FAA Officially Bans the Samsung Galaxy Note7 on All Flights


In what has gone from bad to worse for Samsung the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) this weekend announced a ban on all Samsung Galaxy Note 7's in airports across the United States. This comes obviously in response to the devices catches on fire spontaneously.

It does not matter whether you pack your Samsung Galaxy phone in a carry on or checked bag, it will be confiscated by the government before you fly. 

Here is the exact announcement sent to airport employees from the FAA. My friend who works at LAX airport sent me the email this morning.

Please become familiar with the FAA mandated travel ban on Samsung Galaxy Note 7 devices:

As of 12:00pm EDT on Saturday, October, 15, 2016, travelers will not be allowed to take their Galaxy Note7 on any flights. This includes both carry on and checked luggage. We ask that you abide by any guidance from the FAA and refer to the FAA website for more information. Because your safety is important to us, if you own a Galaxy Note7 we ask that you power it down and exchange your Galaxy Note7 for another Samsung smartphone or receive a refund, plus added incentives.

Samsung has representatives in all major terminals this week to assist passengers. They can exchange a customer’s phone on-site or take possession of their phone giving them a work order number to acquire another phone at their destination. Samsung personnel will be wearing Samsung shirts with a visible company badge. Each checkpoint will be providing their contact information to the device owners and airlines are waiving rebooking fees if necessary.

In another interesting twist to the story, Samsung announced this morning that they would be sending reps to all major airports in the United States. These reps will assist with what can only be described as confiscating your phone and giving you a refund.

It is truly amazing to see the epic global failure of Samsung here. So, if you are traveling anytime soon leave your Note 7 at home!


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Maybe I just need to try and fly with mine to get it fixed? I pre-ordered the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 on August 4. I wanted to change the shipping address to my work so it could be signed for, I called customer service and was told that once the order has been placed they are not allowed to change it in any way and I would have to cancel the order and re-order. I canceled the order received the cancellation email that evening. The pre-order includes a "free" gift also.

On August 5, I received a shipment notification for the free gift saying they were not able to cancel this item from the order and if I didn't want it I would have to call FedEx and refuse shipment and the hold on my money will be released 5 - 7 days after they receive the item back.

Why are they holding the entire amount for a "free" gift? Still waiting for the item to be returned to Samsung so my money can be released. In all of this time the pre-orders for my phone carrier have been sold out and my carrier is no longer listed when trying to pre-order. I will never order another product from Samsung.com again.


I purchased a Samsung Note 7 on August 27, 2016. I purchased the phone from Amazon because I wanted the gold model and I needed an unlocked phone because my carrier is Walmart Family Mobile. Walmart does not carry the Samsung Note 7. Now I am trying to please contact Samsung to return the phone, but they said I have to go through Amazon now?

Twice in the pass I called the Samsung promotion department and was told they were processing it. I call again today October 3, 2016 and was told that my phone did not qualify for the promotion because my phone was an international phone. The promotion didn't state that international phones did not qualify for the promotion. I do not think that is right.