An Open Letter to Family Dollar Corporate Headquarters


I am upset with my local family dollar store. But unfortunately I can't even contact a corporate office to make a complaint. I tried to call 1 (866) 377-6420, but there was no answer. Then I wrote a letter to the CEO, Howard Levin in Charlotte, but did not find the address listed publicly. They have an "Executives Offices" PO Box at Post Office Box 1017, Charlotte, North Carolina 28201-1017. Like anyone will read that? Well, here is what happened.

I had a horrible experience today with a family dollar employee. I am tired and it seems like it would be a total waste of time to try to complain. I have spent so much money there in the past but nothing now, if we drive by and my husband or kids need or say let's go there, my response will be "No we will get the Dollar General up the street". Won't ever spend my money ever there again. 

And another thing. I was walking around looking at items the other day. The floors are dirty haven't been swept or mopped looks like a couple of weeks now. Dirt build up around the edges of the side counters. While trying to wash my hands after using the restroom. Have a bar of soup on the sink. No paper towels to dry your hands. While at the register watching as my girlfriend was checking out. The hand written name tag with a sharpie marker. Looked like a first grader had made it. Assistant Mgr. She was the cashier.

Wasn't dressed very nice as well. Looking at the wall behind her could see hand written notes hanging on the wall. As well all the paper work piled up on a little table. If I was any management staff in this store I would be embarrassed. There is nothing specific. The family dollar manager should not be there. She is rude, never smiles, yells at her employee's in front of customers, she almost reminds me of running a sweat shop. Even though my daughter works there, I have seen this myself, and one thing that really ticks me off is the fact that Gail is making her work Sat & Sun open to close.  

She told her that if she did not work Easter Day open to close she would not have a job. I told her to go and talk to the district manager but she is afraid of loosing her job as Gail uses it quite often. She has 4 children that she will not be able to spend at least part of Easter with. What kind of a manager or person would do this? I guess one without a heart or a brain. Why is she still there? My coworker goes in there a lot to get things for the business, she was so upset a few weeks ago, she told me that when she was ready to check out there was no one there, so, she rang the bell.

She came up grabbed the bell (very aggresive) tossed it in the drawer and said " We don't ring that bell and do not do that again most people just yell out you-who" the tone she said was very rude and harsh. Please check into this women, camera, seceret shopper something, so many people are getting up set with her. I have been trying to get them to send in a corporate complaint to headquarters, so maybe they have. Please try to do something with Easter, she should not have to miss all day.


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Evergreen, Alabama store: On Friday night, December 4th 2015, after realizing we were out of diapers and was on our way home,  I noticed the Family Dollar store lights were still on and stopped to see if they were still open. This was about 9:50 (10 minutes until 10:00 pm). I was surprised to see lights on since we live in a small town that usually the only thing open until 10:00 is the grocery store we live behind and was headed too.  I pulled up and saw a sign posted that said extended store hours for holidays. Open until 10:00. This sign was large enough for my kids to see sitting in the van. My husband went to get the diapers and the door was locked.

He looked at me and I told him to knock on the door. I could see the cashier from where I was sitting and so could he. She ignored him. I said knock again, at this point getting irritated.  She yells to Him that they close at 20 minutes until 10:00. He points to the sign and says that's not what your sign says and its only 9:50. At this point she turns the lights out and says we are closed. I am a mother of 3, and know how to keep cool but customer service has been the only job I have ever had. I am a  licensed 20 year hairstylist and have worked retail, waitress jobs at times along with the salon.

Customer service issues push my buttons. I got out of my van and went to the door, I knocked and told her I would be filing a complaint. This is one of 3 dollar stores that are walking distance from my home and each other. I have had issues with the other employees, one in particular in management,  that is always on the phone when checking you out and discussing things and drama I care nothing about hearing while shopping. Not being able to shop for items needing to be stocked and carts being in the isles,  and just an overall sense of unconcerned for customers has made me want to complain several times.

My husband, who is not a person that says too much even if he gets mad, has wanted to complain after he went to get something I needed a few times, got the wrong  item and had to go back and exchange it right away. We live near and do business with  this Family Dollar  at least 4 times a week.  I prefer their products and pricing over the others for most things but the staffing has always been an issue for my family and  others. I have read complaints on facebook about that stores customer service  that  mirrors my own. I have experienced the manager being rude to other customers to the point I wanted to say something but held back.

The worst was an older customer, but he voiced his own thoughts back to her very well.  This just pushed me over the edge. I will go back to get only the things that other stores do not sell, but it will not be my store to preference anymore and they will not just lose one sale from my family. We are a family of 5 and go through supplies quickly. When I told her I would complain, she looked at me hatefully and shook her head. 

When I got back in my car, my 10 year old asked me why that woman closed early and was so rude, and that she saw her shake her head at me? I told her she was not supposed to close until 10. She looked at the clock and said it's only 9:52.  She said, if I had a job I know I could not do that or I would be wrong and get fired.  That is a 10 year olds comments. This woman was in her 40's. You do the math!  One good thing is I was assured that she has heard us when we talk to her and our other kids  about the importance of doing your best at your job, even when you don't feel like it. 

I teach them that right now their job is school and just like when they get to be working adults, the teacher is their boss and they must respect what the teacher requires them to do and do their best.  If they don't the consequences are bad grades and punishment. If they work hard, they get good grades and rewards. So  my daughter, with that in mind, realized that this woman did not do what was required of her job and follow the store hours posted, so she did not need to have that job.  If a 10 year old realizes this concept,  and the store worker didn't.....I  decided I will file a complaint.

This was just last night. I will let the manager know, but knowing her own issues, I realize nothing will be done locally so corporate will at least know that some employee's consider themselves able to decide what hours the store should be open, no matter what is posted on the door. I will also be calling and will send a letter if need be. Principle is the concern of my complaint. We spent more money buying the diapers at the local grocery store (only because we had too, we never do this) because the worker wanted to go home. 

Now, we will use choose one of the other 2  dollar stores to spend our money.  It was about 9:53 when we got there and the doors were open, and we were not turned away. We were home with diapers by 9:58. That's how close in distance we live from both Family Dollar and grocery store along with other dollar stores.  We may be a small town but there's no lack of options of where to take our business. My rating would be 0 stars if  it was an option.


My note to Family Dollar Management: You know, any retailer that checks a dollar bill...that should have been my first sign that this 'notch-above-swap-meet' business is a customer-unfriendly, low-class place to buy anything. My story begins last night when I attempted to go into your 8014 Beach Blvd, Jacksonville FL 32216 904-725-7517 location. I get off work at 9:30pm nearby and passed by this location last night at 9:40pm and all the lights were off. Thinking it was closed, I did not get to purchase the groceries and work-related gift I needed this morning, ultimately spending over $50 of funds you would have, at another local (and higher-quality) grocer.

Tonight, seeing the exterior lights off, I decided to 'brave it' and see if the store was open. The manager working (7/24) had not only turned off the exterior lights at 940-945 pm, but he had already locked the door.

Do you want customers? Well, it gets worse. When I hurried into the store to purchase my items, he sternly announces "5 minutes", when my watch said "9:45pm", and I set it this morning to, so it is in perfect time. Mr. young, Caucasian, Assistant Manager (as i was told that was his position by the cashier) has not watch, and while I was shopping, mindful of the time, this ASM kept saying loudly, "5 minutes", "4 minutes", when, at this time, my watch read "9:51".

I believe that one of the employees at our local Family Dollar store does not do her job the way she is supposed to. On the other hand there is a former employee that comes in and is always in there when the employee is supposed to be working. This employee does not do her job when this friend is in there, as they stand around talking when they should be working. Not to mention the fact that the employee does nothing to assist other customers. I feel that this poses a slight problem to the well-being of its customers!

Does this uneducated-on-policy, rude, hurried-to-get-out and own the store? He closes it early, is rude if someone comes in anywhere near closing time, then feels the need to educate me on the correct time with great volume and repetition, although he has no watch. He kept asking the cashier "Is it time?". Certainly Mr. unappreciative-of-customers-and-his-job could use a lesson in who really runs the store.... The Customer. I quickly got 10% of the items I needed and chose to leave the store and reach our to you here.

Is there a Area Manager or District Manager who remotely cares about the customer experience? If not, perhaps Mr. Levine or another officer of the company would be interested in knowing that whomever chose THIS ASM at the 8014 Beach Blvd address perhaps was misled my this management personnel who was working closing shift, 7/24, having represented himself as a 'customer-focused' employee. This guy was in a hurry to get home and have his personal time, not even remotely interested in keeping the store lights on and the door unlocked during published hours.

Great chance to improve, once the 'slack' that I saw tonight in management is either retrained or replaced with someone who cares about who pays his and all your employees' paychecks. Seeking Family Dollar officer-level interaction until I feel myself and others won't be treated this way in the future.


I heard the manager (Rick) at the Family Dollar store in Hutchinson, KS, on 4th street tell a very off color joke at the register. It involved a very strange sexual practice (fisting?) and the young women at the register looked very uncomfortable. Their name tags said "Lindsey" and "Tanya". They looked so uncomfortable that i was not comfortable checking out, so I left my items in a cart and left the store. I am not sure I will ever go back to that store. I shopped at the Family Dollar store on a regular basis but Dollar General has become my store.

I usually go early in the morning but your store doesn't open until 9am. There is a Dollar General right across the road who is getting a lot of early morning business!  It is because they open at 7am!  It is also because that your store is such a mess and the clerks are not friendly or professional in their attitude. I went this morning again shortly after 8am and the clerk was in the store.  I went to open the door and it was locked.  As I was walking back to my car, the clerk walked out of the store and locked the door.  She hollers at me across the parking spaces, "We don't open until 9am."

I find that to be offensive....and you have lost not only my business but several other people who drove up shortly after me. I feel that is sad as I have been shopping at Family Dollar for many years. Thank you for your consideration in listening to my complaints.


Family Dollar Corporation, After much debating and consideration, I regret to inform you that I am writing a message containing negative customer feedback regarding an associate. Please do not take this lightly, as I've never done something like this before. I always try to see the good in people. I recognize that everybody has a bad day, and that retail workers have a very demanding job. However.... I've been pushed to the limit by a manager employed at my local Family Dollar in Duncan, Arizona. Manager Michelle has made it so unbearable for me to shop in Duncan's Family Dollar that I would rather drive an hour to get groceries from Walmart instead of facing her rudeness and contempt.

When I approach the cash register, she often sighs loudly and throws down whatever merchandise she is stocking. I asked her if Family Dollar carried matches, but was blatantly ignored because she was too busy gossiping with another customer. My children once came home and told me they are afraid to go in alone again because the "woman with red hair" (Michelle) was mean to them for being a few cents off on their candy purchase. Often the check out line is painfully long, but Michelle can be seen through the window chain smoking in the parking lot instead of relieving her staff. When I asked if there was a way to get a hold of her manager she said "I am the manager. You may talk to me." instead of giving me a way to contact somebody higher than her. Please, Family Dollar, re-train this associate so I can shop in your store without feeling like a second class citizen.


That is the nasty store for the last 7 days I have been in there to pick up some little something before coming home.  I have let without anything so I think it is time to clean it up or close it down.  Haven't been ably to get down the pet lane to get pet food for a while over a month.  I can understand on truck days for it to look this way but its an everyday thing.  Today 5 people behind register one register open.  Everybody was complaining about not able to get what they came in for.  The CEO should visit.


I'm writing to inform you about a concern and problem that I've experienced with one of your Family Dollar locations.  On Friday September 11th 2015, between the hours of 4:30pm and 5pm, I entered the Family Dollar store # 1377 located at 3110 Jefferson Davis Hwy, Richmond, VA. A sales clerk accused me of stealing medication,  because I was the only one in that isle besides that clerk stocking. She said that I was on video, I asked to see the video because I was being falsely accused, they refused to show me. She threatened to called the police if I didn't empty out my pockets. I did, and before I knew it, the police came and had me do the same thing and give them my information.

I asked the clerk to empty her pockets and she refused. She said I was the only one in that isle. Who is to say how long the meds had been missing and if they were. I have no need for retail medications, as I am under a doctors care, and have my own medications. I simply visited the store to compare prices on knee and ankle sleeves and purchase soap. This was very embarrassing for me. I did nothing wrong. And the clerk had the nerve to tell me to never come in the store again. I asked the two clerks for their names and they refused. So I'm informing you that the actions of your employees, that represent your brand name, are unjust.


To whom it may a concern. I may never hear from you. I came to the library to do this because I do not have a computer. I am 70 years old I live on a fixed income Family Dollar is the cheapest store in Mendenhall. When you go in they will not speak they will be outside on the telephone they will be at the register on the telephone. With some of the employees they will ignore you and you can not interrupt their conversation. I know you got robbed. I am really sorry about that. I thank God that it was two people there. But I know for a fact that people come in at 7:30 AM to 9:00PM and work all day by their self they get no break no lunch or supper break. I know that someone is breaking the law and do know that the wage and hour board would like to get this complaint. Employees will come in.

And make a phone call and then decide they  need to go home and see their baby because she misses it.  This will make it hard on the other employees. because it will usually leave one employee there by themselves. I don't think the manager really cares. I want to give you my address to see if you are going to ignore me. For the past few months going to the Family Dollar by my house. Every time I visit this store or regardless who comes in the store, cashier Jeanie is very unfriendly! Also she has a very rude attitude when ask her a question she will  roll her eyes like she is being annoyed with you asking her a question! Can someone please have a talk with this worker about her unprofessional behavior? When she is in the store I will drive 6 miles just to avoid making contact with her. I think it is unfair that this employee make my shopping experience horrible in store.


On12-28-15 I went into Family Dollar across from  Dollar General on Hwy20 Vacherie La 70090. I enter the  store. At first I was looking at some cherry coated candies. At the time a young lady was on the  computer. She said that they were on sell. So I told her thanks. So than I decided  to buy some Russell Stover fine chocolate.

Then I preceded  toward the back of the store to see what else I wanted. I went on I decided I wanted some sour cream chips, two six ok of lemon water. Then I went to the checkout counter. So I was looking at the chips trying to decide if I wanted them. She looked at me and told me. If you don't want them you better go and put them back. She was just so cruel and arrogant.

So I said you know what I have work at stores before. And our rules was the customers are always right. She said not here. Because I am not picking up behind them. I said well I am sure they would put it back if they don't want  it. I said can you tell me were the Supervisor is. She said I am the manager and you can get out my store. So I refuse to let her get the best of me. But she continues to argue.

I told the customers in the store do you all see how ugly she was. Whoever the supervisor of this store is in Vacherie La.


I am submitting this complaint in regards to my wife, Jolene white, who is a family dollar employee at the family dollar store 3808, north Vernon, in 47265.

This is in regards to overtime pay, I spoke with Sandra (who is the assistance manager and would be considered the acting manager since the store manager quit) today concerning Jolene's overtime pay, this Sandra stated that Jolene would not being receiving any over time pay due to the fact that on Tuesday 03/22/2016 was assigned to work at the new family dollar store in Versailles, indiana that wasn't in operations yet to help set up the stores inventory from 8 am to 5 pm.

This Sandra stated that because Jolene worked at this family dollar store in Versailles, that time would be paid by that store and not count towords her time at the family dollar store 3808 in north Vernon, Indiana. I told that Sandra that this was wrong because there is no seprate pay concerning which family dollar store Jolene worked at, it's all the same pay on the same pay period and gave this Sandra a copy of information that comes from the united states department of labor concerning overtime pay covered under the federal provisions fair labor standard act (FLSA) under hours worked " hours worked ordinarily include all the time during which an employee is required to be on employers premise (family dollar store, Versailles ind) on duty ( Jolene clocked in working) or at the prescribed work place (Sandra assigning Jolene to report to family dollar store in Versailles, ind).

The fair labor standard act covers that an employee who works more than 40 hours in a work week shall be paid one and one-half of regular rate of pay, it futher states that on may/05/2015, the governor of Indiana signed into law bill HEA-1469 that provides an employer who fails to make timely payment of wages or with holds wages due to employee shall make payment of wage due,pay reasonable attorney fee, and pay court cost.

Furthermore, if court finds that employer fails to pay employee wage in good faith the court shall order employee to be paid two times of rate of pay for liquidated damages, when I pointed all this out that that Sandra, she became very rude and stated she could fire Jolene for my actions, I informed that Sandra that no she can not, I do not work for family dollar and besides, it's illegal and family dollar can be sued, also, this act by that Sandra is threating an employee.

Very unprofessional and bet an attorney would say can be pursued in court, now I am sure that family dollar is aware that by failing to pay Jolene white the overtime pay she has earned and has coming is federal wage thieft and can and will be pursued in court, so to avoid any futher problems between me, Sandra and family dollar, please deal with this matter asp, thank you for your time.


I need to contact the CEO of Family Dollar asap. I visit several of their stores weekly and have never had a complaint with any except your new one at,Waverly road huntington wv.I as well as others I know have gone in this store many times and not been able to find workers. They all seem to be in the back of the store or gathered at the side of store. I have heard that one little girl working there has people in the back many times.You should check who or what visits in the back of store so often.

The prices are many times wrong, the cashiers all look like they are high as a kite and are very rude. I have neighbors that have also complained about this store. You need to take a good look at what goes on here and please get managers and cashiers that know how to work with the public. I will not take my child in a store where you can look at workers and tell they have been doing something. My neighbors and I love your stores but will stop shopping if something isn't done here.


I went into store after my daughter and her husband came home with incorrect change from shopping there. I carried the receipt and the change with me. I was there within 30 minutes of them checking out. I told the cashier what had happened and asked if I could leave my name and number with them, and if they had any overages when they done the nights drawer could they give me a call and allow me to come back and pick up my missing money. She asked me to hold on while she got her manager. upon hearing why I was there the manager told me no she wouldn't take my name nor number, and that she suggested I run back home and check my daughter's pockets. I was offended and asked her why would she say anything like that about my daughter?

Did she have information making her feel like saying that my daughter would do such.she told me that I was out of line and she would not have me acting like that in "her" store. for me to leave. I'm upset both at my missing money and the way she spoke about my daughter and probably not playing friendly at that point. I told her unless she had evidence of my daughter being a thief she shouldn't be talking about her like that. she told me it wasn't her problem that I needed to just shut up and get out of "her" store or she was calling police.

I should have made her do just that but like most folks unless have to I would just as soon not have to deal with police. the next day I ran out of time on my phone plan of which I had already purchased minutes for from family dollar. when I called net ten it was discovered that I was sold a incorrect minute pin. I have been buying the same minute card from this store for quite awhile now. I have never had this problem. In fact I never knew net ten had more than one card for the 45.00$ unlimited talk, text and data. She then told me to go back to store where purchased card. When I got there to call them back and instead of me trying to explain technical issues to cashier/manager on duty they would.

I did as they asked. I called and while standing in line waiting my turn I put phone on speaker when it was my turn the same rude acting person was running register. I started to explain why and what I was there for when she snarled her lip up and told me she wasn't putting anything of mine next to her body especially her face. I told her no problem she didn't have to worry about transferred germs that she didn't even need to touch the phone it was on speaker to make it easier for us both to hear net ten rep., she then got extremely mad and started hollering for me to leave for had she not told my no count tail to leave store the other day or she would call the law on me.

I told her she shouldn't sleep with the devil but that was a personal problem and that I would pray for her and very much embarrassed by your store manager for the second time I left. I only have her name as Mrs. Jackie. I've never seen her in this store before that first problem. I've lived behind where the store was built for 46 years. I have been a regular customer of this store since it opened. spending anywhere from 50 to 200 dollars a week with you guys. I have never been treated so rudely by your team of associate's. I have not been back to your store since that day. I still am missing ten dollars, it wasn't in my daughter's pocket and I'm also out 45 dollars plus tax for a minute card I can't use on my phone which is a smartphone and the minutes card I was sold this time can only be added to a flip phone or any phone that is not a smartphone.

I feel like Mrs Jackie needs schooled in PR skills of the customer is always right and if ever wrong should be handled with care and respect in order to not make problems for store or lose their business. it was always that way when I worked for you guys before becoming disabled after breaking my back. I feel much wronged and truly think if nothing else I should get my minute card exchanged for the right one and an apology to both my daughter and myself. I sadly think my ten went into one of her pockets and that's why she acted in the manner that she did. I should have contacted Family Dollar corporate sooner but as I don't have a working phone it's been kinda rough to do anything. although the phone card was a simple mistake that could have been very simple to correct your associate that being rude not once but twice was a better option.


Yesterday I went to Family Dollar (#08806  9120  E.35th and Blueridge in Independence, MO.  I was going in for only two items.  Milk and dove soap.  I was literally chased down by an employee who told me I had to put my purse on the counter in order to continue shopping. I was insulted and very embarrased as others were hearing the enitire conversation.  I told her I have never stole in my life and do not plan to now.  She said it was a new store policy.  I simply refused and told her she could follow me around while I get my two items. However,I will never put my purse on a counter for them or anyone else to steal it.  My phone, meds, credit cards etc.  Your store has a sign Not responsible for lost or stolen items. She said the sign was on the door. No large purses or backpacks (I didn't even pay attention was in a hurry and didn't see it) What I should have done is just walked out!

I carry a $400 MK purse. and no one is going to tell me I cannot bring my purse in.  Even police say never leave your belonging in you car. That is my personal property and I will not leave it in the hands of an employee making $8 an hr. If your store has a real problem w/those who choose to break the law, hire a security guard.  I was insulted, humiliatted, and embarrased.  If that's how you treat your customers I'm sure your business will soon fail.  I posted a blog on the Independence MO Community Awareness FB page.  Comments arleady over 100+.  It is profiling by assuming anyone carrying a purse is a theif.  I am thinking of calling my attorney.  Good people should not be treated as such.  Please look @ my post under Kelly Wise Bradley on the Independence MO Community Awareness page.  People gave more examples of this happening to others.  In fact one post said they upset a little old lady and she was confused and shaking after she was confromted. The person postiing said he finally calmed her down and him and two other customers put their items on the counter and walked out w/her to her car. With the name Family you would think you would treat people better.  I feel I should be compensated for what happened to me. 


To Family Dollar Corporate,  I have made several complaints in the past several months about the Family Dollar location at 1212 Aldine Bender Rd I Houston, Tx. They are very rude,unprofessional and my opinion show signs of prejudice.When you ask them a question or need any assistance their answer is always" I don't know".I have been accused breaking a 6 pk of beer to purchase a single.I have been short changed over 5 dollars and proven on video that I was right.Just yesterday (03/19/2017) I was purchasing a single beer and the one I get every day,I know the exact price with tax,so the lady at checkout said I was short on money and I said "no,count again" she counts again and not saying anything, I ask was it right? She rudly said "yes then said bye! Being she was wrong then wants to get rude with me? I don't think so! So,being provoked I admit I did say some things and I was very upset.Then this other employee off to the side laughing at me then threatens to call police on me! Now,I'm sending this complaint along with all my other complaints over the past several months and if I don't get some form of response in concerns with this situation,I will seek legal counsel and I will proceed with a discrimination lawsuit against Family Dollar.    Dwayne