So, I Called the Number for Verizon Wireless Customer Service


I put in a phone call to Verizon customer service because my phone died and I needed a cheap replacement so wanted to see if they could help. I tried to call several phone numbers that did not really work, but I hope they help you. In the end they left my on hold for 5 hours!

  • Main customer service number is 1-800-922-0204. Hours are Mon - Fri, 7 AM - 11 PM local time and Sat - Sun, 8 AM - 9 PM local time. I waited on hold here an hour
  • If you have a prepaid phone, there is actually a different number. It's 1-888-294-6804 or you can dial *611 on a mobile device. Hours to call are Mon - Sun, 6 AM - 11 PM local time. But neither of those worked and I was on hold about 30 minutes.
  • I also tried calling the consumer sales hotline at 1-800-256-4646 and the business sales number at 1-800-526-3178. Both times I was put on hold for more than two hours total between all my calls and redials and I gave up and hung up.
  • My last ditch effort was asking for the main Verizon corporate office number at 1-800-VERIZON. Go figure that one had the longest hold time of all. I waited on hold an hour an 30 minutes for a single person to answer!

All this to say, I do not recommend contacting Verizon by phone. Go online and use live chat instead, you will get much faster support.

Here is what happened after I gave up on calling them. I went online to the VZ wireless customer service center. When I signed in, I went to look at Samsung deals and was met with a live chat bar that said I qualified to be able to pay monthly for a new phone! Great. Money is tight and I could get the cheapest phone for $6 a month so I called up.

After I explained what I wanted to do the man says is good I called because he has a deal to offer me that would reduce my monthly bill by $30.  I said great cuz I could then afford a better phone. He says if I buy a tablet for $50 my monthly bill would be reduced so I said OK and signed up to buy it.

I then said I want to get the S5, he then says "oh, let me pass you on to to someone who might be able to offer you a better deal on a cheaper used phone". The next person is completely unaware of what has gone before so I explain it again, that I have to pay monthly and she says I cannot do that on a used phone so passes me back to sales. Third person says I can't pay monthly even though the statement implies it because it only applies to a NEW phone line added to my existing service. It doesn't say that anywhere. There is no caveat.  So I say I want to cancel everything and make a complaint.

I get transferred to person 4. This is a total bait and switch.

She finally is able to get her manager to cancel tablet she says - and I hope the 2 year extension on my contract? Yes. The only complaint I am offered is a 360 about the original person. I say I want to complain higher up the chain, that this dishonesty is endemic in the company and he was only following the culture of the company.  The initial deception is with the company. She then says they can attach a higher up complaint to the 360. The FCC has a much better form for complaints, and I have reported this to them.

Now FedEx has tried to deliver the blasted tablet so I have to assume the order process is FAST while cancellations and complaints go into the slow lane.

It's worth noting that there are several shortcuts you can use on your mobile phone to find quick information. I'd recommend using these as much as possible. Hopefully, they will prevent you from having to deal with Verizon customer support ever again!

Regular customers

  • *611     +     Send     =     Check balance
  • *86     +     Send     =     Voice mail

Prepaid customers

  • #BAL (#225)     +     Send     =     Check balance     
  • #MIN (#646)     +     Send     =     Minutes used     
  • #PMT (#768)     +     Send     =     Make payment     
  • #DATA (#3282)     +     Send     =     Data used
  • #UPG (#874)     +     Send     =     Upgrade eligibility


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Upset at corporate? Their office location is: 
Verizon Way, Basking Ridge, NJ 07920



I retired from the military after 34 years effective 1 May 2015.  That said, the military moved me from VA to OR, 27 March 2015.  I called Verizon prior to this date to cancel  my Verrizon Firos cable and Internet service with a balance due back to me of $448.12, and they stated that my credit of this sum would be sent to me within 7-10 days.  As of 3 June 2015 and noumoruse phone calls, I have still not received this credit/money.

Each month since I move from VA to OR, I receive a bill from Verrizon with this credit of $448.12 (account number 752-024-927-0001-09) and no one who works for this company can successfully complete this easy task. If I was late paying, I would be charged late fees and this would affect my credit score. I am seeking any assistance before I communicate with the Better Business Bureau or file a small claims through the courts.

If I do not receive communications by Verizon customer service by 11 June 2015, I will seek legal assistance.


I had a shared data line with two phones on the edge program.  I was informed I could disconnect one line and continue on the edge program with both phones; however my next bill  to my horror owed $604.00. When I called back initially I was told that I agreed to a buy off amount. After asking for a review of the conversation, I was later told it was a computer error.  I've had to contact customer service four times with lengthy holds each call lasting approximately one hour only to be told someone would call me back the next day.  

I have yet to receive a call back  as promised. Even after scheduling a call back time. I have be put in an extremely difficult position and undue hardship as result for this situation.  Customer service representatives each give me different reasons for what they call a "forced buyout" happened to my account. My bill is due July 4 and I need a clear resolution to this problem.   


WARNING:  Verizon are scam artists’ and liars out to get your money. On March 6th 2015 my fiancé and I went into the Verizon wireless store located at 1301 Bristol Pike Bensalem PA, 19020 to upgrade our phones. We were helped by Jason (store / regional manager) who after upgrading our phones GIFTED my fiancé with a FREE tablet. We questioned Jason how it was free and if there were any additional costs.

Jason completely assured us that there were NO (zero) additional fees or charges and that it was part of an upgrade promotion Verizon was doing. After three weeks my fiancé received a bill for service and usage. She promptly called Jason who assured her it would be fixed – this was March. Jason has never answered his phone after repeated voicemail messages. My fiancé then started texting him for a response. At this point my fiancé RETURNED the tablet to Jason in person expressing her disappointment and concern which Jason assured her ONCE AGAIN it will be taken care of. 

She then called Verizon 4 times after trying to reach Jason and Desiree Rivera (account manager) with no resolution. Each time “notes” were taken and she was given reassurance that Jason should not have done what he did (as he had set up a separate account under her name for the charges so she would not see it on her phone account) and it will be corrected ASAP. None of which EVER happened. Today she received a new bill (pic attached) and after over an hour talking to a service rep she was finally able to talk to Keisha ID# 160050 who told her that all but $175 would be refunded.

When asked why she still had to pay $175 on something that was FREE and returned months ago she was told rudely the following: The $175 is an early termination fee. After being questioned how we could be charged a fee for something that was free she gave no answer other than we can submit a written statement of request. She LIED – when she then tried to imply that on a previous call my fiancé had tried to set up “payment arrangements “  this did not and has never occurred.

After months and hours of arguing I would like to know how Jason is still working AT ALL for Verizon after  he set up a fake account and lied to loyal Verizon customers. How is it that Verizon – a billion dollar company – cannot fix a mistake made by one person and that hours of our lives have to be wasted talking to numerous “managers” who cannot (will not) fix an error made by a con man working on commission giving away “free” things in the name of a company who advertises themselves as a “better company” what you really are – are thieves with poor customer service and no backbone to provide true service to loyal clients.


I know this will not be fixed but I am trying to complain to everyone. Verizon Wireless Cypress, California store are liars and cheats, thats were it starts. It goes all the way to the Corporate President of Verizon Southern California, Mr. CRUZ. On April 08, 2015 My wife and I went in to get me a cell phone and service on her account. We were approached by a sale person by the name of Yousuf we told him what we wanted, a cell phone with no contract and service. 

He told us that we could not purchase the phone, had to make payments.(first lie) He brings out with a phone and a tablet, I told him I did not need a tablet that I have one already. He said it's free (second lie) just take the card out and give it to someone.By the time we left we had spent $207.12. On April 24th we received a printed service summary, which was dated April 11th. Now I find out that we paid $80.00 plus tax for a free tablet and a charge of $10.00 per month for the service. 

This was so convenient that it had arrived on April 24th, because now the 14 days had expired. (time in which you can cancel) Call verizon  customer service and talked with Ms. Amanda Horton, and she said she would give me $10.00 per month credit for one year. I wanted to think about that one. She also said she would have the manager of the Cypress store call me. It never happened. I went back to the Cypress store on May 12th, and asked for the manager, I spoke to Gaston, he blew me off with more lies. I went home to check the Verizon web site nothing changed.

I went back the next day and asked for Gaston, was told he was not in I asked for the Manager, he said he was the manager, (I guess everyone is a manager) his name is Fabian. I started off col but lost it when he said he couldn't help because I was not on the account. We spent $207.00 on my credit card a month earlier. The bill has been paid out of my account for the past 7 years but I can't tell him my problem. I got mad and called him a butt head and he said he wouldn't talk to me any more.

Went home and e-mailed Ms. Horton asking for a complete pay off to close the account. (we also have Verizon comm. for our home phone and WiFi) I never received an e-mail back. I went on line and found the executive list of Presidents, naming Mr. Cruz as the President of Southern California. It had an e-mail address, So I  sent an e-mail with my complaint. I received an e-mail back saying that Engrid would be responding with in 48 hours. She called my wives cell phone when she was at work. My wife is not able to answer when she is at work when she is rooming patients.

A message was left by Engrid saying call me at this number 1800-435-6622 ext. 2143766 at your earliest convenience. My wife texted me a message that engrid had called and left a message with a phone number, so I called it only five minutes later. It went to a voice mail. It said Engrid is not in DO NOT LEAVE A MESSAGE, I left one anyway.I couldn't believe that some one in customer service had a voice mail like this so I called again, same thing.

Engrid would always call my wives cell and leave a message with that stupid phone number. Why waist every ones time. I think it's a game hoping I will go away. I sent an e-mail on may 22nd to Engrid telling her we would not be available till the 28th of May. My wife had 3 or 4 voice messages on her cell from Engrid.

When we get back my wife finally hooks up with Engrid, she told my wife she could not talk to me rill my name was on the account saying I could make changes to the account. WE did that. 
Engrid sends me an e-mail with a mailing lable by e-mail to mail the tablet back. Which I did that day. Two weeks later I e-mail her and said that UPS said it was delivered. She sent me an e-mail saying as a courtesy they allowed the agreement on the tablet to be canceled and eaived the $175.00 Early Termination fee. And as an added bonus she issued a credit to our account of $20.00 to cover the service for May and June. But because the 14 day return or exchange policy had expired I would not be getting back my money I paid for a Free TABLET.

On June 10th I sent a Certified letter to Mr. Cruz and As of this date have not heard from any one else.


Verizon representatives offer promotions to me and extend the time.  I have been offered two promotions for movie channels and they tell me it will last for a year.  The first time this happened to me I was calling to terminate my service with Verizon and switch to another carrier.  I was tired of the lies, poor customer service, not documenting my account when I have communications by phone and the ungodly hold times.  I was offered HBO for a year at no charge by the rep as he stated he wanted me to stay with Verizon.  I agreed.  After 3 months went by I had to call every month for to have my bill adjusted because they started charging me for the HBO.   

I talked to a rep by the name of Frankie Atkinson Jan. 2015 and she offered me Stars, Showtime and Encore ALL for only $10.00 extra a month until Jan. 2016.  I advised her I was hesitate because Verizon never keeps their end of the deal and they will cut off the promotion and then cut the customer off of the promotional cost they promised.  Once again this has happened.  They now want to charge me to keep these channels that was promised by Ms. Atkinson they I would only have to pay an extra $10.00 per month.  I had three conversations with Verizon today and no there can get this straight.  One representative sent me an email stating that my bill would be as follows:

- Services and Discounts Monthly Amount 
- Existing Triple Play $44.99
- FiOS Digital Voice Unlimited
- FiOS TV Select HD
- $25 Agreement Incentive Included thru Apr 8, 2016
- Existing Showtime Starz Entertainment Pack $19.99
- Existing Premium Entertainment 50% Discount -$10.00
- New Valued Customer $25/12 Mo -$25.00
- Estimated Monthly Subtotal $29.98
- Taxes, Fees and Other Verizon Charges (see detail) $6.82
- Estimated Monthly Charges $36.80 

Now I think I will pay this every month from here on out.  Verizon makes sure they send these emails on promotions they offer and they do, but the representative on the phone advises the promotion will last for the time they state verbally.  Which would be for a year.  BUT VERIZON CUTS YOU OFF BEFORE YOUR YEARS IS UP!!!    Wonder if they are going to uphold this email and only charge me $36.80 a month.  We'll see.  Is anyone in the complaint office able to help?


Got a "coupon" in the mail to upgrade my phone for "Free". My phone number is 719-306-2247. Went to the local Verizon store in Woodland Park. Here is what I was told- need to pay $50 up front, would then have to send in to get a $50 card. There is a $20 store charge for this "Free" phone, and then with in a month I would have to pay a $40 activation fee. Then I would also have another 2 year contract for a entry level phone I would have had to pay $60 for.  Wanted to let you know I have been a Verizon customer for many years. No longer.  When my current contract is up I will drop your services for all 3 phones. I will wait to see how you reply to this  before I report this to the FCC and better business bureau.


We literally had to be outside to get a full connection with just phone calls. We decided to look into changing services since the famous words were "there is nothing we can do" every time we called in to get the situation rectified. We had 2 cell phones and a jet pack which didn't work very well either.

My husband called to see how much it would cost for cancelation since we were still under contract for another 2 months. The lady told him $273.50. We figured that's fine because our monthly bill was $181 and it would be cheaper to cancel then to pay for 2 more months of service that was crappy.

We switched to AT&T and are happy with the service. We get the bill for Verizon for the cancelation and it is $471. It is $200 more then what they said it would be. So we call to figure out what the heck is going on and once again "there is nothing we can do"!

Seriously?! This company is horrible and should be shut down. We have talked to over 12 different people in the past month for this and still nothing. If we do not get this situated, I will be contacting my lawyer. Such a complete rip off. We said we would pay what we were told but they won't work with us on anything. We aren't looking for a free cancelation but it isn't okay to charge extra for something just because your mad we switched.


After I discontinued services with your company to go to another one, You informed me you billed me for another month and then when I tried to get an itemized list of things that I would pay for versus ones I want I couldn't get through on the phone tree because my account had been deleted.

You turned me over to a collection agency in which I tried to acquire the information and they couldn't get through and disconnected me twice.  I have spent countless hours at the Verizon store, where I receive no help, on hold, and trying to find ways to contact the company.  Can't find it.  I just want an itemized bill in order to pay the un-disputed charges and never do business with Verizon again.

I will never trust Verizon. Had their FIOS service for the last two years. Problems started occurring a year ago - freezing screen, reboots, and finally no service at all for several days. They ended up changing line from curb to box and the service was fixed. A rep recognized the long standing issues and issued a credit of $193. But it never materialized. They said it was denied by someone else. What a joke. I was never told the credit was subject to further approval. If they had not agreed to issue it, I would have cancelled service.

It was the last day I could cancel without penalty. Now they say I never had service interruptions. I have a yard dug up, new outside box, new booster etc. I lost trust in their supervisors too because they said there was nothing in my tickets that said anything was wrong. Anyone advise me how to proceed with this company.


Bye bye Verizon.  It's been nice knowing you, but I can no longer stomach seeing racist Jamie Foxx pimp Verizon knowing that he would rather be "killing white people, what could be better than that!"  I am a long term customer, but I will no longer pay premium costs to support a garbage company.

We started our journey of frustration with Verizon on 4/25/16 by placing an order for 300 Mbps Quantum Internet For Business costing 254.99 per month. We were given our order number at the time of check out which was PA11233784935. On 5/10/2016; I reached out to our IT people so that they would be able to be on site and reconfigure our server and system so that we would not lose a business day of work with the installation going on. Our IT company was able to accommodate us and made sure that we had a representative on site for the install.

On 5/11/16 which was the date of our install, I had the computer company sitting in our waiting area from 8am until 11:55 am waiting for Verizon to show up. I reached out to Verizon customer service at 11:55am only to be put on hold for a total of 27 minutes only to be told there was nothing that could be done and the manager was busy but would call me back. I waited 30 minutes and still no call back from the manager.

At this point I attempted to try the chat feature for customer service while reaching out on the phone at the same time. I was hung up on after being told I had to wait for a manager. While on the chat the technician was amazing, and very nice after explaining all of the hardships we went through and how stressful our day had been after so many mishaps with the company. He did everything he could but was not able to get anyone out on the 11th or the day after. After discussing our options with a customer service manager the tech was able to get us in before we had to have our phones ported which is scheduled to happen tomorrow 5/17/16.

So, he scheduled us for the same day install as our phones were getting ported so as not to incur another fee with our IT company ( which at this point was at 850.00 for having their team sitting there from 8am-11:55am) however, today I find out that our date has now been delayed yet again.

Except this time, we are being told that 6/25/16 is the soonest date that is available for install. At this point, fed up is an understatement; I understand that there is a strike going on and that installs have been effected however, whatever this strike is costing Verizon is a lot more than what the unions are asking for in a contract because now it is putting a price on customer service as well and at this point Verizon’s customer service is a disgrace. I consider myself lucky that I found out how horrible Verizon’s customer service truly is prior to becoming a customer and it is a shame that they have such a great product; if only their customer service matched the quality of their product.

Unfortunately, I would rather continue to have less than to par service with Comcast than to be disregarded and lose money and have to hope that I actually have a tech that shows up with Verizon. It is such a shame that you allowed a contract to come between satisfaction of current customers and building relationships with new customers; I will be writing reviews to this effect in our local Philadelphia paper in hopes to try and warn people and fellow business owners of what Verizon is really like to deal with when they are faced with circumstances that may jeopardize their customer service.

Regardless of circumstance customers always come first and that is something that as a business we have upheld from day one; seemingly a global company can’t seem to put it into effect…very disappointed Verizon.