Upset? Here's the Walgreens Corporate Phone Number


Walgreens is one of the largest retail pharmacy chains in America. The current CEO, James Skinner was once VP and CEO of McDonalds Corporation and he serves on the boards of McDonalds and Hewlett Packard currently. Those are two other companies with poor track records of helping customers on our website. 

So, it makes sense that Walgreens will have at least a few issues of their own. I had one problem recently, and I will share with you how I learned to contact Walgreens headquarters. I found the right numbers, spoke to the right management, and got a full refund as well a formal apology.

Ultimately, if you need help call 1–800–WALGREENS or 1–800–925–4733.

But these numbers will only get you so far. You need to be specific about your issue to really get in touch with a live human.

But the direct Walgreens corporate number is 1-877-250-5823. This bypasses the phone tree during normal business hours. Or for balance rewards points call 1-855-225-0400, this is a toll free number. I even called Investor Relations at 847-315-3700 and tried to complain there as well. 

By esclating my problem through multiple channels I got results.

In case you are curious, here is what happened to me:

Store number: 09769 
Local address: 2900 North Ave Grand Junction, CO 81504

I had gone to our local Walgreens like I have been for more than five years now to purchase two cartons of cigarettes. When I was my turn at the register I asked for one carton of Marlboro Lights hard pack and one carton of Camel Lights hard pack, as the check out girl (Katie) looked on the selves she was unable to locate a carton of what I had asked for so instead she rang up a carton of Marlboro Lights soft pack and handed them to me.

I replied that was not what I had asked for and to please give me ten single packs of Marlboro Lights in a hard pack and charge me the carton price like that particular store had done many times in the last five years. Katie immediately developed an attitude and told me she cannot do what I had requested. I politely explained to her that I had been coming to this Walgreens for the last five plus years and I have rarely been able to get both cartons without someone putting ten packs of either in the bag and charging me the carton price.

I also stated that it doesn't matter if they are in a carton box or not because when you smoke them naturally they would have to come out of the carton. She then state that I was the second person today that asked for the same thing and she told them no as well. That really surprised me that Walgreens would reject selling three cartons of cigarettes just because they were not in a carton box when that is obviously part of your business and no employee contacted management to see if this was correct procedure.

I purchased the valentines card I had and told her I did not want the soft pack carton of cigarettes she handed to me earlier and left. When I returned home I called the number on my receipt wanting to speak with the a manager and was told they were not available but I could speak with the assistant manager Angela. As I was trying to explain what just happened in her store she began talking over me and making excuses for why Katie did what she did.

After a few minutes of listening to her rambling I asked her why Katie did not request management assistance when dealing with something she had no idea about even after I explained what the other check out employees have done in the past, she could say nothing but I am sorry in a sarcastic tone and try to accuse me of asking for a discounted price on the cigarettes instead of listening to what my complaint actually was. I thought contacting the manager would resolve my issues but instead her response irritated me even more. I will never again stop into a Walgreens for anything even if it was the last store on the planet.

I have spent thousands upon thousands of dollars in Walgreens over the course of my life and unfortunately because of the personalities you have employed to these positions of customer service it will be my last. I am reaching out to the corporate office in hopes you can change the way they do business or train their employees before all of your customers feel the same as I due to the incompetence of the employees and management at this location.


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Have a complaint? Call customer service at: 
Upset at corporate? Their office location is: 
200 Wilmont Road, Deerfield, IL 60015



Have used Walgreens in the past. In December of last year, I was having my prescriptions transferred from old pharmacy to Walgreens because some of my many medications are cheaper copay here. when took my prescription for my pain medication, pharmacist said he does not fill out of town prescription.

Which I know is a lie because a friend of mine goes to Paducah KY, pain management, and gets hers filled at this Walgreens, and mine is the same state of tn. I feel this is discrimination because I am black and she is white. I cant understand how hers can be filled from another state (KY) and mine is in the same state (TN).

The Walgreens i am referring to is the one in Union City, Tn. 38261. there is some really sound prejudice in this store as I am not the only one treated this way, and we are all black. Please address the pharmacy, because this has made me feel less than a person and it is terrible to know that a person who studied medicine would treat people this way. I have genuine pain, and he made me feel less than a person.


I called the Walgreens at Elm & 370 in St Charles Missouri. I need my wife's inhaler, as soon as possible in the morning. There is no voice mail, and a stupid, very difficult  to use, voice actuated phone system. Get rid of this system, it was better before you changed it. My wife had a medical emergency, and the ambulance took her inhaler and oxy-meter with them in the ambulance a week ago. She is getting out of the hospital tomorrow, and I need this item before she is released.

I just realized we did not have the rescue 40 minutes ago, this was my fault. I talked with the acting manager, and she would not leave a note with the pharmacy to call me, and there is no possible way to leave a voice mail on this phone system. I have ben getting my prescriptions there for years. We get a spirevia, an advair, baclefin and gabbapentine there every month. Other pharmacies are 4 miles further away, (each way).

At least you need to discuss with the acting manager how to handle customers with real problems. I may have to take my business elsewhere. Why can she not contact the pharmacy? Why can I not leave a voice mail? Why have you installed a hard to use voice actuated call system?


I asked young lady at register for manager.  Manager was helpful after I had to locate her myself.  Young lady at register went to tell another employee what happened.  I followed her and heard her telling the other employee what happened.  I asked the "other" employee was she a manager.  She said no.  I looked at the first young lady - she rolled her eyes and walked back to her register with no intent on helping me. 

So I asked yet another employee to get me a manager to help me.  At issue was I wanted a bag of candy which was clearly marked $3.79 under the box to be honored at the $3.79 price because the first young lady at the register said it was ringing up for over $6.00.  That was when I asked for a manager - and had to go find her myself.  After the manager happily helped me I thanked her. 

On the way out of the store I passed by the first young lady who seemed to mumble an explicative under her breath toward me.  No witnesses. So I stopped and asked her for her name.  She just looked at me.  I said if she did not wish to supply her name we could call the manager back.  The manager supplied the young lady's name as Tatyana?  This was very poor customer service.  If an employee can not offer proper assistance they should be happy to direct customer toward someone who can.  Store 06865 at 12097 Veterans Memorial.


Made a call in to the pharmacy to check on a new prescription for my child because I live 30 mins from town and rather than load the sick child up, wheelchair, equipment, etc.,  it would be quicker to call, right? Wrong!  Went through the prompts to talk to someone in the pharmacy. Waited with that not so calming music after 10.....20....30....40....50....64 minutes. You have 3 callers ahead of you... you have 2 callers ahead of you, etc. The phone rang many many times, it sounded like they picked up, then the phone when dead. They hung up on me! Unbelievable.


Sorry, but I can't honestly rate my Walgreens experience at even a 1 on your 1 to 5 star scale. As a customer of the Alexandria, LA (Jackson Street) store I have to wait an average of 45 to 60 minutes to talk to a human on the phone or wait in line for an hour to pick up a prescription is unacceptable. The continuous excuse is that we're shorthanded. That story got old over 9 years ago.

If I was able, the management of this location would be fired before I could hit the send key. In fact, Walgreens corporate deserves a similar fate for allowing it. My most recent complaint is that I have been waiting for over a week for a much needed prescription that they are out of stock of. First, you'd think that they could get a common drug within a week. I believe I could get a Polar Bear shipped to me from the North Pole within a week.

And if they couldn't, wouldn't it make sense that they could call and advise you of other options. No, they just blow you off. I have used Walgreens for over 50 years. Starting tomorrow, I switch to the other guy across the street. Hopefully they will deserve my business.


Had my Medicare since 12-01-2013. Recently found out thru Medicare, Walgreens have not been submitting any claims to them. I have fought with this group to have a portion of my insulin covered because I am on the pump since 8-7-2015. They keep telling me Medicare doesn't cover insulin. Section 3 page 52 of Medicare & You 2016. I thought Medicare had been paying a portion for my test strips. Walgreens has been billing my insurance company. Not once have they ever rec'd paper work from CMS or my doctor-they say always failures in faxes. Since 12-01-2013 I have gotten none or a reduced amount of balance reward points because they say I am on Medicare. I want all my balance reward points that I have been screwed out of, two years worth.


I'm writing because the treatment I received at the Walgreen's in hurricane, Utah was reprehensible. I'm 74 years old, have all my wits about me and have refused to take several drugs during my lifetime because of side effects. Years ago, I developed fibromyalgia..had no idea what it was but certainly changed my life. Saw several doctors, some at Boston University, and after a number of years reconciled myself to having constant pain. After years of trying every drug, combination of drugs and developing arthritis, having a hip and a shoulder implanted, I said enough. Give me Vicodin and that's it. So it, with the change in the schedule drugs program it makes it difficult to get the Vicodin except for one month refills at a time.

Like I have nothing else to do with my life than run around for it (we have pharmacy program that can mail). I take my script into Walgreen's (which I have used around the country for the past 13 years) they, don't have that strength, and I'm asked if I really need it...Whoa! Never had to answer that before and I told him so.Then I'm told it will be in on Wednesday, then they call and say Friday. Never heard another word until my husband went today, Wednesday of the following week to find out what's going on. I would have really liked to go and blow my stack,  but by this time I was in bad shape.

They tell him they can't get 350 mgs. anymore. He gave them heck for not even calling us to tell us that, grabbed the rx back and headed down the street to Walmart. She looked at it, said it would be about ten minutes. He asked if they have trouble getting such a strong dosage, she looked at him questionably and said 'no". He took the pills, went back to Walgreen's, saw the manager who was very apologetic but that didn't help my suffering all those days for nothing. My Lord, can't you train these people better?

His attitude was insulting to say the least,  asking me if I need it, and then the total non-caring attitude in regards to not informing me of their inability to obtain the drug (which I think you and I both know is totally unheard of  being a "pharmacy". I've said my piece. Have no idea if it'll do any good, probably not, millionaires don't really care about anyone else....wonder if they care about their mothers?


I dropped my three scripts off at Walgreens in OKC on NW 23rds and Meridian on Monday pm about 6:45. I was told to come back after 7:25pm to pick them up. I supplied my insurance information and ID at that time. I ask what the costs would be and was told "I will not know till we pass it through insurance". (drive through)

I returned at 8:20pm to pick up in the drive through. I provided my name and said "i need to pick up three scripts". I was told it was $45.00 and sent in the money, when I go the script it was only one script. I ask for the other two and was told, just a minute. Then she came back and said those were not covered by your insurance.  I ask how much would  be, she said, well the Z-pack will be about $37.00 and oh, we not have the cough syrup. I said, that does not make sense why they would not cover ATB.

She ask for my ID and card again, I sent it. Then she said, oh Ok. Wait. Then she came back and said  it will be $9.00. I ask if the script I had was sent through insurance, she said NO, I sent it back for them to run through insurance. I waited another 15 min and she said, oh, yea, it was run through insurance. I asked if there was a cheaper generic, she said no generic. (It was albuterol). I left told them to keep the inhaler for $45.00 I took my ATB.

I called my insurance they never charged or reversed the inhaler. They lied, they did not know what they were doing, I have pneumonia, the service was awful and scary. I will never use them again. I spent over an hour and two trips and did not get what I needed. I am a nurse and I will suggest my patients, family and friends stay away from this pharmacy. I also let my MD know.


At 11:55pm on Feb. 15, 2016 I went to the Walgreen Pharmacy at the corner of Cicero Ave. and 147th Street in Midlothian Il. I was submitting a prescription for my daughter. The only customer, the young lady called me right to the service window. I informed her I would like to know the cost as I wanted to come back with the correct amount to pay. She gathered my daughters information and began entering in computer.

A pharmacy staff member walked up from customer side to behind the counter, abruptly interrupted the girl (tech) and said, "that has to be scanned." She pulled the prescription from her and said, "I will do this." She then looked at me and said, "sit down sir."

Another customer came in the meantime and the tech began helping her. I waited a few minutes and the rude girl walked out and said, "I need her Medicaid card in order to run it thru and give u a price." I said, "she isn't on Medicaid she has insurance thru her college, and that is on file here." She said, "i ran it thru that and the cost will be $19.38.  I said," Great! can u fill it for me?" She said, "no-we close in two minutes." I told her I work down the street on midnight shift, and I will be back in the morning.

That morning I was unable to stop. So, that evening my daughter went to pick up her medicine. The Pharmacist told her there was no record of the prescription. She called me to verify that she was at the correct Walgreens, and I told her she was. After slightly over an hour of waiting they found the prescription. It was in a stack of papers marked-process tomorrow. They filled the medicine-1 pill and it took 2 minutes, I had a very busy week, but that girls curt and unprofessional service never left my mind. So, on Monday February 22, 2016 I called the store and asked for a manager.

The assistant manager took my call, her name is Jackie. She advised me the manager was off, but she would help me. I told her my complaint. I explained that it really stunned me as Im in the Hospitality Business, and no matter what is going on we always treat our customers with extreme professional and friendly customer service. She agreed and apologized for my experience. I explained to her that I expected follow up with this matter.

I wanted the employee name, a corporate phone number and contact, and to be told what ramifications the employer initiated on her. She told me that she was forwarding the information to her manager, Julie. She assured me that Julie was going to call me back with that information. Well, thanks Julie the manager of Walgreens, at the corner of Health and Home-she never bothered to call me.

The truth is I was ready to switch mine and my wife's prescriptions, 20 total to that Walgreen's from CVS Pharmacy because of a conflict in store hours and my schedule. Well needless to say I don't want to do that since Home and Healthy is not a high priority in that store. Is there a chance that I will still get a follow up on this complaint? I really feel that would be good customer service.


This is a complaint I sent to Walgreens corporate headquarters in Chicago on March 17, 2016.  I asked for a response and no response has been forthcoming. My prescription for Zafirlukast was partially filled (30 days instead of 90) and ready on March 1, 2016.   My husband dropped off the Rx on March 1, 2016 and was told they had none.  My husband was told the manufacturer would not have it in supply until March 8 and they would order it on March 9 and they had no idea when it would arrive.  I called three days ago to get the status and I was told the Rx was partially filled.  I asked when I would have all the medication and I was told they did not know.  

My husband went in today March 17 to pick it up.  He asked when the remainder of the Rx would be filled and the lady said she did not know.  She stated this is the first Rx for Zafirlukast they had received in many months.  He asked when this Rx was partially filled and she stated March 1.  He then told the lady we were never called and we did not receive an email.  Why?  No response.

My husband told her we never had a problem like this with our previous mail order pharmacy Humana.  He told the lady he doesn't understand why they would not have the full Rx at this time.  How long does it take?  She explained they have only one wholesaler for this medication.  The lady said it is back ordered and they have no idea when they will receive it.  That is not an acceptable response considering how this was handled overall.

Both my husband and I take Zafirlukast and to not have better access is not acceptable.  I would like a call and a written response.  The store number is 07944.  I could not fill out the form on your web site and submit it.  I assume that is because you do not want anyone using it for complaints.  Again, poor customer service as I have to write and mail this letter.


On Sunday June 28th I went to the Walgreens pharmacy at store #07685 to purchase Wal-phed D tabs.   I showed my ID, paid for the box and stuck the box down in my purse.  I met up with my husband at the snacks and picked out a few things.  I got some money out of my purse to give my husband but never once pulled the box out of my purse. 


We purchased a few things proceeded out to  our truck and when I got in, I took the purse off my shoulder and placed it on the console of the truck.  At that point I noticed the end of the box was pushed in.  I examined the box and noticed it had been opened and six of the pills were missing. I immediately went back in and back to the pharmacy and showed the clerk that the box was opened and missing pills.  

She said "well I know it wasn't open when I sold it to you".  She explained that she would have to go look at the security cameras and see what she can see.   After a significant wait she came back and stated she would give me a new box.  I asked her  what the camera showed and she stated "it was to blurry, but I know the box was not open when I laid it on the counter.   Of course there were people around at that time and I felt humiliated.  I called the next day to talk to the manager and I was told he was not there.

Therefore I spoke to and assistant by the name of Matt.   I explained to him what happened.  I asked him to go back and look at the tapes and follow me through the store and he would see that I was telling the truth.  He asked me how I would be satisfied and I told him I expect an apology from the pharmacy clerk.  I waited for the phone call yesterday and after 5pm last night I called back because I did not get it.  I spoke to the person on duty last night which was a female but I did not get her name.  Still today no phone call.  

I told the lady in charge last night I am not going to let this go. I have only willfully stolen one thing my whole life and that was some change from my Mom when I was a child.  I am not a crack addict.  I have severe allergies which I take shots for.  I have told a few lies but haven't you?  Needless to say I am very upset about this situation. 


I went to the Walgreens in Maricopa, AZ and it was the most horrible experience I have had. I go in there to sign up for the beauty insider and first of all I cannot find a beauty adviser I look down every aisle. management sees me but never ask me for assistance this was during the day around 3 pm. Plus I am very pregnant. Standing by counter manager still sees me and continues to stock and ignore me. I have to go to the front to page an advisor. After a few more minutes Connie comes out screaming that she was on break and no one is there.

I walk up to her stating that I need her. And she is like ok what? I ask her about the beauty insider group and she says well you sign up at check out what do u want from me. Extremely rude. I have gone to other Walgreens and have never experienced this degree of rudeness makes me feel extremely uncomfortable to go back to this store again. I used to be a beauty advisor and when I was trained I would have never approached a customer in this manor. Nor would I have ignored any customers that came into my store.