Hyundai Customers Furious Over Latest Recall Campaigns


Where do I begin? My 2010 Sonata has had recall after recall over the last 5 years. The latest time the corporate office emailed me saying that Hyundai has issued a recall for almost 500,000 Sonatas for engine problems. Basically, there was a problem at the assembly plant causing the engine to stall. This has not happened to me yet, but I am worried that it will.

The thought of my engine quitting at some random point is scary to say the least! What has happened to this company with all the recalls lately? This is my 4th or 5th one in the last 5 years. Apparently the executives at Hyundai do not know how to make a car properly.

They told me that I can call the customer service number and that the special recall number is "132" to find out more information. You will put in your VIN number and out pops information. The fact that they have a special recall numbers is an entirely other problem too. If you have that many campaigns you do not need a phone number, you need a new way of manufacturing your vehicles.

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Recently I took my 2009 Accent to the dealership and asked them to check the car out and let me know what it needed. They quickly got back to me and said I needed rear brakes. Apparently there was a recall on the brakes I did not even know about. So, I had an oil change, the rear brakes and an adjustment to my belts. The total with my coupon discount was $470. That's when all my problems began. The brakes made such loud noises that could be heard a block away, I took it back to the dealership a total of six time for the same problem.  I work six days a week and my time is very precious to me.  

Had they done it right the first time by using the original brake shoes  instead of the after-market parts that they used we both would have benefited. Many hours of my time wouldn't have been wasted. About a month later I tried to open my hood and it would not open. I took it to the dealership and was told that I  need to replace the hood latch. Or have someone push down on the hood and another pull the release. I live by myself and I don't like to ask anyone to help open my hood.  I asked how much it would cost to fix. I was told it would be about $350, and they needed to order the parts.

After hearing the estimate I told them not to worry about ordering the part. I called a friend of mine and he and I opened the hood made a few adjustments. My hood works perfectly now. There was nothing wrong with the hood latch. I was thinking about getting a new and bigger Hyundai but after the service department experience I think I shall look elsewhere. 


On Aug 4th, I bought a 2011 certified Sante Fe, from Auto Fair Hyundai in Manchester NH. After purchasing the I drove home turn into my garage and there was a squealing noise from the steering column. Called my salesperson in the morning, the returned my call the following day. Told him the problem, tells me to come in that day for them to look at what was probably another recall issue with that make and model. I gave him my VIN# and he said he "looked it up" online. 

Got there later and he was on a test drive, went to service dept, they had no appointment. Made an appointment, come in for my appointment ,my car sat for 45 minutes before anyone looked  at it. They look at it said it was a plug of some sort,went home happened again. Called, made another appointment, waited 2 hours again, said it was a u joint, left the noise was still there. Made another appointment waited an hour and a half, they said it was a stut mount.  I leave and yes, there was still the noise.

My daughter called talked to the sales manager,asked him to give me a loaner a try to fix the problem. two days later they call says it's fixed,it was not. I drove with the SM,so he could hear the noise and then with a Tech. Asked to trade this car in for another, looked at a Honda CR-V. It was on sale for 13,700, I paid 17,000 for my "Certified car". They said I could not get the sale price, I could pay 16,000.

I didn't want to do that. The Honda was a year older, more miles, no Warranty. I asked,for a refund since I feel I didn't get a Certified car.  He said he would ,but they would take away my warranty. I left my car there for 5 days,they gave me a loaner, no charge they said. They did fix it after tries. I'm very dissatified with the service and attitude of these people.


I bought a brand new elantra 2016 about 2 months ago. I was checking things out and noticed there was no spare tire. I'm not upset with that but I am upset because the salesman did not tell me that the car never came with a spare tire. If I would have know that it didn't come with the car I would have had it added to the payment. I bought a sonata 7 years ago and am very happy with it. But I will never buy another Hyundai again because of the way I was treated when I called about the spare tire. Guess Hyundai doesn't care about there customers and I will be sure to let my friends know how Hyundai treats there customers.


I purchased a new 2013 in January 2013. About 6 months ago my car unintended accelerated. I had 4 thousand dollars of damage. First Hyundai North Attleboro said they couldn't find anything wrong and said it shouldn't happen again.

Well it happened again yesterday when I was parking it accelerated over a guard rail. I thought I was going to die. My car was hanging over a guard rail that had a bout a 25 foot drop. Lucky there were witness especially that saw it happen. My car is totaled. I am an emotional deck. I would appreciate hearing back from the corporate office.


I write this grievance/complaint from Alleppey District, Kerala.  I owned my Hyundai i10 Sportz (KL-04-AA-811) on December 17th, 2010. Then onwards I had carried out regular service on every 6 months.  Please check it with Your Service Provider 'MGF Hyundai' in Kerala. Last July 2015 there had a missing from the engine side of my vehicle and I garaged the vehicle. They examined the vehicle and told me that the missing is due to the anti rust coating on the Silencer Pump and the problem solved  while on running and  done the regular Service with Oil & Oil filter change.

Last week I attempted to Start the vehicle, but failed.  I contacted customer service and they toed and lead the vehicle to service station. My vehicle has covered approx: 29,000 Kilometers(exactly 28923 Kms) during this period. Yesterday they contacted and told me that an engine work is urgently required for solving the problem of the vehicle which costing 50,000/- approx. this is big amount for me at this juncture.  when I heard the news, am totally fed up. Now i regret to own this vehicle which i meant for my personal prejudice and promoter for two more Hyundai vehicles to our family.

I have the right to know how my vehicle engine collapsed even after providing regular service and maintenance. this is big blow for me. 


I wanted to contact Hyundai corporate offices on their Facebook page after I heard my vehicle was recalled. You would think something this big would make the news, but it didn't.