LA Fitness Corporate Office Caught Scamming Customers


An anonymous customer in South Florida sent us a tip about an LA Fitness manager who was scamming them for sales. Since, we have heard similar reports recently, we thought it was wise to share it with our readers. It's worth noting that we reached out to the corporate headquarters for LA Fitness in California and they did not provide an explanation. 

Here is his story...

I went in to LA Fitness in Orlando (5915 S Goldenrod Rd, Orlando, FL 32822) recently to check out gym memberships. The salesperson was very creepy while he was trying to sell myself and my girlfriend on a membership. His breath was very stinky and he smelled like he had been drinking. So, we left and talked it over at the house that evening. The sales manager then called my house phone multiple times every day for multiple weeks.

He used his personal cell phone to repeatedly stalk us day and night, even resorting to texting my wife. He always used his cell phone and never the main club number. Eventually I answered late one night in bed and I spoke to him personally and told him that he was a very annoying. And to please stop calling. I was very clear about this!

I really was going to get a membership for myself and three other members of my family but he totally screwed it up, every time he called. I said hey man just give us a break and will come in when we want, but he kept calling and calling and calling and calling. Then, he finally admitted it. With a sad tone in his voice he said that I couldn't tell anyone, but that LA corporate policy required that they "hit" their leads at least 10 times before giving up. So, if you are looking for a gym and want to be haggled, you got it.



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I have been a member of LA Fitness for a couple of years. Just FYI I have owned and consulted to health clubs during my fitness career before my retirement in 2013. I conducted seminars in over 1,100 health clubs nationwide so I know a little about servicing the customer to insure referrals for each of my clubs.

Last week I was working out with a lady who is my training partner three days a week.   We do legs together. The Manager of the Personal Training Department gave me a lecture on how it is not permitted and he will terminate my membership if I continue. He was rude and way out of line while he himself was training with a friend not getting paid for his service.

I let it go and decided to discontinue my family membership and I still have time left until March 17th 2016.  I went in today to workout and simply walked towards his desk. Very rude, very loud and extremely disrespectful. I responded in kind asking him who he thought he was talking to me like that and he "IMMEDIATELY" started to threaten me again with the cancel of my membership and he wanted my out to the club now.

I told him he didn't have the authority to terminate or kick me out of the club. We have a contract. He said I'm calling the police. The sales manager and another manager simply asked me to leave today and come back tomorrow to workout. This individual is a poor representation of your company and the service you provide.

His actions cost that club four memberships. As I was walking out the door he continued to gather all the other trainers and employees who would listen and put more fuel on the fire he created. I'm not sure of his name, I think it is something like "Clement". He is the personal training manager. In my many years of consulting, owning and conducting work shops in health clubs across the country I never ran into a problem like this and if I did I would terminate the employee on the spot.

It seem he is more impressed that he has a job in management and forgetting to go to work and increasing revenues for the club. In closing, he is rude and was totally out of line. His defense is that I cursed at him which is not true. He should be talked to and reminded that SERVICE is the goal and that increasing revenue through personal training and creating referrals through that effort is his job. The entire club heard his outburst which is totally unprofessional.


It is almost a month passed and no indication on when the above La Fitness is going to refund my membership of amount $1558 and I desperately need your help to close this issue once and for all and make the in in charge of this branch responsible and be respectful to the customers. For your information I have another account but the corporate office will not help me. Customer service calls only result in being placed on hold.


They had a promo going on where you could upgrade your plan to pay the initiation fee of 61.99 and then you were able to bring 2 guests with you while paying whatever amount you signed up with them paying, after paying the 61.99 I realized they charged my account for 80.00 for the two months after I made the change, therefore adding another member to my account.

They stated that they had to contact management because they were under the impression and were advised that a client could upgrade there account, without changing the price. NO ONE should have to pay 40+ just to add guest services, this is ridiculous! The manger who assisted me months ago was helpful and said he himself was under the same impression he wrote a email to management, and I WILL have to follow up with them.

They should honor this, not only that you can at any point add guest services on your account there is NO reason I should've had to pay more than the initiation fee. 


I went in to LA Fitness to check out a gym membership. I did not think twice about giving my phone number down to check out a guest pass, but that's where the nightmare began! My cell phone started blowing up with text messages offering me free personal training and free promos. I complained to the manager to stop but he said it was policy to use personal cell phones to prospect new clients. What a terrible company to use such manipulative practices. Someone should report LA to the Better Business Bureau.


I am a member of LA Fitness. Due to my recent sale of my home, I am now going to the La Fitness on Babcock and Huebner in San Antonio, Texas. I want to mention that this gym is disgustingly dirt. The equipment appears not to have been dusted in months, the mens locker room is always dirty and smelly. The toilet area always stinks like a sewage area. I have been a member of Life Time and Golds Gyms. LA Fitness is far the poorest in up keep. Once my new home is built, I will be cancelling my membership and registering at Golds Gym.


Where do I even begin. Please, if you can afford NOT to sign up for an LA Fitness membership, run far away.

Corporate is a total joke. I have tried calling several times to complain about the club but they ignore me and tell me to go to the local club.

Here are my top complaints I have voiced to LA Fitness head office:

  • Hot tubs are dirty and water is disgusting
  • Literally there is floating feces in the hot tub most nights
  • Sauna is a cesspool of filth
  • 50% of the time the sauna does not even work
  • Employees are constantly texting at the front desk
  • Managers are constantly flirting on the gym floor
  • Personal trainers have relationships with their clients
  • Gym equpiment takes months to repair
  • Half the bikes do not have pedal straps
  • Half the bikes do not work properly
  • Half the cardio does not work properly
  • The club only has seven TV channels
  • The audio for the TVs is poor

I can go on and on, but just trust me. Do not sign up for LA Fitness if you are serious about your health. It's a place for suckers.