Beware! — My T-Mobile Phone Insurance Claim Was Denied


I have been with Sprint wireless for more than 15 years and never been treated like this before. I was deploying to Kuwait in Jun 2016 and I was told T-mobile works down here in Kuwait. I then switched both my wives line and my line to T-mobile. Initially I was supposed to pay $80 for phone service and $24 for payment (installment for iPhone 6plus) plus $10 of insurance.

Since I was deploying I put my line on military suspension which brought my service charge to $50 for only my wife line and my phone payment $24. The representative that helped me putting my line on suspension advised me that since I would be making payment on my phone ($24) it is ideal to keep phone insurance on it.

I then agreed to keep paying for $10 phone insurance fee on my installment phone plan.

My bill was then supposed to be roughly ($50+$24+$10+taxes). The first month bill was way high and I had to spend hours on phone with T-mobile for them to fix the bill. The bill was finally fixed and I made a payment. My mother in law came to help my family and I called T-mobile corporate office to add a new line to the account. I was told if I add a new line, I will be paying $10 for the additional line. I accepted and add the line to the account. 

The following month bill was high again and I had to call and spent hours on phone with T-mobile to have the fill fixed. Again, when they were going over the charges on the account. They finally had the bill fixed and I made a payment. The following month, the same billing issue and I had to call going through the same process and same scenario with same statement of. I finally made payment.

On August 05, I was at the field here in Kuwait and my phone got lost. Once we came back from the field on 07 August, I called T-mobile customer service to file a claim and the rep I talked to said I have insurance on my phone that she is going to connect me to the insurance department for a claim.

When she connected me to the T-Mobile insurance department, my claim was declined and they stated I did not have insurance on the phone. What?

I asked them to connect me back to T-mobile. Once back to T-mobile, they stated that ''Oh the line was not active that is the reason why, we are gonna activate the line and you can file the claim now''. She connected me back to the insurance company who stated that my phone did not have insurance on the day of lost. I was kicked back to T-mobile and now asked to talk to a manager. The lady manager stated that I should be able to file for claim and was willing to do conference call with the insurance company to have this issue fixed. I don't know if that was on purpose but once she connected me to the insurance company, she got dropped out of the conference and I got kicked back to T-mobile again. 

I one more time asked to speak to a manager. This new lady manager took her time to dig into the issue and was informing me that once the phone was on suspension, the insurance company was not collecting insurance fee and that is the reason why my insurance claim was denied. She stated that T-mobile can have me on a new upgrade phone but I need to continue paying for the old phone that got lost (basically I would be making payment on 2 phones). I told her there is no way I would be making a payment on a lost phone that I had insurance on and insurance company is not able to replace the phone. 

They then came up with a scam of me paying the deductible ($175) that was supposed to go to the insurance company and I would start payment on a new phone.

I agreed on that and when she was processing my upgrade for a new phone, she asked me to pay $32 for shipping. I told he I do not have my card with me right now that I will call later to have the deal finalized. When I called on another day, the manager I spoke to said I will be paying $137 for taxes, handling and shipping for the upgrade. I told her I am not ready for that and that was not the deal the previous manager offered me. 

I called another day I spoke to a male manager who this time said my deposit, taxes and shipping all is $132 and he is gonna give me a credit of $100 on my bill. I agreed and had the deal completed.
Yesterday, I tried to pay my bill by phone and the system said my bill was $185 or something like that. I called T-mobile and they said I misplaced a device that did not have insurance and I am responsible of the lost. I am not paying for that phone.

This is a total ripoff by T-Mobile I had insurance on the phone and secondly, I was told by the supervisor that I will only pay for the $175 deductible to continue with a new upgrade.


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Yesterday I turned in my old phone for a new one because it wasn't working, it was a split decision because I would be without a phone. I assumed my contents were backed up in my google account and when I got home I realized it hadn't been. Less than 24 hours later, I went back to the store where I turned the phone in to see if I could get my phone back, I would even pay whatever fee, and they refused. They had the phone in the store and in their hands. There were very sentimental items in there that I wanted to send to a professional to get retrieved. I don't  care if I have to keep paying on that phone I just wanted it back. T mobile refuses.


I switched to T-Mobile in the beginning of June because a deceptive T-Mobile sales rep assured me that I would have service at my house and surrounding area without any issues. When I called in to activate our (4) phones the girl had somehow screwed up the phone lines so my son had my line and so forth. When I called back in ten minutes later to straighten it out, she couldnt figure out how to fix it and told me I had to call back in the next day.

After the phone call I took all the SIM cards out and we switched everyone around so we were all set. The next morning we woke up and went to work/school and about 2 hours later we started getting different calls/texts. Someone at T-Mobile had switched us all around, yet not how they were supposed to be yet once again. I had to get my son out of school (since I use my phone for work) and go to my other sons place of employment and switch all the cards yet again. I called T-Mobile again, they knew nothing about the switch.

Going about our day and trying to use the phones for making phone calls was nearly impossible, Between the dropped calls and the cutting out of every call there was no way we had good service in our home or around our home. I work within 5 miles of my home and we had next to no service. I called again and among each of these calls made to T-Mobile I got transferred a minimum of 3-4 times on each call. Fiinally that evening, not even 24 hours of use later.

I decided to call and ask how to end this contract without being charged and without fees. I was told I would not be charged anything since it was within 14 days of activating the account. I then asked how to go back to Verizon, my old carrier. I was told to call and ask Verizon if I could just transfer back to them and then call and inform T-Mobile of the switch. That was after being transfered to 3 different departments and asking the same questions 3 different times and getting the same answer from all 3 departments. No problem. No fees. No issues.

Just call Verizon to see if we could go back there and if they could take me back with the same numbers we would be all set. I did as told and called T-Mobile back to tell them we were done and Verizon ported our numbers back to them. I was told no problem we were all set. From then on I kept getting a bill for $161.00 and I would call in and they said dont pay that , thats not your final bill. You will only owe about $37.00 or somewhere around there for that day of service, which I thought was crazy for one day but I said ok I'll wait for the final bill. Another month goes by and the same bill comes so I call again and get the same answer.

Today I'm told that because I had Verizon port my numbers back, I'm liable until my billing cycle was up. I'm liable for that $161.00. I do not think this is fair due to the fact that the day I called in, within 24 hours of activation, I was told by T-Mobile staff to (1) call Verizon and handle that myself and (2) I was not told nothing about being liable until the end of any cycle. If I knew there was any fee for anything if I did it this way.

So either they had no clue what they were doing or they didnt want to do it or they knew what they were doing and wanted me to owe this stupid company money but didnt fair warn me and that is not fair. That is not right. Especially when I asked all the right questions. I should not owe this bill. Please see that this is wrong.


Cancelled service end of February 2016, all I needed to pay was payoff the devices, they never cancelled the service and kept billing me, then they quoted me an amount and I received almost double , Now they don't want to do anything about it. I called customer service today and talked to three different representative. They all told me something different and the last one I  talked to was very rude. We have been customers since 1992 and no one could help me, the speakers on my husband's phone went out and he wanted a replacement.

They no longer had the HTC that he wanted so he asked for a refund on the insurance that we have paid on the phone,so he can  purchase the phone he wants.They couldn't do that but they could replace it with a LG or HTC desire. That's not what we wanted, so what do you do? You should be able to get what you want  if your paying insurance on it.Better yet if you stop selling the phone stop  taking my money for insurance.


I went to pay off two phones that my and had purchased the previous day at the El Monte store in Southern California. When I arrived at the store this morning I was put on a waiting list. I was only there to pay off the phones and nothing else. I made this very clear to the young man that put my name on the list. After waiting for 15 minutes I asked  the young man if there wasn't an employee available to accept payments only? He replied that no there was not an employee to just take payments of any kind, he everyone had to wait there turn, he apologized for the wait but said that I would be helped when it was my turn because there were other customers ahead of me and that their time was just as valuable as mine, so basically I just had to wait.

When it was my turn the Salesman Danny again apologized several times for the wait, and then began to process my payment, as he did that we had a conversation on my waiting time. I expressed to that there had to be a better way to expedite the payment process, he agreed that the process was not the best, but according to T-Mobile policy that's how its done. I spent a total of 40 minutes in that store to just pay off two phones. I honestly believe that is totally unreasonable T-mobile. Not a good experience for this consumer, by the way their was also another customer that pretty much felt the same way. Danny basically said he couldn't make any changes, he was just following the corporate policy. Come on now T-Mobile you can do better.


Here's my experience with T-mobile these two days. On Sept 27 I received my new iPhone 7. This phone was purchased over phone call with T-mobile customer center through Tmobile Jump Program ( trade the old iphone for a new iPhone). I paid $117.25 for the Jump program in order to get the new iPhone. The information I was told when I purchase this phone is as below. I should go to a store to return my old iPhone 6 grey after I receive my new iPhone 7
By purchasing over phone, I will have a 20-day Buyer Remorse period that I can return my new iPhone 7 if I don’t like it, with a full refund of $117.25 and the old phone back.

On October 11 I decided that I do not like the new iPhone 7 and would like to return it within the 20-day limit. On October 11 I called T-mobile customer service to confirm this process and was told as below. I should go to a local store to return my new iPhone 7. I should go to a local store to take back my old iPhone 6. It is promised that I can get a full refund and my old phone back. However on October 12 in the T-mobile Seattle downtown store stated that: (1527 6th Ave, Seattle, WA 98101). Customer service has told me wrong information. Local store is not able to handle new iPhone return if item is purchased online. There is no way for T-mobile to give my old phone back even if I have already pay off the phone. There will be no phone for me.

After I explained that my iPhone 7 is still in the 20-day remorse period and if I wanted to go back to my old phone, the store staff stated that it is true in this situation I will not have any phone and they will not give me any phone even if I returned my iPhone 7.  I do not understand why my iPhone has now been taken by T-mobile, and they refuse to give me back anything and kept my payment? T-mobile has basically taken my phone from me (after I paid off the phone which now belongs to me) and refuse to give them back or refund. I am now in a very hard situation with no phone and no credit.

I would like to solve this by either solution. Refund me the $117.25 for returning the iPhone 7 and give my old iPhone6 Grey back. Refund me the $ 117.25 for returning the iPhone7 and Refund iPhone6 value $450 for what I paid throughout the lease time.


I started with T-Mobile 12 years ago. For the most part, it was an okay experience - several owners ago. T-Mobile are full of tricks and lies now. You sign up for a new phone at the store with the same terms you have always had (12 yrs), explicitly with no digital as I don't need it and have a computer, rarely leave my house and don't want the bill, frankly, never did. You then do what they want to do and send exorbitant bills literally for no digital usage and fewer phone calls with a phone that now hardly leaves the top of my desk sitting next to my pc.

I screen my calls and rarely answer since I am now retired. Please verify that I am telling you the truth. You seem to disrespect Americans and the account holder's true charges and go crazy with charges if you sign up for auto pay. This is what you did to me. I retired and my phone never hardly left my desk- I am burnt out on talking on the phone -I screen and rarely answer.

My bill for two lines - one voip $10.00 line and my cell phone was up to $256.00 for last bill absolutely no use and definitely no digital usage. I wrote letters to you, argued with you, twice and finally disconnected the auto pay - demanded you do so - and sent the usual amount I had always paid, $87.50 which is exorbitant for my usage - and you disconnected my phones. I challenge you to justify my bill - as I literally, barely, ever use my phone and it rarely leaves the house. You literally rape customers usage charges.

Previous to this incident that began this last year with the wild crazy charges, my son who had a line on my account for $10 extra for 11 years was required to obtain his own account with his employer a year ago. He phoned T-Mobile, cancelled his line as my authorized agent on my account and ordered another account for himself, same phone call, same agent. T Mobile did not cancel the line and my son had also placed me on auto pay that same very call - my requests. Since I did not notice the overcharge, the charge went on for months and they only finally credited me three months of the seven approximately months of charge for a dead line after a literal fight with you on the phone, two times.

I cannot afford these extra charges on my limited retirement fixed income and need my phone number back that I have had for 12 years. Why do we as faithful bill payers here in America have to accept this type of treatment from a foreign company that clearly does not respect Americans and are only here to rape and pillage the account holders, account's under the threat of ruining your credit?


I called T-Mobile on Saturday evening asking for help as to why my Wi-Fi feature all of a sudden stopped working altogether. I had to call 3 times and go through the process each time to no help and through the guided assistance of T-Mobile lost all of my contact and business information. I went through all of their trouble shooting several times and then was told the only other option was to have the phone factory re-set. I followed the instruction and lost all of my information and contacts and the re-set failed to fix the issue as I had been told it would. I was told now I had to be transferred to the Samsung department to walk me through more steps if they could. I was at this point hung up on. At this point it was mid-night my time and I had to go to sleep.

I picked up where I was left off the next morning Sunday the 16th of Oct. I began the process all over again of course starting with what I had gone through the previous day. Today I spoke with probably about 12 different people today and at least 4 managers to no avail. I was sent to one manager who said they could do an exchange but I have to send them the damaged phone first before they will send me a replacement. I explained that I could not do that option because this is the only phone I have and sending it and waiting and being without a phone for two weeks puts my family at an unsafe risk because now should there be an emergency I have no way of reaching out. I live in the country and the neighbors are not close so that would not be a viable option for me.

I also explained that I had several years ago had to get a different phone and there wasn’t an issue with them sending the new phone first so why now is there an issue. I was told it was because of the pre-paid account. I explained that I have been with T-Mobile for years and am only now in the pre-paid account because of the awful car accident that left me with an inability to work until the completion of physical therapy which left me out of the option to go to the store. The only option I had was for them to send the replacement and then for me to send the damaged phone back. If I didn’t return the phone they could charge me or put a hold on the account until they get it. It was not a risk on T-mobiles part to send the phone replacement first.

I was given the option of a solution by one manager who told me bluntly “I cannot help you, but I can send you to another department and they can put you in a postpaid status and send the phone to you first”. I was transferred to another department where I was told that this member would credit me $35 and suggested that I go to the store and get another phone. I explained again that I do not have a vehicle and cannot just simply go get another phone, I also commented that this was an insult as I pay more monthly for the service and just a slap in the face on behalf of her recommendation and lack of ability to listen to the situation at hand. I asked to speak to her manager and I was transferred to the manager of this department the manager of this department who told me he made a decision not to help me and will only accept the option of me sending the phone first, I tried to talk to him and kept talking over me and told me he didn’t care he wasn’t going to do anything different.

I asked for his manager and he told me nothing will change and make sure it doesn’t he was going to note in my account for the rest of the management team to not help me. I again asked to speak to his manager and he told me no nothing will change and he hung up on him. I was thrown aback by his blatant disrespect for me as a customer, his rudeness, and his unwillingness to send me to management department above him (i.e. his boss). He basically told him I don’t care what your situation is I am not going to help you and good-bye without having the human decency to be polite in any way. I called back and immediately asked for a manager I was told by the customer service member that unless I explain to him why I needed to be transferred to a manager he wasn’t going to transfer me.

I literally said are you serious, I am asking for a manager and you are telling me you won’t transfer me to a manager because I don’t care to go over the same issue for the 20th time in two days, I said this is utterly unacceptable and I will need you to transfer me now. Again I was hung up on by this team member. I called back yet again went through the same process and this time stated my phone number and pass code I said to the service member you can read all of the notes and then I would like to be transferred to a member of management. At this point finally I was transferred to another manager who finally apologized for the behavior of all of the other members and we together talked through the issues, and yet still she could not help me.

I agreed to go through the return processing just in case I could actually get a ride to the store or have an option of borrowing a phone from someone for the two weeks. I am left completely disrespected and dumbfounded by the overall disrespect and unwillingness for the T-Mobile team to work with me in this situation as I have lost out and have a non-working for because of their direction. At least before the re-set I still had my business contacts and information necessary lost everything and never got the initial issue fixed on behalf of T-Mobile. I do not appreciate being treated like a piece of dirt by anyone much less a company who is supposed be assist their customers.

I was told that I was able to be helped then transferred and told no we won’t help you time and again. In the end of all of this over two days I still have not been sent an exchange of phone and did not get the initial issue fixed with my phone, I have lost important information after being told a factory re-set would fix the issue. I have lost 2 days of service have been disrespect to the point of feeling like I have been stepped on by management literally to the point of tears and still have not been helped.