Walgreens Refused to Fill a Prescription — I Fought Them and Won


Walgreens refused to fill my perscription. Here is how I fought them (using the DEA and several doctors) and won.

TLDR; I moved from Kansas to California and have been taking pain meds for 18 years. Walgreens in California refused to fill out of state perscriptions, then later refused to fill more than one drug at a time. I fought them using the DEA and the CEO of Walgreens, and eventually they allowed me to act legally and get my pain medicine for my chronic back pain.

I live in Salina Kansas. I had to come to California due to my son having to get lung surgery and he needed my help to do his recovery. I went to the Walgreens here in Riverside California located at 6600 Magnolia Ave, Riverside CA on October 1st to get my 2 prescriptions filled. Since they are a DEA controlled drug and my prescriptions were out of state I was told by the intake counter person that since California passed a new law that no pharmacy in the state can accept any out of state scripts especially for a controlled drug. This is quite understandable. 

The young man also told me that to get my two valid doctor written scripts filled I would have to find a California doctor & make an appointment and have the doctor do me up 2 California prescriptions. So I did do this with a doctor here in Riverside, CA. She had no problem doing this for me once she confirmed with my home state doctor Dr. in Salina KS. Well on October 6th, which was the soonest appointment I could get with a Dr. here) I get my 2 new prescriptions and take them back to the Walgreens here on Magnolia ave. Some blond girl was working the drop off prescriptions counter.

I gave her my two controlled and very valid scripts for my months supply of morphine one script for 30-30mg extended release morphine that I take one in the morning.

It works for 12 hours only and one script for 30-15mg extended release morphine pills that I take one in the evening so I can get a restful sleep and not be awakened by my full body pain from my deteriorating spine, and horrible Fibromyalgia pain, total 60 pills for my one month supply of this DEA controlled drug, the reason the doctor has to give me 2 prescriptions is due to the law and that they are different strengths so 2 prescriptions has to be written.

This Walgreens employee stands there and tells me she cannot allow both of my prescriptions to be filled, so I need to choose which one I want because I am only getting one for a months supply.

I say excuse me these 2 prescriptions are combined together. I I take one pill of both in a 24 hour period, and I have been on this medication for 18 years now. She is trying to tell me that California law will only allow one of them to be filled. I tell her she is dead wrong because we have the same laws in Kansas as in her state of California, that she is very mistaken of the DEA law that governs these controlled drugs.

She argues with me.I said look lady, the law is the prescription can only be written by a licensed doctor of the state and only for the month & only for a 30 days supply of the drug with 0 refills. Both of these prescriptions are valid. The fact that their are two is due to the milligrams being of different strengths & that's law also, they have to be written separately. There is no law with DEA that says both these prescriptions can't be fill at the same time just like I get them filled in Kansas for the past 18 years.

I in turn told this bimbo she has not heard that last of this BS she is pulling on me because she dose not fully understand the DEA law governing these types of meds for people like me that has to take them because no other meds work. I then called the DEA office here in Riverside CA and spoke to a DEA officer, which said she had no right to refuse me my needed meds, that she was indeed wrong about the law. That there is no reason why both of my valid prescriptions should have not been filled unless they were out of stock & needed to order them for me. Well this prescription drop off counter girl (bimbo) wouldn't even give both of my prescriptions to the real pharmacist so the pharmacist could do her job.

Walgreens employees flat out refused to submit both of my valid prescriptions and also refused to listen to me.

Both are combined to make my 30 day supply of the controlled drug as per CA controlled drug law. Now I am having to suffer horribly at night because of her BS, as she has obviously black marked my name & this 15 mg prescription to go out to all the other pharmacy's in this area because I am being told by all other pharmacy's that I submit my Valid Prescription to after they do whatever on their computers that they do not have this 15mg drug in stock nor can they order it.

Now you can't tell me that a state as huge as California there is not a drug company that makes these 15mg extended release morphine pills so a pharmacy can order them to fill my prescription I am suppose to take in the evening after the larger dose wears off and my body is again wrecked with horrid full body pain from my ills I suffer from.

This bimbo dose not belong behind a Walgreens pharmacy counter or any pharmacy counter if she cannot fully understand the DEA law governing these controlled drugs & can refuse a patient their full amount of meds due her not understanding the law completely & she causes great harm to the patient (ME) My doctor in Kansas is not happy,the Doctor I got here to transpose my Kansas prescriptions to California ones is not happy either.

I am suffering due to Walgreen's employees lack of education of the law on these types of controlled meds.

Now I want the Walgreens CEO James Skinner to fix this mess and make this Walgreens give me the rest of my monthly supply of my meds so I don't have to suffer like I am due to this stupid stupid girl. I want her fired no one should be done this way especially when they have VALID doctor written prescriptions that are within the DEA law. Like the DEA officer I spoke with said, there is no regulation that only one 30 day prescription can be fill only.

If they are of a different strength. Both of my valid prescriptions are combined to make my 30 day supply of this controlled drug, it's not my fault my body cannot handle two 30mg pills a day. My body cannot & that's why I can only take one of my 30 mg pills a day and why a second prescription is made of a lesser strength dose of 15 mg so my body can handle it and so I don't suffer like I am right now due to your ignorant of the drug law employee at the Riverside Ca Walgreens on Magnolia ave.

She dose not deserve to be behind that Walgreen pharmacy counter. No employee that works against customers like this does.

I am not going to stop until I am done right, nor am I going to allow this sort of thing happen to me again,or any other person that may have to take a drug such as I do legitimately. I expect to hear back from you on this matter. Oh I have lodged a complaint with the State of California Board of Pharmacy's too against the treatment I got from this girl & her refusing to even submit my 2nd prescription (the other half of my meds my doctor wants me to take so I can have some sort of quality of life & my body is not so severely painful).

Oh I was treated by this bimbo as if I were a drug addict just trying to get these drugs, even though she had valid doctor written prescriptions in her hand.This sort of thing should not happen to a decent person such as myself or anyone with valid doctor written prescriptions for these types of controlled drugs. Now I want some action & you need to start educating your employees that work the counter/cashier at the pharmacy area.

Customers need to quiz these people so they have the law, not misconception of the law so some ignorant of the law.

The counter girl can refuse to give a licensed pharmacist all of a persons valid prescriptions so they can be filled in turn making that person (patient) suffer greatly because they don't have all of their monthly supply of meds they are prescribed by their doctor to take daily. I hope Walgreens corporate, please don't ignore this matter. It should have never happened.


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The pharmacy manager has and is on several occasions implied and right out said "I am abusing my RX's. This is slander & deformation of character, he even has gone as far as to tell my own Dr. how to treat me! He has informed all staff of the same, It has been proven by my Dr's that this is not the case. This pharmacy has written wrong instructions on labels then blamed care givers for not giving it correctly, also in the past my own Rx has been given to the wrong person and they just blew it off as to no big deal.

Now he has single me out and refuses to fill my Rx's or treat me like every other customer, I am having to wait till the day after I run out to fill, I have given up 3 vacations and 2 reunions now because of him. His own staff is afraid of him as he has made it clear his word is law so the can't even make their own decisions as to what is right or wrong because the God of this pharmacy has spoken. I have tried to contact the corp. office, I was told they would get back to me in 2 days, over a month and still waiting for that call!.

I continue with this pharmacy because its two blocks from home and have been doing business there since it opened. I spend thousands every month in there and something has to be done about this as I am tired of being singled out.


On January 12, 2016 I picked up two perscriptions at Walgreens 10945.  January 13th I realized that RX 0770325 only had 30 pills and not the 90 that there was supposed to be in the bottle so I called Walgreens and told them and they said to just bring it back and they would correct the mistake.  I live 45 minutes from Walgreens and I did not go back until Friday January 15th when I also had to pick up some more medicine.  I had to speak with the pharmacist named Eric Matoke.  

He questioned why I was just coming in and if I had called and advised them that they had shorted my RX and then he went away and returned about 10 minutes later. At this time, in front of all the people standing around he told me he had noted my account in case this happened again in a real demeaning tone.  I assured him that I have never had this happen before and that it definitely would not happen again and that I would count all of my pills at the counter in front of whomever was standing around to make sure that I was not being shorted.  

Unfortunately, I have to take medication due to a car accident that resulted in 5 major surgeries since 1983 and I hate taking medicine and I do not appreciate being talked to like I am some kind of druggie.  On Monday, February 8th, I called in my refill for RX 0779702-10945 and the recorded message said they had to contact my doctor that there were no more refills.  I knew I had taken a new prescription in to the pharmacy in January that was for 3 refills.  I contacted Walgreens and they said no there were no refills and they were contacting the doctor.  Checked again on Tuesday and was told the same thing.  Thursday morning I called again and was told the same thing so I called Dr. Gabriel Lopez's office to find out about my RX.  

In the meantime I looked at my account online and discovered they were contacting Dr. Masciale about this RX and also about Gabapentin 300mg.  Dr. Masciale is not the prescribing doctor for either of these medications and I take Gabentin 600 anyway. 

So, I called Walgreens again and asked them if they would please look at the actual prescription.  They looked at the actual prescription and saw I had 2 more refills and also saw the refills for my Gabapentin 600. I have dealt with this particular location for years and they are really experiencing some problems at this time.  Every time I go pick up my medications I am hearing other people complaining of not getting their RX's correct and having to get them redone.  

I think you may want to do some investigating to find out what is happening in the last couple of months.  You might want to do some checking on your employee Mr. Eric Matoke.  If he is accusing people of things maybe he is taking your drugs?  Just saying. I know that is a bad thing to accuse someone of but under the circumstances I think if it were my employee I would definitely do some investigating.


I went to get my prescription filled and they said that they couldn't fill it completely they could give me a 5 day supply in 30 minutes. I said ok. 1hours later they gave me1\2 of that and charged me 40$ of a 50$ co-pay. I let them know it was wrong. They gave me my money back and said that I have to do it over again, but after one hour later they still hadn't fixed it for me and i had to go. I left after 2 hours with nothing after I had ask them how long it would be to start with because I have to be somewhere else at 7:00.

They said I could not get the rest of it filled at another store and would have to come back there Monday to get the rest of my stuff before I even started and i said o but 2hours later I left with nothing and not even a sorry for your inconvenience.I went to Rite Aid and had it done in 30 minutes. I have had problems with this pharmacy every time I come to it.I think it's very rude and unprofessional to run a business like that. Do I need to do my business elsewhere.


Went to buy some Zyrtec D and the pharmacist ran to the back of the pharmacy while I was at the window and wanted me to shout in front of everyone about what I needed. I said, would you mind coming to the cashier so I can ask you instead of shouting in front of everyone? I ended having to shout that I needed some Zyrtec D and that he needed to scan my driver license to provide me with the medication. Immediately, he called the store manager and asked him to sell me the medication.

In Utah Zyrtec D is a controlled substance and requires pharmacy personnel to sell it to you. The guy that the pharmacist called was the night manager, a young guy with no license to sell me the medication. The guy provided me with the wrong medication first. After correcting him and pointing to the Zyrtec D I asked if he was licensed to sell me the medication. The response was no. 

Someone needs to seriously look into this. This situation other than disturbing is serious and need the intervention of Corporate. This pharmacist needs serious training. Who knows what is being sell to people at this place.


The staff working in the pharmacy department at Walgreens in Mequon WI. either need to be better trained or replaced with more competent people who are more customer service oriented. Each time I go to pick up a prescription. I always encounter an excessively long delay before receiving my prescription. The time spent waiting for a response from the people working there is beyond excessive. It appears as though the staff was never properly trained in providing efficient customer service.

During my last visit, I was standing in a line with six other people for an unusually long time while noticing that one of the two pharmacy technicians spent over ten minutes with just one person. She seemed to be unconcerned about the people in line who were growing more impatient and annoyed as they continued to wait. The other pharmacy tech. was walking around in slow motion while appearing to be in a state of confusion. Eventually ,two people standing in line walked off looking very angry and frustrated.

The service (or lack of service) is unacceptable, not only to me but to many other people I know. The waiting time is unacceptable. This problem needs to be corrected, because I personally ( and I'm certain many others as well) am planning to take my business elsewhere. Please look into this chronic problem and get this matter corrected.


I am a school teacher trying to save money. My students are low income. Many cannot afford school supplies. I went to the Walgreens #04678 in Katy. I purchased Wexford view carry all case zipper bags for .49 cents. They did not have as many as I needed so I went to Walgreens #5100 22202 Westheiemer Parkway Katy TX. They had them in stock. They did not ring up so the sales associate took them to the back to the manager with my receipt from the other store.

The box showed $1.99.. Sieorolo told the sales associate that he would sell them to me for $1.00. I told them that I was a teacher. He did not care. I am unhappy with the fact that they would not honor the price. They will never get my business again. I will continue to shop at #4678. He should be ashamed of himself.

I was a Walgreens customer for about 20-25 years but no more. I recently asked my Dr. to call in a prescription for nose spray at the Walgreens, and I know for a fact that he did call it in. In a few hours, I call to see if it was ready to be picked up and they told me that it was never called in. Four (4) days later, there was a message on my phone saying it was ready. I told them what they could do with it.

I called in a refill for eye drops (2 different kinds) and had a friend pick them up, when I opened the sack, there was 3 of the same kind. I was in the store in downtown where I frequently did business and asked to use the restroom and was told that it was for employees only. I'm sure that my business meant nothing to Walgreens, so I now go to Rite Aid. I have worked as a receptionist 25 years for a law firm and if I ever treated a client as I was treated, I would not have a job.


A few months ago I kept trying to pick up a script that was called in by my Dr. The staff kept saying it was not there. Finally one man told me that my Dr. denied me the medicine I needed.  I called the Dr's office and was told it was sent to the pharmacy. Again the same man told me my Dr. denied the request. I finally found out that the doctor's office sent it to a different pharmacy. I was so angry that I went to this man and asked him why he lied and told me this.

On Wednesday 1-14-15 at about 2:30 P.M. I went through the drive thru to pick up a refill for my husband. The young lady told me there was no thing there for him. I went home and my husband informed me he did not pick it up.  Later in the evening we went back to Walgreens and low and behold it was there. The script was filled on 1-10-15. I am beginning to think I made a mistake switching pharmacies.


I have been going to Walgreens in Medford since iit opened. I have spent thousands of dollars and all my prescritions are done there. The managers name is Maria, at the corner of horse block road and Route 112 in Medford. The story which can also be verified by my neice who was there.

As i walkded into the store there was a display of cosmetics. I picked a pen and something else. my pocket book is always open. I placed the articles on top of my purse very carefully so I would not for get them pulled one side of my pocket book oveer to hold it in place. This is why I have 14 fusions in my back and cannot bend over. Something like mascara when you have a cart fallsa at lweast 8 times while I am in the store. I also have walking seizures so I am very careful as to whwere I put things. I continued shopping when Maria came up to me very angry and said did you put something in my purse which was still openened and still not zipped. I said yes and handed heer the articles, then she asked for my bag which she rifled through.

She said, don’t ever and I mean ever put anything in your pocket book. I said ok and continued to shop. 5 minutes later she came up to me and told me to leave her store and never come back and that includes your prescritions. Please do not disregard this as it is the closest walgreens to me and I have to get a ride to get there. I am on SSI and Hartford disability and can afford anything I need. I do not steal and she should have listened, but she just said go. I was not even at check out. So as far as I was concerened if she thought I was stealing somewthing, at least wait till I pay for my items. Being a nurse coordinater and case manager there is a way to speak to someone and there is another way to speak to someone. She did not take me off to the side she did this loudly in the middle of the store.

I was mortified. My neice wasa there when she approched me my bag was nopen fully on one side and as I said on top of my purse. just where they were before but after her asking for my bag. I left the store calmly without makling a scene anymore than she did. Did she learn this technique in Walgreens school. Prior to this I was in the store at least 2 times a week. My seiziers are triggered by stress, and by the time I got home I was in a full blow (simple cpmplex seizure) and needdd help gettingup the stairs. Since I assume you have cameras in the store the date I think was September 1 the day before another surgery.

You can check by my phone number just how much I spent and how often I was there. The sdisplay was right as you come imn the door. If I was going to steal something which I never have, why would I do it there. If she gave me a minute to even talk and explain. she most likely would have understood and come up with the conclusion of putting a hand held cart in the shopping cart. Most of my shopping has now gone to CVS. I have to gpo to the other Walgreens down the street, furthwer to drive, but CVS is closwer and eventually will switch all my medications there. I guess besides having a seizur the worse was the humiliation as I saId I was there shortly after the store opened, I knew everyone by name.