HTC Customer Service Number — a Terrible Frustrating Experience


My experience with HTC customer service has been an unnecessarily long and frustrating experience.

Several issues have occurred and it seems that in my case what can go wrong HAS gone wrong. I have made several calls to HTC regarding a warranty swap for my One M8 HK Edition. Below is a rough timeline of my experience: Initial warranty call made to HTC on 4/16/2015: Warranty swap was approved. I was told I could have my phone swapped under warranty and that it would be sent out as soon as a credit card hold was established for $299.00. Follow up call made to 866-449-8358 on 4/17/2005: As no updates had been posted to the Repair Tracking Page, I called to inquire about the status. was told it was still being processed. 2nd Follow up call made to 866-449-8358 on 4/22/2015.

Was told after prompting HTC rep to contact repair dept. that my phone was out of stock and I would be emailed when stock was replenished. Received swap phone on 5/5/2015: I finally received my swap almost 3 weeks after initiating request. No one ever contacted or emailed me, and Repair Tracking Page was never updated. When I attempted to activate the swap phone, Sprint informed me that the phone was active on another account. I called customer service back and they told me to have Sprint use a certain number from the new SIM card in order to activate. Went back to Sprint and they said the same thing as before: phone is active on another account and can't be used. I called HTC back and was told an escalation was being done and that someone would call me back within 3 days - no more than 3 days. Follow up call made to 866-963-0953 on 5/8/2015: I found a different customer service number to call and the rep on that line told me the call back period is actually 3-5 days. 

Frustration level is getting higher. 2nd Follow up call made to 866-963-0953 on 5/12/2015: Was told the issue is still being processed. At this point my frustration boiled over as no one who has promised me a call back has followed through. Reps name was Jim or James and after several minutes contacting other departments I was told to use the prepaid label to send the active swap phone back and to follow the tracking. Also, yet another escalation was being initiated. As soon as it shows received by HTC I was to call them and inform them of receipt so a new swap phone could IMMEDIATELY be sent out to me. 3rd Follow up call made to 866-963-0953 on 5/18/2015: Informed HTC rep Tim of status of swap phone as UPS tracking showed it was delivered. He saw no escalation in my file. 

I was told to expect a call back within 24-48 hours. At that point I refused to accept any more delay and told Tim that this needs to go higher. He agreed and put me in touch with Catlin (badge# 780384). He told me he would focus on this issue for me and expedite resolution. He said that the repair dept. needed to first scan the swap phone in as received then the process would move forward. He also said he would contact me later that day with status update.

No call was ever made. Disgusted with HTC at this point. 4th Follow up call made to 866-963-0953 on 5/19/2015: Still no movement on receiving the swap phone. Again, Catlin promised a call back later in the day. Finally recievd the first call back from HTC in this whole saga. Catlin informed me that the ticket would hopefully be closed by end of day. 

It has been 5 weeks since I initiated this process. I still have no resolution. HTC has not resolved any of the issues.

There has been a stunning lack of ability to follow through on promises to keep me informed yet only Catlin has actually followed through on several promised call backs. I am not, nor have I ever, asked for anything beyond what I am entitled to based on HTC's policies.

I am not asking for anything above and beyond, yet my issue has fallen through large cracks over and over again. The inability for HTC customer service to follow through on agreements to keep me informed, the lack of any updates to the reapair tracking page, the inability of customer service to get any info from the repair department and the lack of any urgency to resolve issues has tarnished my opinion of HTC beyond repair. I love HTC cell phones, however, I can't see myself purchasing another one in the future. Not after this nightmare experience. 

Wednesday, May 20 I called yet again and was connected to James in customer service. He apologized for not calling me back on Monday, May 1st. He then connected me directly to the repair department. The woman in that department couldn't give me any info. I asked her to connect me to HTC Special Projects. I had received an email from Will in that department regarding the dissatisfied scores on the customer service satisfaction survey i had done. He was pretty much left speechless after i voiced my dissatisfaction with the way i have been treated to this point. He then connected me with his supervisor Lydia. After relaying my frustration to her, she agreed that the situation needed to be resolved. 

The best she could do is offer to repair my original phone and perhaps get me a loaner. I feel at this point that is a poor attempt to resolve. I understand she is doing as she is trained to do, and I want it known that I appreciate her patience with me and she couldn't have been nicer to me, I feel this would be a bait and switch, or rather, a sub par resolution after the way my whole situation has been handled. If I can't get an equal replacement for my phone, then I asked her to replace it with an M9. Under normal circumstances I know this would not be an option. 

But I believe my 5+ weeks of frustration and misinformation provided by HTC customer service at least warrants discussion.

Friday, May22: I just received a call back from HTC basically telling me too bad, but all we will do is repair your phone and try to get a loaner to you. This whole process has been botched by HTC and their customers apparently must suffer the consequences of their ineptitude. 
I have contacted my Sprint rep and he is contacting his HTC rep. This is yet another instance of the story changing. You told me on Wednesday May 20 after much discussion that I shouldn't have even been eligible for a swap and that a repair is warranted rather than swapping.  I can't even get a guarantee of a loaner. That is what I meant by "bait and switch". What am I supposed to believe? You could get my phone and suddenly find "something" that voids the warranty and charge me for repair. I can't trust your company anymore. 

HTC is acting like all things are equal here and there has been no mishandling of this situation for the last 5+ weeks. . To come at me after this much time that I have wasted making phone calls and doing the job of customer service for them (meaning that from one call to the next the disconnect with the problems became larger and larger which I had to constantly correct by vocalizing my outrage and reminding them of what was said on previous calls) with an offer that isn't what was originally agreed to is extremely disappointing and downright shady. Perhaps HTC doesn't expect their action or inaction coupled with a predictable disconnect with a customer to have an effect, but it does. Sometimes, things just have to be made right.  Your superiors have made it clear that is not their priority. 

I have spoken to several people from various industries that work in customer service and marketing; the response is universal shock at the utter lack of professional response to an obvious failure in the system.

I mean, honestly - almost 6 weeks later? This is the best that can be done after all this?  You're a global company, with hundreds of millions in sales. One phone is going to break the company?  I told you that the point we reached dictated that I receive what I was originally offered. I told you that the repair option was not an option, You had the opportunity then to let me know then that the swap option was still on the table but you didn't.  I simply can't trust what I'm being told anymore. All I know is I've been offered empty apologies and no empathy for a situation that spiraled completely out of control through no fault of mine. There was an opportunity here for someone to step up and take control, save the situation and make things right. That didn't happen.  Please send and share this with all those who need to see it. 
Wednesday, June 10: I sent the following: Please advise if I am still on any kind of waiting list for a swap of my HTC One M8 - HK Edition. Since I have received no responses from the numerous customer service surveys, I would like to know what my current status is. Thank you. 
This is the response: We do not have any sort of waiting list. If a ticket has been booked then you are in queue to receive a phone. However, in my last response I reiterated the options we discussed on the phone, and I have not received indication from you that you would like to pursue any of the options that were offered. Since we last spoke, some slight modifications have been made to our repair process based on business needs. The Advanced Swap is no longer available for this particular model of phone, but there are some other options available that weren’t available previously. 

The first option would be what we call an On-Site swap. What this entails is we would send you a prepaid label for two air shipping for you to send in your phone, the phone will go through diagnostics, and so long as there isn’t any out of warranty damage aside from the screen, we will send a phone back to you via two air shipping. The process from start to finish takes approximately 4-7 business days. The other option is we do have regular M8’s available for Advanced Swap, which is the type of swap that was performed before. 

The difference between the M8 and M8 Harmon Kardon edition is the Clear Sound feature when using ear buds, and the color of the case. I understand if you do not want to pursue this option, but some people do not use the audio feature and opt for this option because it is quicker. If you would like to set up a swap or a repair, we will need to speak to you in real time over the phone or via chat so we can go over the terms and conditions with you. We will not be able to book a ticket for you until this happens. If you would like to pursue one of these options, please give us a call at 1-866-449-8358 or chat with us at so that we may assist you with warranty options. 
And my response: I was originally deemed eligible for a warranty swap for my exact model of phone. Your company kept me waiting for 6 weeks - all the while no one could get anything done for me. Also, I was sent a replacement phone for my exact model that was unusable through no fault of my own. It is unconscionable that your company would let things get so out of anyone's control and then deny me what was originally agreed to. Not only that - it is your company who cut communication off, not me. I have answered all the customer service surveys and emails and for someone to contact me. This is insane that you treat your customers this way. You sell a product and then can't follow your own policies regarding warranty status. 

I was booked a ticket - why is it still not active? Is it because of the complete failure of your customer service? This has become a matter of principle now. You have changed policies now so that I can't get my phone replaced. I put my request in before this change of policy. Apparently I was correct regarding my previous comment of "bait and switch". at this point, someone needs to contact me. Someone who can get things done. All of the calling and chasing that I have done - this can't possibly be standard procedure. 

How is it that I have been the one to have to badger HTC corporate headquarters into doing what I was told would be done?

Does no one there understand how bad this is making your company look? I should at the least be grandfathered into a replacement for my original phone. My warranty request was prior to whatever policy was changed. couple that with the ride I have been taken on and that warrants some above and beyond work to correct this situation, not less than what I was originally approved for. What is the real reason your company is holding this line and not resolving this? Who do I need to talk to? 


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I'd go with negative stars if such a thing were possible! I pre-ordered the HTC 10 on April 18th, using a credit card, not PayPal.  Because I preordered, and because I've had HTC One phones in the past, I got a $100 pre-order discount.   

The PayPal part is oddly important. When I called two days ago to check on the status of the order, I was told that PayPal denied my transaction.   That may be because I used a credit card and not paypal.   During that call, they told me they would have to cancel the order and place it again, but it would be done on their end.   I would receive emails stating that the order was cancelled, and a new one was placed.

I never received any such emails. When I called tonight, I was told that the order was definitively cancelled.  I was further told that I could not receive the $100 preorder discount again, because the pre-order period was over.   I was also told the issue was on my end, because PayPal declined the order.

Again, I didn't use PayPal. So, thanks HTC. I guess...


On January 12hh we followed instructions from the HTC repair line for new phones and confidently sent our HTC Surround phone to be repaired under warranty. We followed the instructions given and it's been over 4 months that we have been calling faithfully each week looking for our phone.

The company has insisted from January that we did not send the phone at all even though the tracking number showed it had been delivered on Jan 14th a Saturday to given and correct address and put into the security guard's hand along with many other phones. After four months and a lot of help from the PO they are finally admitting they have had the phone the whole time.

However, I now believe there is a possibility of foul play and it could be organized. Especially the way we are treated over the months by the employees of HTC, the supervisors have not called back except one time to tell us they were charging us money for our experience and would not give back the phone. We have told them to send the phone back and now all of a sudden they are claiming the serial numbers don't match, although we still have the new box with the paperwork and all serial numbers on it. Where is our phone? Were they hoping we wold just give up and go away? Did they resell it?

Did they lose it? Were they hoping we would collect the insurance when they claimed it wasn't sent for months before we proved it through a witness 3rd party? I have called California, tracked it to TX asked for justice and a return phone call there many times ..the repair call line thinks it's funny...and the supervisors do not call back. We have been paying the data plan faithfully each month with no phone which is adding up a well as the track phone we had to buy after two months just to have some thing to use.


Buy phone above mentioned on july 2010 at SUKA Computer Penang, Malaysia. 1- on the first week the phone alway hangs up and the battery is always very hot. Then send to Suka Computer, that salesman say we don’t know how to use because this phone need to after use any function should be end task, but follow instruction also same problem and then send back again to them also cannot solve this problem. 2- Suka Computer say maybe is software problem so need send to service centre at penang on September 2010.

Waiting around one month on October 2010 no any reply, call them they say still on progress many many time. Direct call to service centre penang, then they answer is phone PCB board problem, should be waiting head quarter send the PCB board for repair. What the hell, change the PCB board to my new new new hand phone, buy so expensive, poil speedy. so don’t want lah, and ask them change new phone. 6-very good new, they change the new one to me. After use few week, another problem occur due to hearing function, and send it to service centre again. After repair hearing function OK but again hanging. Problems coming back, always need to take out the battery and waiting around 10 minute+ rest enough only can fit back battery, nearly 10 time per day.

Call again to service centre penang, they say may be the problem is window, if delete the window should no problem. Thinking I buy this phone is windows. Then delete window? buy for what. Then I had to go to penang service centre, want to see PIC, but no have any one can in charge only the counter girl, she cannot do anything, ask her to call PIC but answer is PIC no here only. 


First of all I want to apologize that I am disturbing you while sending this mail and will make you sure that after getting solution of the below mentioned query I will never disturb you because in my future I am not going to buy any HTC product because of the excellent product and service provided by this company. I accepted my mistake that I brought this company’s mobile and will make you sure that neither me nor my friends and my office staff going to face the same problem because they will also not going to buy any product from this company.

Now the problem is that I purchased a new HTC Wildfire A3333 and from the very first week i am facing the hanging problem. I need to remove battery 4 to 5 times in a day to restart my phone. Most of the time a pop up come with three options force close, wait and report. I went to your Kamla Nagar service station and the guy there told me that you have downloaded more than 3 or 4 application that’s why you are facing this problem, you cant download more than 4 application in this phone this is not an Apple product and even Apple’s phone sometime facing this problem. Just tell me if we can’t download applications in android phone so whats the use of it.

They reset the phone and said to me that you will not face this problem again But with in 2 days I start facing the same problem and I talk to that guy again and he said to me that we need to change the motherboard of this phone, than i disagree with this and said that I had purchased a new phone not a second phone and if you know that problem is with your new set than I need replacement.

Than I talked to your customer care representative Mr Mintu, he is the one who said to me that sir please submit your phone to service station and let me see the problem and he also said to me that he is going to call me in 24 hours but he didn’t call me and in return i called him back and than he said to me that Sir please give me 4 hours I need to upgrade the software. I just want to know the declination of heavy file. I am using 4GB memory card and more than 3.5GB space is still available so 20 to 25 MB is your declination of heavy file and than he said to me that I will call you back before 7pm but again a fake commitment from HTC customer care service side.

Till now I asked for replacement but now I want my money back as I don’t trust on this company any more.


I have purchased a HTC One V smart phone on 11th June 2012 from The Mobile Store Ranchi (Jharkhand). And after three month, handset started giving battery charging problem. Battery was not charging 100% while charging its stars discharging. I think there was a problem with hardware and software.

I had talk with HTC customer care no. €˜1-800-266-3566 then I shown the HTC Care Service centre of Ranchi (IT Services Opp Jharkhand Gramin Bank Main road over bridge Ranchi 834001). I ha€™ve handed over my hand set to HTC care service centre on 2nd October 2012 at Ranchi with Job no. ixr001-0000111. When I went to receive the hand set on 15th October 2012 they were giving me the same set with same problem.

My complain was not at all addressed and handset was having the same problem. So, again I resubmitted my mobile on 17th October 2012 and they gave me another Job no ixr001-0000126 when again i went to receive my hand set on 8th November 2012 i found again they were giving same set with same problem my hand set problem was again not solved at all so i did not taken my mobile, when i talked to customer care on 1-800-266-3566 again they are saying that at this time i will try to solve your problem. So I left mobile in same service centre at Ranchi I'm very much disappointed with services of THC.