Taco Bell Customer Service Covers Up Dog Food Meat


I called Taco Bell customer service number at 949-863-4500, but I guess they want me to share my photo online instead.

Here is my problem, and I will be brief...

Taco Bell looks more and more like dog food every day. Just look at some of the pictures and complaints people have filed in the past few months about the national Yum! chain. The one in particular (shown above) is of a grilled stuff burrito, supposedly with beef. Maybe if the corporate office hired people to take orders that gave a care, instead of prancing around, maybe they would hear what you order. No wonder we do not eat there. 

Last time I went it took 25 minutes to take my order in drive thru. Then waited 15 minutes to get to the window. Waited another 5 minutes to get acknowledged by someone and get my food. This restaurant chain is in need of a clean up. And giving away free tacos during the NBA finals is not the answer!


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Where do I start other than rating Taco Bell, 740 Nova Rd., Daytona Beach a minus 100? Okay...

#1.  AC/DC (rock band), obviusly someone's CD, played so loud that you couldn't hear yourself think.

#2.  The ice machine wasn't working, but my friend and I could still pour Pepsi....she tried one side...flat Pepsi, I tried the other, strong chemical taste that burned my throat, tongue, and lip with ONE tiny sip. We ended up getting ice from "the back" and my friend opted for Pepsi "from the back" and I got iced tea. I told the guy (not the cashier) about the "chemical" taste (bleach?) and suggested they put up a sign saying DON'T GET A SOFT DRINK FROM THIS MACHINE....the second time I told him that he said he "didn't hear me" the first time...maybe because the music was louder than what you find in a rock and roll concert???? This worker who took our order was also singing to the music while taking our order.

#3.  I ordered 3 Soft Taco Supremes, paid for 4, and got 3 1/2 (yes, the 4th that I didn't order but paid for was half the size of the others)

#4.  When I told the person at the cash register (the one singing who also acted/looked stoned) that they needed to turn down the music because he obviously didn't hear mine, he said "I heard you", and I said "then why, when I ordered 3, you charged and gave me 4?" I'm sorry, but he looked, talked, and acted like he was stoned and he didn't reply to my question.

#5.  By now I was not a happy customer so I asked to speak to the "manager"...to please send him/her to our table...I was told there were only 3 people working. Ten miniutes later (it seemed), I went up to the counter with my tray and 2 1/2 tacos and asked again to speak to the manager and the woman who stomped up to the counter treated me like a red-headed stepchild. She grabbed my tray, asked WHAT DO YOU WANT and I repeated..3 Soft Taco Supremes. She was really mad, threw my order in the trash, then proceeded to go where I couldn't see her and almost threw my "new" tray back at me. Once again I mentioned the music and the ice machine/bleach dispenser and she literally YELLED at me about yelling at the stoner, saying "he's disabled"....ummm....first of all I didn't yell but did have to raise my voice.

#6.  Since I was 99% positive that this "manager" probably spit on my order, I gave it back and said I wanted my money back, which I received.. Then, the so-called manager told me that she was going to call the police on me, and my friend and I left and went to my car. As I was trying to not swallow the bleach in my throat, another worker (the "manager" and this worker were both working the drive through), this other female worker (so there were not 3 but 4 ppl working??) stood at the door with a phone to her ear...calling the police...I now wish I'd waited, because I got some of this mess on video and I'm sure the police would have sided with me.

#7.  Somewhere along the line I was told that the guy who took our order "had epilepsy". Well guess what, I'm a senior citizen, I have epilepsy, and I know what a person looks like when they're stoned.  Yeah....

#8.  Before we left, my friend and I saw the "epileptic" worker empty the garbage, come back in, go back behind the kitchen, then the counter AND CAME NOWHERE CLOSE TO WASHING HIS HANDS.

#8  Last but not least, one hour later my throat, tongue, and lips still burned......

#9.  Taco Bell is lucky that I was too tired and hoping that the burning would stop soon so I didn't have to go to the hospital and wait no telling how long to get a swab. Question, how do you people clean those machines... too bad, I would have done a much better job at running Taco Bell than any of you idiots do, and I say that after reading (and personal experience) the many, many complaints about Taco Bell).

Heh, so I guess I won't get any "free" coupons. So, I'll get my satisfaction by reporting you on the website Ribpoff Reports, as well as the Better Business Bureau.


I ordered food. I was given a bag of food that did not even remotely resemble what I ordered. I handed it back to the girl at the window. She agreed it was not my order. Nathan came to the window to find out what was going on and proceeded to tell me that it was what I ordered. What? I know what I ordered! When I argued with him he told me that I would be refused service in the future! What? This guy needs to be in some other job. He should not be working directly with the public. I work in the service industry. If I eved spoke to any customer the way he spoke to me I would be fired immediately!


Today I went to the store in Oak Harbor, WA on 8/17/15 and purchased three chicken crunchy tacos, after looking at my receipt I noticed a 2.70 charge, and I asked what that was. I was told it is a extra charge for choosing chicken, which is more expensive than beef. I feel that that is bad, for penalizing people for wanting to try to eat healthy,and I find it hard to believe that chicken is more expensive than beef. I feel that is a way for you people, Taco Bell to steal free money from your customers. That is very wrong. I don't think I will eat at Taco Bell again.


Today, Jun 5, 2015, around noon, I had a bad experience at store no. 015846 at 3821 N. Duke St. Durham, NC 27702. Having said that, I will not spend my money at that store again. My order no. was 227414 and I ordered a chicken Chullupa supreme and cinnamon twist. The sandwich was served with no tomatoes and I took it back to the counter. An African-American female went to the back and began helping (whom I later found out was a manager) with making me another. I heard the female African-American manager tell the young lady to just put lettuce and tomatoes on it.

As she was wrapping the sandwich, I told her that I did not see any cream put on it. She and the female manager had a few words and I hear the young lady say to the manager that you told me lettuce and tomatoes only. They began making a third one which I took to my table. This time the shell was dark in color and appeared to be over cooked. I took it back. Suddenly another African-American woman came to me and said she just finished making some fresh ones, I told her that I wanted a refund for the sandwich. After waiting for almost 10 minutes, the female manager came to the register. After about another 5 minutes, she gave me the refund (order no. 277421). She kept the receipt. I asked to see it so I could record the order no.  The attitude of the manager was not very professional.


My husband went to the Taco Bell here in Immokalee, Fl. on August 22 at apprx. 9:00am.  There is only one Taco Bell here! He ordered 3 steak am crunch wraps. Paid for 3 only given 2.  He ordered 2 am grilled tacos with bacon, egg & cheese.   When he got home my grilled taco had only tiny bit of bacon, egg & cheese about a table spoon all together same for my daughter it was only taco breading.  I have had am gilled tacos from same place on the weekdays and they were fine.

My husband had to go back 6 miles to get other crunch wrap they forgot.  A customer should not have to check it should be done right the first time.  Not certain what is up with the weekend workers here in Immokalee but if they can not do there job maybe you should replace them.  My husband said they just were playing and talking and not paying attention to what they are doing.   I will point out that this is a small town with a majority as Hispanic culture and there are plenty of places to pick up authentic tacos and they are pretty cheap.  So my point is hire better staff.    You know customers only want what they pay for.

I ordered 4 Dare Devil Grillers at 1:39 today and was number 89. I took my receipt and watched as order after order was filled and given to other customers. It wasn’t until one of the boy employees brought out order number 93 that I asked about mine. I asked, “are you still working on order number 89? I mean if you are up to 93, I should have it right?” He nodded and said, “yes, I am” – well, then he returned after with order number 95, and still nothing spoke of mine.

A differently dressed older woman came to the counter and asked for order 98, to which I then asked where mine was? – She took my receipt to verify what I had ordered and disappeared with it to the back. She yells out, to the crew – “ I need 89 out right away!” at 2:04pm , she returned to the counter with order number 102 and a paper bag (lunch sac size) – and says, “I’m sorry, they gave yours to someone else. I put Cinnamon curls in there for you.” I just got back into work, opened my bag and find yes, there were the extra curls – but the items in the back were NOT Grillers- they were plain burritos with a tangy sauce.


At 7:22 am was driving North on the New England Expressway in a hurry the make it to work for 8am. I risked being tardy over my hunger pains. I was saddened to find out that this particular Taco Bell which has on their advertisements 7am or earlier not receiving customers because an I quote" the food is not ready". Unfortunately this isn't the first time the food hasn't been ready. Whomever is responsible for the early morning shift is not living up to that Taco Bell slogan. I believe in accountability and it's unfortunate that I'm snitching on this lackluster group of employees but like I said earlier "accountability" or simply change the slogan to 7am or later.

I placed an order at 7:36 pm on 8/25/2015. I received my food at 8.00 pm. My son placed an order right before me and our orders were to go, we were the only people inside Taco Bell. He received his food about 10 minutes before me. I know that it does not take that long to make the food. I also witnessed the boy making tacos also had a headset on and he kept putting his hands on the headset and then he would make more tacos without changing his gloves. I know this is not acceptable when working around food because I used to work in food service. I fell that this can contaminate the food. When I arrived home with my food I did not have the  3 soft taco supreme that I paid for.

My son also had a burrito missing from his order. I called and talked to the manager and she wanted me to come back, but it was already 8:35  and it takes me 20 minutes to go back to Taco Bell and I have to get up at 5:00 am to go to work.She wanted me to come the next morning, but I had to go to work She said that she would replace the food that was not right and that is fine. I want to know why she didn't tell me that she would take care of the employees who had his glove covered hands on his headset.

This just upsets me and I am not sure that I want to eat there again. I would eat at Taco Bell at least once a week, but now I am worried that I may not be getting safe food. And if it is going to take 20 minutes to get my food I can go elsewhere that will be faster.I do hope that this matter will be taken care of.