Best Ways to Contact Hampton Inn Customer Service


Many customers are upset at Hampton Inn over reset experiences at hotels around the world. Being a Hilton owned property, generally expecatations for consumers are much higher.

Need to contact Hampton by Hilton (formerly Hampton Inn)? Problems with your recent stay or services? You can call customer service at 1-800-426-7866. For assistance or issues with online reservations use 1-800-560-7809. We found multiple formats to contact Hampton Inn online, the links are listed below.

You can contact Hampton by Hilton through an email format about problems or feedback on their site here. You may also find a customer feedback form here. The company is also quite active on social media and says they strive to respond to customer needs within an hour. So, if you do not get a response by phone or email you can connect with them on Twitter or on their Facebook page.

Lately we have seen an increased level of comments regarding the following complaints:

  • Rude hotel staff
  • Poor management
  • Billing and reservation issues
  • Beg bugs
  • Dirty rooms

That's why we have compiled the best contact information for Hampton Inn headquarters.

Phone Number: need the Hampton Inn customer service phone number? The toll free 1-800 number is 1-800-426-7866 or you can remember to use 1-800-HAMPTON. Press 0 to speak with an operator or press 2 to speak with customer service.

Email address: there is no support email address listed, however you can use their "Contact us" form on the website here. Simply fill out your name, email address, Hilton honors number, and the name of the hotel that you stayed in.

Social media: Facebook or Twitter are both monitored 24 hours a day by Hampton Inn corporate offices.

Corporate address: Hampton Inn is owned by Hilton worldwide. Their corporate headquarters is located at 7930 Jones Branch Drive
McLean, Virginia 22102.

The now popular hotel chain started in 1984 as Hampton Inn with the first hotel being located in Memphis, Tennessee where the company headquarters now reside. The budget hotels eventually turned into a successful mid-price hotel chain that was among the first to offer a free continental breakfast, a 100% satisfaction guarantee, and in more recent years free high-speed internet to rooms.

Hilton Worldwide purchased Promus Hotel Corporation (who owned Hampton Inn and Embassy Suites) in 1999 and now most of the over 2000 Hampton by Hilton locations are independently owned and operated by franchisees with sometimes varying levels of quality and customer service.

Still upset? Get satisfaction and leave your comment below.


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Have a complaint? Call customer service at: 
Upset at corporate? Their office location is: 
7930 Jones Branch Drive McLean, Virginia 22102 USA



I arrived at Toledo Hampton Inn 5865 Hagman Road Toledo, Ohio on 3/15/16 and accidentally left my good raincoat in the closet when I left after a late checkout at noon. Only 3 hours later, after arriving at another Hampton Inn, (I am a rewards member), and realizing I had left the coat, I called the hotel to let them know I had left it in the closet. They asked the employees who said there was no coat found. I know the coat was in the closet of room 317 on that date.

Whoever serviced that room after I left must have found the coat and kept it. It is a very nice coat, a dress raincoat that I have worn for years to Europe and everywhere I travel.

I feel like Hampton Inn should not allow employees to steal from guests rooms after they leave. I feel that whoever serviced the room that day should be charged with the cost of a new raincoat like the one missing from the room. The cost of a new coat is $250. It's after noon. My wife made reservations weeks ago and the rooms will not be ready for a couple of hours! Some hotel. Don't stay here.


A Tale of Two Hampton Inns we stayed at your Hampton Inn and the maid service in room 304 for wonderful however the other tale is about your breakfast bar which for 3 days we used because our granddaughter loves it and is the main reason we come to your Hamptons only to be out of things for long period of times including Forks  eggs  fresh fruit coffee and other items over and over again we literally had to wait 30 minutes for those egg omelets.

The other problem was that we delivered a taper that we found on the internet that gave 40% off for people over 60 and we presented it to your front desk to find out if this paper was honored that was on a Friday night when we arrived and we inquired at least three different days what the answer was only to be told that they did not know what the manager had said yet.

On Tuesday when we checked out the manager was not in nor was there an answer with regards to the paper hold of the front desk people knew what we were talking about the bill was totally messed up to the point where she called the manager on the phone who apparently was next door and he came in dress like he was doing your Landscaping and said that you all did not honor that paper. That would have been fine but why did we have to wait our entire stay for that to happen? While waiting for the manager and to get an answer on that paper that we delivered 4 days earlier I noted your sign 100% satisfaction or don't pay what does this mean?

I asked the manager and he would not answer me he simply said that he would reduce our bill for the four days by about $90. Is that what is meant by don't pay I can assure you we were not 100% satisfied because of your poor breakfast service and you're lackadaisical manager service with regards to getting an answer to our 40% discount I can understand if you don't participate in a web page but to take 4 days to get back to us and only after I questioned the bill and they finally sent for him do that I get my answer.

I can assure you we will not be returning to that Hampton Inn and your desk clerks and maid service you're fantastic not one hundred percent satisfied.


My husband and I spent one night, April 9, 2016, in the Hampton Inn, 4259 North I 35, Waco, TX 76705.  The tv in our room would not work without the tv remote control.  We were unable to find a remote control in the room.  We contacted the front desk, and they said they would bring us a remote.  We never received the remote or a call from the desk to apologize.  We felt that the personnel at the Hampton Inn really did not care.


I called to make a reservation in Brunswick GA. When I called it asked me for my reward number I put that number in when the rep came on to schedule me she asked for how many points I had and I said I don't know  - which I don't keep up with she said then I cant confirm how you are then. I said what about my address zip code other information...she said no. - so I asked for the supervisor the same response. I called the Hilton Hhonors number and they took care of me within seconds. Its a shame that we get treated like this at a local level. It makes us not want to stay in the hotels. I have also filed a complaint at the main office.


I made a reservation for a Hampton Inn in Monterey, California for 3/17/16 based on information from Hilton Hotels Reservation system that they did indeed accept pets, and I fully disclosed 2 little dogs that were traveling with my and my 87 year old mother.  When I get there to check in a 645pm at night, I was told in no uncertain terms that they did not accept pets, even if these dogs offered comfort and protection for my 87 year old mother when I was away.  I was humiliated by the desk clerk, Jose, who refused to let me talk to or call a supervisor.  I was referred to the hotel reservation system who had me on the line for 30 minutes and did nothing.  I did find out that on their system it states that pet are accepted.  I was told by the desk clerk to move out of the way so that he could help other people.  

I witnessed him checking someone into a room that was already occupied and watched the person come down to get another room (vacant).  I was very upset as I had no idea what would be available at that time of the time elsewhere and I had visions of having to sleep in my car.  I did finally find something on my own and here I was in Monterey, California had only had time to get some Denny's take out at 9 pm at night by the time we got settled in.  I am disabled and I don't go anywhere and this visit was medical related.  I called the Hampton customer service line and was offered a $25 gift card for my inconvenience.  What a slap to the face!!  I feel that they need to be reported for misrepresenting the facts in whats available at their hotels and the awful experience that that given to me that them.

Then, I have multiple bookings (4) for this weekend at the Hampton Suites at San Manuel in Highland California. I called today to give the clerk (Jesse ) my brothers credit card number for his room.  He now tells me that the rooms are $40+ more than the confirmed letter conformation. He continue to argue with me insisting that he was right, and those letters are bogus. He hung up on me, so I called to talk to the manager. I am awaiting his call.  


Traveled with my nephew nd his wife to New Port Richey for a funeral of a family member.  Confirmation #86439717.  We requested a handicap room for me.  The walk in shower was wonderful.  The toilet, however, was a standard and not a high raise one normally used by handicapped people.  There was no grab bar to help raise yourself.  I had to turn slightly and hang onto the plastic top lid of the toilet and hoist myself up.  Consequently the right side of my hip is still hurting me.  There is absolutely no reason not to have a grab bar installed on the wall to assist a person in my condition. 

I talked to the girl at the front desk on the evening shift twice and explained the situation to her.  She said there is another handicap room available on the second floor (I was on the 4th floor, room 418).  My nephew's wife went to look at it but it did not have a walk in shower so we did not change my room.  On the morning of the 16th, I talked to a different girl at the front desk and she agreed with me about the grab bar and she made a note regarding that situation and said she would tell her manager.  I hope that something will be done so the next person who stays in that room will be accommodated fully with handicap accessibility.

This is a fairly new Hampton Inn, and it was very clean, the cleaning people do a fantastic job.  The breakfast offerings were outstanding and we enjoyed the oatmeal tremendously.  Just want to add that we stayed there on 4/14/16 thru 4/16/16 (3 nights).  It would be nice to receive your feedback.


I just completed a stay there (arrived May 20th and checked out May 23rd). Our room was next to the boiler room, the noise was nerve wrecking. The sheets were not changed after our arrival the entire stay.

The carpet was not vacuumed the whole time we were there. When I went to the desk to see if I owed anything else before we left, the young man who was working the desk asked how was my stay and I said I was not pleased at all and I asked if it was their policy not to change the sheets, he said they change every other day unless there is a do not disturb sign on the door, we didn't have that. He was very apologetic and said his manager was in a meeting or else he would have her come out and talk to me (She is supposed to call me today).

My son encountered the manager when he went in to get water that the young man offered when I was checking out and he found her to be harsh when she asked could she help him and he told her he came to get the water that had been offered and she asked how many and he said 4, and rudely told him she could give him 2, He told her it was  4 of us that had stayed and he would wait for the gentleman to finish his call and he would ask him for 2 more,  she then gave him 4. The young man was super nice, as I had a call from him as we were headed to Atlanta from Lexington, Kentucky. He is most pleasant and professional.

Had I known when I booked the reservation that the sheets would not be changed, I would not have booked that hotel.  I take it that is what you can expect at all Hampton Inn Suites as I was hoping to  book reservations  in the next couple of weeks at the new hotel opening May 30th at the Dunwoody location near perimeter mall in Atlanta, Ga. I live in Lexington, Ky.


I am about to incur $726.55 in payments and penalties. I had reservations at Livermore, CA #83539754 and Louisville, CO #126880555302. I am totally unfamiliar with both areas.I had cataract surgery on 3/16/16 and 4/11/16. I had a normal follow-up exam with my optometrist on 4/20/16. He wanted to wait another 2-3 weeks for healing before prescribing new lenses. I would have to wait until after my trip to get new eyeglasses.

Prior to leaving I was taking two different eyedrops: an antibiotic and one for pain and discomfort. The pain eyedrop was completed on 5/4/16 and from 5/5/16-5/7/16 I experienced increasing blurriness in my right eye. I cancelled both reservations early on the morning of 5/7/16. Both hotels were unsympathetic to my medical problem and would not escalate to supervisors and stated there was nothing they could do. I had rental car reservations at both locations, was traveling alone and knew I would have difficulty reading street signs. I did not want to take the risk not only to myself but to others. Again, I am totally unfamiliar with both ares.

Can anything be done to alleviate me of this loss of $726.55?


I'd like to bring to your notice that my weeklong visit August 26-28, 2016 your hotel was quite disappointing and definitely not at par with the kind of expectations I've developed for a division of Hilton hotel. Hence, I found it inevitable to write in to Hampton Inn HQ as well as the CEO.

During our stay, room 102 had more problems than the usual; we could not get the air conditioner were not working correct. We call the front desk and went down to the desk to report this and no one ever came to check out the problem. We also told them that the room had a mildew smell, they did send someone down and her behavior was utterly rude. She n didn’t ask any questions just start spring some on all the carpet.

When she left the room smells worst.  Now the room smell medicated.  Again we complaint and this time no came back to the room. I and husband had to change room with them because they couldn’t stay in there under these conditions.  My in-laws are elderly with no air with the weather in the 90’s would have made them very very uncontainable.

Morever, the room service for my in-laws room (i.e., Room no. 102) didn’t do their daily chores and I was forced to go out and buy cleaning product for the bathroom and I had to go the front desk to get clean wash towels. After various calls to the front desk and no one never response to any of our complaints we decide to change rooms with my in-laws.

On Saturday morning at 9:00 a.m. we go down to the area where breakfast is being server and to our surprise there were no hot food left the young lady that was preparing the food told us we should have came earlier because some of the other guesses came more than one time to get food and she does have anymore left.  My understanding when we made the reservation that breakfast will be server from 6:30 a.m. until 10:00 a.m.

This was the worst trip for my in-laws who have not been on a vacation for a very long time. Hampton hotel in Edenton made me feel disrespectful and demeaning for someone who has had been staying in hotels across the United States.  I would have like to leave your hotel but calling around town there were no openings. Checking into the other hotel in Edenton, Hampton was the better of the two evil.  I'd definitely think twice before using any of the Hampton change of hotels in the future as I don't feel like a valued customer anymore.

But, I do hope there's no repetition of the same action from the Edenton location in future with me, or any of your guests for that matter and that you take the necessary action to ensure the same.