Google Management Fraud Case

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google management, i would like you too see the… management of your google account as any other outsider is trying to fool the inter net user by making an issue of wining prices in lotto game. i humbly request you to check those fraud members who all are using the google in a wrong way. thank you.

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2 thoughts on “Google Management Fraud Case

  • marie

    I just want to spread this word to everybody. In all the websites thru the internet that requires personal information like names and address please take extra caution. My family in the Philippines has received a postal package which contains a notice with an enclosed “key” (a key to a box containing valuables). The company’s name is Smithe-Lyons International Purveyors without a proper contact details. They are asking for 80US dollars in exchange of the box as storage fee.. The notice was sent to me to my address in the Philippines… Well if there’s a site here in Google to where I could somehow upload the document these frauds sent to me please email me so i could share it to everybody ,. I am certain so many people have been victimized by these scams.. How could anyone be so sure that all our personal information are safe in the websites and emails upon signing up?

  • MKS

    I have received a mail like this from IACUC and contents are copied down It has Google logo. Please clarify and let me know.FROM: THE DESK OF THE E-MAIL PROMOTIONS MANAGER INTERNATIONAL PROMOTIONS/

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