My Complaint to the CEO of Staples Corporation


Today, I complainted to the CEO of Staples corporate and won. Here is what happened. Yesterday, on 7/6/16 I purchased 4 packages of SPLS 8.5X11 multi purpose printer paper #718103161039 at $7.99 each for the $5 rebate for each one. For 2 hours on 7/6/16 I tried to submit online for the rebate with no luck. It continued to say my email & password did not match. So I changed my password (just like I had to do 12/2015), got an email stating my new password had been accepted, but when I tried to enter for the rebate again, it again stated my email & password did not match. 

Talk about frustrating. Staples gave me a rebate and here I was frustrated at their customer service process.

So today, 7/7/16 I went into the store #1863 & spoke to the manager/Daniel. I provided him with screen prints of every screen in the process for the online rebate with proof it was not accepting anything. I went to his office and came back with a post-it note 877-266-6483 written on it & told me to call that number & they would help me process my online rebate. I called that number & could not speak to anyone.

Nobody would help me when I phoned Staples customer service. That's when I decided to escalate my complaint to the Chief Executive Officer of the entire company.

So I called Staples headquarters at 508-253-5000 and was transferred to Office of the President & spoke to Bruce. Then, after talking with him for several minutes I asked him to be transferred to the office of the CEO. I told him my issues and how Daniel was indifferent to me as he could have done this online for me, just like Bruce did and gave me tracking #738692208 for cash rebatse on 4 items = $20 total & to allow 4-6 weeks to receive. He said they would address the store manager/Daniel's indifference, as well as the policy problems.

After I spent almost 4 hours trying to get the rebate online, I finally had my complaint resolved and assurances that this would not happen again.


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I went to Staples to send a package through their UPS department, as I was referred by a coworker, and had them help me make sure my packaging was all done correctly and all the stickers were clearly on it to ensure its safe travels to my ebay buyer. To give a good description of how I made sure to keep this package, which was a larger antique window, very safe and secure.

I used a box specifically tailored to contain a window of its size, styrofoam corner pieces to ensure no damage and extra protection from cracking on edges if it was, by any chance, handled a little too roughly, and I wrapped it thoroughly and thoughtfully with bubble wrap. To be extra clear about what the contents of this package were, I had the UPS packaging person help me to put on red "fragile" stickers all around the box in the correct places as well so they knew in handling it, to be extremely careful.

The total sum of this packaging ended up being $93.00, unfortunately I received an email from Staples informing me that UPS put in a claim that the package was damaged during delivery and never made it to the buyer, rather was sent back to the Staples. When I picked the package back up, and opened the box to see the damage done, it was in pieces, as if thrown off a cliff (I wish I was exaggerating). I contacted Staples about a refund and was, after many emails, refused and told to call UPS, which I had already done. UPS said it was Staples responsibility to refund the money due. However, Staples final word, after three weeks, was to obtain a lawyer and take legal action against UPS.

So, here I am, out $200.00 and with a vehement customer, and with a wish to make sure this doesn't happen to anybody else. Thank you for your time, and please make sure that this is out there somehow so nobody is stuck in the situation I am currently in with everyone passing the buck and leaving me having to somehow take legal action, when really this was a simple mistake that could've, one been prevented, and two, easy to reach a solution to. I wish it was easier for my part in the end, but this may be my only saving grace. Again, thank you very much for your time.

A disgruntled and disappointed customer.


Black Friday 2015 I purchased some items and received "rebate cards".  Not long after this, my husband began treatment for a rare kind of cancer and everything normal about life went out the window.  We have just completely the entire series of treatments....and I just recently came upon the two rebate cards.  When I called Customer Service, I was informed that the cards were still good, but fees had been subtracted from the balance. 

So, I went on into our local Staples and proceeded to scan some items for purchase, only to be told that the cards were no good.  Will you please help me with this?  I do so want to get back into life.  Would you please consider sending me new, updated cards, with the full amount of the original rebates on them?  I would so much appreciate this, if you would.


I read your add today for what looked to be reems of 500 sheets of 20 lb paper on sale for $3.00 each with an instant rebate. When I got to the cash register, I found a much different, higher price and different rebate program. I must put up $7.76 for each reem of paper, fill out and mail a coupon, then wait 6 weeks for a refund of my money. Whoever writes your adds, does it in a very misleading way. This will never happen to me again. It was my fault for falling, once again, for your scheme.

I also wanted to voice my displeasure with your company. Staples offered a one day sale on amazon Fire Sticks I place an order for quantity 3 the maximum I could order. I received an email from your system informing me that my order was delayed by a day ( this was not the problem). After waiting a couple of days I went to your system to track the order no information was found. I sent a help request through your system notifying me that the order was cancelled on your Companies behalf. I have attached response to this below.

I spent 20 minutes on the phone this morning after two different people I was told that my address had delivery problems in the past. I have lived at the same address for five years and have never refused a shipment for any business. I was not offered to have the item reshipped or even pick-up at a store. My non-profit organization has ordered many orders in the past through my user name. I am deeply disappointed in the LACK of service received from Staples. To me it seems that Staple’s cancelled the order because they oversold the product. I will choose to not do business with a Company that treats loyal customers in this fashion. I was taught that the customer always comes first. I guess this is not the culture of Staples.

This is what I heard back from Staples customer service:

Hi Cary, thank you for contacting Staples regarding your order 9726679080. I sincerely apologize; at this time your order has been canceled by our support team. In order to
discuss further we recommend that you call us at 800-333-3330 Monday through Friday between the hours of 8:30 am – 8:00 pm Eastern Standard Time. Thank you for choosing Staples.

Please help Staples keep your personal information secure by not providing credit card information within email correspondence. Should any credit information be required, a Staples representative will contact you via phone for further information.


I called staples and spoke with Ken about price matching he said they had the item and that they would price match the item. I went into the staples at Tollgate Center 615 Bel Air Road (US Rt. 1) Bel Air, MD 21014 410.638.9543 Store #0325. I saw Ken (The Associate) and he was very kind to me, he helped me get the Laundry Detergent that I needed. When I got to the register I told the associate that I wanted to price match the Tide Oxi Detergent from the Lowes website she said ok and to let her see my phone so she could see what store it was.

The manager Tara who was standing on the other side of the register leaned over and asked to see my phone as well. I let her see it so she looked at it and said oh no, the policy says that we ONLY price match local stores. I said ok, and I went to my car to look at the staples policy.

The policy states that they price match ANY authorized U.S. reseller and that the item had to be in stock. I go back in the store and tell the manager what the policy really says and the manager tells me to wait so that she can go print off the policy. There was a policy book sitting on the counter and I stated that, but she ignored me and kept walking. About five minutes later another manager by the name Eric comes out and stated that the item can't be on clearance which the item was not. Eric asked to see my phone so that he could see for himself and wanted to know which Lowes it was.

I allowed him to see it and gave him the zip-code to that Lowes. Eric stated that he would be right back and went back into the office. Some minutes later, Eric and Tara returned and stated that I would be able to get the item if it were in-stock which it was. I let her again see the item on my phone and it said in-stock.

Tara stated well Mercedes from our help center stated that it was not when she looked. I said to Tara, you see it right here that it is in-stock. Tara said it doesn't matter because we won't sell you the product. I said ok, can I have the corporate number and she gave the number. I called and Mercedes answered. I started explaining the situation to her and she says is this about the Tide Oxi. I stated yes. Mercedes went on to say if the store says they won't sell it to you for whatever reason I can not override there decision. I asked Mercedes was the reason they would not sell the product to me a reason in the policy. Mercedes said it doesn't matter because again if they say they don't want to sell you the product at the price match amount I can not over their decision.

I asked to speak with Mercedes manager and she put Lee Ann on the phone. Lee Ann allowed me to explain somewhat and cut me off, saying ma'am the product is not in-stock. I said to Lee Ann I'm looking at the product right. She started (getting loud saying) DID YOU CLEAR YOUR COOKIES ON YOUR PHONE! I said yes I did. She says well I've looked and the website states it's not in-stock! At that time I was just exhausted from going back in forth in the store and getting the run around on the phone so I asked for someone over top of her. Lee Ann gives me the presidents number and said call them but unfortunately they aren't open until Monday.

I can not understand why they didn't want to price match for me and kept giving me reason after reason why they can't, and for the manager (Tara) to lie to me and tell me we don't price match any competitors that aren't local is inappropriate and upsetting. None of the reasons were in the policy so what are they going off of? Are they allowed to make up reasons why a product can't be price matched and sold to certain customers? No one should be treated the way I was treated today.

I purchased a desktop computer, monitor and keyboard/mouse combo from Staples online site. The desktop was on sale for $300 off, so it seemed a sweet deal. I asked for the stuff to be delivered to my local store so that I won't have to miss a day of work waiting for them to delivery to my home. (I was burned by Office Depot that way, but that is another story.) I got the confirmation email from the store this morning and only the monitor and keyboard/mouse combo had arrived. The desktop was said to be out of stock. I called the store and they confirmed that they had to PC with my order.

I called the 1-866 493-8108 number for Staples, as that was the place that had called my to verify that I wanted my stuff shipped to the store. I was told by the person I spoke with that the Dell XPS I wanted was indeed out of stock and would not come back into stock. But she offered me a $75 coupon. Then not 15 minutes after that call, I get a call from a guy at Staples named Will who apologized that my PC didn't ship because it was unavailable at the local warehouse. He said it was available at another warehouse for a shipping delay. He gave me a 1800-333-3330 number to call.

When I called that number I was told that the system was available, but not at the price originally offered. I would have to pay more for the same system, minus another lousy $75 coupon. If that isn't bait-and-switch, I don't know what is. Between Staples and Office Depot, I now believe customer service in America is dead. Their definition of customer service is whatever inconveniences them the least, and who cares if the customer is happy or not.


I had purchased a laptop from the Riverbank. Ca store #1401. They upgradedt to Windows ten which was only to a few hours.  It took two days, although I had inquired at the tech dept several times as to the status.  I was told the wifi was really slow in the store and they would call me when it was ready.  No one called the first day and after several calls from me I was told I could pick up the second day in the evening. I had been told I should bring in my old PC and they would preform a free PC check up.

I returned with it the following morning.  There was no one there dedicated to the tech support area.  There were only 2 clerks in the store.  The cashier up front and another person who's badge red as cashier but was also the tech support that day.  Even though I was there ahead of about 7 other customers I had to wait while they were assisted.  After 25 minutes I was finally helped.  Of course by this time I was pretty upset at the clerk even though I knew if wasn.t this persons fault. 

Upon questioning I learned the manager who has been there 2 years had recently hired 12 people and nine had quit.  This tells me something of management.  Unless Staples Corp wants another store to shut down for lack of business I suggest they look in to what is going on here.   While I was there at least three other customers walked out angry at lack of service.  This is not an employee problem but management.  I will go to another store after this.

I recently went to Staples to check out what they had for computers. Most were above the price I wanted to spend on a laptop so the associate tried to find one in their warehouse in Massachusetts that was not only what  I was looking for in a laptop but within my price range. He sold me a laptop that I later found out was almost 5 years old and had been refurbished. When I checked out the specs online later, I not only discovered the age of the laptop but that it had only one hour of battery life. That besides several other factors made me decide to cancel my order, which of course I could not do as it had already been processed and would have to wait until delivery to return it-several days later.

Then when it arrived at the store, I never received an email as they said I would telling me it had arrived. I went to the store after tracking the package online and saw that it had gone out for delivery several hours before. The associate that waited on me couldn't find it at first-hmmm- then located the box right next to where he had been standing. I can't say I can blame him for missing it as the box was in very rough shape. Actually looked like it had been used several times before as the sides were torn and the top and bottom dented in. Was SO glad I was not purchasing THAT laptop! The associate asked for my sales slip and I told him the only thing I had received was the paper the previous associate had given me last week.

He was still able to issue me a "return" on the item with a slip this time and said I should see the amount credited to my account immediately.  Yet another lie. When I chatted online with the main office they told me it could take up to 5 days for it to be credited to my account. Then if it still isn't,  I then have to dispute the charge with my bank which would be another 10 days before  I could get my money returned. Staples is likely okay for pens, paper, etc. But buying anything electronic from them is about as chancey as playing the megabucks. And more expensive, I might add.


Went to my local Staples Store in Benton Harbor, Michigan. Wanted to get a monitor for my laptop for home use. Told the guy that waited on me that I had an ACER laptop which only had an HDMI port for monitors and had  Windows 10. Also told him I didn't have a CD Drive to load drivers; however, don't see that as much of a problem yet. Won't know until I try to hook the monitor up which is the crux of the problem.

So I purchased an HP 22VC IPS Monitor which the sales guy pointed out had HDMI and would be cool with Windows 10. Purchased it, took it home got it out of the box and guess what. No HDMI cable in the box!! Had a VGA Cable which I could strangle someone with; however, I can't hook up my laptop with it. Called the store and explained the situation. Girl there said that they sold the HDMI Cables separately. I wasn't told that and I would have thought that an HDMI Cable would have been in the box instead of the old cheap crap VGA Cable.

So I had a salesman that didn't ask me if I needed an HDMI Cable and HP that puts a piece of useless wire in their monitor boxes. To top it off I have no transportation, (car troubles between buying and getting home) and no way to get to a store to get an HDMI Cable. So now I have a very sleek looking paperweight on my desk for awhile. Hey Staples train your salespeople to at least ask the right questions. I wouldn't be upset at all if I knew I had to buy a cable BEFORE I left the store as I am because I have to GO BACK and get one. But then again the Best Buy is right next door so I don't have to buy it at Staples now.  

If I could have chose 0 stars I would have. Yesterday May 2 at seven in the evening I walked in to the Eureka Staples and asked to get a receipt for the package I was sending. It already had a label on it from UPS all I needed was a drop off receipt. I was told I had to wait 15 for the person that was on break to return, Since that was unacceptable I asked for a Manager. The manager "Chris" was so rude because he was brought out from behind his desk that things just got worse. I am not going to type the whole conversation however the key to all this is "Chris" told me, "Go ahead and call the main office on me, get me fired, I hope you do" Now is that a person you would want in management running your store? He needs to learn what customer service is all about.