T-Mobile Customer Service Reviews from Angry Users


Are you upset with T-Mobile for ripping you off? You are not alone. In 2016, more than 1,000 T-Mobile customer service complaints were filed on our website. And countless more dialed 1-800 numbers, sent emails, and wrote personal letters to the CEO. If you need help, use 611 from your mobile phone or call their support number at 1-877-746-0909.

Here are the best 11 examples of T-Mobile customer service reviews on our website (and how they got satisfaction online):

1. Rude customer service employees
I walked into the 307 Madison avenue store on 5/4/16 at about 9am-all the employees were gossiping about personal stuff so I had to wait until they were done and then some dirty looking girl that had not brushed her hair just looked at me without asking if she could help me. I told her the problem with my phone and she accused me of dropping it. I asked the manager (Tania) if I could please use a phone and she sucked her teeth as if I was bothering her and said the phones are down.

The dirty girl rebooted my phone. I proceeded to leave and the dirty girl said "Have a nice day B****" right in front of the manager so I said "what did you say?" and she said :I said have a nice day! I have been a loyal customer for over 10 years but due to this experience I am switching to Verizon. Where do you hire your employees? I am guessing it is straight from shelters or right out of jail cause they had no professionalism whatsoever.

2. Problems with wireless service
Purchased a phone and a monthly service, was told they have service in my area. Once I tried to use the phone, I could only get service about 5% of the time, 95% of the time I got the message no service available. I am returning the phone but because I did get about 2 phone calls out they are charging me the full months service and refuse to refund me. I was promised service I did not get and still have to pay.

3. Long hold times on the phone
The landlines link did not work for me. It took several days and countless hours on the phone with consumer service to find out. There consumer service is pass you around to 5 people. And explaining the situation over and over with no solution. I hate their customer service to say the less.

4. Problems cancelling my account
Last year around March or April I ordered 2 phones with plans from Tmobile. Before phones arrived I called and cancelled acct and order. Well, the phones arrived anyway because they never cancelled order. I called and they said "sorry, just refuse delivery and we will cancel it. Then I got a bill for first month! I ignored it because I didn't have an account. Then I got a second bill saying service was cancelled due to non payment ! So I called and told them it can't be cancelled because I never activated it.

They said sorry we will take care of it. Last I heard of it. So, now I decided to switch from Sprint to tmobile. I went to store today to get a quote and see about pay to switch program. Now they told me I need a $400 deposit per line (3) because my credit is bad with them. So, I left and said I have to call them and fix this mess. So I want to switch because it's cheaper but refuse to give them deposit when I have good credit and it's their screw up!

5. Jump switch program is a scam
Customer service has a really bad services with the customers, they doesn't know about theirs job because every time i call the representative hang up,  that was like with 2 or 3 different times. They cancel an order (galaxy S7 Edge)  with out my permission, they told me that i have to wait 10 days for a response about the 60 dollars that i paid for the order and when i call after the 10 business days they told me that i have to wait 30 days and i don't get that i think its not fair.

I used the Jump program for a phone in September. I lost the device and could not return it within the 14 day time period. Once I found the device, I called and spoke to a representative and she told me to return the device using the return label she provided and a credit would be issued. I received a notice today that my device was valued at $0 and no credit would be applied and the phone would not be returned.  Now I'm being charged for a phone I returned and no longer own. I need the future charges to be removed.

6. More problems switching over accounts
I was misinformed by the employee at the store when switching over and now stuck with no other options but just losing money and staying or deactivating and starting all over at another carrier. When I first switched over  a few months ago, I was told a few things which I thought was too good to be true which initially made me switch to T-Mobile, but now I found out the hard way that some things are too good to be true. 

The support phone representative had told me if I had enrolled into the insurance program (Jump) I would be be able to basically change my phone or upgrade up to 3 times within a 18 month span as long as there was nothing wrong with the phone and all I would have to do is pay the differencial of the phone if more expensive. Thinking that I would be able to do so I called them today to see what the necessary steps would be but I was told a totally different story. They said I would have to pay another down payment for the upgraded phone I wanted and they would pay off the remaining balance I had for the 1st phone. I payed a down for over $400 for my first phone and to upgrade I would have to pay another down payment for over $500 for the upgraded phone. That means I would be paying more than $900 plus remaining installments for the new phone. Who in the right mind would do this?

f I had known this fact, I wouldn't have enrolled in the insurance plan or even switched over in the first place. Customer service said they cannot do anything and now Im just stuck in the middle. Being lied to does not feel good and paying a lot of $$ adds to the pain. They wont even refund the months I paid for insurance if I decide to cancel it.  I've been lied to and robbed by false advertising by tmobile employees and the only response I get is take it or leave it. 

7. Discrimination for certain customer types
I went into the t-mobile store on Madision and date avenue address 4701 Madision Ave Ste 102, Sacramento, CA 95841. I bought my my Iphone6 phone from this store.   I was having problems with My I phone and this very rude clerk  which had attitude and was very rude said that I had more problems than I was talking about and made me feeling like I was lying. I asked for the manage more than three times and she would not let me talk to the manager and the manager was standing no more than three feet away from our conversation.

The clerk said that I could upgrade my phone for $175.00 and she took  a look at my account number and said that I could not upgrade my phone for $175.00 because I paid cash for my phone and if I wanted to buy a new phone it would cost me $550.00. I do realize that you get interest from someone financing a phone and no profit from someone that pays cash.
I pay cash for everything my cars, homes and cell phone, because I can afford it. I feel that I am being discriminated against because I pay cash for cell phone etc. I feel that you should check into this t-mobile store because of the bad customer services, I receive. I feel everyone should be able to upgrade to a newer phone regardless of how they pay for the phone

8. T-Mobile took money without my permission
T-Mobile took money out of my bank count without permission I am in a contract with them I pay approximately $147 a month for two phones for unlimited text talk and Internet. I've had nothing but harassments since I've been with him the last six months they keep asking for more money like I said they went and took money out of my bank account and I took it back they want to $177 for the second phone and I ordered online which originally said would be no down payment.

I've already had established credit with them they turned around and took the money out anyway as a down payment so they say they keep apologizing they put the money back one time. And turn around and use the other excuses for so much money and I over them they'll think of anything a sort of numerous things. Why I should pay more money $30 here $110 they're $150 here now it's 300 and something dollars kindly put it on my phone or my son phone and pay them money or they will turn me off. I'm on disability this harassment is getting ready to give me a total breakdown I'm nervous breakdown.

I can't take it anymore it's made me sick to my stomach I've gotten headaches I'm ready to call her lawyer and see if Dr. overall this needs to stop. I told him repeatedly to stop harassing me for different monies a make up that I/O them now it's over $300 and they want the money immediately threatened to turn me off. I have a recording I saved on my phone I have several text messages I've saved my son saved and it needs to stop.

I just spoke with someone yesterday that would be April 21, 2016 for them to stop they apologized said it won't be any more problems they tell me the same thing every single time and the very next day to hit me up for three times the amount of money that I was disputing why they turned off my phone on the 21st. It doesn't stop I'm going to totally drop everything I've taken pictures from off my phone I got all kind of proof. I will use in court I will drop T-Mobile and go with another company very fast so I better stop does not just my threat this my promise and they will get absolutely nothing.

9. Problems closing my wireless account
I opened an account with T Mobile for about a year. The phone was a gift for my son. I paid faithfully until I voluntarily closed the account..  Once the account was closed there was a remaining balance which I made monthly payments on until paid in full. T Mobile sent the account to their internal financial care dept. Its my understanding financial care then reported the account to the credit bureau.

It wasn't until inquiring about my current credit score I learned that the T Mobile account had been reported. I've tried calling T Mobile customer service disputing this since I voluntarily asked to have the account closed, I made continuous monthly payments and the account is paid in full. Because T Mobile decided that the account should have been paid(in full) sooner rather than later they chose to ruin my credit rating. Although the account on my Equifax file show $0 balance it still has a negative impact. I've asked T Mobile to contact the credit bureau to have it taken off but they refused. As a consumer who could have went to any of your competitors for my business I chose T Mobile.

I tried to do right by paying the bills and requested the services be discontinued as opposed to being suspended. I feel I'm being penalized for the next six years because I no longer wished to business with that company.   

10. Cell phone disconnected for non-payment
I recently had my cell service interrupted for non payment of past due in error.  I thought I had set up an alert on my phone to provide a warning when my phone was overdue.  A simple oversight which I take responsibility for and have so in the past as this has happened previously.  Regardless, I do make an honest effort to keep up with service and fees and have no problem paying reconnection fees and late service fees when applicable.  I recently had to set up a payment arrangement that was provided on the phone by the automated service and thought that the dates 6th and 20th were on Thursdays when I get paid.  

Recognizing the error today, I tried to be proactive and ask for the dates to be moved to this Thursday the 9th vs the 6th and 23 vs the 20th.  I don't think that was too much to ask simply trying to be realistic and coordinate these payment dates on my pay day.  The representatives were not rude in any manner, however, it seems ridiculous that they cannot extend 3 days and willing to let me go as a customer who while maybe late a few times, have been consistently keeping up with my bill as much as possible.  I don't understand why when someone is trying to be more proactive, you representatives are dead in the water in terms of being able to adjust a payment term. 

11. Rude employees on the 1-800 phone number
My wife and I have your phones and service and to tell you the truth we have had nothing put problems with them. Phone call don't go through and to send a text message is a joke. We had better service with Tracphone, our text messages went through right away and we did not have to wait for a text to go through, if they ever go through. I will never recommend your service or phones. My wife has medical problem and we need to be able to contact each other right away. So just to let you know I will be looking for a company that con do a better job at reliable service than you can or will ever supply. as stated before I will not recommend T-Mobile to any one in fact I will do just the opposite.

I am so happy that your company is so reliable. I am not sure who you have soliciting your phones but on 4 different occasions the most aggressive, pushy, rude people have come into my business.  They will not leave when asked.  On more than one of these occasions I have asked them to leave and they will not and keep questioning me. They do not have ID, or business cards but yet are pedaling T-Mobile products and promotions. I am a business in Torrance, California.


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Purchasing a phone through T-Mobile Costco in Louisville KY was not a good experience. My husband and I waited 2.5hrs yesterday to be told their system was down and to just purchase the S6 phone and come back the next day. Their was a gentleman named Joseph that was kind enough to give us his card and tell us he would credit our account 50.00 for our time. When my husband returned he was faced with a dude that told him he didn't have the password to get into the system and it would take 30min for tech support to give it to him. Once in the system, it took him 3hrs for him to figure out how to transfer everything over to the new phone! That's 5 hours to just get a phone! It was a frustrating and time consuming experience that we hope we never have to go through again.


Way to many items for 100 words or less. I have been trying to switch to t-mobile for about 3 weeks.  I have been discriminated in the stores and customer service and their direct managers have been ABSOLUTELY no help.  I need to speak to someone  to correct the several things that have gone wrong. I purchased this SG4 about 2 years ago and almost done paying it off. But along the way of the 2 year period I have had several issues with the phone and its always been the same, SIM card cannot be read, and it was a defect that cellphone had to be exchanged several times.

On one of those exchanges I had got charged a fee of $175 for water damage, I don't work nowhere near water or it never been dropped or wet with water. Then several months later the issue came up again sim card, so another defect exchange was done. Now another several months and again it has the same issue SIM card. So I did the same as usual but now they say its a damage on the phone, a big crack on the screen and are charging me with out of warranty fee of $400.

When I sent the phone there was no crack on the screen and the phone besides being the defect of SIM card it was in good condition. I explained to Customer service and solutions the problem, but they cant resolve the problem but to ask to transfer me to financial payment plan, but I am not accepting as I did not send the phone with a crack on the screen. I offered to return the phone back to them and they can not accept it back no more, if I return it they will still charge me the fee of $400.


I am sending this  email in disgust of your  company and the way my wife and I were treated this past weekend concerning a phone we purchased from your company. On January 2, 2016 my wife went into the T-Mobile store here in Monroe, NC to return a phone that was not working we had just purchased on December 19 ,2015. We purchased a I-Phone 6s plus and within 14 days it would not turn on no matter how much trouble shooting we had done to hopefully fix the phone. I understand we missed the buyer remorse period by one day which was the 14th day but the manager there at (2515 W Roosevelt Blvd. Monroe ,NC ,28110) was very rude to my wife and gave minimal assistance to help resolve my wife's issue with her phone.

His name is Will and he should not be a manger if he cant properly assist customers who are faithful custodians of your company as my wife and I are! I want him looked into because he was absolutely ridiculous in his handling of the situation. My wife was so upset with him she left out the store in tears! He wouldn't even look at the phone as to why the phone was not working and the only thing he said was to call customer service? As a manger he could have been more helpful and took the phone back and given my wife a new one since we had just purchased that phone in the short length of time as I stated earlier in the email.

When my wife returned home I immediately called customer service and they weren't any better about helping me get this issue resolved! I was being transferred around and constantly being disconnected and had to keep calling back which was time consuming! I was finally told to take the phone to the Apple store and get a new one because it was their product in which I did but then they told me that T-Moblie was responsible since they had the buyers remorse contract? I was told by a T-Mobile staff person to do this which was bad information because I was also denied at the Apple store!!!! I was told I had a year warranty through Apple but Apple referred me back to T-Mobile? So in essence both companies are bad information givers.

After leaving the Apple store I personally went back to the T-Mobil store my wife went to and got the same bad customer service as my wife encountered earlier that day with no assistance at all. The manager their gave me major attitude which is very unbecoming of a manager. He told me he cant take back a phone that wasn't working? Well that was my whole point for being there because the phone doesn't work. I finally left the store and called T- Mobile customer service again and basically had to beg to get a new phone sent to my home! I spent my entire day dealing with T-Mobile and it was the most horrible and frustrating experience I've had with a company! I would appreciate a email response asap in reference to this incident or I'm contacting the local news about this incident and alert the people who deal with T-Mobile about how inept your company is.


T Mobile is the absolutely worst! I'm going back to Sprint! They have the worst customer service and they keep giving me the run around about a refund, a double payment that their automated system took out of my account, which was the wrong amount. That happened a week and so far my money is not back in my account. I have called 12 times and they haven't resolved the issue. Was supposed to take 1 to 3 business days and it has been 7 business days and now they saying it wuill take another 3 business days. I'm not a happy customer, but it's ok, plenty of other carriers out here. I will let my friend and family know not to do business with T mobile ever!

I want to give them 0 stars....I ordered phones from T-Mobile, the man lied to me about the down payment. They took over $500. from my checking account when I was told $54. I immediately called the next day to cancel the order and they told me sorry they have already shipped. They told me to deny the shipment and send back so I did. I then had to wait until they received them and they returned my money on 6/12/15. They now keep billing me for the 2 phones and service and I never had service to begin with. They are liars and cheats and no one there speaks any English, what is up with that. They can't hire English speaking people. I have been dealing with this for 3 months now it has to stop. Someone help me get rid of this terrible disease (T-Mobile).

I have been a T-Mobile customer for 10 years now.  That has taken me through many different plans and contracts and "uncontracts" and phone leases.  I can't help but feel just stuck in this endless undertow of phone payments and plan rate changes nothing is getting better its just getting more expensive.  Yes my family has grown and yes I have had to add a few lines to my plan but at this point I'm even paying for line I don't use and can't unless I spend more money either up front or in payments via lease again to use said line.  And yes it has to have insurance which will ad to the bill and I continue to pay the insurance but when you need the insurance .....you have to pay more to use it. 

So what exactly do I get for my loyalty of 10 years to T-Mobile?  Probably a bigger bill.  I miss the days of signing a contract for 2 years and getting a free phone.  At least you knew when it ended and didn't have the obnoxiously large price tag of a phone lease (or many) hanging over your head.  If I could give back my phones and call it quits with T- mobile I would gladly do it...but that would be too easy.  I feel like I will be tethered to them for a hundred years and still get nothing but a bigger bill.  



I joined T-Mobile back in late July.  I was told that T-Mobile would pay 2 disconnection fees.  I sent in both final bills with the termination fee.  To date,  I still have not received the money.  I called T-Mobile and come to find out T-Mobile had my incorrect address this I blame on the salesman at the T-Mobile store.  He was the one who inputted all the information.  Called T-Mobile and had my address corrected.  The termination fee had been sent to another address.  The address was corrected but I was informed that that was only for 1 line (585.747.0408).  I know that T-Mobile received and approved the termination fees because I was sent an email from T-Mobile indicating so. 

The representative I spoke to said that I would get a call back from a supervisor in 3 days.  To date no call.  I called today and again was told that there was only 1 termination fee.  I informed them that I wanted to speak to a supervisor but was on hold for such a long time I had to hang up. I am fed up with T-Mobile if I would've known that this would take so long I would've never changed from Verizon over to T-Mobile.  I am now going into collections for my termination fee with the other provider.  This is ridiculous.  I better hear back from a supervisor soon or I'm going back to Verizon.  This does not look good for T-Mobile. 


Spring 2016: T Mobile employee in Baltimore Inner Harbor store broke down mobile phone while extracting SIM card. Employee, store manager, and different other T Mobile managers contacted by phone, refused to help repair the phone stating that despite the fact that the phone was damaged by the company employee, since the phone was bought from Amazon and not one of T Mobile stores,  the company will take no action.

We switched to AT&T, and attempted to return the T Mobile Extender at the store in order to not be penalized. The store refused to accept the return, instructing me to ask by telephone for the return label, then use that to return the extender at the nearby UPS store. Despite the fact that the extender had been returned as per company specifications more than a month ago (in the original box and with all the necessary components), T Mobile charged and did not returned the money they took out of our credit card for that extender.

Our family of 4 had been T Mobile customer for 11 years, never failed to pay once, and complained about the fact that the coverage was so poor everywhere, including our house, only once (the time we got the extender). We are convinced that we have been mistreated, and abused at every turn after the first glitch in our relationship with the T Mobile company. T Mobile could have verified that the phone worked until right before the fateful service by looking up the time of phone calls: phone was used right up to being handed to the T Mobile tech.

If a car gets damaged while oil change is performed at another venue than the store it was bought, it is the responsibility of that company to repair the damage. By accepting to service a phone not bought at a T Mobile store, it is implicit that the company accepts responsibility for any damage should occur while the phone is getting serviced. By refusing to live to that responsibility the company abuses their hapless client.  Refusing to return the money after the return of a component as per contract was completed is downright theft.


 I have received and logged over 1000 calls from T-Mobile to my place of business.  I kept telling the person calling that they had the wrong number, there was no one here by that name, but I kept getting calls, every day and sometime several times a day.  Finally a young man at T-Mobile check out why I was receiving these calls.  The T-Mobile employee told me that he found the T-Mobile people's accounts were dumped to my business phone number he did not know why are how they got this business phone number. He stated that he would try to fix it, but that was six months ago.

I am also receiving 15 to 30 calls a day from collectors who are trying to reach some of these people whom I have NO idea who they are.  T-Mobile is NOW responsible for harassment of these collectors calling my place of business.  How can I get this to STOP without filing a lawsuit against T-Mobil for their employee(s) dumping all of their deadbeats into one account and using my business number as a contact for these 48+ deadbeats they have.  I have been trying to get help for nearly ONE (1) YEAR,  Please have listened, but NO one has called me back to help me.  I have a list of phone number and dates and would appreciate it. I tried the Corporate Office.

I bought a T-Mobile LG 90.  It stopped working within a month -- Called T-Mobile -- was told to "keep the sim card and battery" and "send the phone to return Center Texas, 4500 Cambridge Road, Fort Worth, Texas 76155"  Today I received back the front of a new phone -- nothing else.  I called and asked where the back of the phone was since it wouldn't work without one.  "Mark V" who was the head of  tech support person I spoke with after having been put on hold for over 15 minutes and also speaking with two other people including one who was in New Mexico and took 5 minutes after I had explained I was in Maryland to then put me back on hold to try and get someone who could help me (one of their ex-employees did say she "understood my frustration but just to go and buy another phone.".  

Mark V told me when I finally reached him that the person who I had originally spoken with who had told me to send  the phone DID'T say that -- they said I was to just send the front.  I have copious notes (I have been a journalist for many years) and explained once again that T Mobile owed me the back of the phone or else I wanted my money back because I had given them money for an inoperable phone.  

Mark V said he could not "warrant" my getting a back to my phone as they didn't ask for it; T-Mobile will take up to 72 hours to see if they can find one in their warehouse  but I should just go buy another phone.  What T-Mobile did constitutes fraud. Worst company I have ever had the misfortune of doing business with -- now I am out money (I am a senior citizen and live on my Social Security) and very far from any store yet alone a T Mobile store and I would have to take a bus.

My husband & I have same phone same plan same activation time. Both our mins expired early and our bill date was 6/6. Went to TM usual place to pay bills early so we got more phone minutes ($30 unl &100 min op plan). First the cashier said phone number not coming up after 3 repeats and showing her the text saying bill due in four days etc. I paid both bills(6/4) and left. Hours later husbands mins hadn't come. Called TM was told because of him running out of mins early it moved his due date (even though we both were out in mins early). They switched it to 7/4 bill both phones.

The today around 10:00 I was trying to send a text to my lunch date & my husband but they wouldn't send. My phone was off for non payment. After another call I was told same reason but reverse..saying my bill date had been moved to the 6th because I had run out of mins early!" Now I'm told when I pay my husbands bill on 7/4 I have to ask if they can move my date (6th)up. I have paid my bill early before and never has anything like this happened this is the worst customer service ever! Please look into it.


We found out that T-Mobile hired a construction company to do some work near where we live. There was huge equipment used to dig in the ground during the week of Feb 15 through Feb 21 2016. They were right off of Hatch and Handy Rd across the street from the water park. This is only 2 houses away from where we live. After they hit the ground and starting digging our house started to rumble and vibrate and hasn't stopped since. Our life has been turned upside down because of this. We have been reaching out to anyone that can help us.

We're hoping someone will go back out there and see what kind of damage they caused that day. We've been getting the run around. No one is taking responsibility for this and now we're paying the price.  We hope someone sees this and can step in to help. We've only been living here for about 7 months and now we may be forced to move again. We're just miserable.

I have been a faithful T-Mobile customer for 2 years.  I purchased a GS2 watch in January, I have a Note 5.  I was in the store twice and has spent about 5 hours trying to get my phone to forward the calls to my watch.  They exchanged the watch, and on the second visit gave me a new phone.  Even after this the watch still did not forward the calls.  

I called and spoke with an agent who transferred me to a Samsung rep.  The Samsung rep instructed me to go to the best by location with a Samsung rep.  I did that and found out that T-Mobile did not have call forwarding on my phone.  Which was very upsetting, I had this watch for a month not properly working only to find out that T-Mobile did have call forwarding activated.  I ask for compensation and the manager told me he would give me 30.00.  

I called back about an hour later and spoke with another rep who informed me the manager did not document this and he would only give 13.00.  I decided to switch services at that point, due to all that I had went through.  I switch to AT&T just 2 days ago, I tried to activate my phone and watch only to find out that the watch is not transferable to another service.  To make long story short I Purchased not just 1 watch but 2 paid full price and because it was longer than 2 weeks I can only return 1.  The first watch I purchased I only had use of for 1 week and now I am at a lost of 381.00.  I don't think this is good customer service, nor should I just lose 381.00, this just is not right.

I was a T-Mobile Customer, on September 19, 2015  I was at the Florida Mall in Orlando I was walking by the T mobile store and a  salesperson approached me from the store and asked me if I was interested in a cell phone . I already had AT&T for a long time but I was not happy with all the changes they had made and I wanted a new cell phone and theirs were too expensive. So he told me he was one of the managers I think he said he’s name is Duewell he told me I could get a plan for $50.00 a month and he would give me a free router as part of the promotion and I could also get my cell phone. So I thought this was great deal. Little did I know what kind of nightmare this was going to turn into.

After He kept me in that store for almost 2 ½ hours with paper work and everything  else  he told me they would pay off my AT&T contract. I just needed to bring the final bill and He told me they would send me gift cards to pay the AT&T bill and also gift cards to pay my first T-Mobile bill and if I brought in my tablet to the store I could get a better one for free and also my AT&T contract would be paid off. Well none of this was true he put me on a business account with out my knowledge. I do not own a business and then I started having trouble with the router I called to get some help. Well to make a long story short they had to move me from the business account that I never asked for and put me on a personnel account on OCT 15, 2015.

I ended up owing $233.52 for closing the business account that I never authorized and they sent the account to a collections agency which has now affected my credit. And when I compliant about this they said there was nothing they could do they have no control over the sales people in the stores. I have canceled the personal account because I no longer trust T-Mobile anymore and now on top of the $233.52 they want me to pay $266.63 for the tablet so because of what he did me no owe them $500.15. People stay away from T-Mobile they don’t care what their sales people do to customers.


I have been a loyal customer for 10 plus years and have never ever thought of changing my service to another provider. However T-mobile's customer service team has made that decision for me with very poor customer service. My iPhone 5s has recently stopped working thru no fault of my own, I contacted customer service on Friday 10/7/16 at about 4:00 pm est. and spoke to a customer service agent who had no clue what to do. I asked to speak to a supervisor and spoke to a gentleman.

Kardel was much better in knowing what to do about my defective phone. Supervisor Kardel informed me that they would be replacing my phone and should arrive by 10/10/2016, I found that to be very unacceptable and let Kardel know that i was displeased with waiting 3 days for a replacement. A few hours later I called back to see if I was able to get a loaner phone since it would be a whole 3 days before my replacement phone arrives, This time I spoke to a lady by the name Tania employee number 157, She informed me that Tmobile no longer provided that service.

Needless to say I was not happy that T-mobile did away with that service. What really got me upset was that Tania suggested that i should go to an Apple store to resolve my phone issue. Really T-mobile is that how you treat your long time customers? I did not buy my phone from Apple I purchased it from Tmobile and to tell me to go to an Apple store to get my phone serviced is the last straw. Tmobile has always been my favorite provider and I'm sad that I will be canceling my service with you once my new phone arrives.

Tmobile use to be such a great company to do business with, What happened? your customer service team treated me like I was asking for something out of the this world. I do a lot of business with my phone and now I am going to loose a lot of money because Tmobile could not loan me a phone for a couple of days. I would have payed for the loaner but it just wasn't available. I would love it if you would review your recording of me and your agents and tell me if you were me you wouldn't be changing provider.


I called T-Mobile to see what my options were for getting my 13 year old a new cell phone for Christmas. I was told about a promotion that I could get a new line added for no additional cost for the line. I would only have to pay for the insurance, if I chose to do so, and the cost of the device if I did not have one. I opted to pay for both the insurance and the cost of a new phone. All of this was over the phone, and the representative never told me I had to fill out paperwork online. I waited for the phone, and when it did not come, I called and was told I never signed the online forms. By this time, my daughter had done something to irritate me, so I waited. Three months later I called back to see what promotions they had for her a new phone for her birthday.l back. When I did, I was offered the same promotion. 

The representative was on speaker and my daughter heard her say we could go into the store and pick up the phone. Again, it was her birthday, so I agreed that would be okay. I went to the T-Mobile store, told the rep there about the promotion. He did not ask me anything else. He said he had to call an 800 number to activate the phone and it would be about 30 minutes. There was a Ross next door, so my daughter and I went there to look around. When we returned, the rep handed me the phone, no payment exchanged and we left. All was well. I received my new bill and it is a whopping 205.00. I called T-Mobile thinking there was some kind of mistake. But no, the representative told me that promotion did not apply to me because it was for customers that already had two lines and wanted to add a third line. 

I was confused because 2 different people told me this promotion was available to me. I was at work and could not spend anymore time on the phone. A few days later, I called again, still thinking there must be a mistake. Surely, T-Mobile would not offer this promotion that was simply a lie. I called back and was put on hold so long that it was just ridiculous. I had gotten sleepy and had to call back yet again. Today, I spoke with a supervisor, who was nice, but was still unable to help me in a way that made sense. He told me too that the promotion was for customers who already had two lines, and he did not see where I had spoken with anyone about the promotion.

I informed him that I work for a construction company. I have no idea what promotions, specials, or discounts they have to offer. If I know about the promotion, someone there had to tell me. He said there is nothing that could be done to honor what I was told by two different representatives on two different days. I think this is bad service. To be told the bill is going to be one thing to find out that it is something much higher without any regard to previous conversations is callous, unprofessional, and at the very least unacceptable. The supervisor said that he could give me a line with 6GB. Has anyone ever tried to monitor the internet use of a 13 old?

Not to mention I use my data for everything-from working from home to watching television. For instance, its only the 20th, I am already past the 6GB and still have 9 days left. I am just too done. I've been lied to, cheated, and treated unfairly. This is absolutely no way to treat customers.