Samsung Head Office Phone Numbers to Get Satisfaction


Upset with Samsung? If you have a customer service complaint with your Samsung device please call the Samsung head office phone number at 1-800-SAMSUNG (1-800-726-7864). The 1-800 number hours of operation are 6 days a week between 8am-6pm, USA. 

Want to complaint in a formal letter? Mail can be sent to their international or USA corporate headquarters. International mail should be sent to You may address international postal mail to 129 Samsung-ro, Suwon-Si, Gveonggi-D, 443-742, South Korea, while USA mail can be sent to 05 Challenger Road, Ridgefield Park, NJ 07660, United States.

As a last resort, live chat and email are both avialable on their support website. Live chat has worked the best for me historically, rather than waiting on hold with the head office waiting to speak with a live person.

I have bought many products over the years form Samsung, but recently find myself with more complaints. Here are a few examples. First, I purchased a Samsung microwave oven less than two years ago. This evening I went to use the microwave and the bottom part of the door handle became disengaged from the door. I called Samsung customer support and they told me that's normal wear and I should pay for the repair. I have used various brands microwave ovens for years and never had the handle disengaged before or requiring any type of service within 2 years.

Second, I have had problems with other Samsung prodcuts beyond that. And I need to say that I am loyal customer of Samsung. I have been buying Samsung products for more than 16 years. The products I have at home range from AC, TV to mobile phones. I have been quite happy to own such products until last May when I bought a Samsung J1. The phone had many problems. Communications cut very often, and Internet applications together with Facebook and mail freeze too often. Since then I have taken my phone four times to the after sales service. The defect persists. I asked for a new phone in vain. The call center did not believe the fact that I repaired the phone four tiles in vain.

They told me to fax the maintenance tickets to them. I said it was not my responsibility to do this. They insisted and said that it was the only way to track the maintenance frequency. I went once again to the after sales service to ask them for the maintenance tickets, they said they don't give this, and the call centre can track this thanks to the history. I called back the call centre, and I was angry  et them for making me endure all this. They hanged the phone. I am very disappointed about Samsung. I don't think I'll remain so loyal. 

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Have a complaint? Call customer service at: 
1-800-SAMSUNG (1-800-726-7864)
Upset at corporate? Their office location is: 
05 Challenger Road, Ridgefield Park, NJ 07660, United States



We bought our daughter a Samsung Galaxy S6 in June 2015.  In August the phone shut itself off and would not turn back on, she did a hard reset, now we are being told that because she did not have a Samsung account prior to this happening that there is nothing that can be done to get the phone working again.  We called customer service many times, got hung up on many times and still the phone is not working. 

I am being told that I now own a $650.00 paper weight.  Not once when the phone was being activated at the store where we told that a Samsung account had to be set-up so that we could receive tech support.  She also never received any notification on her phone that a Samsung account had to be set up.  The people at Samsung's customer service are rude beyond belief and are no help.  I was on hold for at least 20 each time I or my daughter called. 

The Samsung store at our local Best Buy was advised by Samsung head offices (after working on the phone for 4+ hours) to have us call and tell customer service that the phone was stuck in the process.  Did that and got hung up on at least twice, phone is still not working.  I will be filing a complaint with the Better Business Bureau and I will also be send out as many emails as I can to let everyone know not to buy any Samsung products because you absolutely get no help if you have a problem with your device. 

This phone is a piece of garbage and I will never buy another Samsung product again.  I am very unhappy and feel as if Samsung is only out to rip off customers.  The language barrier is unbelievable as well - can't even get an American when you call and the people on the phone are very hard to understand and rude.  If I could rate the customer service center lower than 1 star you better believe that I would.  Samsung is not customer friendly and very unhelpful.


First week of May,2015  my phone note 3 was shutting down by itself, I took at local Best Buy store in North ridge CA, at Samsung desk for check up, after evaluation I was instructed that the phone needs to be reinstall operation system. I gave my password to Mr. Myles to have access my 64 GB SD card for installation purposes, and I had 921 imported documents, pictures, videos, plus my 65 S.note tel.numbers, I ask 3 times if I loose anything from my phone he said no everything I'll bring it back, after 15 minute everything was gone. He said I can not open SD card encrypted.

Samsung employee Myles ask for help from computer tech but no luck my anger was top off the roof and I left the store. next day I went to best buy again to find solution, I spoke to store mgr. Mr. Davidson and Samsung rep. Mr. Sheers I gave my information to find the solution for my cell phone. its been 4 weeks back and forth no result, Mr. Sheers said  the only thing Samsung company offer you $200.00 for gift card I was more agree. I said I need (my imported documentations back) he said sorry. now I am bringing to you (Samsung) claim dept hopefully you can bring my documents back like before, enough is enough. there are many companies out there on line can repair SD card damage I need your help.


Bought a top load washer with no agitator. It worked for 4 months. They replaced every part possible on the washer and still will not work. Made horrible noise before the cycles quit running all the way thru. We are now 2 months without a washer! They finally have turned an exchange over to Lowe's and are supposed to have by tomorrow. It has taken 3 weeks since the machine has been unrepairable. Every call to Samsung was like starting over. Right and didn't know what left hand was doing. Every time we got an reason as to why it would be another 3 to 5 more days longer than was told before! Not to mention you couldn't ever get someone who spoke good english. Oh and the exchange is a credit for amount spent at the store you bought it from! Not getting another Samsung.

I purchased another Samsung Dryer about two months ago from Best Buy. It was delivered and upon delivery made an absolute Horrible sound. Grinding, and very noisy, almost screaming at me. I contacted Best Buy who promptly came and replaced  with another dryer, same model same make. My new dryer did not make that sound upon delivery, and I was pleased. This lasted for about 2-3 weeks. Now, about 30 days later the new dryer is making that grinding, very loud, almost unbearable sound with every dry.

I have had multiple dryers in the past all of which were much softer and did not deliver such a sound. I actually cannot hardly bear the grinding, screaming noise, which I can hear with the laundry room door closed while in a room far, far away. I am heading out to purchase a new dishwasher and would fear the purchase of a Samsung.


I am returning my Samsung Stylus from my phone that broke off while in my phone. As I pushed down on the stylus for it to pop put only the top portion came out of the phone. The remaining portion remained in the telephone port. After contacting Verizon I was directed to the Samsung head office phone number. Upon contacting your company I was told by a young gentleman named Enrick (spoke with him on April 28 at approximately 5:30 PM EST) that I had to return my phone and it would take 9 to 11 days to get my telephone back and that Verizon would give me a loner.

Verizon specifically said they do not provide loaner phones and that Samsung should stop speaking for them.  Of course my question to your representative was who would pay for my phone service for those 11 days and why should I send my phone to Texas for repairs. I went to a local tech shop here and they said they could remove the stylus portion left in the phone but it would cost me $50.00. I informed your representative of this and he then told me that would void my warranty. It seems you are doing everything in your power to turn your customers away from your corp.  I have never been so stunted by a company not trying to assist their customers.

I finally went to Verizon and had to be very persistent and they removed the stylus for me. Now that I have the two parts the young lady I spoke to when I called back didn’t want to replace the stylus without charging me. This phone is only seven (7) months old. This is my second Samsung in the last 7 or 8 years, however it may be my last. This stylus should have been replaced without me having to jumping all the loops I’ve gone through.

There should be authorized dealers in each state that can make repairs and bill your company on warranties repairs and phones can be turned around in two days. Other vendors overnight phone to their customers. I have two Granddaughters with Apples on my account and their service is far superior to mine and I’m paying the bill. This customer service group or your customer service policies are not written for good customers relations. Just please return the stylus for my phone as promised and the proof of purchase is enclosed.


My mother purchased a Samsung stove a year ago for about $1600.00 at the Lowe's store in Maysville, KY.  And this is where the nightmare begins....After several months the oven unit began acting up and wouldn't hold the oven temperature. After a couple of service calls and no solution to the problem she has yet another service call scheduled for next week.  Now the stove has officially rolled over "a year old" we are back to where we started, nowhere!  My brother and I live 4 1/2 hours away and have dealt with most of this ordeal long distance.  

He has called and registered countless hours repeating this ordeal to every person who answers the phone call.  He has been hung up on and transferred in an endless loop of passing the buck.  I'm not sure what happens to the tapes that often are prompted before a service person handles your call for quality assurance, but with each and every phone call my brother made it was as if we were strangers and making the first contact.  Samsung you should be ashamed of yourself for such poor customer service and quality.  

Lowe's you are as much to blame for carrying products that obviously don't have strong quality as our complaints have been deflected from your store to no end.   I think my next letter will be to the closest news station's consumers hotline. Either way, this family is done with Samsung and Lowe's!  This country shouldn't tolerate companies that simply just ship in products to sell. This stove was a dream appliance for my mother who is an amazing cook, and instead she's out a whole lot of money, a stove that doesn't work properly, and frustration spread over an entire family.

I purchased not only a refrigerator but three other Samsung appliances on 7/6/15.  I originally went to purchase a refrigerator only  because my ice dispenser went out on my 10 year old GE refrigerator.  Now my ice maker quit making ice on my less than four month old refrigerator.  I have made 6 phone calls and done 4 different trouble shooting request only to be told that someone will call me in three-four days to schedule a repair.   Also I was told if it could have been corrected by trouble shooting I would be responsible for the bills.   I should not have to wait 7 days to get a new appliance repaired.  No wonder you have a terrible customer service rating. 


I purchased a Samsung 65" UHDTV UN65JU7100F, Model code UN65JU7100FXZA, type UN65JU7100, Version IH02, bar code 8 87276 09458 from Best Buy in February of this year and when I finally was able to open it, I immediately saw that the screen had been damaged.  I placed it back into the original box and the following day took it back to the local Best Buy. They would not even look at the TV and told me they could not help me out.  I was told to call Best Buy corporate office.  This didn't help, as they contacted the local Best Buy store and agreed with them. I waited for a week to get an answer from them.

Paying over $2100.00 and not having the Best Buy managers believe me that all I did was open it up and saw a weird almost horse shoe like crack. I'm sure that many buyers will try to cheat the system.  I'm not one of them.  I'm  so upset with the fact that Best Buy wouldn't even take a look at the TV when I brought it back.  Look at it and determine how it couldn't happened, because it's still a mystery.

The TV stayed in my SUV in the original box till March 16, 2016 when I wanted to see if it even worked.  After hooking it up the screen has numerous lines and you can follow what seems additional cracks.  I thought it was from the bottom and from the weird lines on the screen you can see what appears to be small crack lines from the top.  The back of the TV was dirty and looked like it had been used and returned.  I had another witness to this and they to believe that the TV didn't look new and fresh from the box.

Can the serial number and model be tracked to see where this particular TV has been?  Can it be fixed? Is it worth fixing?  Losing over $2100 makes me sick to my stomach and I was so distraught that I left it in my SUV after Best Buy refused to even look at it.  I was told once it was purchased and out the door, their was nothing they could do.  I wished I was given the option to have it delivered.  That wasn't given to me by Best Buy and now I know that I could have asked for delivery and set up.


On Christmas day the Microwave Serial # J6137WOCA00735E Model# SMH1816S, would not turn off.  It started to get extremely hot and as a safety issue, I unplugged the wall mounted unit as I was concerned it would cause a fire.  I called Samsung the next day 12/26/15, spoke with a gentleman he gave me a ticket # 5113163600.  I received a call Saturday evening 12/26/15 from a women she gave me ticket # 4133712043 and advised that Samsung would cover the cost of the service call and the repair as it was a safety issue.

I received an email that did not include the contractors phone number that stated they would be in contact with me by 12/30/15, I never heard from them.  I located the vendor you use in Pompano Beach FL and called them (954) 749-6100, they advised me the ticket was not completed so they can not assist me, they told me to call back Samsung, I called them back and received a second ticket # 4133778196.  I never received a call from the repair contractor so I called them today 1/6/16, they advised me that I would need to pay the $100.00 visit fee and the cost of the parts to repair the microwave.  This is not what I was told, can someone at Corporate assist me?  Should I just give up and blog the poor quality?

It just went off by itself and will not come back on. Called service 3 times, and one woman said you need service, gave me a ticket number and said someone would call in 24-48 hours. No call back. Yes it is out of warranty. Do they have a new capacitor problem or is it now the main circuit board? My old Sony, 8 years old is till going strong. Will never, ever buy a Samsung product again. That goes for phones, appliances etc.


I'm totally left distressed by the way my Samsung phone arrived back to me the back cover was covered in black dirt from somebody's filthy hands and scratched and even a deep cut. Once mentioning  this to Samsung I have been filled with empty promises and complete denial. My phone has been on a shockproof case since the moment it was purchased and has never been out of it. It was sent to Samsung to be repaired twice as it was still faulty on after the first repair.

Once I received it on the second time it was badly damaged as mentioned above. I feel completely let down by the way I have had this issue dealt with and my faith has been completely shattered  by the total disrespect  of the person concerned lying about something so trivial as a back cover. To me it is horrid as I have trusted Samsung with my phone twice and it was in immaculate condition. I hope you can sort this issue out for me and hopefully restore some of my faith for you company for future reference.


After stopping by a Samsung store at the Mall bristol when a pink line appeared across my s6 i was informed that they would be unable to get a replacement screen for around a month so advised me to contact samsung direct as they were in a better position to receive replacement parts quicker.

When i returned home i contacted the number provided explained the situation as was told my phone could be collected next day 29.09.2016 and would be returned within the 3-5 working day policy, this has since passed and have heard nothing from samsung at all so decided to call this morning but was given the repair centre's number which was finally answered on the 3rd attempt after being on hold for 22 mins. After answering various security question etc.

I was then told that the part still has not arrived and is not expected until the 16th of this month which happens to be a sunday so doubtful but further to that there would still be a further 3-5 working days on top of the parts arrival, none of which was explained at the very start of the process way back on the 28th September 2016 as had this been the case i would never of given up my device without a replacement being provided as most people are aware these devices are a huge part of most peoples lives not only being used as a phone but a personal computer/diary etc not to mention the cost of the contract itself.

I understand that there is a huge problem with Samsung products as a whole of late after watching various news stories but have always been drawn to them other than the other top brand i phone. Unfortunately this experience has changed my mind completely about your products and their aftercare i look forward to hearing your response.