More DirecTV Complaints about Special Promotion Scam


It's 2017 and more customers are complaining about DirecTV. I have even had my own issues that I thought I would share today. I have called and called trying to get someone to listen to me.  I have been scammed by a telephone person saying they are from DirecTV with a special promotion.  The number was 1-888-407-6562 which sounds like DirecTV line.  I was told if I paid 5 months up front with a Amazon prepaid gift card $300 I would pay 59.99 for 24 months and get the prime package.  

I was told I had 24 hrs to do this and I would also receive a $100 visa gift card by mail and a call back from DirecTV and 2 emails which none have happened.  Someone is using your company name along with Amazon and no one seems to care.  Please tell me what I can do or I will go to TV stations with complaint.  My number is there and you can look at your records to see how many times I have called the last two days with the last one hanging up after I wanted 15 minutes.  I am very upset.

I called to sign up and switch from Dish Network. Signed up online and received confirmation. Called to set up installation and twice appointments have been cancelled. No explanation, I'm frustrated and wondering why I decided to switch or if my services will ever be installed. They came out and installed my direct TV first they said they couldn't do my daughter's room cause it was to dirty under my house my house sits 4 feet off the ground. I had to pay $100 for wireless so my daughter could have no big deal but then someone took 300 dollars out of my account, not cool.

I've, we have been with DirecTV for many years but this last deal of dropping local Fox4 station was the last straw. Not only did we get screwed on our bundle deal and our losing TV every time it rains but now we lost one of our favorite stations. I promise when our contract runs out, we will go to cable as I never had problems with, even through Hurricane Rita.

Also, we have a telephone landline with AT&T, your sister company, which is useless and I have to pay for each month! We are seniors on a limited income, worked all our lives, never wanted handouts and we just wanted fairness.One last thing, we have never made any complaints about anything before. We also know its not personal, its business!

I have been a customer of direct t.v. for over 15 years. and i have been charged different charges for the last three or four years now that i seen that your company has been wrongfully billing it's customers for years. I have looked on my bills i have for the last six years and the bills i have been getting are different every month. and been charged for HD on my programming and noticed i am still getting billed for it when i called years ago to cancel it and they still haven't taken it off my bill and also getting charged for equipment fee's and i only have two satellite boxes in my possession.

I am tired of this company taking advantage of me over the last ten years, over charging and then not canceling things that i have told the customer service tech. to cancel. and this has went on long enough. If i don't get some kind of call or email regarding this situation, real soon i am getting a hold of my lawyer and let them deal with it. 

Every four days I receive mail at my residence to come back to Directv. I already have a Directv account an I'm getting tired of receiving their junk mail. I've called 10 times, been hung up on once, promised that someone would call me back to discuss the issue and no one ever did. Terrible customer service. 


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For the record I am professional whom runs a business that starts and finishes with customer service. Additionally, I usually let experiences in my personal life that pertain to poor customer service and survey responses slide because I am too busy running a business and/or with my wife and 4 kids. However, when the situation is s insane and the company is so fragmented in service and no one is empowered to resolve the issue immediately, I can’t help but voice my opinion.

Now, because I have my own business, I do not turn to social media to rant and bash as I believe it is not a classy and professional decision. Issues should be able to be resolved in person or on the phone and not blasted in a defenseless manner. To be clear, I am not 100% proud of the language I used with the DTV reps, but when you are sent around to group after group, and mistake after mistake has happened with the promise and guise of simple and finally no one has the ability to solve your issue…..I lose my cool.

So this is my story….

The backstory is we have had DTV twice for a total of about 7 years as customer over the 2 periods, we were always the “higher end” programming customers and we would play the game of calling in every year to lower our bill from $150/$200 down.

So the most recent customer period ended in Sept/Oct of this fall (2016). After seeing my ATT bill (Cell/Fiber/DTV) at a total of $500/mth for 6 months straight I decided to call in and get the DTV portion (average of $225/mth) lowered. Essentially. I said if you keep my programming the same and my DTV bill is $125 all in, I will stay as a customer, they could not, so I disconnected and went to SlingTV combined with Amazon Prime, Netflix, etc. My now total TV/Netflix bill is roughly $50 per month…with an antenna to get the local channels. As my good buddy would say, I went off the grid.

Everything was ok with this new setup, sometimes, it lagged but with 4 kids and busy life, really not that big of deal. Anyhow after 2-3 months of this and my wife opening these “come back” offers, I caved and called DTV on Nov 27th, 2016 to sign up with offer code WBK11. $19.99 per month (Select Pkg) and the $200 visa card. Remember, I already had service and so there is a dish on my roof….

So, I call in and after a lengthly call, I am told that if I call ATT and bundle my bill I will get an extra $10 off my DTV bill and so now the next tier up which is Choice, listed at $29.99 and includes NFL for the rest of this season and free next season, and after the $10 extra savings is the same as the entry level Select. No brainer, right?

Holy crap, this has spun out of control into an over week long nightmare of having being told the wrong info about how much it actually costs, to having a second dish on the front of my roof  (HOA nightmare), having the Entertainment Pkg??, missing my son’s first guitar concert last SATURDAY, to waiting for over a week for the escalation of this error to be sorted out while I wait without the programming promised and higher bill that I already paid them, to a video I took off my home surveillance camera of me losing my mind with the rep.

Bottom line, DTV is the most screwed up company when it comes to customer problem resolution, no one has the power to fix anything and one group has no idea what the other group does. We do a lot of shopping/business with Amazon, they have their customer service at the world class level, customer is always right, issue resolved 1st call = more business from me. Pretty simple.

So, back to the 2nd dish. The installer came out Nov 28th did the usual, “I will be doing some work outside, then come in and finish the install”. I am under the impression my current dish is being used and we are simply plugging in a cable and good to go. I come outside and the damn dish is on the front of my roof, I tell him that can’t be there and he says its the only place it can be. Well, my current dish up there use that one, we don’t use those anymore and the electronics have to be replaced.

Ok, then change the electronics, we cannot go on roofs anymore. He tells me to call in and ask for a move request and they will put a “special” order in. Everything else gets setup he leaves. So that afternoon an email comes in with the setup confirmation and I notice the bill is wrong. The rep when I called to “come back” told me that the main genie is free and a second genie mini is free, perfect b/c we only need 2! As well, he told me the HD/DVR access is $20 per month and only the confirmation it’s $25. Lastly, I am on Select pkg and not the Choice Pkg…remember the $10 I save which makes Choice a no brainer. It’s principal at this point. So I call in that evening to place the dish move request and also have my account adjusted to reflect what we agreed upon with the first “come back” call.

Well, I get the appt for the dish move for the following Saturday and a damn escalation ticket has to be submitted to go “pull” the tape of the conversation to see essentially if I am lying or not about the free mini genie and $20 vs. $25 for the HD/DVR. In other words, he was not able to make the change while they look into, they first need to send it up the pole to confirm whether I am full of shit or not. How screwed up is that!

So now Saturday comes, the appt is from noon to 4pm. The tech shows up at 2:45pm and I explain to him that I need the dish moved out of sight from the street. He grabs his phone from his pocket, pulls up the work order and says he can’t do anything. The work order is for a technical issue!! So I said change the work order to whatever you need, I have to get to my son’s guitar concert. He says, can’t do it. I call in and after trying to explain the situation 14 different ways and EVEN giving the tech my phone to explain, the damn rep closes the work order which frees him up and he gets assigned another customer.

The tech tells me, I get paid by the job, unlike Time Warner and those other guys and so therefore if I help you I don’t get paid. The rep on the phone tells me she is going to send out another tech Monday. At this point I have spent and afternoon for the install and roughly 30 minutes on the phone going no where and my wife and son have left to a concert I am going to not see. The tech is no gone, I have been passed around to 3 different departments b/c I am demanding that someone come out TODAY and fix this shit. As you can see my tone and language are getting ugly. After about an hour on the phone, the rep says “sir, not that the dish is on the roof it is not our property or responsibly”.

I lose my f-ing mind (I have a video to prove it which I will try and post). I am now seeing red, blood pressure through the roof. I finally say cancel my service I no longer want to do business with DTV. He responds with that will be $400+ in cancel fee and we will mail out boxes to ship back the genies. I asked him, so the dish is mine and I can smash it? He says, yes. I hang up go to the garage but my ladder is not long enough…remember I am soo mad at this point.

My goal was to get the dish off my roof, video tape smashing it and send the it all to John Stankey’s office (CEO of ATT/DTV media). I was told by a long time ATT employee that John has a mantra of (I’m paraphrasing), no excuse customer service or something like that, essentially do what it takes to make the customer happy and keep them that way. So to close this piece of the story, my wife and I get in a big fight Saturday night on the way to a Christmas party as I told her I was going to smash the dish and to also call AMEX and challenge the $400+ cancel bill we are getting. Long story short, she talks me into reversing the cancel and keep working on sorting it out.

I called in last Sunday to check the status of the escalation, no movement, surprise surprise and also to ask them if they would flip on NFL for the day seeing how I was supposed to have it from the get go…the rep says, sorry we cannot do that until the resolution is complete. So fast forward to today, Tuesday Dec 6th. I am still waiting on that escalation to see if I am a liar, then based on that “resolution” my programming and bill will be adjusted assuming I am not “trying to swindle DTV”.

At this point I really don’t care anymore if I get the $200 visa card, if they change my bill or programming. I am going to ride out my 2 year contract and all along the way make sure I tell as many people as possible about this story and to stay away from DTV. I believe we are maybe 1-2 yrs away from full TV via the internet, Amazon, Google, Hulu and Apple are racing to get there first and when that happens, DTV will start the 1st day of their road to being obsolete. I cannot wait! Just like Amazon is disrupting the Macy’s, Uber is changing the taxi business, one of the great tech companies will disrupt and destroy DTV. I WILL NEVER DO BUSINESS WITH DIRECTV AGIAN.  

When my ATT contract on my cell is up, I am moving to Verizon, when my ATT fiber internet contract is up, I will move to Google Fiber. This is the worst company, I am not sure why they advertise “highest in customer satisfaction”, it has to be based on some feature or measurement that is bullshit. John Stankey needs to go sit and learn from the executive at amazon who runs the customer service and experience. Customer service is an investment and not an expense. Clearly ATT/DTV see it otherwise. I have spent too much time on this and I have NEVER been so upset, pissed off and angry at a company before. Look how long this complaint is….clearly there is a serious problem, how can a company allow this to go on? who does this? Im out.