Cops Receive Thousands of Pokémon Go Complaints Due to Mysterious Player Behavior


The new Pokemon Go app is hilarious. So hilarious, in fact that cops are being called constantly as people report odd behavior by Pokemon Go players. The craze of players trying to "catch them all" with the new Pokémon Go app has sparked suspicious-vehicle complaints across the country, CNN said today. The app encourages people to walk around their neighborhoods to capture virtual pokémon with their phones.

And the tweets about this strange phenomenon are simply amazing.

"Obviously, this behavior may seem odd. And, to be fair, we are not convinced that every vehicle that pulls behind a church is playing this game. But, there is a chance that their behavior is innocent and we would just like the public to be aware of it," according to ABC news. The article said that most of the virtual pokémon are located at well-known landmarks but other pokémon are located at random locations. People may stop at these locations for long periods of time to "battle" pokémon, and this just looks weird.

Local police offices are asking players to watch their surroundings while using the app and not to play while driving. For example, four Missouri teens allegedly used the app to lure robbery victims, USA TODAY reported. The Pokémon Go app has caused problems across the country over recent weeks, ranging from players wandering into traffic to much more dangerous incidents. 

So, be careful if you end up playing the game. You might end up getting caught up instead.


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Level 3 Pokemon just got here. just lettin my phone charge before i mount up and catch some more Jamizards.


If you miss a throw in Pokemon Go you can re-collect the fallen Pokeball by tapping it once it hits the ground.


Whoever wrote this post obviously has never played the game before. It's so much more fun than I thought it would be.


Seems like they cannot keep up with the growth? If you're born after the year 2000 get outta here. You don't even know any of their names and you're slowing down the server.


Who are these people getting robbed? Do not go to a park late at night by yourself, take a friend. That's just common sense!

I'm going out tonight but with a few dozen other friends.