Pizza Hut Employee Complaints Reveals Terrible Management


On a daily basis at HissingKitty we see Pizza Hut complaints from across the country. While most of them are from customers, we do see the occassional employee complaint. In fact, lately we have been seeing more and more staff members are Pizza Hut locations nationwide complaining about poor managment, corporate policy, and general working conditions.

You might thing that this is expected given such a large fast food organization. But I can tell you that the number of employee complaints we see each week are more than McDonald's, KFC, and Taco Bell combined. There is definitely something going on here, and I suggest the Pizza Hut corporate office investigate all negative feedback immediately.

Here is one example from a employee who will remain anonymous:

I used to work for Pizza Hut. I still order from there, but there was a problem between me and a manager there recently. It was so bad that I complained to our corporate office that she did not work, steal money and time, and smokes weed on the premises. They would not believe me. Everyone there knew I was right but I was the only one to step up.  So because of that I transferred to another location!

Now every time I order there I always have to put a fake name cause I am afraid they might do something disgusting to our food. And yes employees regularly mess up food from people who complain. I live in fear each day that they will do something terrible to what we eat. The employees there are always very rude. This is it not going to fly anymore. I hate that Pizza Hut accepts workers to talk to customers like this and they do nothing to there employees accept promote them.

Do you have any poor customer service experiences to share about Pizza Hut?

Whether you are an employee, manager, or customer let us know by leaving a comment below!


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Our daughter, who is a college student, made on online order for delivery to the Pizza Hut location at 8776 Thomas Dr. Panama City Beach, FL  32408.  She paid for the order online using her debit card.  The debit card was charged immediately.  She never received the delivery so she called the store.  She was told that the order did not come through on their computer.  She asked on the phone if she could receive the order she was charged for.  She was told "no".  She then asked to have the money credited back to her account.  She was told it would take a few days.  

So our daughter did not get her dinner because they would not bring her the food that was paid for and they would not credit her account.  My husband & I were out of town dealing with a serious matter.  The following day, my husband talked to the store manager by phone.  I believe his name was Don. He was very nice and seemed like he truly wanted to make the situation right.  Unfortunately, he didn't seem to have the authority to give us the food that was paid for.  My husband was told to call a number in Tennessee, which he did.  He was told they could not give him the food that was ordered because there appeared to be a problem with their computer showing the order.  As my husband & I were arriving back into town, we stopped at this location.  We were told a district manager would be there soon and we could talk to him.

This person arrived and we explained the situation.  My husband showed him online the twenty-six dollar charge from Pizza Hut to our daughter's account from the day before.  We asked if we could just pick up the order now since she never got it delivered the night before.  He told us there was nothing he could do because it was a computer problem and it wasn't his fault.  Well, it sure wasn't our daughter's fault either!  We asked since we could not get the food then could we have the money credited back to our account.  He told us to go to the bank & dispute the charge.  We walked out at that point, feeling very upset & frustrated.  

We weren't asking for anything free or anything extra... just the food that was paid for.  Today, May 27 2015, the money was credited back into our daughter's bank account.  We recently moved to this area and she was happy to learn that there was a Pizza Hut nearby because that has been her favorite pizza restaurant for years.  She is a college student who works part-time and is on a very limited budget.  

Well, after a week of waiting for her money to be credited back to her, she will be ordering pizza.  Fortunately for us, there are MANY pizza restaurants in this area for her to choose from!  We look forward to becoming customers at another local restaurant that values their customers.  If any of our daughter's college friends asks her what pizza place in the area she would recommend, I'm sorry to say it will no longer be Pizza Hut.


I tried to order a box of mixed wings. Four of one and four of another. I've done it a dozen times. The girl tried to tell me that wasn't allowed. I explained I had done it before so she finally asks her shift manager. I heard her say because I wasn't put on he she didn't want to do it. Not that it wasn't allowed. I'm sure this will go unanswered like the one I done a few weeks ago when I complained about calling for 45 minutes and no one would answer then when they did I got put on him and they never came back.

Then when I called customer service and finally got someone again they said it was to late to order. This Pizza Hut in Prescott, AR is the worst restraunt I've ever been to. I can't see myself going back. The staff always looks trashy and very rude. I've just had enough.


It was Friday after a long day at work, I decided pizza would be nice since my 7 year old grandson was spending the weekend. I ordered 2 medium  pizzas by phone about 5:30 and was told it would be ready in 20 minutes for pick up. I arrived at the store and paid for the pizzas at 5:52 and was told there will be ready in a few minutes.

After waiting and waiting I finally asked when my order will be ready the cashier went back to check and said she did not know. I advised her it was long past the 20 minutes. I keep waiting finally the manager came up to correct a mistake at the register. I ask him to check on the order as it was a while. He hollered to the cooks about my order #75  they said they were at #87 he said what about #75 you all are killing me here. He then said to me I can give you your money back. I said I order pizza and my grandson was looking forward to it. He seem disappointed with my choice  and told me well I have to make them now.

I told him I was upset because this is the second time I was treated in this manner at this location and was a regular customer. He said there was nothing he could do it not his fault. No apology not courtesy discount. He finally brought out two col pizzas I wanted to send them back, but I could see my grandson anxious face in the car I hated to disappoint him. This is how Pizza Hut treats loyal hardworking customers they will never get another penny from me. customer service stinks at that location. The pizza hut staff did not give a damn and the older manager was like I have no control.

Now I see why they are going down the drain, after waiting an hour, to pay and beg too. This is one sorry company. I told the manger I will call corporate office he smile and said do what you have to do.


Twice now we have ordered from the Cameron, Mo pizza hut and each time the service has been horrid.  Each time we was charged double what we where charged for.  First time the pizza was very under cooked, and the toppings was all but non existent.  Their pretzel crust was so over salted it was inedible.  When we called and talked to the manager, we was told it was not his problem, and if we did not like the service we could find a different pizza place to eat at.  

Second time, over charged again, and when we called the restaurant back, we where told there was nothing that they could do about it.  All in all, a very very poor place to eat at.  The customer service there was horrid, the manager was rude and horrid, the staff they have working was grossly incompetent.


The store manager barbara is the rudest nastiest manager i have ever dealt with in my life. I work customer serviceand  never have i ever encountered anyone like her she is disrespectful i am a 39 year old man and dont appreciate being called a boy!

This is the second time i ordered online and it took my pizzas almost 2 hours to arrive then when i called the store i was told no discounts no free nothing take the pizza or leave it she didnt care was the feeling i got. Then on top of that what i ordered she said she was out of no more pan pizza and when it arrived it was not what i ordered called back to store nothing she can do we dont give anything away free.

I paid 20 dollars for two pizzas that was not what i ordered and then i dont even get respect when i call to talk to someone in charge pizza hut on piney forest rd danville, va is going to lose a lot of good customers we use to order pizza every friday night this makes me want to go somewhere else. I hope something is done about this manager asap.


The online system asks if you have any special requests after choosing your pizza toppings. The huge allotted space only allows typing 16 characters. THIS > {is 16 characters}. Not a lot of room. I did ask for the SpinachUnderChee as in Put the spinach underneath the cheese and bake it like it is a topping and NOT just salad tossed on the top.It was delivered. I didn't bother to inspect it at the door. Once inside it was apparently not the way I ordered it.  I phoned to complain. First guy to answer said he would get a manager. The second person was Jennifer, who asked me to hold.

The third one at the end of the 17th minutes on hold -this would be the crass female with an uncaring demeanor said ; "Pizza Hut ain't allow'd to cook spinach on pizza." when I was explaining I asked for the spinach to be Under the cheese. So I asked "WHY ?" She said "I don't know why. All I know is Pizza Hut ain't allow'd to cook spinach on pizza." There was no need to frustrate myself further, said 'thanks' and hung up. My last delivery driver did not have parmesan cheese packets that I requested in the appropriate space when submitting payment online.

I had already signed the ticket AND added a generous Gratuity. He said he was sorry and would run back to the store and bring some back to me. I waited 25 minutes. He didn't return with cheese and I ate cold pizza.


I order 2 of your Tues. night medium pizzas with several topping.  They were both to be thin, both show on receipt it was the other showed pan, but both were pan pizzias.  On the one marked pan it had anchovies which I did not order them as they make me sick.  

The thin one had jalapenos of which did not order them either, they gave me It sausage, but no pork, I had ordered both.  I ordered the Tuscany Tuesday Pasta, guess was my fault cause it didn't say I had to order red and white so got both chicken.  I spent a total of $31.04 plus gas to get there I am not in delivery range.

My sister also bought 2 pizzas  and on one of them order pork and It sausage neither had the pork on them.  Her order was 21.77. As we both are handicap we had to get a neighbor go pick these up for us.  I did call the store but they would not do anything but yell at us for our complaints.