Complaints? Call the Wimpy Customer Service Phone Number


Need to contact Wimpy? You can call customer service at 01628-891-655 to contact their UK customer service line. An alternative number for the South African is 08600-94679.  We found a fax number for the UK at 01628-474-025. Company email addresses are for the European branch or for South Africa.

The founder of Wimpy, Edward Gold, would probably not be happy to see what has become of his company and what customers are saying about the chain today. He founded the first restaurant in 1934 in Bloomington, Indiana. The chain grew mainly in the midwest region of the United States until the late 1970's when they slowly vanished because no one purchased the name or franchise rights from Gold's estate after his passing in 1977.

But in 1954 he did license the Wimpy name to J.Lyons and Co. who expanded the brand into the United Kingdom and later in South Africa. Now owned by Famous Brands, Wimpy has slowly been failing in Europe but maintains over 500 locations in South Africa. While Famous Brand is calls Johannesburg, South Africa home, you can mail a letter intended for Wimpy to PO Box 2884 Halfway House 1685.

You can use the Wimpy feedback form on their website to contact the company on either their UK site or the South African site. The company is also quite active on social media and maintains profiles for both regions. You can reach the UK Facebook page or UK Twitter profile, or seek out the Wimpy South African Facebook page or Twitter profile if you can not get a response quickly through the websites.


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PO Box 2884 Halfway House 1685



I went to wimpy @Highveld Engen garage R21 olifantsfontein, A woman by the name Velemina time; 19:30 pm served us. We ordered chicken folder and burgers for kids. We got quoted R164.70 and some cents. When I got home, i realized she put in 3burgers and chips without folder. Tried calling wimpy back but the number rings continuously without any answer. This is Pathetic service. I need you guys to sort out this bad service immediately.


I had beef Burger at the Windermere center in Durban kzn. I ended up having a diarrhea and fever that lasted for two days and I'm a mom of a 3 month old baby so I watch what I eat.( breastfeeding), in this time and age with all crap that's going on hygiene should be a wimpy so cheap now's is serving customers scarps. Its so bad that you can fall ill. I will never eat at a wimpy out let and I will be telling this time story to all my love ones.

On Sun 3rd April 2016 Sat in smoking section for breakfast. Tomato sauce container was filthy so got another from next table. It was empty. Seats were damaged. Fabric was torn, and not just one. Double doors leading from smoking area into kitchen remained open the entire time. Asked for brown toast and received pre buttered toast. This is the only branch out of many that pre butters the toast. I do not have butter on my toast as I put my egg onto it. Every other branch offers butter separately. Spoke to manager on duty about all the complaints and told him he is responsible.


The female Assistant Manager, Thandi's conduct towards my family was unacceptable as she left us unattended and could not clean the table we occupied after her negligence. I was stranded in front of her and had to ask a waiter Josias who is always useful, to complaint about her poor service. Only the Manager was alerted, Thandi came and almost begged that I not complain. She says her job is to clean tabled but failed to do do. She was dishonest in her apology and not helpful. Please rectify the situation with her as your business will loose more customer as she is bad news.


Saturday, 02/05/2016 at 11:00am my family and I went to Wimpy Stellenbosch for breakfast but what an awful experience and will never set a food there ever and will not recommend any one to that branch ever. We were out on business and was starving and decided to have a breakfast at Wimpy where we were served by Tessa all went well until we received our Best of both breakfast.  

My beacon was black and taste awful (burnt), there was of the egg shell pieces in my egg we requested brown toast but was served white bread which we found a hair in.  I was totally disgusted and had lost my appetite that instant.  I am a regular customer of Wimpy Fairbridge Mall, Hypermarket and Cape Gate branches and when my family and I travel to Hermanus twice a month we normally stop at Wimpy N2, Stellenbosch Wimpy has put me so off totally I don't think I would visit any Wimpy soon.

I would like you to follow up this matter and respond to my email as soon as possible please.


We walked in at wimpy mount Currie Kokstad. A lady showed us out away and said we to wait someone would assist us. 10 minutes later same lady came and said we must wait again no one attended to us. The wimpy only had about 3 other tables which already had their orders. The service is non existent so I will not comment as their is nothing to say but how can wimpy allow one of their shops operate like this. Two couples walked out together with us. You need to address this situation promptly as you are not only losing business but credibility as a company as well. I will never go back there again.


I am from Nelspruit and I am not happy with the handling of my complaint at White River Wimpy by manager. On 26 February 2016 I went to White River for a doctor's appointment, and seeing that I was early I went to Wimpy for coffee and breakfast. I ordered the lamb sausage breakfast and when I finally got my food it was cold and the toast looked as if it was taken out of someone else's plate after the person did not eat it. It was cold and a little bit soggy. It looks like the kitchen staff takes leftover toast and recirculate it with other breakfast orders. When I finished my breakfast I wanted to wipe my mouth with the napkin provided, but there was a strange red stain that looked a lot like blood on the napkin.

I asked my waitress to call the manager, and when he got to my table I told him about the cold breakfast and that I think his kitchen staff is recirculating leftover toast but he just replied that their kitchen is very busy and that they weren't expecting to be so busy. Then I told him about the stain and I showed it to him and his answer was that it is ink and that he knows it because a lot of napkins has the same mark. Even though it might have been ink or it might have been blood, I expected to at lease hear that he will get rid of it and get new napkins. To be honest, I was very nauseous after I finished my food and saw the mark that looked like blood.

I do not like to complain about good food places, and seeing as Wimpy is one of my favorite places to have coffee and sometimes breakfast too, it saddens me to complain about this, but I find it unacceptable that a manger would just blame being busy for ice cold food being served and soggy toast that looks like its been recirculated as well as just shrugging of the fact that the stain on the napkin looks like blood and tell me that it is just ink. I'm sure I won't be the last to complain about a mark that looks like blood on a napkin.


En route to Ladysmith from our holiday in the Transkei we decided go stop at the Wimpy in Kokstad for breakfast as has been the norm with my boyfriend and his friends for the past 9 years. We waited to be seated and were given menus. We preferred to have the breakfast menu but numerous attempts to attract a waitron had been ignored so I went and asked for different menus at the till. We selected our meals and sat waiting but after 20 minutes I approached the till again and a waitress was sent over.

We placed our orders and were told there was no steak for the steak, egg and chips so that order was changed. After some time the coffee arrived. We drank our coffee and waited, the waitress then returned and said there was no Chorizo sausage for my omelette so I changed to the bacon omelette. After about another 30 mins the 3 people with me were served and I was told mine was on the way. Once they has completed their meals mine arrived!  I then turned the meal away as we had lost so much time on the road already and could not expect everyone to wait for me. It was the worst Wimpy experience ever and the manager was called and offered a feeble apology.

We definitely will not be stopping there again and our friends in Ladysmith feel the same way.


Went to Wimpy with my family for lunch, everything went well as always until they presented us me and my wife with our food, our plates still had old tomato sauce, I was actually very discussed told the waiter and manager and they said sorry they will get new food, I said no thanks. The manager didn't charge us we then went to spur next door. I took pictures of the plates at Wimpy East Rand Mall. Wimpy any ware will not see me and my family again. Whether you take action or not my family will stay away from Wimpy - I have never had this going to a restaurant getting served with a dirty plate.


Week before last week i visited your Eastgate branch for a cup of coffee. A lady handed me the menu and immediately turned her attention to another lady who was standing nearby but just outside the barrier, even though i told her that i knew exactly what i wanted. She then left me sitting there for fully 5 minutes. When i turned around i saw her standing at the entrance chatting to other employees of Wimpy.

I was then forced to get up out of my seat and approach her whereupon she informed me rudely that she was not a waitress and that she would look for one so i went and sat down again. After a further 5 minutes with no service, i stood up again and demanded to speak to the manager (the place was not busy by the way at 3.30 in the afternoon). the manager, a lady, apologised profusely and offered me a cup of coffee, but by this time the damage had been done. I was so angry that i walked out of Wimpy and swore that i will never go back there again, no matter how thirsty on hungry i am.


My husband found a staple in his burger patty. The waitress was very helpful but the manager was a no show. It's not the first time that this has happened. We were sitting at a table that had chip lying all over the floor. Then I had to wait 40 minutes for my food. The service is pathetic. I had to ask someone to clean under the table so that I could put my feet down.  And then I had to go outside of the shopping center to draw money because the swipe machine wasn't working.

Poor service for the third time. Arrived and seated at table 140/1 with a starving six year old boy. We sat at 6:45 placed an order immediately due to our boarding time being at 7:30 on 6 July 2016. We received our drinks only after I had to get the attention of yet another waitress after 15 minutes and waited for our food for an exceptionally long time. This waiting for food has been a bad experience with Wimpy at the airport. After numerous attempts in trying to find out when our food will be ready, I cancelled my order and just asked for my son's order.

If he was not so hungry I would have cancelled this order as well. Truly disappointing and shocking service seems to repeat itself once again!