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Facebook Complaints Contact Phone Number 93.33% satisfaction rating from 3 complaints

Does Facebook complaints department have a contact number or phone hotline I can call? It seems like a website with one billion users would have a phone number to call, but nope it doesn’t look like they do.

I have searched for contact information for Facebook claims and complaints for awhile now but to no avail, especially when it comes to talking to somebody on the phone it seems Facebook is just like Google in that regard.

They just feel like the entire world can run on automation and computer programs. When my account has been blocked or if it ever gets hacked, how am I supposed to fix this without a phone number or email address to reach out to?

I realize that Facebook has a corporate office with an address, but I don’t want to fill out a form just to wait in a queue like everyone else. It’s true I guess then, that you get exactly what you pay for. In the case of Facebook it’s free so I’m sure I can’t complain about it at all.

The address I have for them is 1601 Willow Road, Menlo Park, California, but there is no contact phone number listed with this. I’m assuming it’s because they don’t see the need for it.


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8 thoughts on “Facebook Complaints Contact Phone Number

  • karen

    u blocked me for 14 days why I have done nothing wrong this is twice this has happen I know the people I send the friends request to my name was brenda locklear now its brenda harbin and none of this came about until me and my husband robert harbin had words the other night so if u are going to block me I derserver to have proffered and a reason why its only fair im tried of the pucking on me I do have rights dont I

  • Salman Sheikh

    Hi Team,

    Someone is using my Pix as DP and I want to remove my pix from there by all means, Plz help me to get out of this. Kindly contact me so that I will tell you said acoount, Kindly contact me ASAP

    Salman Sheikh

  • Janice Roland

    I have been criticized for sharing “too fast.” I have friends who send me lovely sites with funny, lovely, informative, inspiring pictures that i like to share with my family and friends. I am disabled and this gives me a way to communicate. What do you consider “TOO FAST?” I am certainly not hurting anyone by doing this. It is fun for me and everyone appreciates the pictures. You have now blocked me from “sharing” for two days…why? Please tell me what harm there is in doing this?

  • Ipinyomi Ariyo Communion

    Hello, please I have a problem with one of my facebook accounts. One of the account asked for my phone number, to which I gave my mtn number, which I had earlier used for my other account. Several attempts to open my personal account proved abortive. Please, my personal account is very very important to me…….help do something about it fast! Thanks!

  • ason kellar

    On facebook there are people saying they are autumn riley and natasha belle that are scammers from Philippines and facebook does not seem to care or they would verify if they are real or not.camille jones from sydney is one for a sample her photos are of autumn riley all over her page andeven the photos have autumn rileys name on them and yet calling herself camille and has asked for money same as a catherine smith.both using autumns photos

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