Calling T-Mobile's 1-800 Number is an Exercise in Patience


T-Mobile's 1-800 customer service number is supposed to help customers out, right? But more often than not the automation and rude employees end up harming relationships more than they help them. There corporate office location is also very difficult to contact, even though the address is clearly promoted at 12920 SE 38th St, Bellevue, WA 98006. 

You can try to call customer service at 1-877-746-0909 or by dialing 611 if calling on a T-mobile phone:

These two options provide automated care 24 hours a day and customer service agents from 4am-11pm Pacific Time. An alternative line is possible by calling 1-877-453-1304. If you prefer to mail inquires the physical mailing address is Customer Relations at PO Box 37380 Albuquerque, New Mexico 87176.

More contact options I tried for T-Mobile:

You can live chat with a T-Mobile customer service agent and find basic customer service information here. The company also maintains a community support site where T-Mobile users can help each other with questions and issues here. Also T-Mobile maintains active social media pages run by their "T-Force" that can be reached if other attempts fail through their Facebook page, active Twitter profile, or Google+ page.

The well known mobile communications company is part of German telecommunications provider Deutsche Telekom AG with the T-Mobile International brand serving as the holding company for all subsidiaries outside of Germany. T-Mobile's North American headquarters are location in Bellevue, Washington near Seattle. After nearly merging with AT&T in 2011, T-Mobile USA merged with MetroPCS in early 2013.

Since then the company has put an emphasis on improving network quality, customer service, and approval ratings along with overhauling their business model to focus on more contract-free options and plans. This led to T-Mobile being awarded the JP Power Award for customer satisfaction in the wireless category in 2015 & 2016.

Here are three exmaples of where T-Mobile customer service went totally sideways:

1. T-Mobile corporate does not value human life
My friend's wife passed away April 18. She started their T-Mobile phone account and paid the bills. I reported her passing to T-Mobile corporate office. They had me send them a bunch of information on e-mail, including the name and contact of the funeral director in lieu of a death certificate. I've heard nothing back.

Today, I called T-Mobile customer service at 1-800-937-8997 and told them I needed to know how much my bill is and asked them if they transferred the account to my name. I got the biggest runaround in history. I was told to go to a local store. I was told by the local store to go to the number above. I have no trouble finding another carrier who is easier to deal with, if that's the case. I was on the account. Just transfer the account to me, tell me how much my bill is, and I'll move on in life.

2. T-Mobile employees cannot perform basic account services over the phone
I have been a T-Mobile customer for a long time and never had an issue until now. I feel that it’s important for you to know what has taken place. In May, 2015 we sold our business, the phones and tablet was under Business account. In June of 2015 we notified T-Mobile that business was sold and it should transfer into a personal account. At that same time, I upgraded my husband phone and tablet, as well as got an additional tablet for my daughter, all this took place at T-Mobile location 702 Brighton Beach Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11235 (718) 769-0754. At the end of the transaction they had me sign a lot of paperwork and it was completed successfully. 

A month went by and we did not receive our bill, although I continued to make on-line payments, so we got in touch with T-Mobile and were informed that apparently for some reason the business account was not closed, that they are sending bills to the business address, so we went over everything, closed again business account, changed the mailing address and the representative told me that he will send me an e-mail that I would have to e-sign the papers and I immediately did. The representative never told me that I will get about 5 e-mails, so when this e-mails came in I thought it’s a computer glitch, therefore I signed the first one without realizing that I need to sign 4 or 5 more e-documents. 

I continued to be a T-Mobile customer, however as month went by I did not receive a bill so we called again and ask them to correct the address and believe it was done. In the end of October beginning of November I again upgraded this time my phone, no issues were brought to my attention and we did not here from T-Mobile until November 19, 2015  when they call my husband and told him that we are in collections for $1,275 for not e-signing all of the documents. 

I called collection agency  later that day and spoke to Doug with AM SHER Collection (I will file complain against them) I asked what its all about he could not explain it was not important to him. When I tried to explain to him what happened and that even  today T-Mobile acknowledge that they did not change the address so they been sending the bills and notices to the wrong address and throughout so many communications and upgrades we were never told that there is an issue and that T-Mobile supervisor told me that they might have had computer glitch (at T-Mobile I spoke yesterday to Michael O. rep and Supervisor Andrew W. ; C location). I have not received anything from T-Mobile. 

Mr. Doug from collection Agency told me :"No one can Help you" I replied for not signing all of the e-documents, especially that I continue to be T-Mobile customer, I will not pay $1275, that this is a rubbery and I will bring  this to FCC attention, so the reply was from Doug: "I don't care about FCC they can’t do nothing, they will not help you, no government agency could help you"; I was shocked,  he further proceeded to threaten me that all the equipment will be turned off I will be denied all the services, but I am paying for this equipment and FCC is a powerful government organization, so I count on them to help us.

My husband works for NYPD, I work on helping after hurricane Sandy, and our son is active US Marine, I said to Doug I am sure that FCC will help and if you don't believe in government support and that they would take care of their citizens than you have an issue.  T-Mobile supervisor Andrew although trying to be understanding and acknowledging that the address was never changed during all this time, upgrades, communications… said that he can’t help us r do anything about it. This was the end of the conversation.

3. T-Mobile takes advantage of teenagers and senior citizens
I have been with t-mobile for almost 15 years. along with my family. I was sent an email in August from T-Mobile stating ad a line and get a free tablet. I was planning on putting my 91 year old father on my plan so when this popped up I figured do it now, maybe my dad could learn how to use the tablet. I already have 2 plus 2 smart phones and home computer. I didn't need another device. When I called  I made absolute sure that this was free. I said I have internet service in my home already , I don't want to pay anything for this tablet. 

She assured me twice there was no other costs, it was free. After al these years T-Mobile wants to charge me $170.00 for this tablet or ad T-Mobile service at another 10 bucks a month. This is a very low blow. They wont take it back. My last tablet I paid $74.00 for and its much better than this one they probably got for $10.00. You should make this right T-Mobile. I have talked a lot of people into switching to you over the years. Very unethical, if you go back and listen to our conversation on that day, you will find I made very sure there was no contract attached to the offer. I hope you make this right.

4. T-Mobile billing department constantly allows errors on monthly bills
I bought equipment from t-mobile store charge on my bill, I received a lump sum of money started paying bills off my equipment was one part of my numerous transactions. I never noticed they didn't pay the bill off they billed my for the lump sum. Month later I didn't have the money told them to put back in installments. They were not able to do so, therefore recognizing the mistake they credit the account. $163.00, Hooray.

I'm paper less so t-mobile sent me a text say I owe $8.87 in May. Sent another text saying I owe zero balance. Got another bill for July for the amount I was paying when I had installments for the equipment. I was livid. I called told me I owe for may and June and said I owe $148 on my equipment. I will pay my remaining installments and leave t-mobile for another carrier.  

How has your experience been calling T-Mobile support? Leave your comments below!


Read more complaints: 
Have a complaint? Call customer service at: 
1 (877) 453-1304
Upset at corporate? Their office location is: 
12920 SE 38th St Bellevue, WA 98006



My heart is very heavy in writing this email.  I have had consistent problems with my G6.  It freezes up.  Logs me out, sometimes does not come on for hours.  What's even more alarming it gets so hot that it burns my hand to use.  I have taking it to the T-Mobile store in Southfield to Mike and Reggie.  There was no trouble shooting, my phone was reset and I was on my way.  Once this happened three times the store ordered me a new phone.  Within 20 mins with the new phone no apps added the new phone does the same identical thing. 

When I took it back to the store.  The store clerk noticed how hot the phone was, but also how the apps was being eating by a virus according to him.  On a phone, I hadn't had at that time for more than an hour.  Took my phone back on yesterday to have yet another phone to be added.  What's even more dis-hearting next month would be a year of my months death and every last picture of her was lost in the first phone.  I luv t-mobile and don't want to switch. 

But I beg of you to supply me with a working phone.  My protection requires this immensely.  I know longer can afford the cost to pay a bill toward a phone that only works 1week in a month.  Repeating purchase of $37.01 cover. etc.  Please help me rectify this problem.....The stores clerks both stated, "I have this phone.  It's a terrible phone.".  Well the problem with this is why was I warn prior to purchase?


Returned an iphone for another because the volume went in and out about 4 months ago. Now on my bill this month, I have a charge for $250 for a replacement phone and I was told T-Mobile would cover it. Called Tmobile about the charge and was told the phone was received cracked. I know that phone was sent in almost new condition and if it was received cracked, wouldn't I have been notified immediately upon arrival. I have had numerous issues with Tmobile and its customer service department and trying to get resolutions, people hanging up on me or people not knowing what they are doing. Can someone please help me resolve this, I have been in good standing since I opened my account with Tmobile, and a $458 bill will not do at all.


I have three phones on my account, last year Feb.15, 2015, I reported it to the 1-800 number as stolen at that time I requested for service to end on that line. I was told it would be done and if I wanted to replace the phone it would be 175.00, which I thought was crazy therefore I never replaced the phone. Om 4/25/16 I went to spend time with my daughter and call T-mobile about the hot spot , towards the end of the week I received a text in regards to my limited of data and it had the phone # above listed active during that call service was suspended.

I have called about that number a few times as being disconnected  and I was told it was also I had switch the phone number and request to change the name  on my flip phone and asked about the phone # above and he told me it was off. I feel that I have been rip off paying 40.00 a month for three phones where it should have been two phone. I should be reimburse for those 15 months. I am upset that T-mobile is ripping me off I am considering to change carriers.

I don't want to give your company a bad name but I am not satisfied. I am more than a number on your spreadsheets I am a customer.


Your promotional of 4 lines for $100 is completely false advertisement as my bills have been double that since the day I opened an account.  I am so fed up with the customer service and the run around that I get whenever I contact T-mobile that I am prepared to address this matter legally.  My account has been notated multiple times with me trying to make adjustments to decrease the costs of my monthly billing and repeatedly my bill has risen when there is no subsequent usage.

The final draw is that I am receiving poor network connection forcing me to have to make phone calls outside my home and your company sending me a router to connect with my home wi-fi.  I dispute the validity of my billing as it has never been properly set up from day one to present.  I have recorded my phone conversations with T-mobile (including an outrageous marathon of being switched from a total of 8 different representatives) proving beyond a shadow of a doubt that T-mobile representatives are thoroughly trained to make sure the customer is confused as possible, frustrated and giving into terms they do not fully understand until you are presented with the bill. 

I have posted at least one of these outrageous customer service sessions on YouTube open to public opinion.  The world has gotten to see first hand that I am not lying or exaggerated the frustration involved in dealing with customer service and resolving billing issues.  T-mobile will pad the bill to continue to make it advantageous to them.  I think it is appalling to be continually billed for service that I am not getting.  I refuse to connect the router up to my home wi-fi and pay T-mobile for an insulting level of service.  If I am going to pay what amounts to a car note or car payment just to have wireless service then no thank you.

Attached please find links to the recorded sessions I've had with T-mobile.I have a right to do so based on my disabilities as a reasonable accommodation, when I am dealing with companies trying to rip me off.  Below is the link to one my most recent phone sessions complete with graphic details of the problems I have with T-mobile.


I switched over April 28th 2015.Was told it would take 4-6 weeks. It's now Aug.1st, it just got approved but it will take 2-3 more weeks. I was misinformed from the beginning. Now I get dropped calls all the time in my area,but they say that I am in a good area. Not so, or wouldn't be complaining. I am going to cancel but they say I can't return phones, I have to pay the balance off first. This has been a nightmare and a scam. Even a discount on the phones would be nice. Totally not worth the time and hassle. Called several times to get information and each time different stories. Customer service sucks. Soon to be cancelled.

Every month for the past year, when I signed on with T-mobile, I have to call to correct my bill.  T-mobile can't seem to correct the problem.  They leave off one of my jump lease credits every month.  I end up spending an hour on the phone and am told it will be escalated and the supervisor will call me back to follow up.  I have been told I will receive a call back at least 6 different times but no one has ever called me.  I called again on July 9 and was told the same thing and asked what I owed. 

The supervisor, JJ, told me what I owed that was due July 20. I paid it and now receive a text that I have a past due balance!  I called again today, July 23, was on the phone for 35 minutes to get through to a supervisor and was disconnected.  This is very frustrating and a waste of my time. I don't believe anything the representatives/supervisors say anymore.  I would never recommend T-mobile to anyone.


I had a Galaxy s5 I bough in April of 2015, and on of 09/15/16, while watching a youtube video on my lunch break, the phone reset and kept on resetting. The guys at the T-mobile store called it a "boot loop". When I went in to upgrade since I was more than half way through my contract, the man at the tmobile store said there was nothing he could do since we were $80 under out equipment limit. I ask are you sure, because now unless I pay for the insurance claim, ill be phoneless. He said yes, sorry nothing we can do.

2 weeks later on 9/30/16 I called customer service at T-mobile to request a bill extension, and when the rep asked if there was anything else I told him the situation. he puts me on hold for a minute and the next thing I know im getting a replacement phone for  $5.65. he then told me "yeah if you would've talked to anyone with some kind of experience at tmobile, they should've known to do that". The first man I talked to at the T-mobile store on 9/15/16, the day my phone broke, has been there forever as I have have dealt with him numerous times in the past. So I go to pick up the replacement phone on 10/5/16, and turns out they ordered it for the wrong line (my mothers line, as we both have the galaxy s5) and since we weren't turning in her phone, they had to re order it.

Then I return to the tmobile store on 10/6/16 to pick up the replacement phone part 2. Turns out that the replacement phone had the same boot loop problem my original phone had! Now I'm 3 weeks without a phone because one man lied to me and told me there was nothing he can do. then they order the wrong line a phone, then they get the line right, but send me a broken phone.

All that horrible customer service for someone that has been with tmobile for 5 years, has 5 lines, a Samsung watch and an LG tablet. I think its horrible, and not a very appreciative way to treat someone who has given so much to T-mobile. And that's not to mention the times I called customer service and the one lady that was outsourced hung up on me after she told me she guarantees the next phone I get won't have any problems(lie), or the man who kept ignoring what I was saying and just kept trying to shut me up with money off my bill.

I just felt like I didn't mean anything to you guys after this whole time with you, bringing my parents and brothers over to T-mobile and the equipment we've bought and paid for with no problems. If you guys were to focus on people that have been with you for years instead of "come to tmobile we'll pay your early termination fees" trying to appease people that aren't even with the company. I not one to exaggerate small things, im a care free guy.

But the total disrespect from the store employees to the phone reps was just disgusting. you guys should be ashamed of how you treat long time customers. I Hope this reaches someone who is willing to make a difference instead of throwing credits to my bill at me. throwing money at problems instead of facing them is so sad man.


I ported my phone over from a T-mobile family plan to an individual plan. I bought the phone from T-mobile originally. Four months into my new plan they blocked my phone. They told me when I assumed sole responsibility for my line they never transferred over the installment payments for my phone. So technically they allowed me to use a phone on someone else's plan. When the family plan account went delinquent they blocked my phone for nonpayment. Why in the world would you not transferred the phone price over with the phone. They told me the only thing I can do is buy another phone. Will be switching to Verizon in the morning. T-mobile that's just poor customer service.


I have had service with T- mobile just a few weeks shy of 3 years.  The other day my phone went on the blink.  I go into the store in Colonie New York she was very helpful she ordered me another phone because my phone was under warrantee. 

I pick up the phone and less than 24 hours later the new phone goes on the blink and does the exact same thing.  I call customer service and speak with a Jeffery in Missouri and he seemed to be very helpful. But when he advised me to reset my phone all of my 1906 pictures were lost after he assured me over and over they were backed up.  Then a Anyah gets on the phone from New Mexico and he was like get a subpoena and we can get everything back for you. This makes me very happy.

Also while on the phone with Jeffery he tells me he is ordering me another phone and waving the 5.40$ fee to get the phone under warranty only when I go to do this in the store I am met by Jill at the Colonie store who was very short with a flat no pay up or no phone.  She then goes outside and has a talk with the manager and he comes back in and is very rude.  Tells me to give him 5.40 or no phone I asked him to please check my records and he tells me flat out.

I then asked him his name which was Steve he also informed me that he was the store manager and this was his store and we would be doing it his way and that I needed and attitude adjustment. I said whatever and he say exactly and don't come back without the money.  I then go to my car and call customer service yet again.

I spoke with a Noelle and yes I was screaming to the high heavens she never lost her cool and did everything in her power even called into the store spoke with Steve with me on the phone where he proceeded to be very nasty with me and her and then fist pump his employees.  Please check the cameras as you will see everything that I did thru the window.  Then when I got home I talked to a lady on the phone I was not nice to her but she was definitely the most competent of any other. 

As She informed me that a second phone there is no fee and this was in your store policy. But good old Steve will not release the phone.  Again Noelle called and was as sweet as can be. I did apologize for my mouth to her because she didn't deserve my wrath. And by the way I still don't have a phone.


The Penn Martin Shopping Center in Delaware need to be trained or observe through consumer care from the Bear, Delaware office. The Bear, Delaware is about the t-mobile brand and not about the ills and misconceptions of the immature seasoned employees who refuse to work with people that had a recall on the note 7. They refuse to support consumer care and make people wait for hours in the store with zero other consumers in the store to tell you off for the recall issue and they refuse to support the issue at hand because they stated," work on commission for sales and not recall  equipment. The Bear, Delaware  office is a model for the t-mobile brand of recall and do not receive commission on recalls. This is a shame to the t-mobile perception.