Emirates Customer Service Destroyed $1,000 Worth of Luggage


I was traveling recently on Emirates Airlines and wanted to voice a complaint about their customer service. When i recieved my luggage it was completely trashed. There was wood splinters driven into the side and one of the wheels was completely broken off and missing. It looked like my nice aluminum luggage had been used as part of some kind of destructive game.

You have to really work hard to destroy luggage like this. And I demanded to Emirates customer service they replace my luggage or compensate me, but they just laughed. Next I will be writing a letter to the corporate offices I guess.

What has been your experience with Emirates? Leave a comment! I'd love to know.


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Left at Istanbul Ataturk airport on 06/07/2015 after lodging luggage and receiving boarding pass. No attempt was made to locate me prior to flight departure. Flight EK-122  06/07/2015 to Dubai and onward to Brisbane, Australia. Confirmation No ETYTNW, Boarding Pass SEQ 21 Seat 36G. Two letters listing problem sent to your Queensland, Australia, regional manager but neither acknowledged. Brisbane office booked me a seat on 08/07/2015 and I paid $(AUS) 1,441.00. I request repayment of this fare.


I was traveling from Dubai to UK London gatwick airport my lag bag been broken all bag open my bag + inside all item was broken which I both Frm Dubai like glassed item. I m very upset Emirates did send lag bag and they said if anything else broken please do let customer service know. I been calling but can't get true that's why sending this email. Please help me.


My file reference is on the above address line. (File reference FRAEK63600/18JULY/1829GMT)As you may check, I flew into Croatia on Sunday 19th of July and my airport of origin was Kuwait on Saturday morning. My luggage didn't arrive to Franfurt on my plane but stayed in Dubai despite being frequently reassured by your staff in Dubai that it would arrive. When I arrived in Franfurt, I contacted your Emirites desk.

They promised that the baggage would arrive to Split, Croatia on the morning flight on Sunday morning 'before lunchtime'. You promised that it would be delivered to my accommodation there. I told them that the materials in the case were of vital importance to my work the following day. When I arrived to Split on Sunday afternoon, the case wasn't there. When I called your Emirates help desk, the lady told me that the case had missed the morning flight and would arrive arrive on the 5pm flight and would be delivered to my accommodation.

Yes again, an empty promise. I waited until 8 in the evening and then decided to take a taxi to the airport and seek the case personally. I had to pay 500 kuna for the return trip, but luckily I finally managed to get my things!

I found hair on the food package serviced to me in the fight and show the cabin staff. The cabin staff also evidenced  the circumstance and promised to log the complain. But as of now I have not received any notes from either emirates air line or catering services.


On 1st June, my young daughter and I left Singapore on Emirates flight EK355 , at 21:45 to Dubai. This was just to meet our connecting flight on Emirates EK 011 to London Gatwick. We arrived in Dubai on schedule and met our connecting flight. However, the luggage which we checked in together, did not make it. Only my bag arrived in London but my daughter's did not. So, despote us having checked in together, checked our luggage together, being seated together plus having the same surname, our bags were not put on the dubai to London flight together, only my bag was put on it but my daughter's was inexplicably left behind in Dubai. By the way, this was by no means a full flight as there were many full and partial rows in economy, unoccupied.

Upon arriving in London at 7am, after 2 long tiring flights and no sleep and having collected my luggage we were waiting for Rebecca's bag for a while before we heard an announcement for her to go to the enquiry desk. At said enquiry desk, we were met by a very surly Emirates ground staff, who, unapologetically priceeded to matter-of-factly inform us that my daughter's bag had been 'left behind in Dubai'. Naturally I found this surprising and so I asked her why tge bag wasn't put on the plane with us?

To which she arrogantly stated, "Oh, YOURS is not the only one, there are many bags that didn't make it onto the plane!" If thus was supposed to console me, it did not, instead it immediately made me feel that she was incompetant and that the DubaiEmirates operation was apparently incompetant, too, or just lazy? I don't know. She never once thought to apologise to me nor to the small crowd of passengers left in London without luggage. When I informed her that this wasn't good as we were booked on a BA flight at 12noon to Jersey, CI, which was in fact,our final destination.

She told me our missing bag would arrive in London  at 12noon. Too late to travel with us to Jersey. And since we couldn't change our flight, what were we supposed to do about our missing bag? She then unceremoniously told me to fill up some forms and that the bag would be sent on to Jersey on the next available flight. When I asked her how I would collect it, she snootily informed me thatit would be delivered to my address, where I was staying in Jersey. So we left London.

Then at around 630pm,  Jersey airport calls to inform me that my bag had arrived and could I come & pick it up. What???? I told the lady caller what I had been promised in London by Emirates staff and she informed me that that was not the case, since there was no Emirates in Jersey to bill for delivery, so I had to arrange delivery myself. By that point I hadnt slep for more than 25 hours and was damn exhausted not to mention fed up.

Finally, I had to arrange delivery and paid GBP 13 for the bag to be returned to me. I wasn't provided any receipt, even though I requested one. To topbit all off, when I finally received the bag and paid fir it, it was filthy dirty and smashed above the wheel! This was a brand new suitcase which I had just purchased 2 weeks before our flight and this was its first trip!!!!! I want an answer to all this aggravation. A sound explanation and also suitable compensation.  This is not what I ever expected from Emirates.

I have been flying with you guys every year for at least last 4 years ! I am a blue skywards member EK219632932. Please get someone to answer me regarding this lax behavior and mishandling of luggage. Not to mention surly arrogant ground staff who don't even have the courtesy to apologise and deliver the bad news with all the subtlety of a sledge hammer!