Why I Contacted Hertz Corporate to Complain


On November 22, 2015, some girl rented a car from Hertz for a drug dealer who had no driver's license and his girlfriend.  He apparently got high and drunk and the girlfriend was wasted also.  He fell asleep driving down my street in my neighborhood and ran off the road through my neighbor's yard, missed my husband's car and the cable hub by less than 2 feet on either side and ran straight across my yard into the corner of my house.  Luckily, my retaining wall stopped him from hitting my house and continuing on to my other neighbor's foundation.  

The driver and his girlfriend were so wasted that they sat in the car with it running for over an hour with the lights on and the radio playing.  We called the police and they had to wake him up to get him out of the car.  The cops said he has multiple aliases and they found two crack rocks the size of golf balls in trunk in the pocket of a pair of pants.  

The cops also said that he normally carries a gun but they didn't find one that particular night so we were very lucky.  He tore down my retaining wall and broke all of my solar light fixtures, as well as leaving two long tire ruts in my yard which the rain collected.  He tore up my freshly planted grass and what was left washed away and turned into muddy puddles.

I called Hertz once I got the police report and they jerked my around for over 3 weeks just to get a claim number assigned, then when I finally got a claim reviewer, he say Hertz was not responsible for the damage to my yard and belongings.  It was very hard to get Mr. Gutierrez to return phone calls.  Finally, I was able to get his email address and I emailed him the police report and the pictures.  He sent me a letter saying Hertz wasn't responsible. His boss actually told me to file it with my homeowner's insurance which I promptly told him that I did not have to do that and make my premiums go up because of his lack of due diligence when renting cars.  

He then told me when I kept calling back that the renter of the car was claiming identity theft (yeah right - she pocketed the money from the drug dealer to keep her mouth shut) and until the investigation was over, there was nothing he could do.  So I waited and waited, and waited.  He told me to send in estimates and they would have their insurance carrier look at them.  

Of course, they closed the claim and never told me while I was waiting to hear the investigation results.

I called back last week to inquire where Hertz was in the investigation and was told that the claim was closed in January.  The manager for the following office which covers my state - Matthew Clark, told me that Hertz gets no compensation for the damage to their cars so I would be in the same boat for the damage to my yard, etc.  

Here is the office location:  

Miami, FL
3400 Lakeside Drive, Suite 520
Miramar, FL 33027
Toll Free: (800) 543-0499
Telephone: (954) 436-7434
Fax: (954) 624-7326
Email: HCM01Miami@Hertz.com
Office Manager: Matthew Clark
Covered Accident States: AL, FL, GA, PR, DC, MD, NC, SC, TN, VA, WV


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I had a reservation for a car rental #G4640141303 (made for me by American Express Platinum Travel).  Pick up was Oct  1, 2015 in Palermo, Italy in town at the office near my hotel.  Return was Oct 9, 2015 at Catania Airport, Italy.  The reservation specified intermediate size, automatic  transmission, air conditioning and no drop off charge.  Price 450 euros.  I am a Hertz #1 Club Gold member.

The basis for my complaint is as follows:

1. When I got to Palermo Hertz told me there was no reservation in the downtown office.  It was for pick-up at the airport.
2. I called the office at the airport.  They did not have what I had reserved.  All they had was a mini-Fiat with manual transmission.  That was inadequate as there were three people in my party with luggage, and none of us could drive a manual.  Also, to do so over the mountainous roads of Sicily would be very dangerous.
3.  Hertz offered me a replacement vehicle for 2,500 euros, at  my expense, which was an insult and highway robbery. I declined.
4.  In the end I had to hire a car to get to the airport at my own expense (50 euros/$60).  The clerk at the counter told me they still had only the mini-Fiat with manual transmission.  Basically, they said take it or leave it.
5.  Finally, a clerk named Manual found me a car at Avis, mid-size with automatic transmission.  Avis wanted 950 euros.  Manual said Hertz would pay any difference over 450.
6. Avis has charged me $1,051.

In summary:  

1.  Hertz fouled up my reservation totally and completely.
2.  The Hertz staff was not helpful in resolving a problem, which they had created.  Their resolution was to (a) rent me a car at an exorbitant rate or (b) rent me an unsafe car.
3.  I incurred extra expense of approximately 660 euros.
4.  No customer should be treated in this manner, particularly a #1 Gold Customer.

Hertz is known for its outstanding customer service. You can make this right by refunding the dollar equivalent of 660 euros to me.


I made a reservation three months in advance for a vehicle roomy enough for my 6'1 son and myself, when I got there I was offered a Chevy Spark which is totally too small for either of us. I drive a midsize vehicle on a daily basis why would I want to fit into such a small car as a Chevy Spark. Then in order to upgrade I was charged again! To make matters worse the Mazda 3 which was completely more suitable did not have any windshield wiper fluid making visibility while driving at night dangerous. All vehicles are suppose to be safe to drive especially if it is a rental and I am visiting another state. We both are tall people why in the world would I want to drive in a small vehicle. I would like feedback from the company and a way to fix this situation. This was my first experience with this car rental company and I am not happy.

Then, I rented a car from Hertz contract #3039277.  I was asked if I wanted PDW to which I said "NO" but they put it in down anyway.  I was told I would pay what my insurance would cover and I would pay the 10. over that amount.  What should have been 214.46 ended up being 487.25.  Never could acquire copies of contract except from my CC Co. which confirmed I swiped and signed.  Hertz trainee made an error and apparently I have to pay for that error.  Not fair!  Can you help to right a wrong?  

Finally, I accidentally left something in one of your cars and have been trying very unsuccessfully to contact your lost and found department at Stansted Airport.  I keep ringing the number but nobody is available to answer my call.  I am calling from Spain so this is costing me money.  There does not seem to be any other way of making contact.  I am very frustrated.  The actual hire car service was excellent so I regret having to make this complaint but cannot see any other option available to me.


I wish there were a lower rating I would give it to them. I used my credit card and listed my husband as the person who would be driving the vehicle. All indications that I had from both AAA and Hertz were that I would only need to pay $43.22 when I picked up the car. When we arrived on the 6th to pick it up at the Cherry Capital Airport in Traverse City, Michigan we were told by the Hertz representatives that they could not give us the car unless we paid an additional $200.00, plus $13.50 per day and other fees which totaled almost $300.00, since I already had paid $177.84 I did not understand this.

They said it was because I had booked with a different credit card than the driver and they could not do anything to help us. We were there for my son’s wedding and because we could not get the car we had to rely on taxis and family for transportation. These two men were very rude to us. They would not consider helping they kept saying the same words over and over again to every question we had. “It is not our problem call AAA. We have had a lot of trouble with AAA and you should have rented directly from Hertz” Their names are Justin Straub and Mr. Berard from the Hertz reservation desk at the Cherry Capital Airport in Traverse City, Michigan.


Will never ever book with Hertz again. Prior to this we were loyal Hertz customers. However, this awful experience which was no fault of our own and rather the worst customer service from four different Hertz avenues (2 local and 3 corporate representatives), has left us knowing we will never use Hertz and definitely advise everyone we know about this experience. A few weeks ago, we booked and previously confirmed a midsize car for two weeks beginning today 8/8-8/21 at the Arlington, TX store.

We got a call YESTERDAY 8/7 at 6pm saying the car we had booked AND CONFIRMED WAS AVAILABLE was no longer available, nor were there any other cars other than compact cars available. Because I am pregnant and the OB said since we were traveling to get a bigger/heavier car, we could not do this.

The basic attitude was "too bad, so sad, you're out of luck and we won't help you". We offered to come to the store right then (we just got out of the airport) but they said they were closing and hung up. We then called Hertz corporate which found another car at a different location (Irving) but could not honor the original price without speaking with the store manager. I then spoke with a supervisor, Brenda #9803, who promised that since the store was closed at that point, that the Irving store manager would call in the morning well prior to our pick up time (11AM).

It is now 10:42 AM and no call. I have also tried to call and the phones are forwarded like the store is closed even though the hours are listed as opening at 9AM. Brenda also promised that we would get the original price. I also called the Customer Care line which was no help at all, except to tell us that it was Hertz policy that when there was a car rental confirmation that couldn't be fulfilled that it was the original store manager's job to find us the same kind of car, for the same price, at a different location. 

We told them specifically not to cancel or modify our reservation. Imagine our surprise when this morning, we checked our reservation and it had been changed to the Irving location for $60 more!  I then called the Arlington office to inform him of the Hertz policy which was clearly ignored, and spoke with Caleb the store manager who did not successfully do his job. He did not know the next time he would have a full size car in which I found very hard to believe.

At this point, we had made 4 phone calls (over 2 hours of phone calls!) over an issue that we did not cause, and even now at 11:14 AM (pick up time was 11AM!), no one has called us to help us with this issue. We have booked with a different car company with this lack of customer service. Never will book Hertz again!! I will letting our family, friends, and several review websites know of our awful experience.


A reservation was made in december 2015 for an auto at a rate of 304.00 dollars under Hertz "friends n family". The reservation was for Feb 20 and on Feb1, the employee was terminated. Upon arrival at the destination, a change was made in the vehicle but at the same price. The subsequent charges were three times the amount of the original contract. There have been some deductions after discussion with the billing department but it is my contention that the original contract should be honored.I was not informed that there was a change in the status of either the employee or my situation with the rental and I believe that Hertz has breached its contract.


Recently my company reserved a rental car for me to be picked up at the Birmingham, AL. airport to begin a business trip which would be one of several to come. Unbeknownst to me, the actual rental was charged by my company’s credit card and I, in addition was charged on my personal credit card for many extra items that I was not told about. I simply showed up at the Hertz desk at the Birmingham, AL. airport, presented my reservation/confirmation number and was told that my car was in slot # “such” and was asked if I wanted to purchase the fuel purchase option to have the car filled up upon return to the airport. I agreed to this, showed my license and paid with my credit card for what I thought was the actual rental.

Come to find out after my trips had concluded, I was not charged for the rental, the company card was charged and I had been charged for numerous items that I was unaware of such as: damage waiver, upgrade, concession fee recovery, roadside service, etc. I was baffled as I only I asked only to purchase the fuel purchase option and nothing more. In finding out about the billing of both parties (mine and my company) I immediately called Hertz and was treated so rudely as possible and was told that I had signed for the charges and that was that. But, I say this; the bait and switch tactics of your organization in Birmingham should be shameful to you. The attitude to basically steal from your customers is not only appalling, but more unprofessional that I can find words for.

After numerous calls to Hertz employees I have been told that Hertz will refund a portion of this debacle, but not the whole. I disagree! I agreed to the fuel purchase and nothing other. Again, I say your operation in Birmingham is a sham. NOTE: this happened each and every time I rented from Hertz at the Birmingham airport. The bait and switch with the operation is utterly shameful. Taking advantage of people unaware is beyond unprofessional. Neither I nor my company will ever use your services again. For your information, I have turned this information in to the consumer complaint office and have sent in to the better business bureau as well.

5/11-5/15/15    108126575    $361.95    refunded amount $180.96
5/4-5/7/15    176261595    $272.73    refunded amount $128.67
5/17-5/21/15    184163873    $448.28    refunded amount $0


Date 5-20-2015 car rental #186234672.  On this date we rented a Cadillac from hertz for 3 days. Our requested vehicle was not available and we were offered this up grade to a Cadillac for $252.44 which we accepted.  We were told this would be the total charge for the car. Our requested car was through priceline.  Priceline told us that Hertz cashed this voucher for the car that was not available. 

That brought the price of the Cadillac to $390 for a 3 day rental.  If I had known that would be the cost of the Cadillac I would have never rented it!  I thought this upgrade price was discounted because the car I requested was not available. This company has always been held with high esteem until now. I am very disappointed in the service received (not received). My parents (an elderly couple) rented from Hertz. Their plane was delayed so we tried calling the location.

No answer for over an hour. Called another Hertz location and spoke with Julianna. She placed email stating that the plane would be delayed and said that there will be a car when parents arrive. The location was close. No contact info. no car. Called another location 'again' and spoke with Joan. She also emailed and tried getting in touch with someone. No answer. She apologized, copied my number and said there's nothing she could do but wait for customer service. She also submitted an email. My parents had to go rent a car from Avis. This is truly unacceptable. And you will not receive anymore business from me.

Very poor customer service in the Hertz Alabama location not to mention all of the lies that were told regarding a car being held, waiting for their arrival. BTW, we called during business hours. No one ever answered the phone. Really sad!