5 Phone Numbers to Contact Verizon Corporate Headquarters


I switched to Verizon and was told I will get everything I needed same day of installation. I had to call customer service and the billing department 4-6 times saying it was not working every time speaking to someone new who could not did not help. So within hours I called and cancelled the service. I was told I will not be charged since service was turned off in hours after installation so  just return merchandise in box they will be mailing to me.

Since then I have had to call 4-5 times to 3 different phone numbers complaining to Verizon about being charged for service I did not get.

Here are the numbers I have tried so far:

Main support hotline: 1-800-837-4966
FIOS internet and TV:  888-804-0875
High speed internet: 888-743-7211
Verizon wireless billing department: 800-256-4646 

The hours of operation for the main 1-800-837-4966 number is Monday to Friday from 8am - 5pm EST. Once you dial the number Press # for the phone tree then enter your billing zip code. After you reach the next prompt press 4 for existing customer, then 2 to speak with a member service representative. The 888 numbers are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

I still have a bill and I tried calling to speak with a manager and was told it was not possible unless I wanted to hold for up to half an hour. I am going to be pleased when I get something showing I owe Verizon nothing especially since my moments 1/2 day have been nothing but torture. If anyone is interested 80% of these customer service rep do not care that customers are unsatisfied.

We are frustrated to the point of giving up with phone support

We then tried the additional number for account verification at 877-462-5825.

I am writing because my husband is frustrated to the point of distraction with trying to get any help from Verizon Wireless. I'll feel that the easiest way to show why he is so frustrated is to use a time line.

08/27/15 He called Verizon headquarters and was transferred to the billing department about cancelling our contract. Followed up conversation with email and told my husband to email her in November the 12th and she would be able to help at that time. He emailed her, as requested, and asked her to get back to him. No reply.
11/17/15: He emailed her again but no reply from Verizon.
11/17-19: He made numerous phone calls and was passed to numerous supervisors. Everyone told him that they would call him back.  No one ever did.
11/19/15: The last person he talked to was someone named, Floan, who told him she was a supervisor and was quite rude.  I was listening and they were on speaker phone.  She told him that her supervisor would call him within three (3) business days. We're still waiting for that call.

As you can see the entire situation is, to repeat myself, frustrating.

In all twenty three (23) years I was only had one (1) complaint that I was rude and no one believed them because my boss was standing there listening to the conversation.  I understand people having a bad day, I've had my a few myself, but you don't take it out on the people you're supposed to be helping.  On a side note, employees and Verizon people answering the phone, at original contact, should have a little more latitude to help people.

In a nutshell the problem is that my husband broke his phone last spring/summer. He replaced the phone and whoever helped him at the time updated the contract for both phones and our Jet Pac. He did not ask for anything to be updated and especially not the Jet Pac.

We have switched, to save money. We are on a fixed income and Straight Talk offers a much better deal.  Odd because they use Verizon towers.  Personally not a smart move for Verizon but not my business. All we want is to get out of our contract without it costing us an arm and a leg.  

If Verizon were to look back over our records for the last ten (10) years, they will see that we have been loyal customers. It's a shame but at this point, unless they can make up for the rest of the helpless, rude or I guess nonexistent, people we have dealt with up to now. Not only will we never come back to Verizon but would never recommend Verizon to anyone else. 


Read more complaints: 
Have a complaint? Call customer service at: 
Upset at corporate? Their office location is: 
1 Verizon Way, Basking Ridge, NJ 07920



I get many telemarketing calls, all from out of country pharmacies, I am being harassed by these people. They will not shut up and listen, I have recorded numbers, but you cannot call them. I have been to 3 different Verizon stores, they will not help me block the numbers, and if I don't get some help from you people I will cancel my service and business with Verizon, I have had it will these people. I don't know how they got my number, I don't want to change my number, but if I have to, it will be with a different company. Here is hoping some one in this organization will help, I don't have much confidence in it though.


A Verizon sales person called me over a week ago. I agreed to switch back to Verizon with the same package that we had before and add the sports pass. It would be $2.00 cheaper than I was paying with Time Warner. After it was installed I am missing many channels (Nick TV, National Geographic). I called customer service and was told that I had agreed to a down grade of channels. Now I am in the process of contacting Time Warner to reinstall everything, and I question what Verizon will charge me. I will have their service for 1 week before TW can get to me. I have no problem paying a pro-rated 1 week fee, but do not feel I should have to pay the $80 install fee to Verizon. I am totally upset with Verizon and the salesperson should be fired!


I had my service installed about a month ago (which was a nightmare in and of itself) at which point I requested all rooms be made FiOS ready, of course that did not happen. Apparently, the tech left my old cable company's coax cable on my wall and didn't connect anything to the FiOS service box. A month later I finally decide to get the box for my extra room, and low and behold it does not work! When I spoke with the customer service rep Michelle she informed me there would be a $160 something fee for the tech to come out.

Her supervisor Mark told me the same thing at which point I requested to speak with a manager, not only did he tell me his manager does not take calls, he then proceeds to tell me he is the manager (so which is it?) Why is providing excellent customer service not your priority? You sell your services promising only the best yet fall way short of that. I shouldn't be held responsible for this fee, when the technician should've done it in the first place. I'm highly disappointed.


Approximately 2-3 months ago I received a bill stating that I had an account with Verizon. I immediately notified Verizon's fraud department stating that I did not open this account I have an account with another carrier and they have done nothing about it. I contacted the credit bureaus and explained this to them as well. You continue to send me bills and send it to collections but are doing nothing to correct this problem.

I spoke to my attorney and how in the world could this have happened when you should have asked for ID and a picture ID no less? This account should have been immediately suspended and no further action should have been taken to hurt my credit but it has. The department argued with me saying I did this as I tried to explain to them why would I do such a thing when I have an account with someone else.

A couple days later I was told that the person tried to purchase 5 more phones and Verizon stopped them. I have filed a police report and contacted my attorney. Help take care of this matter and inform me as to how this will be done.


In March of 2016 a fraudulent request for a replacement phone was put through to Verizon Wireless through my account. They couldn't directly tell me how it was done (call, email, store). I did not know it had happened until I received a text message notice that my account may be charged for not returning the defective device. I immediately called Verizon to notify them that I did not have a defective device to return. They put me through to the fraud department to file a claim. I was told everything as taken care of.

A few weeks later I received another text notifying me that my account will be charged due to the lack of returning a defective device. I immediately called Verizon again and went through all the necessary conversations to explain my situation and stating that I was told everything would be taken care of  and yet I am still getting these notifications.

I finally was able to speak to a supervisor where we changed my email, password, removed myself from auto pay and even added an additional security measure. Today May 23rd, 2016 Verizon with drew over $800.00 from my account of which I did not authorize due to the lack of returning the defective device from March. The one that I spoke to many customer service representatives about and they all guaranteed me it was all taken care of.

I am in a position that I live paycheck to paycheck and therefore to have an unauthorized charge go through my account that should be charged in the first place is completely unacceptable. I expected to be compensated for the additional charges I have concurred as well as the distress I have been subjected to Due to the illegal process of withdrawing money from an account  they are not authorized to.


I have been on the phone for over 3 hours today (2 different times) trying to cancel my services. Because of the strike no one seems to know how to cancel me. They sent me to 4 different people and I ended up back on a 1 hour hold to get to the same person I started with. I am contacting my credit card company to dispute the bill they are sending me because the my verizion account on the internet won't let me cancel, they keep telling me to call the 800-837-4966 to change my information and then I go back on hold. As I am typing this I have been on hold for another 65 minutes and still no rep has answered. If they take another auto payment next month I will sue verizon for all money owed and damages. I am now hanging up.


Back in May of 2015 I purchased a new phone and tablet at a Verizon store. the rep said that since I was a long time and much appreciated customer they were giving me a ellipsis jet pack. I told him several times I don't want anything else added to my account my bill is already high enough. he assured me that it wouldn't add anything to my bill. 2 weeks later I receive my bill and was charged an activation fee for the device.

I called the store and spoke to the manager. he advised me that he would refund the activation fee but to not return the jetpack or I would be charged a restocking fee. I told him I had no  intention of using it and he again said it would not be on my bill and to just throw it away or do whatever with it.

10 months later I see that I am being charged a monthly access fee for the jet pack, Verizon sends their bills paperless and I honestly don't check it with working full time and having serious health issues that slow me down significantly.

I called customer service and was told since I didn't return it I would be charged an early termination fee. I asked for a supervisor and was told that there was nothing they could do since I didn't return the device. I then asked to speak to his manager and was informed that he was the top manager or I could email in a complaint and wait for a response. I have been a Verizon customer for 13 years and have no intention of making it 14.

Transferred to be Internet and fios TV bundle. Customer rep Isaiah on 4-19-16 told me new 75/75 Internet and fios TV would include upgrade for one year to premium channel all for $126.96. But when started new plan I got Fios Custom Tv-Essentials which dis not have as many channels as Premium. Also I have never been able to get Internet in farthest bedroom on third floor so I was told quantum router would take care of it but did not not.

When I spoke with Marlon on 5-27-16 he wanted to charge me for upgrade and add $6.00 per month for Internet extender. I feel like I got a bait and switch. How can this be made right?


I had a replacement phone sent to me on Dec.10, 2015   On Dec.12, I sent it back to the Texas warehouse from which it came from. I'm used the USPS return sticker it came with. It got lost and now I am being charged 550.00 on my bill. I have called 3 different times about the correction.( phone# 973-769-0013) so the recordings made to customer service can be reviewed. Bottom line is, I was told by a Verizon supervisor to file a claim with UPS. Problem is UPS has no record of the Tacking #.

Therefore, I can not do a claim. Verizon people refuse to question anyone at the warehouse for making any mistakes. Supervisor Sam, was adamant about UPS messing up. I contend that someone at the warehouse made a big mistake and now I am being penalized for this. Please look it to this situation, someone has drooped the ball on this.   The last representative named Stephanie, did get back to me, but I asked her to continue for a resolution, I am waiting for her call back.

I am officially done with Verizon. i have given the company several attempts at making me and my wife satisfied customers and Verizon has repeatedly failed! I am too irritated with the company to go in to too much detail. I have had multiple access issues, Billing problems and plenty of broken promises. I am currently buying a house and i am dealing with a credit issue due to an oversight by Verizon on a past bill.

Verizon even admitted they were at fault and i am the one who has to deal with the issue.I wouldn't be upset with my latest issue if it were not for all the prior issues. I was told i would have a phone by Saturday the 6th. I called Verizon to inquire about delivery and now i am told Monday the 8th. Again not a big issue but i am tired of being told one thing by Verizon and seeing another.

Time after time Verizon says one thing then does another. Totally unprofessional company with terrible customer service.


This change to my service was done without full disclosure of the details of this change.  I wanted to add to my existing Triple Play package including Select TV for &79.99/month.  I had signed up for this package earlier this year for a 2 year term.  I wanted to add some sports channels.  I repeatedly asked and was told these changes were additions to my package.

The changes were made immediately, before I received the e-mail detailing the changes.  I noticed that channels I had before the change were no longer available.  I immediately called customer service.  I was told I had changed my TV service to custom TV which did not have those channels.  I said I had not changed but had added to my current package.  I was told my current package no longer existed and I could not change back. I reiterated that I was never informed that this would take me off the Select TV package; I was assured repeatedly that the channel package I asked for was in addition to the package I already had.  Even this e-mail does not specify that I no longer had the select TV package.

I asked to be changed back to my previous package.  I was told that package was no longer available.  I had been grandfathered in but lost that with this change.  I reiterated that I had never been informed of that.  I was told no one could help me. I asked to speak to a supervisor and was told that nobody in the company could help me.  I continued to ask to speak to a supervisor.  I was transferred to Lindsay, an "escalation supervisor."

She told me she'd already been given all the details and no one could help me.  I said I had not been informed of any changes other than additions to my package.  After discussing various ways to address this issue I was told I could not speak to anyone else in customer service, no one else in "customer service" will speak with the customer,  Lindsay was not on the original call but was certain I hadn't been misinformed, I had no recourse but to upgrade to the next level of TV service which would be $15/mo on top of the additional $5/mo I was already being charged for less channels, if I cancelled my triple play I would lose my phone number and pay a cancellation fee of $170.  Again, nobody in your company could help me.

I said I had a 2 year contract, and asked to have pointed out to me where in the contract any on the above was specified.  I was told nobody could do that because the contract was for no specific services except Triple Play.  I then asked for what Lindsay had just told me to be sent to me in written format.  I was told nobody in Verizon would do that.  I asked for the name of the head of customer service for Verizon.  I was told I couldn't have that.  I asked if I could have an e-mail address for customer service.  I was told I couldn't have that.  I asked for Lindsay's full name.  I was told I couldn't have that.

I said I found these "customer service" practices misleading and fraudulent.  I was told they weren't fraudulent because I got exactly what I'd asked for.  I asked Lindsay how she could say that if, as she repeatedly insisted, she was not on the original phone call.  After much back and forth, I told Lindsay to leave my account as it stood as of 4:00 pm EDT, and I would address the ludicrous and fraudulent practices via other channels.

I have worked in telecommunications and have managed contracts with commercial and government entities.  I recognize fraudulent practices and will report then to the proper authorities. I expect Verizon to address all these instances of misinformation, fraudulent practices, and customer service deficiencies. Additionally, I expect Verizon to restore my Triple Play service with Select TV package for $79.99/mo for the remainder of my 2 year contract with credit for any time that service is unavailable to me.  "That package is no longer available" is an insufficient and ludicrous rationale.