Complaints with Walmart Online Pharmacy Refills on the Rise


I guess this customer service motto does not apply to the online Walmart Pharmacy. Read what is on the website...

"Walmart is committed to providing you superior customer service and a pleasant shopping experience".

I would like to know why it appears to be so hard for this Walmart to have my prescription refills in stock each and every month since I've been picking it up there for a few years now. These are drugs that I depend on, yet I see more and more customer complaints posted online.

I have chronic fatigue syndrome in the last 90-days they have only had my medication in stock once. I believe it is more important that the pharmacies pats his commission by keeping inventory below needed quantity so he gets a bigger check. I continualy have issues with refills after switching to the online pharmacy. Maybe I should try back in the store again?

They do not seem to care how hard my life is when they appear incompetent and uncaring. I don't think it is fair that I have to take my script to another pharmacy because they did not have the medication I pickup on the 13th of every month like clock work. I spend hundreds to thousands in Walmart stores each month.

I am not asking for any special treatment all I want is an online harmacy I can depend on to just have my medicine on hand and ready to go on time.

Is that too much to ask? I realize I'm just one little guy but I need my medication and a responsible pharmacy to have it. I hope nobody else has these same issues and if they do, I would like to hear about it in the comments below.


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I  just had a horrible experience at Walmart Pharmacy (on Walnut Creek in Mansfield, TX) and had to call 911 about abuse by an employee to me, a customer.  I had gone in to return a prescription refill I ordered online. I had tried on 2 occasions to return it, but the line was backed up. Then I was told it had to be returned in 14 or 15 days. I explained that I had tried and even got refills online when the line was too long in stores and it was even longer when I finished. I was passed to 3 different people. I kept explaining that I had back surgery and standing was making it difficult.  

I did have someone offer me a cheap chair but explained that really would not be much help. After getting the story told to me so many times, I suggested that a stamp in red be made and people have explained to them the return policy before buying anything and perhaps an oval sign in red in the phone department would be good. By the time, it had been 15 minutes or more, my back pain was getting the best of me and I was getting agitated, although still being nice under the circumstances. I had a rude woman, about 5 foot 5, 100 pounds, hispanic with a long pony tail and Walmart attire butting into the conversation and being rude.

I spoke to a few poorly dressed men, who I was later told were pharmacy managers. They tried to get me to hurry and leave and I said that what happened was a crime and that I intended to call the police, which I did.  I was told by the police that they were going to have a managerial meeting to decide what to do. Nobody ever recognized how abused I had been or even apologized for the incident. I was a teacher for over 12 years and never had a student talk to me that way, when they did speak to a teacher that way, charges were filed.  

I am also the president of 3 corporations and never would I make such harsh regulations that the employees and customers could not work to resolve them. This is a disgrace. I hope that I will never step foot in another Walmart store or their online pharmacy as long as I live. I am the president of a Capital Investment Corporation and we are rehabilitating, remodeling, and selling homes. I had hoped to use Sam's Club extensively.

I know my sister, who is a financial executive will not use Walmart either, due to the way you avoid paying them benefits. It may be why you have employees like this one, who are clearly from Mexico. She was a sneaky woman, and did so under her breath. I hope someone will come forward and tell the truth to the managers and send this woman where she does not ever work with the public again. I have just been through 3 spinal surgeries and a horrible divorce.  I did not need such a thing happening because I wanted to return a refill.


I use the Walmart online pharmacy to refill my perspecriptions as well as order Nicorette gum. I am also a regular customer at Walmart at the west location in Stillwater, Oklahoma.  And although I hesitate to complain, I believe that a check-out clerk needs to be either instructed or reprimanded for having twice double-charged me this week.

On both occasions I had fewer than five items so I assume that confusion would not be a factor. His name his Patrick. I the first encounter he doubled charged me for a ten-dollar box of Nicolette gum and then three nights later he double charged me on there doughnuts. As I have indicated, I am not a complainer-and the amounts have been small, and the principle is bothersome.


Ordered prescription drug refill via phone recorder online, called next day to verify readiness and the voice said it had no order for any of my prescriptions, I did a reorder, called back again next day to see if order was ready, voice recorder told me that pharmacist needed to speak with me. When she finally got online she asked me what I wanted, when I explained the situation she said they had no order for me and I gave her all my prescription numbers at that time. She said she would have them ready later.

When I called again the next day to see if they were ready, the recorder voice told me to hold for the pharmacist again. This time I was told they were out of one of my medicines but they will be there the next day after 4pm. I have gone 3 days without my necessary life sustaining pills. This isn't a first time for this problem at the same pharmacy. The employees here seem to have a rude and indifferent attitude towards the needs of regular customers. Sad, really sad.


I went to pick up a Walmart prescription from the pharmacy at 9:30 on Sat 11/7/15 it was 5 people ahead of me. It took 35 minutes to get to me even though I placed the refill order online beforehand. They only had one person checking you out and she did know what she was doing. This is not the the first time this has happen. This store is in South Hill, Va.


I was watching the nightly news when the commentator reported that stock prices drop and Walmart online is loosing business to Amazon. I said to my self not so, any given time me or my wife and I go to Walmart to shop. I can observed the pharmacy workers treat the customers not so good such as the return item lines is so long, three cash register on the counter and only one person is behind the counter handling the returns customers.

Not to mention when one buy groceries on a pre holidays week or a major holiday such as Thanksgiving or Christmas. The store have any where from 25-30 cash register and only 6 of them open to service customers and at the electronic area it is a long line with only one person manning the register. It is especially challenging to find good employees in the pharmacy.

Just let me remind you all I use do all our shopping at Walmart, from food to tires, from garden to clothes to bakery to pharmacy furniture to wine to jewelry I can go on the original idea was fantastic everything under one roof oh not to mention 24 hrs shopping  and treat me like a value American shopper with respect and care, customer come first.

Yes if you please fix the problems I will be glad as an valued customers to come and spend about 10,000 to 15,000 any given year. Oh, and forget to mention your toy section and sporting area, yes your prices is the cheapest no one can compete, if all is well.


I have been using Walmart pharmacy near my home for a number of years and for the last 2 years I have had nothing but trouble with my prescriptions. I have constantly asked for my medications to be put into bottles, but with each time I go for pickup, they are in the paper box package. I have called, personally spoken to the pharmacist and online pharmacy employees to place the info in my profile, but it continues to happen. I am now going to change back to the CVS pharmacy which is a few miles from my house. I was told by the employees that medication called in or sent via computer is processed from outside the pharmacy.

I get several prescription drugs from Walmart pharmacy in Jena La., 71342, and recently, they have filled my prescriptions in paper child resistant package. The packages don't work correctly and my 68 yr. old hands don't have the dexterity they once had. The packages are very frustrating, and I am reduced to cutting the package open and punching the pills out of the paper container and putting them in a bottle. This is time consuming, a safety problem and not very sanitary. The pharmacists don't like the packaging either, consistently get complaints but say they can't do anything about it.

The only thing I can do about it is change pharmacy's, but would rather not do that as I like dealing with Walmart. I realize that a purchasing agent somewhere negotiated a deal with a supplier to furnish these meds in this packaging for a savings to the company of a dollar or two per prescription, but I would rather pay extra and get a bottle of pills online that have been refilled quickly.


Went to shop at the Walmart in San Jacinto California. I usually go early in the morning between 8-9 AM on the weekends. It has been twice now that I have gone to the pharmacy department and could not find what I was looking for, when I checked online prior to going to the store.

I could not find anyone to ask where the item would be. I finally walked down to the cosmetic isle and found a cashier and another Walmart employee standing behind the register talking, and asked where this item would be, I received an answer from the employee that she did not know and that she could not leave behind the register because she was the only person there.

My question is why could't the employee standing behind the register with her help? Neither employee knew where I could find the item. Doesn't Walmart educate their employees on the layout of the store and what products can be found in what department. Previously I had the same problem with an online pharmacy item that was stocked in the cosmetic department. Also the stores shelves are never stocked.

I know that Walmart can not always be out of products. The customer service is very poor at that Walmart, and from what I have read in the newspaper business section and seen on the news Walmart is rated worst in customer service across the country. What has happened is it because Wal-mart has made it's money that it does not care about it's customers anymore?


I went to the pharmacy on Northwest Expressway, Oklahoma City on April 15 around 3 o'clock in the afternoon to fill three prescriptions. I am on disability because I have have a migraine for four years, and I am in constant pain even with my pain medicine. My pain level stays at a constant level five. I take four percocets a day, three methadone a day, and I'm allowed to have five Demerol pills a month that is to help me stay out the ER for when my migraine spikes up to a level nine or 10. Your pharmacists decided that I could not get these filled after I confirmed the refills online.

She said I could only get one filled well I've been on these for four years I can't just all of a sudden stop taking a narcotic, and she should have known that. I told her to look at the Walmart in Chandler Ok to see that I have been getting these filled for a long time, and she did but this still did not change her mind. Yet I had the confirmation from the online pharmacy.

I asked her to call my doctor but she would not. I think this is a dangerous situation. She decided on her own that this was too many  pain medicine for me to be taking, but I've been taking them for a long time, and I just don't think it was her place to decide that. I think it's discrimination against my disability, and because of that, my migraines spiked last night to a ten, and I'm still not feeling good today. I would like to know what can be done about this and to know that I can go into Walmart Pharmacy, and it will not happen again.


I have been a pharmacy customer at this store for over three years. Walmart online fills my pain meds. I am sixty years old and have neck, back and other problems. Steve the head pharmacist is great. But when he goes on vacation the other pharmacist who is licensed and is the assistant manager in the department. Will not order my meds or anyone else's because he said to me face to face he didn't want to let Steve do it when he gets back.

I am taking a type of medicine that if I run out I cant work and I have almost had to be admitted to the hospital. I got very sick and felt as if I was dying. After getting into this pharmacy I have been a cash customer and leave them to be filled as they come in on the truck. They have me almost a month behind on my perscription refills at this point.

This is a personal injury case if I or anyone else wanted to start one. It is not right that the other main pharmacist will do nothing in regards to this until Steve gets back. I haven't received my meds in over three weeks now do to this mans incompetence. Corporate needs to look into this because it is going to put me or other people in the hospital. I have followed all the rules and had my prescription's split in half so that they can take care of more people.

So I go every week to drop it off 35 miles and then pick it up a week later if it has been ordered so it  isn't a burden on the  stores supply. Just my wallet for gas and my health! It is almost impossible to get in a new pharmacy. That is why I have had to put up with this. But if I don't get something back from corporate Wal Mart I am thinking of doing it legally. I believe the other pharmacist name is Rick and he has stated he will not do anything till Steve comes back he wont even place a order.

This is not right or is it legal to purposely withhold and not care of the patients rights. I have missed so much work do to this I am behind on all my bills and have been violently ill!! Please check into this situation and get back to me so I can figure out the proper way to go about this.


My complaint is on the online pharmacy department working at the Walmart store on N. Main St. in Suffolk, Va 23434. It has been an ongoing problem the past year to year and a half since they received a new pharmacy manager or head pharmacist. They have either replaced or had their past employees all leave and now the service is the poorest I have ever experienced. I have had prescriptions sent to them that they claim they never received only to have my doctors call them in online and all at once they magically re-appear.

I have personally turned in prescriptions at the drop off window in the store and was told they didn't have that medicine or inhaler and it would have to be ordered and would be there the next day. I waited a week and they still didn't have it and when pharmacist checked it hadn't even been ordered. I got a call this morning from your automated system telling me I had one prescription ready to be picked up after the refill on the website looked ready.

I called on the others and they said they only had one other but it wasn't ready yet. it was ordered the same time as the one they said was ready and said they didn't have the one the doctor sent in last Friday morning. Also why don't they stock an extra if they know people have a 30 day prescription and are going to need to have it refilled.

Why should we have to wait for it to be ordered each time? I never had any problems with the previous personel working in this pharmacy and I know it isn't all these employees fault either but the fault lies somewhere and it's not mine. Do something soon as I have heard from other people standing in line that they are also about fed up with this Pharmacy and are ready to go elsewhere. I have also ran into an occasion when they hadn't even turned my prescription into my insurance and tried to get me to pay entire cost.


I had 4 prescriptions filled at Walmart Briercreek Pharmacy, Raleigh, NC 27617, on Wednesday, November 1, 2012. I dropped off the prescriptions and went back about an hour and thirty minutes later to pick them up. The check out lady had to re-enter my co-pay card for my prescriptions, although I had taken the time to have all that done when I dropped off the prescriptions. Then she put all my prescriptions in a walmart bag, I paid and left. After I got home, I sat down to see which meds I needed to take for the night and that is when I discovered one of my prescriptions was missing...and I had someone else's presciption. Mine was for a pain med and his was for some type of antifungal med (I googled the name to find out what it was).

Of course, by this time, the pharmacy was closed so I had to wait until the next morning (today). I called and asked to speak to the Pharmacy Manager - and I got the same pharmacist who had filled my prescriptions the night before. But she assured me (and I asked several times) she was the pharmacy manager. When I explained the problem, she asked if she could put me on hold while she investigated the problem. It seemed like 10 minutes before she came back and the first thing she said was "you signed for the Ribex..."; before I could respond she asked me to hold again and was gone another 5 minutes. When she returned she said they did have my Rybix, which I responded "I know you do, because I never received it".

She proceeds to tell me to bring the other prescription, whcih belonged to someone else, back and they would refund my money. I explained that my car is in the shop and I am not sure when I will get it back, so I had no way of bringing it back, to whcih she stated, it did not matter when. I told her that since they had my pain medicine, I did not feel it was my responsibility to come and get it and return the other, and under the circumstances. they should bring my medicine to me. Of course, I had to hold again - when she came back she said she had contacted the man above her but he was in a meeting and she would call me back when he was free and let me know what he said. So at this point, I have no idea how they plan to resolve this issue.

My main complaint here is, had I now noticed the mix-up and just taken the meds, who knows what could have happened! Also, if someone else got my pain medication and taken it, what might have happened. The pharmacy needs to be held accountable for these types of mistakes, but from what I have been reading online, this is a very common experience and there is never any recourse. This is very sad and it needs to be addressed as a serious problem. Fortunately for me, I check everything, but I know all people do not and especially the elderly may not be able to see properly and just rely on the pharmacy to give them what was prescribed. To say I am extremely upset is not the half of it.

I understand corporate's way of smoothing over these complaints is to send a $50 gift card and that should make all well & good. Not something needs to be done about these types of mistakes and the parties involved need to be truly compensated, for the loss of trust and the possibility of a catastrophic result from taking the wrong meds. The other problem I have is, you have to sign for the meds (for insurance purposes) before you even receive them, them they are stuffed into a bag and I am sure most people do not check them until later.

I have no doubt the pharmacist was about to tell me since "you signed for the Rybix..." that they were not able to re-fill it, which would have meant I would have had to do without my pain medication, and possible an employee has my prescription. This policy needs to be changed and the patient should be allowed to check their medications before signing anything. I promise you that will be MY policy from now on, even if I have to get loud and bring attention to the problem in front of everyone in the store.