eBay Seller of 10+ Years Files a Complaint Against eBay Sellers Program


Found so many complaints about eBay sellers, I was quite perplexed filing this as a seller. I was indeed a 10yrs+ seller on eBay and still work so hard to please my customers (they ones who provide me a needed 2nd income, no matter how small it is). Recently I made a mistake & sent a wrong item to a Buyer, and was notified by eBay a few days after delivery about his request to return it.

After checking my stock & records, and realized of my mistake I approved his requested and generated a prepaid shipping label through eBay return/refund system, also email him explaining & apologizing about the mistake with the promise of resend the (correct) item at .my own expense.

Our communication didn't stop there as he kept complaining about the "not-as described" item he received, and at a certain point insinuated that I sent him the wrong item on a purpose (that it was floating around for months on different e-commerce sites without anyone wanting it). 

I didn't list this item on any site except eBay, and despite my (again) explanation that the mistake was un-intentional, and obviously the original description referred to the (correct & unsent) item he had not yet received & examined. He abruptly closed the return request, and left a negative feedback for me with comments about bad description on the substitute item, and have to pay for postage to return it. 

I've contacted eBay Customer Service attempting to remove this online negative feedback (amongst my thousand+ Positive ones, it brought my ratings down to 96% from 100%, as I didn't made to many sales in the last quarter), my request was denied by several reps on the ground that it was a buyer's right to express his/her own "feeling" about a transaction, and that I - as a seller - had made mistake and should learn something from it (sic).

As anyone can see, the feedback content was not about a "feeling" but a blatantly false statement against the truth that we - ALL the involved parties: myself, the buyer, eBay) - knew untrue, with the sole malice to hurt my reputation possibly from a competitor? 

I'm at my wit end as what to do at this point, for too long I knew eBay's "Seller Protection" policy was just a joke, and their Customer Service only built on a bunch of non-native English spoken personals (s a foreigner I have problems understanding them myself besides their "canned' responses), but I'm still a seller as there're still 1000' other "good" buyers as bad sellers (of an equal #/ I hope not!) out there as well.

I guess I've just paid my overdue painful part, though eBay corporate headquarters and the level of service they allow is getting worse everyday.


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The following is the content of an email I sent to eBay after spending over an hour wading through their so-called "help" page trying to find something related to my issues. I will also add that, in my search, I discovered justification for my concerns: a seller complained of getting harassed by a buyer who had somehow managed to get the seller's phone number (now required to transact on eBay), despite eBay claiming it didn't give out member phone numbers.

To whom it may concern: You're getting this out of the blue because I dutifully turned your so-called help page upside-down trying unsuccessfully trying to find an avenue to voice my concerns. Concern #1: buying, paying for items, and shipping charges. Nope, that's not a subcategory you actually consider a buyer might have a problem with. Which is part of why I have a problem.

I purchased multiple items from a seller. Combinational charges were clearly stated in individual listings. Combined shipping charge in invoice was roughly 50% over what I calculated based on the listings. I looked for a "request invoice," but apparently you removed that feature because you assumed your invoicing made it unnecessary. I tried to ask in the "message to seller," but was informed that "the seller does not accept special requests for this item." So I was given the choice of paying what it said or getting slammed as a non-paying buyer. i would have given the seller a low DSR for "communication," but since I hadn't made any communication (because I was BLOCKED from doing so by the seller), that particular DSR rating was disabled. How convenient, the buyer from contacting you and you can't be downgraded for not communicating!

Which brings me to Concern #2: I tried to check out today, and it wouldn't let be complete checkout because I don't have a phone number listed with you (even though I checked out a couple of days ago with no problem). That is not an oversight on my part. I have had bad experiences with companies insisting on getting a phone number from me only to use it to contact me (for marketing purposes).

Technically, I don't even have a phone number. If people HAVE to contact me, they call me through my parents--my mother gets the idea that scam (those "this is Microsoft, there's a problem with your computer") calls are terribly important, and if my father answers, I won't have a clue what it's about, because he's got a hard enough time hearing in person, much less over the phone--any message he tries to take is likely to be garbled beyond recognition. And thanks to my experience with Condition #1, I know your argument about sellers and buyers needing to be able to contact one another is just blowing smoke.

You know, I left you ten years ago because of your 800-lb gorilla attitude, and I only came back because there was nowhere else. And I was actually starting to get somewhere. And now, I'm ready to blacklist you again. Do you really want that?


We have been model citizens of eBay for 8 years and beauase of the numerous silly eBay rules and regulations have seen our sales drop by 65%. THis is intolerable and we have to leave eBay as it is not the marketplace that it used to be and eBay gets greedier and greedier with fees and charges as well as the silliest of rules. Only trained monkeys that listen to your compliants and repeat every few minutes "we appreciate your frustration" but they never do anything to resolve any issues. Here is a quote about my friend getting banned form eBay.

I have been a loyal ebay reg user for 10 years 650 pos feedback i have not sold anything for over 6 months, and now i get a ebay account suspension wiht out any reason at all. eBay is a joke, they say i breeched a ebay policy? How the hell can i breach a ebay policy when i have not sold any items for 6 months. I bought items and payed for them and have had not one complaint agaonst me. they will not even tell me why my account was suspended. all my hard wair and years being loyal, this is how your treated. I have copies of tranaction from ebay payal and feeback and buying transactions and dates. and will contact my solictor and have him write to ebay comaplints dept as i feel i have been unfairly treated."

The eBay Executives with authority are so far removed from the front lines that they dont know or care what going on and are preoccupied by counting their stock options and bonuses. To add insult to injury the weird eBay algorithm has now cancelled a listing of ours due to the following rationale - keyword spamming?


I have been selling on Ebay for several months, initially the prceeds from my sales were placed on hold until the item was received. Recently my funds were again placed on hold. When I inquired as to why the funds where again place on hold I was told that my account had been reviewed and that my seller ratings had dropped below standard I shippd the items via another provider since I was unable to add a new credit card to my paypal account for payment of the shipping now because of that Ebay is telling me that my shipping time fell below standards?

The items were shipped in a timely manner but because Ebay didnt get to monopolize the shipping Ian being penalized. I would think Ebay would want to be under the radar since they are double dipping there customers through Ebay and Paypal. I just stayed on the phone with them and realized that I was speaking to reps in the Phillipines. I cant believe that with all the money they are making they outsource their jobs. My issue of course was not resolved as they can not even relate to my issue or the anger that I have towards these policies and they have no authority to resolve any matters so there is no accountability. I want to cancel my account they couldnt help me with that either.


I’m a little bit of a collector and I’ve been looking for the Major League DVD with the turf sleeve and was so happy to see it on Ebay. I thought I hit paydirt since Ebay had various sellers selling the same exact DVD with the green turf DVD sleeve that I had been searching for. I chose the cheaper priced one and sent a message to the seller asking if the DVD was exactly like the picture on Ebay. I never got a reply and I was so excited about the DVD I decided to purchase it anyway and when I did receive the DVD it came without the turf sleeve unlike the one the seller had pictured. Maybe I’m nuts but I find this deceptive practice on behalf of Ebay. When I complained to the seller this was his response:

Hello. You were not deceived. The upc numbers are same match as both our distributor which is Ingram Entertainment (google them if you like) and the Ebay dvd libary. The difference is that the cover on the Ebay listing is actually a sleeve that comes off and then the correct item is under the sleeve. Ingram does not supply the sleeve because the manufactor made only a small fraction of this item with the sleeve and charged much for that edition. They lowered the price and eliminated the sleeve but it is still the same item listing on Ebay with the same upc number. We have sold alot of this title and yoor complaint is the 1st of this nature. If you say you did not get a response to your question. Why did you purchase it the item? Thanks.

Now my problem is if you have a picture of a cadillac to sell but send the buyer a volkswagen instead wouldn’t that be deceptive? I’ve sent messages to various sellers on Ebay that are selling the same DVD showing a picture of the DVD with the green turf sleeve and so far I’ve gotten no responses as to whether or not they are actually selling the DVD with the turf sleeve as shown on the picture. If this practice isn’t considered dishonest and deceitful then what would you call it.