Barnes & Noble Website Problems

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Beware of ordering through Barnes and Noble website. I just ordered a book for my daughter for college. After finding out that the book would not ship or arrive any where near the promised time on the website I asked for a refund. I was told that they couldn’t refund my money because the book was coming from a second party vendor and there was no supervisor working at that company who I could talk to. So after 4 phone calls with a hold time of one to one and half hours and three email later I am filing a report with the BBB and encourage those who have these bad experiences to do the same. Its time for companies to back up what they promise the consumer and be help accountable.

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One thought on “Barnes & Noble Website Problems

  • Ron

    Hello B and N Bookstore.
    recently my mother ordered a book to be shipped to my cousin in Ms. My mother had asked the operator a small favor. My mom wanted a little note or something attatched to the package wishing my cousin a happy Birthday . The lady ASSURED my mom that this would be NO PROBLEM as they do this quite often. Now for the funny/or not part. The book started it’s long trip to Ms. by leaving a distrubition center in Ney Jersey, I tracked it for 4 days till it got to Memphis Tenn. Ah, Memphis, not far now. that was on a Friday, I said to myself it should be a my cousins house on Saturday, it was, yeah, happy joy and all of that other good stuff. Now here is the good part, my cousin in Ms. just so happens to have a sister in law that lives and works in New Jersey where this order originated from, needless to say who do you think got the thank you call for the book when my Ms. cousin opened it? Here is a hint for you, it WAS NOT MY MOTHER, who by the way lives 45 minutes away in La. So after much brain work it took me a VERY long time to come up with the thought that more than likely the little note that the salesperson assured me would be added to the package was actually never put there to begin with. And to my surprise guess what??? I was right. C’mon now, I know you all must be busy but I would be willing to bet you asked to this often, it’s probably keyed into your labeling system. Everything is straightened out about the book now, Hope ya’ll have a nice day and lets get those directions in order, maybe not so much a direction but something that was said was going to be taken care of and was not. May not seem to be a big deal to you but to my mom it kinda was. She DID NOT LIKE the idea that someone else was getting thanked for something that she did–

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