The Woolworths Customer Service Number is Really Really Bad


The contact phone number for Woolworths customer services will make you angry with frustration. After callling 1800 000 610 many times Monday-Friday, I finally gave up. Here is what happened eventualy. My order was cancelled (worth $52), but I just got $15 back to my bank account. After that in total I have called to online customer services many times, the problem still unsolved.

As a foreigner and a loyal Woolworth customer, I want to say my first Woolworth online shopping experience is really bad.

Finally, I received an email from Woolworth, “you will receive $15 off when you spend $75 on your first shop. But that is no help now. The problem? I paid for my first order online and I paid total $141 with by my master card, however some of items was cancelled, the money of the cancelled items which was not directly return to my bank account, it was changed to be a Woolworth coupon credit.  I also checked my order history, showed the uncancelled items cost me $104, and it wasnt paid by my bank account but a woolworlth coupon.

Because my English is limited, I chose to accept the coupon credit, then my husband use my left woolworth coupon $37 credit for the online shop, but his order was cancelled 23/12/2015, but the coupon credit shows 0. I called customer service 3 times, they gave me three different response. The first lady said she will return 37 + 15 dollars to my bank account. The second lady said she will give me $37 coupon credit and a promote code.

The third lady said will give me $37 e-gift card and let me call again to talk about the promote code, then she hangs up the phone.

The problem still unsolved! What should I do?


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1800 000 610
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GPO box 4535, Sydney 2001



I went to my local woolworths in Treendale Australind WA and first there was a bad smell as soon as you walk in and as soon as I got to the deli department the smell got worse. The smell was so bad it made me feel sick and I couldn't buy from the deli due to the smell.Second all the self service machines were not all working and this is not the first time they always but signs up saying eftpos only no cash out and this is very annoying.

I then went to the smoke counter and was served by someone named Ashligh who took a while to serve me and then was very rude and grumpy she shouldn't be serving customers she was that rude. I asked someone else that was there who was in charge and they said Ashligh so that is why I am filling out this form. I think someone as rude as that shouldn't be in charge of anyone I also over heard the way she spoke to other staff members and it was not good. 



i bought apple from woolworths mount Druitt nsw. Actual price was $1.98kg they charge me $2.98, I told to tiller you are charging me extra she said no that price I got in computer that you are paying, many customer were waiting behind me. I did not say I paid and go to manager and asked he said same that I was accepting our system is down, I said if your system is down then why are you selling and charging extra he said sorry we cannot stop our apple sale we will fix you when our system work properly, if customer come back we will refund extra money.

I said if customer does not return they where the money goes, that you are charging extra, he said I do not know, in my opinion if you have some problem in your system you are not allow to sell.


Ordered an steam generator iron on woolworths 24 hour delivery service on  Friday. Expected delivery Saturday.  Waited in all day. No delivery. Called to find out what happened. Was told parcel was with Yodel and was assured delivery would be made on the following day.  Which by now is Wednesday. Once again.  No show.  Curious why they advertise a 24hour delivery service when they are incapable of honouring their promise and wasting my time waiting for deliveries. Useless. 


I am writing this complaint not with a good heart.  We purchased a cooked chicken (WHICH WAS NOT COOKED) from your Lynnwood Bridge Branch, Lynnwood, Pretoria.  When we carved the chicken the blood just ran.  It was disgusting and we had guest for dinner as well.

I have kept the chicken in their brown packet and I am taking it back this afternoon to show the Manager and I also took photo's on my phone which I will showing him/her as well.

We trust that we will be hearing from you re this complaint.  We are loyal supporters of WW and have spent a lot of money over the years and we have always been happy with your products, but this was such a bad experience and a total embarassement to me and my family.  Thank heavens I had other food for our guests and they also could not believe what they saw.


Today at approx 3pm I attended Woolworths service at main road cardiff nsw to purchase fuel. At this point I don't very often use Woolworths fuel And now I know why. I fuel up my vehicle with $90 fuel. I then entered the store to pay for this. While I was there I purchased a ice cream. I informed the lady who I would describe as around 170 tall and short blond hair that I was at pump 2.

At this stage I also observed to be chewing gum while serving which is rude, further to this she was rather rude in her approached to me. I paid for my purchases and left the store. Prior to me driving off I placed my ice cream rubbish in the bin at the pump. As I was entering my vehicle this lady who served me earlier come running out stating she had charged me the wrong fuel. So I re entered to store yet again so the same rude lady could fix up her mistake and incompetence.

At no stage did she apologized for this and to make things worse she continued to chew her gum. I'm not sure what would of happened if I drove away without putting my rubbish in the bun? Also I believe this is extremely poor service from a major company like Woolworths. Maybe some old fashion manners would be usual.


I purchased some Beef, Scotch fillet, with the Select label on it, from Woolworths  in the Market Place in Murray Bridge on the 21st of January. We ate it for dinner that night.  My husband was a butcher and knows his meat. I sear the steak on on side then the other to seal in the juices and cook it to medium rare. A lot of liquid came out of the steak that was not blood and it stuck to the pan. My husband believes there had been a water solution pumped into the meat. The meat was dry to eat and had absolutely no flavor at all.

It was in fact the worst piece of steak I have ever eaten. I smothered mine in sweet chilli sauce and ate it, only because it cost too much to throw away. I have noticed since you no longer have butchers in store and now have your meat processed elsewhere that the quality is no where near the standard it used to be. I have always purchased my meat from Woolworths but if the quality does not improve I will source our meat elsewhere. The steak cost $20.18 for .696kg. priced at $29.00kg, and I received an inferior product that I felt embarrassed to serve.

I am a regular shopper at Woolworth, and have recently been on holiday and used the store at Rutherford, NSW. Whilst shopping on 14th January I wanted a tub of 700g Woolworth Gold Greek Yoghurt but every tub that I checked was out of date and in one instance tubs were dated as far back as 17th December. On speaking to customer service someone was sent to check and found that almost all the stock, some 20+ tubs were out of date and were removed.

One tub was found that was in date which I purchased although it was not the flavor I required. If that was not enough of a problem on the 24th January we shopped in the same store and required 2 liters of full cream milk which we purchased, and it was not until we returned home that we discovered that it only had one days life and the cream had set solid at the top. I fear that this store is not following the practice of regular checks on all their perishable goods and wanted to draw this to your attention. I would be reluctant to shop at this store in the future. The rating of one star at the top is only because there is no option to give a zero rating.


Visit to Woolworths Mandurah Centro Forum yesterday at approx. 1600 hours. Well were are all the staff.?  staff only on 3 registers. 1 staff on 15 items or less. I do not blame the staff so. I blame you Management, so many customers will trolleys full waiting an inappropriate time to be served, The young girl that served me could not go any faster and  I also noticed this at the other checkouts. If they did they would have to throw the items through the scanners. Pathetic.  

So many people I hear say, Can't wait for Aldi to open, and now I am thinking the same . I spent thousands of dollars each year at Woolworths and if you can't look beyond Global profitability to the extreme and look after your Staff and customers and not Fat Cat's hip pockets. People will go elsewhere.

Number one complaint:  It is very difficult to find a Woolworths site where I can lodge what is basically a complaint about a product.  So you may need to transfer this to the correct department. Product Processed Light Cheese 500g Bar code9 300633 606329. There appears to be a problem with the plastic wrap. When trying to unwrap a slice of cheese the plastic very often tears off, leaving only a very narrow strip for a second attempt. Being only a narrow strip it is then difficult to start to separate the heat sealed edge.  

These have has been welded too much so it is difficult to tear them apart. Sometimes it tears off along the fold.  The result is that very often when the plastic wrap has finally been removed the slice of cheese is either partly ripped off or  torn to pieces which looks very unattractive.  This is the second time I have submitted a complaint of this nature.  I am not looking for any freebees or compensation.  All I hope for is that you will look into this and get it fixed.


I am a Disability Support Worker and I was helping my client whom obviously has a disability to do his shopping. On Saturday 30 January 2016 @ 13.30, I was waiting with my groceries at the checkout where there are 2 registers,  the employee was serving at the far register when my client unpacked his groceries out of his basket at the preceding register, which we thought was normal practice, we then waited for some time as she served some people cigarettes before us, which was fine.

When she was ready to serve us she was very rude and abrupt telling my client to bring his groceries to the next register, as he has an intellectual disability he did not understand why, and to be quite honest nor did I. When I asked her why she couldn't serve him at the register where he had unpacked his groceries, she replied by yelling at me in a very angry demeaning attitude and voice because I'm working at this register aren't I.

I replied by saying the reason we came to this register was because it was staffed and thought it would be more helpful for my client otherwise we might as well go to the self serve check out, she replied in a screeching tone your most welcome to go there.  And I said "no " the reason we came here was to have a little help, she then screamed at me well I was serving wasn't I.

That's not what my complaint was.  It was her loosing her temper, her body language what she said and her tone, I am nearly 60 years old and never ever been treated so badly at any supermarket in my life. I asked the employee her name and she yelled once again I'm not going to tell you, because your not going to tell me your name,and you have been rude to me. The woman was probably aged in her fifties or sixties with short hair and glasses. My receipt does not identify her, but the store managers name was Steve. I did not pursue the matter with the manager in the store as I did not want my client to be upset further. I have shopped at woollies all my life at the various stores. I don't think I will ever step foot in one again.


Today upon entering the TTP Modbury store at approximately 1.30pm - as I walked through the bakery section my right foot slipped in a clear liquid which was all over the floor and approximately 1.5cm deep which caused me to lose my balance and jar my back as I tried to keep my footing in the wet mess on the floor, luckily I was holding on to a trolley which prevented me from falling forward and injuring myself even more. Subsequently as a result of this accident - I now have intense pain in my lower and upper back and will require a visit to a Medical therapist such as my Chiropractor to be realigned in order to alleviate the pain and essence of discomfort as a result of slipping and falling / jarring my back.

I believe that the manner in which i was treated by some of the staff in the store and that of Darren who said the Manager was away and gave me the name of acting Manager was one of disinterest and quite dismissive of my pain and injury. I really didn't appreciate how rude he was to my son (who when I walked over to show Darren where the water / liquid  had been spilt on the floor which was wiped up by a young man who had been working in the Fruit and Veg section was looking at a BBL cricket book which was left on the Customer Service desk) when he snapped at my son and said " are you going to pay for that book - if not put it back now" - my son is 6 years old and he was just looking.

I felt like this manager Darren just wanted me out of his store as quickly as possible and I noticed when I walked over to show Darren where the liquid had been wiped up - that the store had not put up sign indicating to any other customers entering the store to be mindful wet floor -  and I saw an older lady enter the store and walk very close to wear i had hurt myself with no sign sign up and I called out to her in front of the Manager - careful there was liquid spilt all over the floor, they just wiped it up but I have hurt myself - and he said nothing.

I was perplexed when Darren the Store Manager told me he was sorry but people don't always tell them when there was liquid spilt on the floor - which made me feel that somehow he seemed to be implying this liquid that i slipped - and I told him that my injury / jarring of my back is due to someone spilling liquid on the tiles and I am advising the store staff, not to be an annoyance or inconvenience. I told him that i would need to attend my Chiro on Monday and he said that Woolworth's would be contacting me on Monday.

I don't like feeling that this injury and damage to my back is MY fault when all I did was attempt to be a customer in a store I have frequently been a loyal and satisfied customer for many years - and i didn't like the manner in which Darren said "sorry" and dismissed me and actually ask me if I was okay or if there was anything he could do. I found it strange that when I asked if there was a near miss / accident form I needed to fill in - he quickly said  that everything like that is done online by Woolworth's and I don't need to worry about anything. I anticipate to receive some sort of email in response to this complaint.