Comcast Customer Service Complaint Problems

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Comcast customer service BLOWS! I’ve had more problems with trying to fix things then actually enjoying any service. If it’s not my cable box or card not receiving the correct channels and having to “re-ping” it a million times with no better a result, it is how my e-mail account needs are not met. As long as a person’s service is stable, the service seems great, but the moment he/she has a problem, he/she should expect huge hurdles, fiery hoops, and long delays. “They’ll get to ya when they get to ya.”… My frustration, and their total LACK of CUSTOMER SERVICE is becoming to much.

I would probably be happier with a slower connection, if it came with better…any… customer service. If you have similar complaints, please take the time to contact your local advocate. 7 on your side was my choice. With enough publicity, Comcast will not have a choice, but to address THEIR problem.

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One thought on “Comcast Customer Service Complaint Problems

  • Ted Luoma

    I am appalled with Comcast’s customer service. I have been an unwilling customer as I have had their broadband service for 6 1/2 years. The product is great, but if you have to deal with customer service for any matter, it negates any positives from the actual product. I am still in the middle of the latest debacle. It started last month when I called to report that my service line is exposed because Comcast only buried it two inches in the ground. 8/22/2011–A service tech came out to rebury the line. He arrived about 8:40 am and had left about 9:00 am. He was at my house about twenty minutes to rebury approximately 120 feet of cable. It was still two inches deep, but now the line was damaged because I was without internet. I called customer service several times, and they replied that they have to schedule a service call, and they could be at my house Thursday. Remember, Comcast is responsible for my outage, I did not touch the line. Over the next two days, I spent more than 8 hours on the phone speaking with Comcast representatives. I would typically talk with an agent for about an hour at a time attempting to reach a supervisor. One of the agents even hung up on me…twice! When I recognized him as the guy who hung up on me the previous day, he ended the call again. Finally, Thursday a new tech came out to troubleshoot. He determined that the line was damaged from the pole to my house, the exact span of line that was monkeyed with by Comcast three days ago. He put in a temporary line. It is unsightly, but at least I have internet. I called Comcast today and spoke with Jen. I was advised that there is no order for the company to return to bury a new line and it is at the company’s disretion. Essentially, I could endure without a permanently buried line indefinitely. I received a call from Comcast about five o’clock. Renee in Shreveport said my line is scheduled to be buried on 9/19. Another week! I advised her that over these past couple of weeks, I have contacted the FCC, the BBB, fourteen different senators, Mary Landrieux and David Vitter from Louisiana and the remaining twelve are on the Senate Subcommittee on Communications. Furthermore, I called Foster Campbell’s office today. He is the head of the Public Service Commission for Shreveport. Plus, I wrote a letter to Brian Roberts, CEO for Comcast. I’m sure that’ll do the trick! Renee said she is sorry I went through what I did, but offered no restitution. She gave me another number I could complain to. That is the problem with Comcast. I have received a million apologies, but no action! Without demonstration of regret, the apology is worthless. They more than likely will not compensate me accordingly, but I intend to get my pound of flesh anyway. The more they have to deal with me, on the phone or otherwise, is money in the toilet. I’m sick to death of Comcast, and I don’t have any viable alternative. They damage the customer, offer a trite apology, only to damage the customer next time. There is no remorse with the company. If the number of complaints on the internet show anything, it’s that Comcast has no intention of changing the way it does business.

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