How to Write a Complaint Letter to Qatar Airways Corporate


Many customers complain online using websites and social media. But every once and awhile a customer takes things into their own hands and writes an lengthy complaint letter to the company that offended them. Such is this case with this recent example of a complaint letter writtent to Qatar Airways corporate headquarters by an upset customer.

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I have a formal complaint regarding Qatar Airways failure to provide suitable food after declaring my severe life-threatening allergy to nuts. I booked a return ticket with you from London to Dhaka via Doha. The outgoing journey was on 16 December 2015, and the return journey was on 1 January 2016.

On 4 December 2015, I called the Qatar Airways London office regarding my special food requirements, specifically severe allergy to nuts. They confirmed that they have entered my food requirements into the system. However, afterwards, when I checked my ticket, it stated exactly as below.


After I saw this, I phoned the London office again on 11 December 2015. I explained that the ticket correctly states my severe allergy to nuts, but instead of a “no nuts meal”, the ticket stated that a “low lactose meal” had been confirmed, which would not be suitable for me unless it was completely free of nuts. They informed me that all of the information had been provided to the Qatar Airways staff at Heathrow Airport and that they would be able to help me.

When I arrived at the airport on the day I was due to travel, 16 December 2015, the same information was there, i.e. “low lactose meal confirmed”. I explained to them that I had severe allergies to nuts, not to lactose. They said that there was nothing they could do, and asked to me to fill out a MEDIF form. On the form, as well as stating my severe nut allergy, I also mentioned that I am carrying EpiPen adrenaline injection on my journey in case of severe allergic reaction, in accordance with the letter provided by my doctor.

Only at Heathrow Airport during the outgoing journey, after much requesting and waiting for nearly an hour, they finally provided me with two £20 vouchers to buy food from Heathrow Airport for the journey to Doha. But I could not actually eat any of the meals provided on the London to Doha flight as they could not confirm that they were free of nuts, for example, the packaging said “may contain traces of nuts”.

They informed me that the information would be provided to the staff for the journey from Doha to Dhaka in order to provide me with suitable food. However, I faced the same problem on this plane journey, and again I received no suitable nut-free meals on this flight. But this time, I was not provided with any vouchers for food or any alternative meals.

On 27 December 2015, I phoned the Qatar Airways Dhaka office. I told them what happened on my journey from London Heathrow to Dhaka, and I asked them to provide me with suitable nut-free meals on the return journey to London. They asked me to send them an email detailing my problems. On 28 December 2015, I emailed them the details that I have already explained above.

On 30 December 2015, I received a response from the Dhaka office which included a list of meals ­– but there were no ingredients stated for any of them, and no option for a meal without nuts or traces of nuts. The email also stated that “medical certificates are required if you need any special meal apart from the listed meals”, but I had already filled out a medical certificate at Heathrow Airport.

On the same day, 30 December 2015, I replied to this email stating that “I am allergic to nuts and please ensure that you provide nut free meal on my journey”. I did not receive any response to this email, so I called the Dhaka office on 31 December 2015. On the phone, they told me that they will provide all the information to the staff at Dhaka Airport.

On 1 January 2016, I went to Dhaka Airport to return to London. The information was on the system that I was allergic to nuts, but there was no confirmation that they would provide me with nut-free meals. As a consequence, I did not receive suitable nut-free meals on either of the two flights on the return journey (Dhaka to Doha, and Doha to London).

Therefore, I received none of the eight (8) meals that I paid for with my ticket, because the meals were not suitable for my severe life-threatening nut allergy, which I had declared well in advance of my journey. In addition, I was only compensated £40 for the two (2) meals which I was supposed to have on the journey from London to Doha. This meant that I had no proper meals on the other three (3) plane journeys – Doha to Dhaka (outgoing), Dhaka to Doha (return) and Doha to London (return).

It is worth mentioning that the air hostesses and cabin crew on all of the flights were very helpful in dealing with my requests. They tried their best to help me with my food requirements. However, obviously they could not do anything while in the air since the food packaging stated “may contain traces of nuts”.


My complaint is as follows. I brought 4 tickets from our local travel agent to travel to Bangladesh in the 10th if December. We purchased 2 adult 2 child tickets.The purpose of our travel was to visit a family member who is ill. The travel to Bangladesh was quite pleasant and I have to no issue, however I rerun date was in the 31st of December 2015. We booked to return before the school started so that we do not get penalised. On Thursday 31st December we leave our village 10 o'clock in the morning as to arrive in Dhaka few hours before our flight at 8 in the evening. We encountered many issues during out travel to Dhaka airport.

We arrived at our destination 20 minutes past 7. At the airport we meet with a lady who was closing off the Qatar desk. My husband run up and approached her exhaling that our flight is to depart at 8 and we were extremely sorry but we would like to be assured in boarding the plane. The Qatar staff member was extremely rude and asked my husband to take a seat, my husband was unsure at the request and explained that we will need to board the plane otherwise we will be stranded. The lady again declined to answer any of our questions and asked us to take our seats as there is nothing she wil be able to do.

I interrupted the conversation and asked her to explain why we need to take seats as we will miss our flight and that is something we cannot afford to do. At this point the lady started yelling at us saying we need to take seats and wait, there were few others who were in the same situation as us also started asking why we needed to sit. I asked why we need to wait and the answer was 'I don't know, just go over there (she pointed to the seats) and sit. I became quite emotional because the conversation wasn't going anywhere and asked to speak to someone senior, she said go to the second floor Qatar office and walked off.

We had no choice but to go to the Qatar office, we reached the office only to find that it was closed, we returned back to the initial desk to find the lady had also gone. We were stranded in Dhaka airport with no explanation and no one to help. We waited outside the office until 8.25 when a gentleman came. My family and few others that where presented explained about the behaviour of the other member of staff and the fact that we couldn't broad the plane. Again we were told there is nothing he will be able to do and we had to go to the head office when it opened.

The head office in Gulshan was closed on Friday and Saturday. We were not given any other assistance and was asked to leave the office. We were really scared at this point not knowing what we were suppose to do and where to go, it was Thursday evening and the offices will be closed for the next two days. We left the airport and found a hotel, we than contacted our travel agent in London, they told us that there is nothing we can do until the office opened, they couldn't tell us if we will be able to get rebook with Qatar in time for school. We also had issues with funding our hotel stay. We were left with limited options and had no choice but to purchase tickets with Biman to fly back in Sunday in time for children's school. 

We are very disappointed with lack of information and support we received from Qatar, we spent so much money travelling and to add to our financial burden we had to purchase additional tickets to travel back. We had no intention of being late for check in, we left 10 hours before our flight, our traveling time would only have taken 5 hours leaving us 5 hours for check, we were stuck in traffic in Dhaka. We were not provided with any assurance at the airport and we feel Qatar staff members should have ensured we knew what the process is in case of delayed check in. We had children traveling with us, had we been just adults the situation we were left with might have been easier to deal with. We would like this matter to be investigated and we would like to be reimbursed part of our ticket money and additional compensation for our stay in the hotel.

The staff members where fully aware of our situation and still choice to be unhelpful. The 2 staff members we met at the airport where rude and unhelpful, we were told we should have left earlier and that it was our fault. We went to airport 20 minutes pass 7, our flight was due to depart at 8, we should have been able to reach a compromise, we would have been happy to pay any fines in the spot, we were not given the option but instead asked to leave the airport and go to the head office when it opened. In our view we showed up for  flight but we're not allowed to check in. We have decided not to travel with Qatar airways in the future, if our complaint is not upheld we will make sure we escalate our complaint further and our voice heard of how Qatar airways treat their customers. 

Our flight number QR637 Dhaka to Doha was not missed, we were not informed of our choices and had no option but too buy additional tickets to return to UK in time for our jobs, had we not returned before Monday I might have lost my job and my children might have lost their place in school, the affect would have been detrimental, the stress we had to endure was unbearable. I had few anxiety attacks thinking we are stranded and might not be able to return back to England. 

We look forward to receiving a satisfactory response from Qatar airways. For your reference we purchase 4 tickets with Biman BG005 departmenting from Dhaka to Heathrow at 10 am.


I want to make a complaint with regards the customer service. We phoned customer service several times but no answer. On the 9 January 2016 we waited on the phone for 40 minutes and there was no answer. We tried today and it took 10 minutes. This is not acceptable and if this is the case I wont be booking tickets with your Airline. I will put a post on face book to tell my friends and family so that they don't have to go through so much of stress just to speak to some one from customer service. If it was very urgent it was impossible yesterday to contact anybody. You have changed the phone number and you cant understand the first number.


I'm writing in regards to a complaint for an incident that happened to my mother (Nilceia Freze) on December 14th 2015 flight QR902 coming from Doha to Perth Australia. I understand it has been a few weeks since the incident but due to the Christmas and New Years breaks it was a bit difficult to do so. I contacted a lawyer regarding the matter and I was advised to first contact you before proceeding with any legal action.

I would like to report gross discrimination and embarrassment suffered by my family from one of the Qatar Airways flight attendants. My mother suffers from Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS). She has been diagnosed less than a year ago. Not that I should be explaining myself and discussing my personal life but that is exactly what thisd flight attendant has done. Our family has been struggling with the disease. We are Brazilian born and Australians Citizens.

My other sister lives in Italy and has hosted my mother for the past six months. We are caught in a very difficult situation because my mother is neither an Australian Citizen or an Italian Citizen and she cannot stay in either countries permanently. As we have no other family that could take care of her in Brazil we are struggling in finding a solution to this upsetting situation. Not only her situation demands intensive care as we cannot have her close to us and it is causing a terrible situation for all of the family and especially for her because we cannot take care of this untreatable disease.

Oblivious to all that one of Qatar Airways flight attendants has simply humiliated my mother and I as she arrived in Perth. In June 2015 only a few months after her diagnosis my mother was forced to leave Australia as her visa was about to expire. She stayed in Italy with my sister for six months and as her tourist visa expired there she came back to Australia. In these six months her situation deteriorated considerably. Both when going to Italy and coming back we requested assistance because of her difficulty in walking.

As my mother arrived I went straight to her arms to greet her. At this moment without even letting me greet my mother properly one of the flight attendants that was pushing her in the wheel chair came to me and made some terrible remarks that made my sob in humiliation. She seemed to be in charge of the flight as she had the passenger list with her. My mother which is already, and understandably depressed due to her situation, felt even more of a burden that she feels. As she approached me extremely rude complaining how the luggage was too heavy and one of the porters of the airport needed help to carry it. The baggage was only 30kg and within the limit. We didn't pay any excess baggage. Her remarks were "How come you let you mother travel with such a heavy luggage?".

When boarding the plane and checking in Italy my family didn't face any issues and no questions were asked. We did inform about her handicap however she was extremely welcome and the flight attendants took her all the way to the plane and offer al the help necessary. According to my sister they even offered to carry her all the way to her seat if she had any difficulties. However upon the arrival in Perth the situation went completely to the opposite direction and we were treated as some sort of undesirable passenger and a burden to the company.

In summary the conversation went as following:

How come you let your mother travel with such a heavy luggage? The porter had issues lifting the baggage. She said my mother had difficulties going to the toilet during the flight and probably had probably the worst night of her life. She said my mother has the worst night of her life and asked me how come I let my mother travel in such state and she didn't know how come they accepted her into the flight. She said she couldn't believe how we could've been so careless and leave her on that state. She said that we should give her a lot of love and search medical help. She said we should have a medical certificate next time she travels (we had one for her).

I don't believe I should give any sort of explanation of how come our personal lives were affected by this illness and how we were caught off guard in such a situation but I think it will illustrate how insensitive her remarks were and I believe as someone representing this airline she serves as a spokesperson for Qatar corporate office of the company.

-"How come you let your mother travel with such a heavy luggage?" - Well I believe that's why airports have porters, and as pointed out previously the baggage was within limits and if they accepted in Italy there shouldn't be an issue in Australia, even if there was excess to it.

-"She had difficulties in going to the toilet during the flight and probably had the worst night of her life". Well according to my mother she did have difficulties but nothing especially embarrassing to the flight attendants. As mentioned before, it was mentioned before she boarded the flight in Italy and we had a letter from the doctor attached to her passport explaining what sort of care she needs. I believe airlines deal on a daily basis with all sorts of passengers and disabilities are not something out of ordinary.

-"I don't know how she was allowed into the flight and next time we won't be accepting her". Well that's a law suit right there for discrimination on their hands. I believe it is the duty of any airline to provide special care for passengers in need.

- Another point I'd like to make is about her, condensation and patronising regarding on how we didn't love our mother enough and we needed to give better care and lots of love while she was with us. Well I believe this company that transport people from all over the world can appreciate what makes someone migrate from one country to another. Economic pressures and domestic instability force people to migrate to other countries and our family saw ourselves forced to live in separate continents far from our motherland. We are caught off guard in legal disputes between two countries to see if we can have our mother with us, in the meantime we had to do what we can. This situation on itself is hard enough and an untreatable illness such as ALS makes things almost unbearable.

As the total disregard for other people's feelings wasn't enough. She decided to say that in the middle of the airport in front of everybody including the porter which silently heard the speech. After receiving probably the worst speech I've heard in my entire life, the flight attendant simply turned her back and left us in the middle of the airport. Myself carrying my 9 month old daughter with a pram, a trolley with her bag and having to wheel her out to the car.

I expect a prompt reply to this matter, because I wouldn't like to take this matter further. I was well advised to know what to expect as a reply.