It's True — Yahoo! Has No 1-800 Phone Number for Customer Care


Many of our visitors have a simple question. They need help contacting Yahoo! customer service. The reason can be many different things. From a problem with logging into their account, a question for technical support, or even a complaint or comment.

Sounds simple right? Except for the fact that Yahoo! does not provide a customer service phone number. In fact, the company even goes as far to say that if you see a phone number online, it's not Yahoo! you are calling.

In our opinion this is incredibly frustrating for customers because they want to talk to someone on the phone. But, we understand that from the perspective of Yahoo! keeping people on the phone lines are expensive. And of course the company is going through a $4.8 billion dollar aquisition from Verizon.

The company does have a few phone numbers listed, however they are clear that they do not want to provide customer service on the phone. The only valid contact number is the main corporate office at 408-349-3300.

Here are the ways Yahoo! lists customer service options:

The bottom line is beware of calling a Yahoo! customer care phone number you see online.

What do you think about this policy of not being able to reach a live human when you are in trouble? Would love to hear the thoughts and feedback of this community.


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Upset at corporate? Their office location is: 
701 First Avenue Sunnyvale, California 94089



I have tried to post this online on their Twitter account but Yahoo! just ignores me. So, maybe some customers will actually see my feedback here. My problem is simple. It eems the Yahoo! website is a little on the Liberal side and most of your articles are very Liberal in nature. Why is that? Have they chosen sides?  Is this so important to you that they are willing to run off your loyal customers?

What is wrong with this country today?  Everything on your site is nothing but bashing of Conservatives/Republicans, ridiculous articles disparaging to any candidate or political figure that is not Liberal or a Democrat.  It's sad, as I have been a customer of Yahoo! forever. I so wish you would not have jumped on the Liberal bandwagon and wish they were more open minded and fair to everyone.


I had an email at a few years ago. Someone was messaged at Yahoo, and a citizen somewhere in the world had stolen my account and changed my password. Knowing that I do exist i started my maiden name and password and let it go. Now knowing someone is using my e-mail or somehow my identity for many reasons, I am claiming my old e mail and probably going to court for misuse of my name by another. I am seeking to retrieve my old email address and changed my password and it will not come up still, and there is no phone number to call. How frustrating!

Comment: has a page that is slanderous and defamatory. I won't mention it here but it's a real problem. Since Yahoo! is directing people there with a search engine when the name is entered, I have been asking them to remove this page from the search engine and all others in different languages. However, thus far I've had no response. This page is now, as far as I am concerned, a hate crime. It needs to be removed from all search engines. Wikipedia will not let me edit the page in any way but allows those sympathetic towards the content to post their comments. They have also deleted my edits in the past several times as I tried to post the truth. Others seem to have had this problem with other biography pages. Please help me remove the lies. Can you help me? Yahoo! does not seem to care.


Since last week, I can't get into my Yahoo! mail account on my iPad. It was working fine till I changed my password. It didn't affect my iPhone. But every time I enter my password, I get the message that my e-mail or password are wrong, but at the same time my inbox has a verification message that tells me "You're all set with Your iPad!"

And another thing. How do I get rid of those absolutely obnoxious drop down ads? Can't believe Yahoo! put their loyal customers through that.  Nobody likes them and some have opted to go somewhere else. I am starting to think in that direction also. 


I am so tired of seeing practically naked celebrities on the Yahoo! front page. Yesterday was the icing on the cake. I have tween and teens in my house that have yahoo accounts. Did they really need to log on to check their email and see Kim Kardashian's naked body sprawled out under their login? Isn't that what Playboy is for? We are done with Yahoo. We will all have new accounts by the weekend. Dear corporate, get a conscience, would ya? Signed, your ex-customer.


My email system is extremely slow.  Its the only thing on my computer that slow. Sending is delayed and this is do aggravating. What can be done to improve the email experience at Yahoo? I have an old account with yahoo which i use as my apple ID, however i have forgotten the password to the email and i would like to reset my apple ID. I no longer have access to the phone which i originally set up the account with. (an old phone). I need access to my account and every time i ring i get a rude advisor and are useless. This is ridiculous and i want to speak to someone so i can get access to my account.


I check my Yahoo! e-mail through ATT.  They have 2 set up pages for viewing e-mails.  I needed to go back to the basic setting because your system threads together e-mails that are of somewhat similar information, and I can not afford to have this. I don't know if the one address is receiving their reply versus the other address, and it is of the utmost importance that each address receives its proper reply. 

I like the updated setting because I can change the color of the text, add the emotions, things like that, but I can not do that in the basic setting.  So what can Yahoo! do for me where all of my e-mails are kept separate but have the capabilities of the newer setting.

It took me 45 minutes to frame and send a reply to Amazon email because you had an advertisement popping up on the righthand side of the yahoo mail screen. The first time when I simply pressed the tiny arrow, I got a screen asking me if I would like to pay five dollars a month for 'service' to keep those advertisement windows from popping up. Coming back to the part that really incenses me was that I could not finish what should have been a two minute response to an email because every time the advertisement window popped up.

It froze my email screen and kept me from finishing my email reply. I have had a yahoo account for 15 years. I expect better service than what I have been getting lately. I find it hard to believe that you are not aware of this problem. Furthermore I find it even more difficult to believe that you can't prevent issues like this from being a problem for your legitimate users. If the advertisement screens were a pest that one has to bat away like a fly, but to ask me to pay five dollars a month for a service that shouldn't even be necessary is rapidly becoming the straw that broke the camels' back.

That's a kind way to put it. It sounds seriously like extortion... sort of a spam mail version of the old-time 'protection money' scam. I heartily recommend that you get a handle on this problem.


I am very unhappy with the new email on Yahoo.  It is difficult to get your messages the way it is set up.  I would like to go back to the former set  up.  I do not like the way we have to reply to messages or send a new one.  If this cannot be corrected, we will most likely cancel our Yahoo connections. And where did the spell and grammar check go? All of a sudden when we respond to any email the abc checkmark option no longer shows up at the bottom to quickly check your spelling before sending. 

Instead there is the new symbol which has nothing we are interested in.  People can certainly use a spell checker though. Also, when we go on the site and open up our mail we are unable to do anything for the longest amount of time, not even move the cursor on the screen or open the task manager. Why this long period where nothing happens? It is very time consuming!


I recently filed a complaint about Yahoo on their community forums. They ignored me. Hence my petulant tone. I now have to result to a third party handling complaints in general. I had another complaint about Yahoo which I forgot to include: they have an envelope symbol with a number attached that floats about the screen that stalls all activity until it is deleted. It is as welcome and as much use as a blow fly in the soup. Yahoo should delete it permanently.


My Yahoo E-mail account was "hacked" about two weeks ago. I forwarded a quotation with my personal banking details to a client. The client received another e-mail from an unknown person with my E-mail address requesting him to change the banking details to a different bank account. My client deposited the money which was meant to be for me to the other fake bank account. I lost the money.

Now my yahoo email has been locked for about two weeks, requires a 'password" to open and access it. Yahoo locked it 'for security reasons". I was just now talking to Yahoo "live customer support" at 1-888-411-1123 who said they want to charge me $99.99 to give me a new password and unlock my email. I told the man from India that I was not interested in paying for this.

He repeated that they would call back in 1 hour and charge me $100 dollars to restore my email account. I repeated that: I am not in any position to pay for someone to open my account that has put a password on it, which keeps me from accessing my account. He repeated his plan again and I repeated again - "no". He repeated his words again and then hung up!

Can I talk to someone at Yahoo! that can clear up this concern or should I call the police regarding fraud? It seems like they should at least have a phone number for complaints. The scammers certainly do!


When trying to type an email the fonts just stop showing up I have to start all over again. It is like yahoo just stops working after 3 words are printed. This has been going on since the sign in was changed to two steps. I have been trying to access my email for around 30-45 minutes and it seems like your site is having a problem. I can go anywhere else on the internet with out it just sitting there and doing nothing which is what happens when I try to get to my email on the site. Just thought everyone might want to know whats going on with The main page comes up fine, It seems to me to be a problem fined to the email section.


I've been having trouble with my email. Slow very slow. The rest of my computer is fine. Went I try to read my email getting on take forever. When I click the same. Writing back slow and even stops. However, the rest of my computer is fine. There is something wrong with the back end and engineering teams at Yahoo! really need to correct this asap.

I currently live in China. The slideshows on Yahoo Food and Yahoo Makers never work here. One only sees the first slide. Does anyone have any suggestions about how to remedy this problem? And why do I have to give Yahoo my password to mention problems on the Food and Makers forums when I am already signed in? IMHO sending Yahoo notice of an issue is far too complicated, and such complexity makes the complaint/suggestion process much less effective than it should be.

Last, I absolutely hate the way Yahoo! is changing the website. Its cumbersome and so ad heavy you can hardly read an article. Mail pages are cut short because they have to place ads down the right side of the page. Instead of having the sign on and password, now we have extra strokes and prompts to go from user ID to password. Yahoo! designers took a great home page and are rapidly forcing me to go to another site. Apparently loyalty does not count. Its really awful and I can no longer recommend it to anyone as a home page.