Instagram Blocked From Adding Content One Week

I went on Instagram earlier today and found a message that I was blocked from adding content until next monday, which is a week away. I did not do anything wrong, but was still shocked at the message I saw. Here it is:

Action Blocked

Based on previous use of this feature, your account has been temporarily blocked from taking this action. This block will expire this Monday. We restrict certain content and actions to protect our community. Tell us if you think we made a mistake.

Well, I think they made a mistake, but they will not listen or reverse the decision. Anyone else have this problem so far?


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How long will this last, there is no message or warning?


I was posting my political views in regards to Trump and his run for president. I had posted many things over the course of several hours in regards to my support for Trump. When I attempted to submit another post I was greeted with a message from Instagram telling me I had been blocked. I don't understand why this happened because all of my posts including the one that was blocked were not offensive and had no threats, curse words, or anything else that could be deemed offensive.


I did not think this would be an issue. But I was banned for unfollowing a dozen or so users in the same day.


I reported an account for impersonating my son, but you guys aren't doing anything about it. Please fix this problem right away. Then, someone disabled my account for no reason I hardly use it and last pic I posted was of steak? I love Instagram and I have a great time using it. But this morning I got kicked out from saying I tried my password to many times but it was someone else. So, I forgot my email password and don't have Facebook so there is no way to get in. I would really appreciate if you could email me back and help me get back in my account name.

Then, I went to look for an old pic on my Instagram account and all but 12 of my photos had been deleted. The only other person besides myself that has my password is my best friend. She promised to God that she didn't do it. I think I was hacked and all of my photos were deleted. Is there anyway you could recover them? Lots of those pics were very important to me. It says they have reset my password. I have no way of signing back in as I cannot remember my email when I first downloaded it 3 years ago. I now have a different contact number too. I desperately need back on. It's very special too me. I'm desperate. 


Tried to report a fake profile, that is harrasing someone I know and there is nowhere i can report it and check status. I have been temporarily blocked from following or unfollowing people on my Instagram account in addition to this. I would like this matter to be dealt with as soon as possible. I have a very old account on Instagram. The username is clear I don't know the password to it and the email is fake. I need the account to be deleted. I was young and dumb but I don't want it on anymore. I've already tried to delete it before with you guys and I couldn't. If you can't delete it atleast make it a private account please. Thanks for the time.


My account got deleted, for said "violating terms" but when I read through the terms I had done nothing wrong. I would like my account back. It is saying that you have changed your password. And to login to Facebook or use your email and I'm not sure what email was in my account information. I can't login to my page.

Then, I post a posted was flagged and removed for "violating Instagram's community guidelines".  I didn't swear, threaten, or use racist language in my post. However time and again I've seen people get away with posting blatantly racist or sexist posts and comments. I've also seen people post videos and images. This kind of unfair reporting and discrimination has also been a problem on Facebook.  

Since Instagram is a spin off of Facebook I believe. I will not be silenced for speaking the truth. I'm moving to Tumblr and Twitter where they seem to be more lenient and open minded towards people expressing their 1st Amendment right and opinions. 


I have contacted Instagram all several times and am trying to figure out how my mom and i can be friends on instagram. I know this is very silly but she can see my items on instagram but cannot like anything and I use to be able to see her info and like anything she put on but now can no longer do that. I try to follow her again but it will not allow me to. We are friends and i am not trying to stalk her. Just frustrating because she can't like or comment on anything (i know so silly in the world of technology these days) but you know what i mean. Would love it if someone could contact me so we can get this problem figured out and so she doesn't have to start all over.



I would like to make a complaint about Instagram. I've had a problem with Instagram for over a year or so now. I've reported it where it says report a problem, reported it over 10 times now and nothing has been done! And it's just a waste of time. What's the point of asking to report a problem if nothing is gonna be done! I've got over 5,000 followers which I've worked very hard to get and don't wish to loose them! So could someone please helpme solve this problem. The problem is not being able to change or update anything on my profile. I've tried everything possible to do so but nothing works.

Now I have nearly 10,000 followers. I try to like back all followers who liked my pics. IG says I am going "too fast" then block me from liking pics for 24 hours. They should at least just warn first rather then block. The whole point is to like pics and like back, comment back etc. I posted a picture, then Instagram logged me out and said it needed to reset my password for the security of my account. I had no problem, but I went into my email and I hadn't received my reseted password. I continued to go and re-send the email. But I didn't receive it again. I know the email I used for Instagram but it still does not work. Now I am forced to make another Instagram account if I can't get it fixed. 


I've had a hate account made about me and I'm really upset. I've reported this person multiple times but Instagram have taken no action in the situation whatsoever. I can't find a way to get in touch with the site and the bullying, I assume, will only get worse. It worries me to know that Instagram invests their time and money into deleting accounts that have merely not posted, but are not taking a bit of time to discard accounts that make people feel like utter crap. Instagram's very purpose is to upload photos for likes, and to like photos that, well, you like. That's it. Simple.

Yet there are ludicrous concepts they've created such as like-block: "You've liked too many photos, now you have to wait hours before you can like another." And the same principle, not only with liking, but with commenting, posting, and gaining followers. That's right. If you gain "too many"  followers too quickly, you'll be banned from ever gaining more. HOWEVER, instagram fails to mention these in their community guidelines or terms. Many claim it is to prevent spam and bots, but I've come across and reposted spam account and money schemes that instagram has never been bothered to remove.