9 Ways to Complain to McDonald's Corporate Office


McDonald's is one of the most complained about companies on the planet. There are more complaints each month filed about McDonald's than any other company. If you want to know what poor customer service looks like, look no further than the McDonald's corporate office.

Of all the complaints that I read each month, ones about food are particularly difficult to read. Why? Food is something we eat every single day. Food is a necessary part of life. Food is something most of us in America take for granted.

So, I thought about ways that you could voice your opinion. Do you want change? I do too.

With that in mind, here are 10 ways that you can complain to the McDonald's.

1. Call their customer service line and complain. Warning! You might have to wait on hold a few hours first.

2. Write a letter to their corporate headquarters, although you will likely never hear back.

Need their contact information? You can call them at 1-800-244-6227, 7 days a week from 7:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. CST. You can also write the CEO a letter at McDonald's Corporation, 2111 McDonald's Dr., Oak Brook, IL 60523.

3. Email the CEO. He is a busy guy but at least he cannot ignore your complaint letter as easily as a phone call or an email.

4. Mention them on Twitter. Companies like McDonald's invest millions in marketing and social media. Somebody will see you at least.

5. Post a message on their Facebook wall. Facebook is the world's largest social network, and customer service reps are constantly watching.

6. Leave them a negative review on yelp. This is a good way to make sure the local restaurants suffer.

7.  Leave them a negative review on Google. Even better than Yelp, make sure customers steer clear of the wrong places.

8. Tell a manager at a local McDonald's. It might feel good to talk to a real human for a change.

9. File a complaint at a third party website. At least they will appreciate your feedback (unlike the corporate office).


Read more complaints: 
Have a complaint? Call customer service at: 
Upset at corporate? Their office location is: 
2111 McDonald's Dr., Oak Brook, IL 60523



I went to 1030 North Avenue, Kankakee Il 60901 McDonalds, I ordered the Bacon white cheddar McMuffin . I got the egg white delight and also got shorted a dollar. I was in the drive up and didn't check everything till I got home. I won't go back I don't like being take advantage of


Associate at this location was rude, non customer friendly, and had a smart ass attitude. Upon my asking politely for a fork to eat my purchased salad, he smartly sited, it'll cost you. I asked him to repeat his comment, which he did, with a smart tone, and I said, so you think that's funny?, and he said "ya". I told him I didn't think it was funny and asked him politely to keep his comments to himself. From there, I spoke to the Mgr "Michael" to whom I expressed the behavior of his associate, and he kinda gave me the "dear in the headlights" look, then said, he'd talk to Weston.

Not even an apology, I'm sorry or a smile.

If McDonald's is going to hire associates, perhaps they should insure that they are customer oriented, otherwise, keep them away from paying customers and out of the public arena. I don't think I'm asking much more than simple respect. Won't be eating at McDonals's again, I'll find another food establishment that appreciates customer business, and knows how to respect a paying customer. I don't think I'll close down McDonald's, but I know I'm done with them based on my last experience.


I visited McDonalds on I 45 & Hwy 31. I ordered a quarter pounder with cheese and when I placed the order I stated I wanted it cooked fresh not the one been sitting under the heat light and that I would wait for it to be cooked fresh the line wasn't long and by the time I reached the first window they hand orders out they gave me my order.

I asked the girl was it cooked fresh she stated yes so I left went up the street three blocks down opened the box up and the burger was dried up looking and wasn't fresh and they heated the meat up and place a new slice of cheese on it so I turned around and went back and told them I just left.

I have my receipt and I stated when placing order I wanted it fresh and that I would wait I paid $4.05 for the burger and asked for it to be cooked fresh then they told me to pull to first window with the burger I opened it up and showed them it was dried out and hard. They looked at it and said to drive to the next window and they had a fresh one cooked that one was not fresh either just was not dried out like the first one so I looked at it handed it back to them and asked for my money back. 


The person that took my order refused to show my order on the screen despite the fact that I asked her two times. In addition she shorted me $1.00. I then asked for my dollar back. Finally a young man produced my dollar and gave me 2 free drinks. I suspect that your business is falling off-there was no one in line before or after. Lot of joking amongst employees-they thought it was funny. Now I know that $1 is not a lot of money, but it just cost you one of your customers.


When I come into a facility an the management staff is rude to customers! The manager Cathy (short red hair) is not only rude to customers but to her staff  the manner in which she makes Contact with her fellow employees Is unprofessional.

I understand as a customer this is a busy environment an somewhat chaotic. But to belittle an speak rudely to fellow members of her team. Is very unprofessional. A drink was made out of error an the language she directed to her staff n rudeness that all customers over heard was not what I expect from a family oriented restaurant. McDonalds on 4044 Southport road Indianapolis IN.

I frequent this establishment on weekly basis an would love to see a change in the manner in which managers treat their crew!


I went to the McDonalds located at 1602 Western Avenue Albany, NY 12203 today to get some food on my lunch hour. I went through the drive through and ordered a salad which when I was sitting at the drive thru window witnessed the front end manager, or maybe it was the manager, get my salad throw it in the bag and then fling it onto the counter.  

Really unprofessional. You was very evident that she was having a bad day. Working with the public a manager should not display this type of attitude and as a food service person they should not be flinging the food around. Seriously doubt that I will return.