Flex Seal Scam — Company Uses Deceptive Sales Practices


Flex Seal, at getflexseal.com, is offered using deceptive sales practices for $19.99 a can, plus $9.95 P/H. A second can is “free” for just a second P/H charge of $9.95. To place an order, you must first give all your name/address/credit card information. I did that and then indicated that I wanted two cans, which would have cost a total of $39.89, by my figuring – there was no “shopping cart” to check this.

The next screen indicated that I could Jumbo-size my order for $9.98 (I think) a can. I decided to do that, which would have increased my order total to $59.85, I thought. But here’s where the deception comes in, big-time. The next screen offered to move my order to the head of the line for an additional charge of about $8.00, which I declined.

Without offering me a chance to review and then submit my order, as soon as I declined the additional speed-up-the-order charge, the next screen thanked me for my order and indicated that it was being processed and showed an order confirmation of paying for two cans @$29.97 each (no “free” second can) and postage of now $39.80!

Nowhere had it been indicated that super-sizing would eliminate the “free” second can and double the postage for each can!

So, the total order was now $99.74! I am very careful when ordering online and would not have skipped the chance to review the order before submitting. I have no idea if the product works – the testimonials on-line from Googling appear to be written by the company – but I am going to “Refuse/Return to Sender” when the package arrives and dispute the charge on my credit card. Let the buyer beware with Flex Seal.

Their website practices are deceptive, if not downright fraudulent.


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I wanted one can, but clicked on 2 since I was confused as to whether I needed to indicate that I would go along with their second can offer. It was not obvious that the shipping is $9.95 for each can. So What I thought would be a $30 order turned out to be $78. The thing that really bugs me, and that's illegal, is that they do not show a summary of the order before asking for credit card confirmation. Luckily I was able to call them at 7am the next day and stop the order. They did agree to knock off $9 of the shipping charge.


The company did exactly the same to me. My order should have been $19.95 plus S&H turned into $98. I called the company 3 times to cancel and keep getting told thay cannot access the order for 24 to 48 business day hours. This is a very deceptive way to operate a web site. Having no way to review, change, correct your order is not good business practice. Hopefully Visa can block the charges before they apply to my account.


The exact same $103 deception charge was done to me plus a fraudulent $4 tax when interstate commerce does not allow a tax. This product really looks useful and i was thinking of buying it but since hearing how deceptive the web site is on the true cost of the product I am not going to bother. I will wait till it comes out in a store.


I ordered one can and kept hitting no thanks, next thing i know they gave me a second can that i didn’t order. What a scam. These experiences of consumers being overcharged is just what I suspected. I was looking for reviews before I even tried ordering; the review pages had the flex seal ads on them so the “reviews” were just “come-ons” and then just try to leave the page, popups kept you on the page. The company is begging you to get suckered in. Wow — talk about red flags. I really need a product like they claim to sell but I am going elsewhere for sure.


Thanks for taking the time to post a review. I’m getting tired of the infomercial spots that overcharge and underperform. So many now have “double the order” for free, when the additional S&H costs more that the product is worth, thanks again. By the way, if you have seen the infomercial spot for the new Shark Navigator – Lift Away vac, reviews are pretty good, but you can buy it at Bed Bath & Beyond for less and get a 20% coupon on line.

Yes they got me to. Once you place the order there’s no way to go back to ck it to make sure thats what you ordered. So needless to say so far they got me for $99.74, which was going to have $20.00 knocked off when I bitched enough. I haven't seen that yet, and the best part of the whole thing is, the cans don’t work. And it’s amazing that you get the same little, I don’t knowt he or she is. But what dose that tell about this company’what are the odds of getting the same person every time. And thir customer service hours, unheard of.


On the websites that portray products seen on TV, the 2-for-1 deal is a trick that forces one into buying two at the price of one. However, the actual cost will always be double, because shipping & handling costs are approximately double the asking price. The second can, item, etc., is not really free. And the buyer has no choice purchasing only one. It is forced as a 2-for-1 sale. The consumer is then scammed into the purchase, because there is no way to review the cost before finally submitting. The credit information should always be the last thing, not the first. And a final review of the cost should not be deceived. The DOJ needs to look into this practice.


I want to thank every person who shared their negative experiences with other consumers. Thanks to your warnings, I will NOT be buying this product. You saved me a lot of angry frustration. I suggest contacting the BBB, the U.S. Postmaster General, the FTC, and your state’s Attorney General….scam artists like these need to be stopped, and their victims should get their money back.


Why is it our Government only protects themselves? An FTC requirement to telemaketing companies should be that the final screen or end of call should be “do you want the order placed?”. If no you can opt out. When my wife ordered a product a while back and the shipping, handling and extra costs appeared, I just notified the Credit Card company that I did not order. They removed the charge and we threw the items in Goodwill.

We fell for this too before reading the reviews. Never again will we do this. It's a total Scam! We emailed Flex Seal customer service, they told us to call the 1-800 number which switched us to a 900 number that you have to pay an additional $1.25 a minute to get your issue handled. One can ended up costing us $72. I am going to post this on ripoff.com and warn everyone on facebook too.


Yes I fell for this scam too – I am so angry I could spit fire. I stupidly called the number and “thought” I was ordering the offer plus an additional can for $9.95 – nope hit my debit card for $79.95 so I called customer service and I kept getting – well if you keep the additional cans then I will give you $10 off your next purchase? Next purchase I am getting way more than I wanted and with shipping charges its debatable whether I will come out to the good with sending this extra back. They said since I called it already counted 1 order when asked how many I wanted I said 1 = 2.

What a scam – so today I get this call from Flex Seal billing department confirming my order and I spilled my guts with her too she hung up but quickly I betcha they won’t call again. Thank y’all for taking the time to post these ordering problems. You saved me time and trouble. One person on another site suggested spray-on truck bed liner would work as well.

For those of you that haven’t already purchased this product, but would like something equivalent to it, if not better.. Go to your local automotive supply and get spray on truck bed liner. It is by far a better product, and you can really buy just as many cans as you want. lol You can also get it in a can of this product, that you actually paint on.

I’m sure glad that I got to these reviews for the “Flex Seal” product! I was just on the verge of ordering the “special 2 cans for $19.95″ !!!! I had fallen for the infomercial after seeing it over and over. “If you tell a lie long enough, it’ll be accepted as true.” (like politicians ….) I already knew about the truck bed spray and undercoating but the parts store is 12 miles, 1 way from my house. Not being able to drive much anymore, ordering this online seemed a simpler solution to the leaks I have around the vent pipes on my roof. As you grow older towards the age of dust and dirt, this scam is just stealing and getting away with it.

Thank you all that took your time to alert us ….


Had same expeirence. But I ordred the 2 cans of flex seal since 2nd was free. After hitting order button, the two cans were not $20,but $40 and the shipping was another $40. I cancelled my order/refused shipment and made a compalint to my credit card folks.Be careful, because they only refunded me 1/2 on my first credit card bill. Had to call flex seal to “remind” them they owed me another $40. ust got it on next statement. Told flex seal operator they are rip off artists.

Thanks all of you for the warnings, as I can ill-afford this scam, and special thanks to Roberta for the Rustoleum alternative; as well as Ann Topmiller for the links that can help all of you that got scammed. I encourage you to link up and stop these type of practices. I think they need a personal visit from the local sheriff’s dept. Does anyone know where their corporate office is? It’s probably just a mail drop in one state with another person in another state taking calls.

The flexseal people certainly are slick. I haven’t fell for their scam and hope each person that did will do research before believing what they see advertised on TV. Sure would like the name of the person collecting all the money though. What he’s doing is legal, but morally, he needs his butt kicked. But like PT Barnum said ” A sucker is born every minute.”


This is a classic “Shipping/Handling Scam”, Look here – First, the offer is 2 Flex Seal Spray Cans for $19.99 + $9.95 s/h for 1st Can + $9.95 2nd Can (Which they say if free but you still have to pay for the shipping) = $39.89. Now the crux is there is an quantity option, remember the above mentioned offer of $40 is one single unit, so if you select multiple quantities multiply it with $40. Most of us unknowingly select more quantities assuming it to be one Flex Seal Can + One Free. Second – You cannot see the summary of your purchase before confirming it. Try to cancel the order and its almost impossible.

They will give you all the reasons saying order number is still not in the system, your order has been shipped and so on. You still pay for the shipping/handling if you want to return it. So both ways they make money. As far as the Flex Seal is concerned it does not do what it claims to do. It might work only for some minor Ieaks but certainly not for what is advertised. I came across this website which lists down some good alternatives, you may have to go through a lot of review to find the alternatives.

Flex seal by most customer accounts is not a trusted product. Consumers report that it doesn't work as planned, and most recommend you avoid buying flex seal.


I am outraged. I was seeking what looked like a useful and practical product and was grievously deceived. Let’s just start with a 39.80 shipping fee for the two cans I thought that I had contracted by phone with a live person for 19.99 (the second can I was told was free). Instead I was sent four cans for 39.98. Do the math! While I thought I was purchasing a single can I ended up with four cans at 39.98 plus the shipping cost for a grand total of 79.78.

Mind you, the professional seeming TV commercial heralded the product for 19.99. Once they had the information regarding my credit card I was treated to a series of confusing offers for additional products without benefit of a live representative at the other end. Finally, out of desperation I hung up not knowing whether the request for a single 19.99 can of the product would be honored. I have consulted with my credit card company and will not pay for the order and am returning it to this company and keeping a record of the tracking number. They need to be investigated and shut down.

I will pursue litigation if possible to stop this scam.


I was ready to order when I noticed that the order didn’t show the S&H price, so back off for a second to see if I could find the real S&H price, to my surprise I got to this website and decided that I will not fall for this scam. Thanks to you all and I hope that more people would do a real research before buying and getting rip off by these crooks.

I ordered the buy one and get one free plus shipping and handling. I received two orders separately, with a statement of $39 twice. I called and got a return address. Mailed the unopened box with everything name and adress. That was in July now Sept I called to find out why I hadn’t gotten a refund. They didn’t receive it and it’s toooo long ago to locate the information to refund. This company should be stopped. How many other people have they ripped off?

I have a safety precaution for scammers such as these. I use Shop-Safe for credit cards I use in online purchases. This lets me put a strict limit on any online purchase. When I saw the Flex-Seal ad, it showed I would be able to buy one, get one free ($19.95) plus shipping and Handling ($9.90). Total: $29.85 and maybe a bit more if they added sales tax. So, I set my limit at $35.00. Seemed like more than enough. When they processed, they tried to get a lot more. I never actually saw how much.

But it was more than $35.00 and I was saved from the scam. I was sad because I wanted the product. But, thanks to this blog, I will now find the Rustoleum product or else use the equivalent at O’Reiley’s


Yep, I got taken also! Wish I checked here first! I ordered after 5 on Friday so could not talk to anyone. I sent them an email, saying I was very unhappy and only wanted what was advertised. I didn’t get a reply to that email, but did get an email saying my credit card had been rejected.

I called the number and was promised by a very apologetic (probably underpaid) costumer service worker that my card would be charged only $39.98. (Seems the email saying my card was rejected was probably bogus also as I was not asked to give my card number again, only confirm the last four digits). My husband really wants to try it, so we will see if I get what was actually advertised.

I knew better but the product fits the need I have for some repair jobs. The product is probably as advertised but the seller is crooked and rotten. This confirms not to buy anything from the internet until you read some reviews. This bunch is bottom of the cesspool, so my advice, from esperience, run, not walk from this Website. I will be trying to get the word around by internet, even more. By the way, call the Flex Seal customer service phone number and hold 2-4 hours to get some person that knows exactly nothing.

Just thought I would give everyone another warning – watch your credit cards. I was taken by this Flex Seal offer too but luckily I check my Discover card statement on line very frequently. A few days after I ordered the Flex Seal, a charge for close to $400 appeared on my statement for a purchase from New Egg and it sure wasn’t mine!. When I called the credit card company they told me that another charge for around $500 was due to be posted to my account.

The fraud division cancelled my card so beware these guys must have some really shady people involved with them or their website is not very secure because all of this started right after my order to them. I don’t know if this stuff works or not because I haven’t tried it yet.


I ordered off the phone. It was an automated system; there was no option to talk to a real person. I, too, ordered ‘two’ thinking it meant the one can plus the free can. It took me an additional nearly ten minutes to turn down all the rest of their ‘offers’. Finally they said my order was complete. Then I got a charge in my bank for $119.98, which made me bounce a check! I was so mad! I called the customer service number that I obtained from the banking information.

That lady claimed I had ordered 3 sets and that they were already on the way. I told her that if they have a good product then they should not be afraid to answer their own phones and not do this to people. She gave me a return authorization number for the four extra cans, and said if I fax them my bank statement they will cover my bounced check fee. But apparently I have to pay shipping back? I am so upset.

I experienced the same situation as all of the above – However the problem is that the product does not work. This was a very expensive lesson to someone who is retired and on a fixed income. I was hoping to get a product that would do a job without contracting an expensive professional to do the job. They got me – would have been cheaper! I will make the attempt to retrieve some of the expense but from what I have read here I may as will just keep the two cans and use it for minuscule jobs around the place.


Same thing happened to me last night. Thought I was ordering 1 can and ended up with a $105. bill charged to Credit Card. Called Visa this morning and charge wasn’t on card yet so they told me they could block the card, which wouldn’t accept any new charges but now I have to wait ten 10 days for them to send me a new card and number. I would wait a year to keep those SOB’s from getting my money. Can not believe these people are still in business.

As a 3rd generation, professional roofer of 20 years let me say this… The average service call fee for roofers, in my area at least, is $85. Add a little material cost to that and you’re still under $150 for a “normal” leak repair. In my experience, this type product does work for certain applications, but roof leaks are generally not spray & fix situations. I was actually interested in this product but was put on alert by their claim that simple roof repairs “will cost you thousands!”, which I know to be false.

Thanks for the good info everyone, and please call a reputable professional repairman for your roof repair needs. Remember, everything inside your house is protected by what’s on top of your house. As an update, the Rustoleum and some of the store-brand products with similar labeling are great for minor things.

I saw the ad for Flex Seal on TV and felt I had a need for it. According to the ad it cost 19.99 +S&H of 9.99. I called in an order Saturday and as usual they try to get you to upgrade which I did at an extra cost of 4.99. The thing I wasn’t liking is they asked for and I gave my info 1st, they also try to get you to buy other products and as soon as I said that all I wanted was the Flex Seal instead of being given a total costs they hung up.

Today I find my account is being charged $ 99.74. I will get a refund but will have to return the product wait for it to be processed when it arrives and most likely pay the doubled cost of S&H. Is there any way I can get out of paying these charges since I am returning the product?


I just completed my order for Flex Seal. I am glad I read these reviews, it made the order a breeze. I got an order confirmation for th e$39.89 which I expected. The upsell is ridiculous though. Thanks for this page for the warning. We’ll see how the product works to repair a fountain.

I fell for it too! The order went in for $79.78. Had them return $19.9 which they charged for S/H. What worries me more is, a call I received after placing a order telling me that the product is shipped. The lady enrolled me in something ($50 gas card free with it) that I could cancel afterwords (& still keep the $50 card!). Now I don’t see anything on that with the package of cans. I hope they don’t automatically charge my CC any more! Has anybody experienced the same?

I was in the process of ordering this from their website when I noticed the shipping and handling charges were ridiculous. I pressed the start over button to cancel the order and then did a search for the product on amazon. I ended up purchasing it from amazon. They are charging $30 for two cans but at least they are not duping us into paying hidden fees. I haven’t received the product yet to give a review on how well it works.

Call the station that aired the advertisement and complain that you will call and write the Federal Communication Commission (FCC) if they don’t immediately pull the commercial. Make sure you ask for the General Sales Manager and be certian to mention you will include his name in your complaint!


I wish I found this site before ordering. I too got screwed for 4 cans – no option to review my order. They claimed that they would send me a shipping label and claimed that they were unable to cancel my order because it was already at the factory. They have to mail me a shipping label and are using delay tactics to appease me. I’m contacting American Express and the BBB. As for the product – so far doesn’t work. Theoretically should – but it is a mess.

I was watching the commercial with some friends before this review and they were wondering if it would work on our leaking chimney and I decided to look up product reviews. Especially after noticing that you can see the bottom of the boat through the screen door on the commercial. They obviously glued a screen door on the top and bottom of the boat.

For those of you who want to try the product and not have to worry about the jumbo can or getting a 2nd one free or the cost of shipping just head down to you closest Wal-Greens and buy a can for 9.95. Rather than dealing with all these hidden costs it is the easiest way.

I want everyone to know that If you look really close when that spokesperson is in the boat you can see the bottom of the boat through the screen. I have HD and I can clearly see the bottom of the boat through the screen in the door. It’s a fake ripoff scheme. Beware just look for yourself.

Ultimately, I bought a can for a science fair project. I was lucky that in one of my Malls, they have an As Seen On Tv store. It sold for $24.99. I live in Canada which means it had to be shipped. They are really ripping you off. It takesa very long time to dry – 3 days and still has some parts where some of the stuff gets on your hands. You need ALOT of coats (5 coats on a screen with very thin netting) it kept most of the water out when we poured a jug on it from about a foot away. We barely cvered anything. if you wanted to seal a gutter or something, you might need 3 – 4 cans of this stuff. Guess what my conclusion will be? Scam.


Yea this company is a joke. I’m going to test their product this weekend but there are others out there on the market. Anytime a company forces you to buy more than what you need by deceptive practices goes to show what they think about their own product themselves.

I always check before I even think about buying anything off TV and 99.9% of the time the reviews are just like these- scams, overcharges & no help w/ problems when it doesn’t work as promised. Face it, if they sell it in those informercials it’s probably crap. Almost all of it eventually ends up in stores, usually for less, so wait and buy it at Kmart, Walmart, Target or whatever, where there is no hassle to return it and you’re not paying like $40 to get 2 pieces of crap sent to your house 6 weeks after you ordered it. You can get better much cheaper products than this to fix leaks at any home improvement type store anyhow.

It boggles my mind anyone buys that infomercial crap! OMG those rip off fat melter belts from years ago are back- they were a scam then & still are & why is it legal to rip people off like they do? They really need laws to protect consumers! I do own and use one of those Chuck Norris exercisers & love it, but I bought it at a store after I was able to actually look at it there and, w/o the shipping, it was a lot cheaper.

I happened to be at Kmart today and went down the “as seen on TV” aisle and looked at a bunch of products and it was all crap- nothing like it appeared to be on TV- none of it looked worth the price, but at least K mart will take it back!

I wondered if this product did what it says it does. I decided to check online for reviews. The 1st and 2nd reviews I read were like “Dont buy this product untill you read this” I read the story and its just the flexseal company making these up. Then I found this page. After reading about all of Y’all who got scammed I will definatly not buy the product unless I see it in a store. What confuses me is the TV networks that allow such deceptive trade practices to advertise on thier channel. Is there a way to loet the networks know whats going on?