit of the same type or we can get bend. They repeatedly tell us that Dell’s only ‘customer satisfaction’ response is if the product is returned within the first 21 calendar days and a 15% restocking fee is surrendered! Has anyone else who had the misfortune to be a customer of dell encounter this same response from Michael Dell’s once worthy company? It truly appears this multi-national is ‘dumping’ defective product on the US public.


I have a computer they put together for me that was about 8 weeks old.  The video care went out.  I called to see about getting a new one and got this guy at Dell_Support@dell.com that had me plugging the power cable and VGA Cable in and out of computer and monitor.  We went through this for more than 1/2 hour like he thought it would start working or something.  I told him I was tired of playing games and hung up.  A lady called the next day and told me to send my computer to them for repairs.  

Then her husband, boss or what ever his relationship is to her got on the line and proceeded to yell they weren't paying me a dime and hung up on me.  I still have the recording on the phone.  Today he tells  me that if I was pleased whit my customer support from him, he was closing my account.  I drove to Florida to get a new card from Best Buy, installed it and it works fine.  So I am sure he reported that he resolved my issue successfully which was as far from the truth as you could possible imagine. 

I resolved my problem without him proving what a Jerk he was to me. I rate your service less than zero for that is the amount of help I got.