Rude Employees at Dollar Tree Spark Consumer Complaints


The Dollar Tree manager, well I think he is a manager. But anyway, I call him a creepy old man. He is just rude and his staff is just as bad as he is. They does not smile or greets anyone I made a complaint about them before about their rudeness towards people. He will only talk and make conversation with you if you are half naked or pretty.

He is so disrespectful. Today I went in there to purchase some things I needed for baking and this lady walks in and asks him if she can use the restroom her 5 year old needed to use it he told her no that the whole city's plumbing is out and that the toilets aren't flushing I was like.

The little boy was dancing from holding it in I felt so bad for him. The lady was like what the hell. He just didn't want to go open the restrooms. What's funny is that I live around the corner which I live in the same city. I did not have any plumbing problems our toilets were flushing fine. He told her that all the city's water was off too.

He is so rude and also disrespectful, and this is the second time I complain about him. If they don't like to work around the public why work at Dollar tree. I love Dollar Tree but I hate going into that one. 

I hope they get rid of these people please look into getting these jerks out of there. I hear about so many people that are rude and they need to go. 


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The cashier was so rude to me. I told her to calm down and she said "no you calm down". She had another lady help me and said " she is always rude and I'll hurt her". The lady kept telling her to stop it and she wouldn't. I told  her I shop there all the time and she might want to work some place else. When I got in store and asked for balloons she told me to go to isle 1. So she just didn't want to help me and way. I don't need to be spoken to or have someone say they will hurt me. It was store number 1920 on 01/06/16 at 14:54 it says or around 3pm.

I went into the store yesterday and they had no shopping carts and this isn't the first time that this has happened.  Its hard for some of us to carry those baskets around.  They just get to heavy.  I also feel that you would sell a lot more items if they could put them in the carts, the baskets can only hold so much.   Another lady was looking for a cart to carry dishes in because they were heavy.  I did ask but was told they didn't have any, and this store use to always look in pretty good condition but there were items all over the floors.  

I know customers are the reason but some of the things should be put up. I hate to complain because I really like to go to the store but if there no baskets next time I will try another store.


As usual there is only one cashier checking people out and there were how many people in line and the Dollar Tree manager came up and checked a lady out and I came over and went in her line and after she checked that lady out yelled out at me I am not open go to the other register. Your managers are not nice up in this store and especially her she had such a nasty face on her that I wouldn't blame anyone for not coming into the store ever again. She kept putting baskets inside one another and this poor cashier was so lined up and she wouldn't even help her.

This is not the first time I came to this store and this manager wasn't nice to the customers or the employee. You need a whole new management in that store because they should't be called manager they should only take out the garbage. A very unsatisfied customer. I have to say one thing Stephanie who was our cashier told her she was so very sorry for all the waiting around we did. I don't usually report anyone but I have had it shopping at this store your managers should be told that when a cashier gets busy they should know enough to help them out.

I have already filed a complaint against one of the Managers at Dollar tree. I worked there for 2 and a half weeks. One of the managers there harassed me always making rude remarks to me when nobody was around. I was fired today because of her. There is more to the story. They pay you nothing, and work you hard. $7.25 an hour. They are running what I think is sweat shops.

Went in store at 545 Collingwood, Toledo, Ohio to buy tooth brush. Was told out due to theft. Wanted to call 800 complaint number to voice my concern. Clerk went to get no. Manager came to front wanting to know why I wanted the number. I got offended by his attitude told him that it had nothing to do with the store. He refused to give bad attitude.

Told they are going to tell you the same thing so why you calling. Told him that I have the right as a consumer to register a complaint. Told me that tooth brushes in on Friday. This store is in my neighborhood,but will not go there. This happened today. I am in customer service and would never speak to a customer as if they were getting on my nerves, ghetto hood mentality for a "manager".


I used my credit card for my purchase. I was given my proof of purchase. I did not miss my card until I went to make another purchase. The Dollar Store was the last place I used my card. I went to the store the next morning after I realized I didn't have my card. The manager was called up front to talk to me, she was very rude and smart to me. She did not even offer to look on the floor where I was checked out, or in the office to see if the cashier turned it in. All she said to me was theres no card here sorry about that, and went about talking to someone else.

I was in the Greenway View Dr. Dollar Tree, store 4919. When I finished getting my items and went to check out there was a long line, plus it was hot in the store. There was a line down the both sides. There was only one person working the cash register a nice young lady. She was asked by several people n line where the manager was she said manager was on break.

Someone went and knocked on the office door. But the manager was outside in front of the store in her air conditioned car on the phone. I don't think it was fair to the young lady working. Everyone was complaining and finally manager came in after a few people put their items on the floor and walked out. I think that store needs another manager. She seems lazy and not a team player just because she is a manager.


I was checking out at The Dollar Tree Store #616 at 5110 Summer Avenue Memphis, Tn 38122  around 3:00 p.m. and the lines were very long. Only one cashier was open and I asked the cashier could they open another check out register. She stated that she had to go on break.  I then asked for the manager and she stated that she was the manager and she was going on break. She was rude and not very customer friendly. How is it possible for a manager to not have cashiers scheduled to work especially the Saturday before fathers day.

I applied for a job at the dollar tree where I shop I was called for an interview but it so happened that I was leaving to Florida for a week to look at a house that I was interested in purchasing so I explained to the person who called me and she told me she would get back to me. I arrived back in N.Y. and decided to go and speak to the store manager and let her know I was back. She was rude and didn't answer me. I am a frequent customer and I have 20 years of supermarket experience she should of at least spoken to especially in the condition the store was in when I got there I think I can be a big asset to that store and I can guarantee that I can bring a lot of business to the company with my abilities.

I have been going to Dollar Tree Stores for over 12 years. So, I took a vacation and I can now tell you that the Dollar Tree at 1279 S. Missouri Ave Clearwater, Florida 33756 is the worst store I have ever seen. We saw an employee out side the store smoking a cigarette with 7 customers in line waiting to check out with one only Cashier open. The store with disorganized with boxes everywhere and the shelves of merchandise thrown on the shelf. Empty shelves every isle with boxes unopened sitting on the floor. I have never seen so much disarray at any other store I have shopped at. Customers in the store complaining of the mess. Please address the situation cause I do like shopping and saving money.


I shop at the Dollar Tree. I went in on April 22nd to buy the item of the week, which was the Hummingbird solar lights, I got to the checkout line and sales associate Kathy said there was a sign that said limit 6, it was a very small hand made sign and I didn't see it until I looked back as I was leaving, I was going to buy a case of this item, I asked how many trips I could make and she very rudely said, it was a limit of 6 per person because they only got in 4 cases, so I bought the 6, got home and one didn't work, I took it back on April 30th and wanted to get some of the black solar lights.

I asked if someone could open a box for me and Kathy yelled across the store " NO, we don't have time" there's only 2 of us and another associate will be in in about 15 or 20 mins. and I would just have to wait, so I went to check out and Kathy did not want to honor my return as it didn't have the tag attached so she didn't have the inventory number. It was embarrassing and humiliating to be yelled at across the store and then again at the checkout with people standing in line behind me. If she is talking to me and treating me very disrespectfully how is she treating other customers and fellow employees .

I visited the Dollar Tree Store #1403 in Utica, NY on Apr 19 and purchased several solar stakes which were the item of the week and right at the entrance. I again visited on Apr 22 with the intention of purchasing several more. I asked the manager-Don- where they were located and was told there were not any more. When I went to check out the customer in front of me had some in her cart. I asked her where she found them and she pointed them out to me. One aisle over from where the manager was standing. I know this is not a big deal but it would seem to me that the manager ought to know his merchandise.

It was not an old item and was right up in front. Just in a different spot from my first visit. I have to assume it was the manager who ordered them moved and to where. Thought you should know.


I can understand no refund policy but I cannot understand why your company would not have an "in-store credit" policy. I visited the Dollar Tree Store on East Main Street, Middletown, PA 17057 today and purchased six (6) 4 x 6 picture frames. When I got home, I discovered that I could not use them for the project I was working on  I got back in my car and drove back to the store to return the frames. I approached the cashier and requested a refund. She informed me that Dollar Tree policy is. I asked her for a store credit. She said I could only exchange the frames.

She told me to walk around the store and find six other items to exchange. I proceeded to walk through the store when I came upon another employee. I had to wait about three or four minutes for her to finish a "phone conversation". I asked her about the store policy and she told me that it is on my receipt that Dollar Tree does not do refunds. I found a young lady looking to buy picture frames but she was looking to buy, so I told her to take the frames and use them to exchange for her purchase. 

She also could not believe that Dollar Tree would not issue a "store credit". I proceeded back to the checkout to let them know I gave the six frames to someone to use with her purchase and the two Dollar Tree Employees were whispering and when they saw me, they both looked like "Deer caught in headlights". I asked to talk with the manager and was informed that one of the two employees was the manager. Her name tag said "Marie".  I told her she needed to contact "Corporate Office" and have them post in the windows that their policy is.

She pointed to a sticker that is on the counter after you pay for your purchase. I said I already paid for the purchase. I told Marie she needs to pass this suggestion on to Corporate and she told me she is not allowed to contact corporate office. I asked her to provide me with the phone number and I would pass the suggestion on the Corporate. 

She went into the office and didn't come out. I asked how long does it take to write down a phone number.  She said "I don't have to give you anything." I informed her that I pay her salary by shopping in that store and that she does nothing for me. I also told her she needs to get training on Customer Service Skills. I understand that your employees only make minimum wage but she is the perfect example why the minimum wage should not be across the board at $10.10 or higher. In my opinion, she should not be employed where the public comes into play.   

She should also have to pay the company for all the time she spends talking on her personal cell phone while she is on Company time. I have been shopping in Dollar Tree stores since they opened but the store in Middletown, PA has been going down hill the last year or so. I won't been shopping there any time soon. You lost a good customer thanks to Miss Marie with no manners or people skills.