ESPN Has Become Too Political, Liberal, and Almost Unwatchable


I'm done. Finished. I quit. 

For the 29th time this week, I went to ESPN's website to catch up on sports news. Instead, I was hit with a wave of political drama.

Just look at the screenshot of the home page above. The majority of the top news items are political news.

I understand. People are dying, property is being damanaged, and life isn't fair. But let's get one thing clear, sports is an escape from that. And this is no disrespect to the men and women whose lives are lost or destroyed due to injustice going on in the world today. But that does not belong on ESPN.

Tonight out of the top six featured headlines on their home page, four of them were about Title IX, political riots, national anthem protests, and yes more national anthem protests. Let me be very clear for the trolls out there, I read about all these topics and more each day. I feel like discussing them is very important.

But just like I do not like the government talking about religion, I do not want ESPN talking about politics.

So, if ESPN is wondering why their direct website traffic is dropping. Let me help them out. Remove all the politics from your home page. It would be really simple, just create a filter and if the article's main point relates to any of these topics, do not publish it.

Here's 39 topics I never want to read about on ESPN again:

  1. Political protests
  2. Any protests
  3. Presidential candidates
  4. Any political candidates
  5. Global terrorism
  6. Domestic terrorism
  7. Riots
  8. Angry people who are not talking about sports
  9. Coaches talking about politics
  10. Players talking about politics
  11. Ex-coaches talking about poltics
  12. Human rights
  13. Transgender rights
  14. Gay rights
  15. Straight rights
  16. Anyones rights
  17. Fair laws
  18. Unfair laws
  19. Political polls
  20. Any polls unrelated to who is going to win a game
  21. Foriegn policy
  22. Domestic policy
  23. Homeland security
  24. International security
  25. Gun control
  26. Guns (unless they are found on Plaxico Burress) 
  27. Licit drugs
  28. Illicit drugs (exceptions made for Johnny Manziel)
  29. Free trade
  30. Paid trade
  31. Border disputes
  32. Illegal immigration
  33. Legal immigration
  34. Immigration of any kind
  35. Education
  36. Healthcare
  37. Obamacare
  38. Conversative rants
  39. Liberal rants

Ok. Now that we have that out of the way, let's talk about how to fix the problem internally. Of course ESPN is a giant corporation, so there will have to be some kind of general memo sent out. Well guess what ESPN execs? I have gone to the trouble of writing it for you already.

Here is the internal memo ESPN could send out that would solve all of this:

Dear ESPN Family,

As you know the world has never been a more uncertain place. And in the last few years the line between sports and life has seemingly vanished right in front of our eyes. 

Part of what makes any good product great is listening to your customers. After all, ESPN is a product. And this product competes directly with some of the largest media outlets in the world. One thing is clear. Our customers are passionate about their local communities, their country, and their opinions. But we have found that one thing is equally clear...

Sports is an escape. Networks like ESPN are where people turn when they are tired of being depressed listening to CNN. They want to be encouraged. They want to feel hope. Football on Sunday is what takes the sting out of everyday life.

But instead of helping our nation heal, we continue to make the problem worse for everyone else. All in the name of ratings. We aren't doing this to solve any real problems. After all the world does not need another news outlet covering current events.

So, effective immediately we will shifting our focus completely back to sports. This includes what we show on our website and what we talk about on the air. If there is a protest going on, we will not show it on the air. If there is political news happening, we will let CNN cover that.

If we do not change, we risk competing with larger news products and simultaneously losing our core sports audience. That is a losing proposition on both ends.


John Skipper

I hope ESPN listens. I hope they change. For their sake.


Read more complaints: 
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Upset at corporate? Their office location is: 
285 Middle St, Bristol, Connecticut 06010



I have been watching ESPN since the very beginning in the early 80's when it first got going. The founder, Bill Rasmussen, developed the concept for ESPN with his son Scott to be a world class news network that stuck to covering sports. They occassionaly dipped in to the intersection of politics and sports coverage, but today ESPN has gone too far. I find myself intentionally going on to the NFL website instead. Even Fox Sports is better now...


When I turned on the ball game this week I wanted to watch the Nationals play, and I was upset. I did not want to get a social media lecture on politics. Needless to say I changed channels rather than listen to their views on what was right and wrong for the players to do.


Who cares what athletes have to say? We want to see sports highlights not some dude talking about his/hers latest pet project or political view. Speaking for myself ESPN has lost its way. We don't care for the political statement the owners of this network are trying to push on the viewers.

The ratings of this network should tell the owners we don't care for the liberal push this network has made. I don't care what Colin Kaepernick has to say in a press conference after a pre-season game. Drop the political junk and get back to reporting on real sports news. It's like this network is running a circus that has gone out of control.


As a veteran who served three tours I feel disrespected by ESPN. I cant believe that ESPN will not stand up for freedom of speech that's an Americans constitutional right. People are getting was because like a lot of Americans they have political views. Sports is not the place for that!

Most of us American feel the same way and the fact that you laid down like a coward to a small group of PC people and fired someone in it self is wrong. But I guess being owned by Disney they cant even get stuff at ABC right and now have a mess over there.

ESPN I hope someone sues you for the stupid decisions you have made. But hey I guess when you have hard lefties literals in command this is what happens. The CEO needs to go and I hope you get a lot of back lash on this.


I am a liberal and have been so for many years. I am finding that ESPN cannot figure out whether it wasnts to be a liberal news channel, a conservative news channel, or a sports network. Every day it seems like something is different. I'm assuming these things are working because they keep throwing more controversial news in our faces. Stop giving the athletes airtime if they are going to talk about politics. Stop showing protestors of the the national anthem on live TV.