Dear Microsoft Office Corporate, Take My Money Already


My mom went to the store to purchase Microsoft Excel online as part of Office 365. Here is where the horror story starts...

The only way to get this now is to purchase a Microsoft card with the "Product Key"  on the back. So she purchased the card took it home and attempted to download and install the program since that the only way to do this now apparently. So there was an issue with the download. When she received the error alert she did not understand how to resolve the issue. Yet on the screen when the alert popped up it also said to call the support line for help to resolve the problem. 

Before she could even pick up her phone it rang. The caller I.D said blocked caller. So she answered  anyway and a man with a middle eastern accent said "Hello, my name is Andrew and iI am calling from Microsoft tech support. I saw that you are having an issue with your product". Thinking this was odd she still stayed on the line. Next the man said " In order to help you I will need to gain access to your computer system. 

So please go to your browser". Before he could finish his sentence my mom said " Absolutely not". "How do I know you are who you say you are?" The man then told her to "go to the Microsoft website and that would verify I am who I claim to be" I guess he was claiming that since he knew the web address he would obviously have to be legit! Right? No! Well, my mother is not a moron! She then yells for me to pick up the phone and deal with the man. Of course as soon as I picked up he started stuttering very nervously which made it apparent he was trying to scam her. So I said to him that I would hang up the phone with him and call the number right back an if he had an extension that would be even better. 

That way I could get him personally back on the phone. This would then verify he is who he says. That is unless he is having all the calls to that number redirected to him which is possible but not as likely. So he then says "Well, why do you have to call me back?" "Just go to the website" I then explain to him that I am not dumb! So he says "Well, when would you be calling? 

Would it know right away? Would it be later? How long?" I told him I wanted to just hang up and call right back to make sure he really is the "Tech Support" person he claimed he was. So before I could finish explaining that to him he went ahead and hung up on me. This was  the final proof I needed to know for sure without any doubt he was a criminal who is hacking Microsoft "Support" network in order to see who is having an issue and their information. So then he can call them before they can call Microsoft personally for help. Then attempting to fool the person on the other end of the phone into allowing him into their computer. After this happened I tried to call the so called "Support" hotline that pops up when you have any problems. 

With no surprise at all there was a recording saying. "We are to busy to get to you at the moment but please try back". The problem is that this all you get no matter when or how often you call this " Support" line! What a shocker!.

I myself try to avoid Microsoft at all cost but my mother needed this program for something important and unfortunately we are now very worried about how much personal information that this person or group has acquired thru Microsoft or from Microsoft personally. I cannot send any form of complaint to Microsoft personally or I would have. Unfortunately, in another huge shocker they have absolutely no form of complaint department. They do not provide any Toll free number, Email address, live complaint forum for chat, etc. 

They have no way to receive your complaints or problems from Microsoft corporate. Nor do they obviously want to receive them.

The most bizarre thing about this is how they always champion themselves as the company that welcomes customer reviews and molds their products around this. Fixing problems previously complained about and improving others based on the feedback they receive! Yet they prevent customer reviews in every way possible. Dirty and greedy should be the Microsoft corporate slogan.


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I have attempted to send an email from the mail facility on Microsoft 10 and unfortunately, won't allow me to send it as a message comes back stating I am to verify the account. I click on the provided link, enter the required text and it finally comes up with a message saying verified. After this is done, I continue to send the original email and the same error message is populated. After this pointless attempt, I go onto the internet based version of outlook and send the same email but before it can send, I am asked to verify the account (again).

I do this by entering my mobile number and having a 4 digit code sent to me. I enter the code that has been sent and again receive a message saying I am verified and can continue to send messages. I attempt to do this but am restricted because I need to verify the account. The issues concerning the poor service Microsoft provides is extensive. Most recently I called the Surface Help Desk asking a simple question as I'm learning more about setting up Outlook 365.

I was on hold for 53 minutes before the call was disconnected. Calling back I was working with the Customer Service Tech for 47 minutes when the phone call was disconnected. In the chat box I notified the tech providing my phone number so she might call me back, but she simply signed off leaving her work in process uncompleted and failed to return my call. In as much as much of the data I had been working on was now lost since she'd left her work incomplete I called back yet again. I've been on hold this time for over 27 minutes with no idea how much longer I'll remain on hold. So Microsoft ask yourself where in this would the term "service" be compatible?

But I haven't even breached the 14 hours I spent on the phone when Microsoft upgraded my computer(s) to Window 10. Which by the way corrupted my computer damaging the hard drive requiring I purchase a new computer. So again ... "service" isn't a word to be associated with Microsoft as a company. I've used Microsoft for years with no real issues and WAS happy to use it until the day I got Windows 10. Since having this update I have had nothing but issues with it. I can not get a single bit of school work done because it will not let me in my email (in which my professors send all the documents and assignments for class) , closes the windows screens on itself when ever it wants, takes forever to loan, loses pages, and etc.

On top of that I can not keep in contact with my old friends and family back home. I'm an out of state college student who is miles away from home so far that we're in serpent time zones and its hard to keep it touch. And now with Windows 10 I flat out can't. Since the upload of windows 10 I can not use Facebook, by that I mean I can't leave comments on messages or statuses, send thing, or even like a picture. And again the whole I can't get into my own freaking email. If I could I would give negative stars for example -5 stars.


Dear Satyan, I would give your company zero stars. It's not every day that I feel compelled to write the CEO of a large company such as Microsoft. Particularly not one that I have a great deal of goodwill towards and with whom I have always respected and, to some extent, have aligned my career with. However, my recent experience with a customer support situation was so extreme that I had to write to you to provide you a glimpse into what's going on within your consumer support organization.  

I have two HP Envy 11-g010nr convertible laptop/tablet computers. I upgraded one from its native Windows 8 to 8.1 to 8.1-Update-1, and finally to Windows 10 a few months ago. And I've enjoyed using it with Windows 10 the most. (I think Windows 10 gets the balance right between laptop and tablet use, and it feels like a light and stable OS... nice job!) This past weekend I decided to upgrade my second of these convertibles to Windows 10 as well, but ran into some difficulty. For some reason, I still don't know why, it would get to the Windows 10 Welcome ("select your time zone") screen and it would not respond to any input. Repeated reboots and other troubleshooting attempts later, I resigned myself to calling into to MS support for help. I work in the IT space and am pretty technically competent, so that's a big step for me.

I was repeatedly told that the my computer was not compatible with Windows 10, simply based on the fact that the HP website had not included Windows 10 in their drop-down list of OS versions to filter on when looking for available updated drivers. It was most frustrating that the agents had no interest in my explanation that I already have this same model computer up and running without issue on Windows 10. That first computer had no issues with the upgrade process and no compatibility or instability issues running on 10 since. It was as if that reality just didn't neatly fit into the agents' script and they would keep coming back to their point that the HP site did not list Windows 10 in the drop-down list, and that I needed to call HP for help.

That advice is simply ridiculous! I asked the agents to imagine the call with the HP agent: "Hi, I have an HP computer that was working fine until I responded to a Microsoft message to upgrade to Windows 10, and now, after going through the MS compatibility check and upgrade process, I'm stuck on a Windows 10 set-up screen". How in the world would HP accept responsibility for this and invest time in helping me resolve what is clearly a Microsoft software upgrade issue? None of that fit into the script, and I kept getting the same dismissive advice.

I actually had to go through this futile explanation many, many times over the course of 4 separate calls in to the support line due to multiple call transfer and call-on-hold attempts that resulted in a dead phone line. In the first 3 call-ins, I would be holding for 5-15 mins, and each time I was knocked off the call. The fourth call-in was even worse. I've attached a screenshot of the call timer on my phone as "evidence". Eight hours and 36 minutes on hold!

On that 4th call, after multiple attempts to explain to the agent that I have this same model computer already on Windows 10 and have now run into an issue upgrading the second computer, and getting nowhere, I insisted on pleading my issue to a supervisor. The agent said that he would instead transfer me to technical support. I agreed and went on hold. After about an hour on hold, I decided that I had already invested too much hold-time and was going to stick it out for someone who might answer who could be reasoned with. Two hours, then 3, then 4 and finally 8:36 later, I decided that my hope of getting help from Microsoft for this issue was completely futile and that the point was made of just how poor Microsoft's customer service is, and I finally hung up.

Satyan, I'm pretty sure that you strive for a better on-hold experience for your "valued customers" than this, and I hope you appreciate a loyal customer investing even more time to write to you to make you aware of a serious issue with this part of your organization. I know that you've only been in charge since 2014, and fixing the culture that led to the experience that I had is not something that can be done overnight, but I'm sure it can be done. I would appreciate your thoughts in reply.

By the way, I ended up completely restoring the computer back to Windows 8, and going through the multi-hour step-wise upgrade process again. It took another many, many hours again, but this time completed with no issues and the computer is happily running on Windows 10! There are no compatibility issues with Windows 10 on this laptop/tablet 2-in-1.


I had numerous amounts of unauthorized withdrawals taken out of my bank account. I did try on numerous of occasions to have this stopped and requested my money to be reimbursed back to my account. I ended up having to have my Visa card cancelled and a new one to be issued. All the phone calls that I made, I was informed that I would not be getting my money back, there is no trace of the money taken out of my bank account. I received a invoice for money that was taken out of my bank account.

No one in Microsoft wanted to know the invoice number that was on the invoice that I received in the mail. I was never given a receipt number for my phone calls. I am requesting further investigation with this situation. My bank has been informed and the police as well. I would like this followed up. The invoice that I received was under the name of Liam Paterson. I can say. I am not at all happy with this situation and I am requesting for my money to be returned back to me.

Windows 10 has been a catastrophe for me.  I wasted a lot of time getting rid of popups.  Yesterday 2/11/16 i left my computer on and left for a while.  When I returned I figured the computer was in sleep mode.  It would not respond. By shutting the power off and on  I can turn the machine on but it will not boot up.  I called tech support today and the woman asked if I had a working computer.  I said my wife's computer was fine and she wanted to have tech support go through it.  I told her I didn't see how that would help but i installed the program.  

I thought I could explain it to the tech but my talk window kept closing.  When she started the computer in safe mode, I knew we were not communicating, I shut the computer down and called back to ask for a supervisor.  The guy who answered had a very strong accent and spoke very fast.  He told me they did not have a supervisor.  I told him there must be someone I could speak with and he advised me that was impossible.  He then asked if I wanted my computer fixed or not.  He was extremely rude  and hung up on me.  Thanks to windows 10, I have lost years of recipes in Master Cook, Microsoft Office and I will have to pay someone to retrieve my family pictures and repair my computer.  Isn't Microsoft a better company than that?


Got a Windows 10 update this morning 5/22/2016. The thing removed all my bookmarks, passwords, and the way the desktop had been set up. I had to use help to get the stuff back to where it was on 5/13/2016. Please don't do that again. Updates are okay as long as they don't remove stuff.  I do not want to go back to resetting passwords when I turn my computer on. I could not log into Firefox nor Explorer because of this so called fix, without resetting everything.

Outlook email software does not give enough room to display message contents in their entirety and trying to read them becomes an annoyance and worse. To compound matters, when I try to upgrade to ad free terms to provide the added width to the display, I'm always told you cannot accept my sign in at this time and to try later. You make signing in a complicated matter as well by frequently telling me my password does not match my email even when I can confirm my notes support my case. Against all advice from security boffins I'm forced to write down all my passwords and keep them in one place for quick reference. Fraudsters take note.

Have communicated to Microsoft Answer Desk issues with unsolicited e-mail. Spent the entire day speaking to various Microsoft personnel getting only Merry-Go-Round input leading to no where? Matter remains unresolved despite spending time between 10:00 am and 10:00pm yesterday, which was a nightmare. I called again this morning at 10:00 am. Spent 2 Hours on the telephone where by the matter will be provided to an unknown Level 2 technician with specific time arrangements.

The details are just too cumbersome to relate here at this time. I would be more than willing to provide detailed information when requested. The treatment given to me was full of apologies, but no means for action. It is high time we take this matter to proper considerations of management people. There is no means for a description of extremely poor customer considerations which seems to be rampant at Microsoft.


I received a Surface Pro as a gift from my daughter.  She paid almost $1,000. About 2 months after receiving the Surface Pro, it stopped charging.  An inquiry to the service line resulted in them sending me a new charger.  The Surface Pro did not charge.  I was instructed to return the Surface Pro unit.  Microsoft received the unit on 9/17/15.  The service line agent promised a replacement unit within 5 days.  I have communicated with the service line on at least 5 occasions and finally they admitted to receiving the original defective unit but gave no assurances when I would get the replacement Surface Pro.  Again today, I got false promises but not assurances that I would ever get a replacement Surface Pro.  The service request #1304816410.


Yesterday evening, Microsoft installed Windows 10.  This morning, my first experience w/ Win 10, I attempted to compose an email.  Disaster!  What to do?  A handy little box on the lower left of my screen informs me something to the effect of "How to fix Error ...."  Naturally, I assume it's Microsoft endorsed, as its logo is there.  A few steps later I'm informed that there are 2000 plus things that need fixing.   And that a Microsoft contractor will fix it for about $30.  Before we were done, which took several hours because I had other things to do, I'd paid another $100 because, I'm told, there's an urgent problem that will only get worse if not taken care of immediately.  (The first quote was about $250; the price came down as I balked.)  

What caused my problem(s)?  I don't know, but it's suspicious that it emerged immediately after the installation of Win 10.  (The Advanced Tech Support individual I chatted  with told me he had to reconfigure my system for Win 10.  Shouldn't that have been part of the installation?)  I successfully composed and sent an email before ending my Tech Support session, but typing was sluggish.  I'd suspect a problem w/ my keyboard, except that no such sluggishness occurs as I type this.

To say I'm disappointed and outraged is an understatement.  Why can't the high tech world be more customer friendly?  My suspicion is that it is simply very profitable to maintain a veil that exalts the high priests of the industry and attempts to make the rest of us believe that we should be grateful that they allow the benefits of technology (which are truly marvelous) flow down to us mere mortals.


We are out of town and on Sunday, March 27th I had no email no nothing anymore. I called Microsoft the lady was very nice and helped me getting my email back. Then she mentioned that my Office 365 is about to run out, and she ask if she could download It to my computer, I agreed, and told her that I will pay also for my husbands computer which we don't have with us. I was suppose to be charged $ 139.98 for booth computers. I looked on my Account and was charged 4 times $ 139.98. I am outraged at Microsoft for doing this.

I only get personal Office 365. I don't know whose fault it was, but this is not nice. I called Microsoft back and talked with them, they told me they only took out 2 times $ 139.98 not right. When I hang up with Microsoft I could not get out of the phone I noticed somebody speaking Spanish on the phone. I have no explanation for all of that. I am very upset with Microsoft and I want an apology. Also they still owe me an upgrade on my husbands computer when we get back home.

I have recently retired. Up to then I worked partly from home, so my employer paid the license (for Office 2007). I recently started getting messages offering a free upgrade to version 10 so I accepted the free installation. After I retired, when I opened Word or Excel, I received a message asking for an activation key. I bought the license for Office Home & Student from Best Buy. I had difficulty installing the product so I called Microsoft support. The technician's name was Jeremy and he took control of my computer in order to assist me. He told me that he needed to uninstall Word, Excel and Power Point and then reinstall. The case # is 1334728258.

He was extremely helpful but, after I'd put down the phone, I noticed that he had also deleted my email system (Outlook or Outlook express?). I called Microsoft again and spoke with a lady named Miles. She told me that I needed to buy the new version of Outlook. I think this is completely unacceptable. I'm retired, on a fixed income. I had an email system that was working adequately up to today and your representative deleted it.
I asked miles to put me through to a supervisor or customer complaints. Instead she put me thorough to someone called Mela, who is also I believe a technician. After telling her several times that I wanted to speak with customer complaints she hung up on me.

Could you please have someone reinstate my email system. I should not have to pay for it. I installed Windows 10. My Games folder came up empty and one of my other games, Snood, works poorly. Kindly inform me when Windows 10 is up and running. I am seriously thinking of spending the extra money on an Apple. Really getting tired of being required to learn a new system that is defective. Windows 7 is working fine. When it stops working I'll just have to bite the bullet.

I had one other question. What are the limits of the file size for Microsoft Access? Alisha who was listed under access support said “I will have to transfer you to our technical support”.  Technical support Glen said “I am going to have to transfer you to our professional level technical support”. Professional level technical support Alex said “you will need to go on line and submit the question because I cannot answer it”.   So I ask “Do you know the answer” and Alex said “no”.

I googled the question and got the answer in a quarter of the time that I was on the line with the 1-800 you are so screwed line. Now why are these people drawing a paycheck? Thank you Microsoft support for wasting over an hour of my time.


I was perfectly satisfied with my Office 7 program but due to hardware problems had it and my files removed by Office Max to external hard drive to be put on new laptop.  The new Dell Inspiron accepted the files but not the program which was a stand alone programs and purchased by me.  Since Microsoft was expected to stop supporting Office 7 I purchased a stand alone Office 10 which was 3 or 4 times the price of my Office 7.  We (I had help) were never able to activate that expensive piece of junk (software).

I purchased Office 365 - which is really an ever greater rip-off because it isn't really a purchase. It's basically a lease for one year (365 days).  Even it has given me grief. It has let me use some things. Some file folders are suddenly empty.  The lack of a good email program is irritating beyond description. was supposed to be the answer to all problems. What a joke!  It won't let me sign in. These programs that ask you to read a stupid jumble of numbers and letters are just that. You assume everyone has perfect eyesight. Bad assumption. However, I've watched my very smart sister with good eyesight try to do that trick and even she has had to do it repeatedly.  This is a bad situation.  I have spent good money with totally unsatisfactory results.  

The fact that the few times I've been able to speak with a live person about a problem it was with someone with such a heavy accent that I couldn't understand what was being said.  Surely I have the right as a paying, and paying, and paying customer to speak with someone that I can understand and also ask questions along the way online and get real answers.     From reading this blog, I know I am not the only one who feels like Microsoft had become the "monster under the bed."