Best Shell Gas Corporate Number for Complaints (It Works)


I have an issue with a local Shell station that I need to report to corporate. And so eventually I asked myself, "How can I contact Shell corporate with a complaint?"

The best way is by calling Shell Oil Company directly at one of two phone numbers. Call 888-GO-SHELL (or 888-467-4355 toll free) with feedback about a local station.

Or if you want to esclate your issue to headquarters try 713-241-4544 for media relations. There are also customer care employees who monitor their social channels on Facebook and Twitter.

Foothill and Towne Avenue is the Shell station that I have been going to most of the time for the 45 years in Claremont.  About 10:30 this Sunday morning I pulled up to a pump that had a sign that said something like check inside for credit card and carwash.  I went inside and asked for a carwash and to fill my tank.  

I always fill it so that I can see how much it would take when I’m checking mileage. The man behind the counter asked if I wanted $35 as I took out my credit card.  I said that I didn’t want $35 I wanted to fill the tank.  He said $20, I said no I want to fill the tank.  I said I don’t want to have to go to another pump to fill it.  He said you won’t have to do that, give me your credit card which I did and went to fill my tank.

Eventually I stopped and wrote a letter to Shell corporate offices in Houston at P.O. Box 2463, Houston, TX 77252.

At exactly $35.00 the pump stopped. I went to another pump and put in a few more dollars worth to fill it. I went inside and asked why he did that? The entire time I threatened to contact the head office if he did not comply. He said the pump stopped when the tank was full at $35. This was not true which he certainly knew.  He started saying loudly, “ I want you out of here" over and over again as the line of people at the counter looked at us.

He kept repeating the same thing as he walked to the door opening and pointing out with a raised voice continuing to loudly repeat the .”I want you out of here." Not that it's an accomplishment but this is the first time I've ever been thrown out of anyplace!

Why didn’t he just tell me the truth. That he didn’t know how or was not willing to fill the tank or that I could go to another tank as the other's worked.

In the past I have when I have left a credit card with an attendant, I have been allowed to fill my tank and then pay.  If you have changed your policy, attendants should inform the patrons. I see no reason not to be truthful with a patron if they are asking for something you don’t know how to do and no reason to talk to a patron in that manner.


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Upset at corporate? Their office location is: 
P.O. Box 2463, Houston, TX 77252



At the shell gas station on I 49N and Old Boyce Rd in Alexandria La. When I walked into the store the bathroom was so filthy I would not even use it. Then I went to prepay gas with cash there was a long line of 6 or more people. The cashier was more concerned with the people wanting their chicken and biscuit. She was slow and by herself. After standing in line for more than 10 mins I held up my $100.00 bill and said I having been waiting in line I just want to prepay gas could she just turn the pump on. She said no ma'm you have to wait your turn just like anyone else.

I said ok but I didn't think I would be standing here so long. Then after several more minutes of the cashier trying to get a Kroger reward card to work I gave up and took my money across the street. I was also surprised when I was looking on the internet to post a compliant when I saw the numerous complaints of rude workers and dirty bathrooms. Does Shell not see customer service or clean bathrooms a priority at all?


After leaving a family picnic I went to this shell gas station at 8801 W 87th st in Hickory Hill, IL to get gas I sent my son in with a gift card which was $10. I put $10 with it for & 20 worth. He came back to the car and said he had to put $10 with it because they told him it was invalid, so I went in and told them I just got the card as a anniversary gift the pervious week, so they told me in order for them to check it again I have to buy something. I was so angry I went to another shell in evergreen and they didn't have a problem and told me I should report them. I think because we were another race.


The attendant was very rude and dismissive when I asked him to swipe my rewards card. I don't understand why these gas stations can't swipe the rewards card so I can get my points for travel at the shell stations on the highway. I feel that if I spend my hard earned money with a Shell station I should be given the respect due to a customer.

I stopped for gas at the shell station at 90th and Lemont road in Darrien Illinois. The price on the sign was $ 2.41. When I got to the pump to pump my gas, the pump price was $ 2.69. I saw an employee named Norma , who said she was the manager. I told her the pump price was higher than the sign showed. She told me she was changing the price and that the price went up. My complaint is that the sign price was 2.41 and I pulled in off the street and that is the price that should be paid. She was very sarcastic when she told me this.

I suggested the way it should be done is change the street sign first so that people would not see that cheaper price and then find the pump price. I pulled in and parked at the pump only to have to pull out without getting gas. This happened on Thursday Aug. 6th. This was a $.28 difference in price  and would have been over $4. I hope to hear from you regarding this matter.


On Monday, 15 June, at 8:57 am, I filled up with gas at the Centerville Shell Gas Station at 1800 Centerville Turnpike.  One of the clerks assisted me in the transaction since I was using Kroger fuel points.  She was helpful and actually came to the pump (#2) and pumped supposedly regular unleaded gas.  The station is on the corner and I turned right and the car began making a terrible noise under the hood and I smelled smoke.  I arrived at Merchants on Indian Rd. and was checked in at 9:22 am where I had planned to get an oil change and tire rotation.  

I stated to Dean that my car was making a big noise and smoking. The mechanic checked it and said I had diesel oil emitting from the tailpipe. Previously filled my tank at a BP station 3 weeks before and had no trouble with my 2010 Toyota Camry until I had gas put in at the above Shell Station.  The bill to for repairs and get rid of that diesel oil was $927.28.  I am retired and the mileage on my car is low as I go short distances and live within 2 blocks of grocery stores and shopping center.


Several things happened at the Shell Station located at Ames Blvd. and the Westbank, Express Way in Marrero, Louisiana. When a friend of mine and myself pulled up to the pump to get gas, and we found an elderly lady and she explained to me that she could not walk to the store to pay the cashier so she had been waving at the cashier but no reply from the cashier. There was another problem the sign that is bright red said that the unleaded sign was blinking red lights advertising that the price of unleaded gas was (.14 cents a gallon).

So I proceeded to go into the store and ask the cashier two questions. Why she was not turning the pump on for the elderly lady because she couldn't walk into the store. The cashier informed me that the old lady had to come into the store because she was only taking cash. The second question I asked was regarding the price that was being advertising (.14) per gallon and the cashier went off. She immediately had an attitude with me while they had between 5 to 8 customers in the store. I then proceeded to tell her that was false advertisement .

When I told her that they needed to change that sign immediately. I also told her that the elderly lady had been trying to get her attention due to the fact that she had been trying to get her attention.The elderly lady only had a credit card and the cashier stated "Oh well she is going to have to come in and pay cash. Unfortunately, the lady could not walk that far. I was also irritated with that cashier because of the way she was speaking to me. So not long after that the cashier and I started arguing. Not long after that the cashier and I started arguing because she wouldn't help that poor lady as well as the sign clearly in bright red and the sign was huge.

Not to mention the fact that the cashier followed me outside to argue leaving at least 7 people in the store so the people in the store could have stolen items as well as the cash in the register. So lets just look back on this the cashier couldn't help the cripple lady by telling her she could only take cash, then there is a huge red sign stating that unleaded gas was (.14) per gallon so when I questioned her about the gasoline sign she started with the cursing and she actually followed me to my car once again leaving the patrons in the store alone to argue with me that happen 3 or 4 times leaving customers in the store alone. Even worse the elderly lady was still standing there waiting for gas. Now what do you think "help the elderly lady who had been waiting over 30 minutes or arguing with me. I think that is a no brainier help the lady. However once again she is out the store and they had at least 7 people in that store.

The elderly lady, she didn't help any of us. She left the store at the least 3-4 times with  no one to watch the register or the products that are sold in your establishment. The things she was saying to me were so vulgar and everybody could hear outside and inside.  I have picture of her and the bright red sign that states unleaded gasoline as (.14) per gallon which is false advertisement . I will be contacting an attorney about the bright red sign as well as your cashier who got in my face screaming at me and the elderly lady that was never helped by anyone from your establishment.  I have never seen somebody so rude and just down right mean and especially to someone who is handicapped.

I really hope to hear from someone in an adequate time regarding this matter. I'm letting you know that I have wittiness and other things witch I will discuss with my attorney. I also will be putting this on every social media that I can and I have the proof I need since it is the truth. So I really hope someone who can help me before this matter gets any worse.


I am a long time Shell customer with no complaints with their products. However, on December 17-15  I refilled at the local Shell station probably for the last time. Throughout the past year I could not read the pump and would go to another one. Today I spoke to the manager and complained about the unreadable pumps. He advised me that it was cooperate that refused to do t repairs. I told him I'd have my foot on someone's desk if it were my business and his response was "All cooperate does is collect the money and does not fix anything". I do find this hard to believe but if it is true  let me know and go elsewhere. Shell Station  742 south Indiana avenue, Englewood Florida.


I went at the Shell gas station on Corner of 163St and Biscayne blvd Aventura in North Miami Florida. I went for some gas and had to go inside because they (probably) tempered the pump that it would not give you the option to use my Winn Dixie reward card. So I went inside to be told that they do not accept the Winn Dixie reward card. Found it strange so I drove to Winn Dixie on the same street.

As I was explaining the situation to the Cashier she told me that she was aware of it, this other customer over heard the conversation and tells us that they had done the same thing to him the day before. Is this how Shell oil company handles your business or is it the cashier who is playing games. It seems that if this the case I should do business somewhere else. Thanks for reading and hopefully you will look into this if you want to keep a happy clientele.