3 Best Phone Numbers for Sprint Customer Service Help


Need to contact Sprint customer service by phone? They have offices all over the world and there are several options you can call to reach a live person during normal business hours of operation. The best 1-800 and toll free numbers are below, listed along with the call times. Average hold times are not available at this time.

Sprint Wireless Customer Service

Main phone number: 888-211-4727 (no hours of operation given)
Current customers: 866-866-7509
New customers: 866-866-7509 to start service with Sprint.

Sprint customer service hours of operation

Mon - Fri: 6am CST - 10pm CST
Sat: 7am CST - 9PM CST
Sun: 8am CST - 9PM CST

If you have a Sprint prepaid phone you can call 855-639-4644 from any landline.

Sprint Landline Customer Service

Sprint FonCard phone number: 800-366-2255
Sprint Prepaid Cards: 800-366-0707
Wireline services: 877-877-8748

Sprint Business Customer Service

Phone number for less than 4 employees: 866-805-9890
More than 5 employees: 866-313-6672
Converged wireline and wireless: 866-653-1056
Internet connectivity: 866-653-1056
VOIP: 866-653-1056

Sprint International Customer Service

Phone number for Canada: 1-866-805-9890
Caribbean: 1-866-313-6672
France: 1-866-634-3843
Germany: 0800-180-0951
Mexico: 001-877-294-9003
Italy: 800-787-986
United Kingdom: 0808-234-6616

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6200 Sprint Pkwy. Overland Park, KS 66251



Sprint promised to cut our bill in half and Sprint was supposed to pay the other half. Stephanie is the manger of Sprint so instead she stuck the whole phone bill to us we were suppose to pay only half and Sprint pay the other half well that never happened.

She screwed us by making us pay the whole phone bill we were also told we could make payments of $25.00 a month to Version but instead they turn us in to collections and now Stephanie is charging us late charges of $25.00.

At first she would work with my wife payments on the 4th of every day and now she decides not to work with my wife on her monthly payments we can't even get out of sprint because they have us under a 2-year contract and if we wanted out we would have to come up with $200.00. This is unfair to us we want to file a complaint against Sprint and their customer service rep named Stephanie. She is treating us like crap and I am a Veteran.


My cell phone - a Galaxy 3- was lost.  I went to the Sprint Store in Reston VA to purchase a new one.  During the interim period, my wife's cell phone  - Galaxy 4 - became inoperative.  I also brought that phone in for service.  

I purchased a Galaxy 6 for use under my existing plan.  My wife's phone could not be fixed because it was allegedly a "motherboard" problem and that would require additional parts that would have to be ordered.  It was agreed that she would use a replacement phone in the interim until repairs could be accomplished or the  replacement (used Galaxy 4) could be substituted.  That was accomplished several days after this exchange.  

The replacement phone soon would not charge and it was determined  on a second visit to Sprint/Reston that the charging "port" was not working properly.  The suggestion was to obtain a new phone for my wife which I did amidst several apologies for the somewhat extreme inconvenience and what I determined embarassment by Sprint Representatives at this event.  A reasonable presumption was that I would buy/lease  a new phone under a continuing plan to replace the inoperative ones provided by Sprint as substitutes.  

This was accomplished over the period of some 3 hours waiting in the Sprint facility and being "shuffled" from my original representative to a female representative that obviously was going to "load" my unfortunately experience, with the Sprint device "failures to perform," with lots of expensive charges for my wife's phone. I don't regret the purchase of the Galaxy 6 with expensive case and lots of options but I do resent the fact that my female representative did not explain that I would have to fund a cancellation charge on the original  phone to start a new plan with the Galaxy 6 sans Galaxy 4.  

The lack of full disclosure by the representative in my opinion constitutes fraud in the worst case or in the simplest of language deceptive business practices.  "Hey we can't seem to fix your phone after a couple of weeks and we are sorry that the replacement one doesn't work either" but here's the deal - pay us for the new phone loaded with "goodies" and we will charge you a cancellation fee for your old service plan!"  But the 5 O'Clock surprise (that we didn't tell you about) will be in your "Great Big Loaded Bill" we will send you (Received Today!).    

My original representative explained everything quite sufficiently.  Also, the technical representatives apologized for the problems with the non-working phones and when I suggested I should get a new phone, they agreed - I don't think they were aware of what that meant in terms of additional charges - on a side note, this whole fiasco cost me over three hours on the Friday before the Labor Day weekend.  One representative who had originally started working with me, simply forgot about me sitting in the waiting area and of course apologized when I left. Of course he didn't know that I would be billed a litany of fees and services that I allege are simply cosmetics that I have to pay for because - or maybe he did!

I'd like to get some financial restitution for this mess since I have used Sprint for many years. Why did I sign the contract?  How long would you wait to sign needing a phone replacement especially on a holiday weekend?  I ran out of patience after about 3 hours - for something that could have been concluded in 15 or 20 minutes!


I received a text on my boost mobile device and stated, if I switched carriers I could get a phone galaxy 6. I called sprint to inquire about the promotion. I explain that I was a boost mobile customer and the representative never told me about the other phone offers and that I could possible have sprint to buy my phone. I received the galaxy six phones and ask the representative to transfer my old number. the representative told me she was having difficulties and had to open a quick ticket and the problem should be resolve in 3 to 5 business days. the problem was not corrected I called back and they said the ticket was not completed.

I am furious at the service I have received for one. I travel across town to a doctor appointment to find out the doctor tried to contact me and could not due to my phone number, I have missed calls from school, and other important individuals. I did not receive the phones I wanted and the doctor had to cancel my appointment and I did not know this until I arrived at the appointment. I specified at the time of my order how important it is for me to keep my phone number, because of my doctors.

I need help now to resolve this matter. I need assistance with the buy back promotional and transferring my old phone number immediately. I certainly should receive credit for all the inconvenience this has callused. I repeated get transferred and get told different information with each call and each representative.


I called Sprint to discuss a discrepency in my 1st bill after getting my "free" tablet.  I spoke with Andrea Manzie and she explained that I could not get the free tablet and 1/2 off my data plan. So she changed my data plan the the smaller one since I wasn't using it a whole lot.  I asked whether I was on a contract or not and she told me no. She asked if I was interested in a new phone and I explained that I was thinking of going to Walmart because I heard the service was good.  She then gave me a deal of only $1 a month for my phone and reduced my phone bill from $111.06 to $56.01.   I asked several times if that was always going to be my bill and she confirmed that it was. When my next bill came it was $109.87.  I emailed Andrea and she reduced my bill to $65.87.  

When my next bill came it was $109.87 again.  I found out that for some reason my $19.00 credit that I get every month for the phone lease doesn't even it my account until the 27th of the month but my bill generates on the 9th.  Why is this?  So people will over pay on their phone bill?  I was told they can do nothing regarding the fact that I was told one thing by the representative and my bill reflects something else all together.  I can't seem to convince anyone to listen to the recording of my conversation with Andrea.  I gave them my confirmation number and apparently Andrea wrote in there that I requested a 50% discount on my billl.  

If someone would just take the initiative and listen to the recording of our conversation they would know the truth.  I intend to take this matter as high as I can go until this is resolved.  If it is not, I will return all my devices and I will not give Sprint any more of my money.  If they are not obligated to comply with our agreement, then neither am I.  I have been with sprint for over 15 years and put up with a lot of stuff, but I have hit my limit and they are going to lose a long time customer.


As of September 15, 2015, I have been back and forth with sprint's customer service regarding the fact that I don't have internet on a regular and reliable basis. Also my calls are dropping left and right and I am always data roaming.

My HTC phone apparently cannot stay connected to sprint's spark network that they have implemented in the US Virgin Islands. What am I supposed to do? I have talked to sprint repeatedly about my problems, their solution was to get another phone. As soon as I walked out the sprint store, my phone went from LTE to 3G. When that happens I might as well try talking with two cups connected by a string. I asked sprint to allow me to transfer my installment payments to a new phone that can stay connected to their network.

They won't let me, I have to pay off the HTC M8 phone, that lacks reliable internet and call capability. I am being cheated by Sprint and this has pretty much done it for me where this company is concerned. I bought my phone and pay every month for services I am not receiving and sprint doesn't care. I would like to get another phone that can stay on the LTE spark network. Not pay off the HTC M8, but transfer my payments to the new phone.

I believe sprint knew ahead of time that certain phones would not be compatible with their network but continued selling them to their customers.


I called sprint customer finance services they were supposed to investigate a conversation with john (supervisor) on 8/22/15. We had a monthly agreement of $171.00 every month I got no courtesy call back. I'm having the same problems with other representatives that answer the phone, and now their telling me that my bill is $259.55 can someone from your corporate office please call me. This amount is due tomorrow and I don't think I should pay money that I don't owe. The total that they want is $500.59. I am a new customer and I think it's unfair (the number that I called is 1-800 784-2608) or *3.


My phone quit all of a sudden.  Would not turn on.  Took it in to sprint on the 19th.  Supposedly fixed it.  So that was 2 trips that day.  Had to drop it off and come back.  Then the 20th it died again.  Took it back and was told they couldn't get it to work and they would order me a new phone.  Again 2 trips.  Then next day they called said the phone was working.  Went back in and one of your so called employees was very rude.  Said it had been working all afternoon. 

So went to sign on and quit.  Told them I wanted a new phone.  She was not going to order it.  Finally called a manager?  at home and he said order.  Again 2 trips.  Phone to be delivered Wed.  Thursday after noon called sprint (different store) to get phone no of correct store and she told me the phone would not be filled as they quit making this phone and wanted me to get different phone with a charge of course. 

Then Thursday phone came in. When I asked sprint if they had a loaner phone to use was told they don't do that.  Well for 3 days family (out of town) tried to get ahold of me.  Seems my aunt was in hospital and not good.  She passed away 1 hr after got the new phone.  So did not get to go up and say goodbye.  Your company is the worst company that I have ever dealt with.  My whole family is dropping Sprint as I'm sure this complaint will go nowhere.  Tell you the truth I have not heard anything good on this company.

My phone is broke so I did a claim Monday with your insurance at 2pm. They told me that I couldn't receive the phone Tuesday because the address I was sending it to is different from my billing address so it takes 8-24 hours to approve and the color phone I have is on back order so they would switch the color so I can receive the phone faster.

I waited until Tuesday around 3 and nobody contacted me so I called back. The people approved my address and promised me my phone will be here Wednesday. I waited Wednesday and I didn't receive my phone and when I called they told me my phone was on back order again. I explained to them that I completed my claim and once my address was approved and they said I will have my phone the phone should've been sent out that day. The lady said sorry but every phone is out of stock now but they're receiving a shipment of phones that day (Wednesday), and my phone will go out when they do.

So I checked my status of my phone today online and it says it haven't even been sent out yet. This is crazy I have to go a week without a phone when I kept being promised the phone will be here early plus I'm 8 hours away from my father and he cannot contact me. Is there a way I can just switch the phones out in store or something because I kept being lied to and my school mailroom is closed on Saturdays so if that phone isn't sent today I will have to wait until Monday or later. Is there a way I can pick up a phone today?


My husband and I have been Sprint customer for over 10 years and have had, until today, exceptional service.  One of the main reason we've stayed so long is due to the great customer service along with the lenience on setting up payment arrangements during tough times.  Over the past year to two years we have undergone quite tough times with a 3rd new baby and also relocation from PA to FL. 

I have worked in customer service for over 10 years and know first hand that my experience is highly unacceptable.  The representative I spoke goes by the name of Brian and reports to a supervisor/manager by the name of John Carlos.  I spoke with a regular customer service representative that ended up needing to escalate my situation to Brian.  I held for 30 minutes before he actually got on the line, so that added more to my frustration. 

Once on the line with Brian I explained our personal situation and in regards to our billing due was hoping to work out some sort of an arrangement expecting no problems of coarse because we've needed to due this exact thing in the past months.  Brian was very rude, showing no concern or empathy to my situation what so ever! I mean he literally had me in tears.  He explained there was no way anything could be done in our situation.  Please note we did have a past due amount that we were planning to pay and were planning to arrange future payment automotive for our balance due for this month.  Not only did Brian inform me that there was nothing he could due to help.  That we needed to pay a ridiculous amount on top of our past due in order to guarantee no interruption in our service.  From setting up payments in the past I know this was not a true statement. 

Also according to the automotive system our past due was all that was needed to prevent an interruption of services.  I explained this to Brian and he stated due to the call time(the time we were on the phone going back and forth about the issues) he had to disconnect the call since there was nothing more he could do, and hung up on me.  I was livid. I plan on contacting cooperate office on Monday regarding this experience as well.  It doesn't get any more unprofessional than that in my eyes.  Especially because I've done his job with other companies for the past 10 years. My husband was furious and we actually called to terminate our services and go elsewhere. 

However I spoke with a wonderful representative by the name of Briana whom took complete care of us in all the ways we needed and have had in the past.  She handled our situation better than we ever expected! Briana is the reason we will continue with sprint and I just hope Brian is reprimanded  for his horrible services because it really gives sprint as a whole a bad rep.  Out of the 10 years with sprint this is the first horrible experience with customer service we've ever experienced and man it's true what they say one bad experience can change someone's entire perspective on continuing as a customer.  


I have been turned over to a collection agency, this was cleared up last year. My last official service was Nov 2014.  Spoke with a sprint lady last year to clarify this, she said she would take care of this because it was sprints mistake.  I am still getting collection agency people still contacting me.  Contact sprint today, very rude and they hung up on me because now since my phone number is used by someone else and I do not have the account number they could not help me. Very unprofessional by the guy in the collection area.  Contacted a local sprint store trying to get my account info, lady very rude as well.

Not sure why I cannot get my account number on the phone if I have my ss number. This company needs to send the sprint staff to training on how to treat customers. It is also ridiculous that this was taken care of last year and I am still being called and sent a bill. This is a waste of my time and puts my credit score at risk. I would like someone to contact ASAP to resolve this issue.

On Saturday, February 13th around 6PM I came to Sprint store to add an additional line to my account. The sprint manager took my iPhone 5 to add that line, but then he started to talk to sprint customer service, but when he was talking, he walked out of the store with my phone and walked around the mall. When he returned, he did not have my phone with him. I asked him where my phone was and he said, "Yeah, someone must of stole it".

I got really upset and we called security, but did not get any help. The manager kept saying, that it was not his fault. I told him that he was 100% responsible for my phone because he took it from me and all this happened at sprint property. But he said that he can offer me $40 store credit, then he just continued on other customers. I was a Sprint customer for over 13 years and this is what I get! I am using my super old flip phone at this moment which is unacceptable. And I had almost new iPhone 5!


I have been lied to over and over again. First off I was told that if I made a payment of $182.81 my service would be restored and it never was. When I called back i had to sit on hold for over an hour and talk to 20 different people and was then lied to again. I was told if I pay $18 more dollars on my account then it would for sure be restored and so I made the payment and it was once again not restored so I called again and asked for a manager and then was transferred to a collection agency called NSA they said that sprint sent my account to them after I had already made my payment and they were not supposed to send my account to them as long as I had made my payment. Now I'm being told I need to pay $200 more to have my account restored. I have never had to deal with such a rude company in my life and I have never been lied to by a company like this over and over!

Then, now I am having a huge problem replacing a stolen phone. The phone was stolen on 4/25/16 its been replaced twice and both times the phones weren't working. Now am waiting on a third replacement but won't get that one until they receive one back. I've been on the phone with sprint and apple for hours and was asked to visit a sprint store. The sprint store did not do much only to say it was an iphone problem and to visit an apple store.  I did and no positive results there either but at least they tried for about 3 hours and were very nice and professional, wish I could say that about the sprint store.

I’ve been so frustrated that a couple of days later I thought maybe I should just cancel my account.  I called customer service and asked how much would it cost me to cancel my account and wasn't even asked why I wanted to cancel. Just told how much to cancel. I’ve been a customer for over 15 years; so much for loyalty. My wife left the country on Saturday 5/7/16 with no phone. It is now Tuesday the 11th and still don’t have a working phone. I am expecting a call back today from sprint to continue this nightmare. I am currently looking for other wireless company options. I am so disappointed.


Horrendous Customer Service from Sprint - been with them for over 17 years and never paid late and never complained until the past two months over incorrect billing and $25. Credit due!  Someone from executive offices is supposed to call me back within 24-72 Hours.  Read my Chat Transcript today concerning a $25.00 Credit Due me  that was over an hour long.  Trying to wear me out but I will go up the Ladder and/or regulatory departments.  Looking for a new Provider!  Loyalty means nothing to Sprint!