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I have been trying for the last few days to contact someone regarding my dissatisfaction with a Groupon deal that was not fulfilled by the venue it was purchased from. I am disappointed that Groupon customer services have ignored my request to discuss this matter directly before issuing a refund. One email was sent suggested that I contact – which is an email adds that no longer exists!!!!!. This is therefore my last attempt at trying to resolve this situation directly.

All I asked was for someone from Groupon to contact me directly to discus this issue before sending a refund – (which I have stated on numerous occasions is unacceptable). Instead I have been ignored, refunded, and then offered a £10 Groupon voucher!

To Summerise my sistuation

The groupon deal was purchased for a Christmas present –
The Perfect Pamper Package for Two People at Look
Good Feel Good

Valid from 13.12.2010 to 28.02.2011
I tried to contact the venue repeatedly from the 3rd January with no success – leaving numerous messages to ring me back – with no reply. The venue did not have an email address to contact.

They now have an answer machine message that states that they can no longer take groupon bookings as they are fully booked and that we should contact you to get a refund. They haven’t even had the decency to contact me directly. I am sorry but this is totally unacceptable! If they are fully booked they should honour all vouchers and extend the booking dates. I have contacted them well in advance of the voucher expiring.

I am not happy with a refund for this deal – This voucher was purchased in good faith for a xmas present and therefore a refund is not acceptable as that person is now without a gift. I contacted the venue well within the time frame given. If groupon has sold more deals than the venue can honour, the venue should extend the dates to provide the service for which I have purchased – many other venues are more than happy to do this with the groupon deals – the venue can not be fully booked indefinitely!

Groupon and the venue should have had some communicated regarding how many deals could be sold to ensure so that the venue can cope with the number of deals purchased. The company advertises these deals as possible gifts – this it is not acceptable if the vouchers have a risk of being non redeemable. I am now faced with the situation of having to replace the deal for the person the gift was given to at an expense of nearly £300!

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31 thoughts on “Groupon Deals and Refunds

  • Anonymous

    A word to the wise never never except a free offer until you search the site for example when I saw the offer I searched the web with (groupon scam) and this is how I found your comment.

  • hissing kitty Post author

    Thanks for the feedback. While Groupon as a whole seems to be a decent company, it is always good to research scams and complaints beforehand to be prepared!

  • banana3333

    I have just had the same problem, when I called 3 weeks before the voucher expired I was told they were no longer taking bookings! To make matters worse groupon doesnt even have a legitimate phone number!!

  • hissing kitty Post author

    I had no idea Groupon didn’t have a legit phone number, or that Groupon was having problems with bookings and coupon redemption. They are famous for their deals and daily coupons, so if they aren’t keeping people happy that is just too bad!

  • easey

    Wish I had read this before. Purchased 2 offers from Groupon, but still unable to get appointments. I have had no luck despite repeatedly sending mails.

  • Stuart

    As a new Glasgow based ‘Daily Deal’ company we try to ensure that when you buy a coupon from us you WILL get treated the same as a full paying customer – it is stated in our suppliers t&c’s. We are still at very early stages and need new customers asap however, as the owner, I can assure you that there is a phone number for you to talk to me and also with vast customer service experience from previous employment I am fully aware of the importance of keeping the lifeblood of a business happy. To be fair to the supplier, you must remember that perhaps they normally offer a particular service 3 times each day and then they advertise 100 of the service with a Groupon type site. Suddenly demand rockets. At The Real Deal we try to make customers aware of the fact that it may not always be possible to expect fast, immediate service but we also point out to the suppliers advertising with us that they must set a maximum number of sales after taking into account their ability to meet demand. We reiterate the importance of treating our customers as they would their regulars. Good customer service isn’t about handing out refunds at the drop of a hat. It’s about finding a solution that will have the customer wanting to return in future.

  • ash

    well you got your refund and a voucher, so whats the problem, why’d you feel the need to discuss it? and what more compensation do you want? If there were no more bookings and you got your money back anyway just buy something else, no need to write a long ass essay on it

  • Tara

    Although there are lots of deals to be had on Groupon, the customer service there is ABYSMAL. They seem to work on the unprofessional thought process that if there is any problem with the third party (the company actually providing the service) then eventually you will be refunded. This causes massive inconveniences. I have had numerous hair appointments cancelled the day of, or the day prior… and had some nightmarish dealings with Groupon customer services. I would not use groupon again. Saving a bit of money on the salon or a massage has not been worth the hassle.

  • Kevin Armes

    I purchased a voucher for a £149 robotic vacuum cleaner in July. I redeemed it immediately it became active and was told to expect delivery in up to 4 weeks. I sent 3 emails to Groupon and got no reply. I rang Groupon and was told the supplier Tefneth Imports had experienced delays but that all items would bedespatched and received before end of August. Groupon then sent a generic email, I presume to all purchasers of the item, confirming this. On 1st September 2011 still no item had arrived and so I demanded a refund as the supplier and Groupon were in breach of contract. We’ll see what happens next. Today’s Groupon deal is for a double or king-sized bed for £69 or £75. I would have bought this deal unhesitatingly, had it not been for my first experience using them being bad. Groupon need to realise what they’re losing with poor customer service.

  • Lisa

    Well, I ordered a double bed on offer today from crazy beds, £69 bargain, received my order confirmation email, then 18mins after the deal closed my second email which should have been my voucher, was infact, “there has been a problem with your payment your order has been cancelled” well actually groupon I have news for you, no there ain’t any prob with my payment, I used the card half hour before then an hour later in a store knowing full well there was and still is a healthy balance on it. I have emailed them to complain, won’t hold my breathe for a reply. But I will take the con I mean matter further if I do not get my order as specified. Disgusting is this, usually it’s after sales that’s crap but this takes the friggin biscuit. I will provide an update on this when I have one. Hope others have better luck.

  • Libby

    I have nothing good to say about Groupon or ilocal some very shady furniture site that has nothing but a few expensive chairs on it which i purchased a bin for £57 with postage 7 weeks ago and still have not had the bin. Please anyone out there do not touch either scam deals from Groupon they should be stopped!

  • Roz Rayner-Rix

    I purchased via a Groupon offer two canvas prints C.O. You-Frame in July, despite many communications on my part I have neither the money including postage costs nor the 2 items. I have asked for a refund and got nothing at all. Like others who have posted complaints here I am either told they have a backlog of orders and that mine is being dealt with or I hear absolutely nothing. I am a pensioner living on benefits and cannot afford to be without this money. The two prints were to be entered in an art exhibition. I know can only suspect that my art has also been stolen and that it will be used for illicit purposes. The sooner Groupon gets shut down completely the better. It is a misleading company to say the least. It is riding the backs of poor people who cannot afford life little luxuries. a total scam company.

  • Mark

    i purchased a ICE device all in one bluetooth car kit for £22.95 + £4.95 p+p when the voucher was activated next day i then had to wait a further two days before i could redeem the voucher then when i tried to do so it came up with errors was as far as i got, so i contacted groupon they said contact the company and put your point across so i did by email as they have no other contact details on the groupon website if you try to bring up the bluetooth world web site it just comes up with HPPT errors got back on to groupon and and they come across as they will assist you but they are all talk and no action as the as they told me they would contact the company via there other department that deal with these i suspect they are overrun with problems as you guess i heard NOTHING! a few more days past and to my surprise the same item appeared on groupon again so i got on to grupon to find out what was going on with my order they said it was showing that i had activated my voucher as needed to go back to that department what was going to contact me in the first place, THEY DO NOT DO SO! i had a rant the person i was speaking to spoke to manager and said my money will be returned to me pay pal account, so at that i tried to purchase another throwing caution to wind in that may it could have possibly been a problem at my end, NOT! the same thing happened i.e. web site disappeared again when i contacted groupon they said their was a problem and i could have my money back again but i could not have my first lot back even though i have not received anything for it, still not had anything back and have stopped using groupon might i add that groupon shares have risen to a 400 million high the company is worth 17 million i would say there is a large percentage of unsatisfied customer money banked earning interest of that 17 million £56 of which is mine, what do you think? also see the watchdog reviews for yourself.

  • disguise

    I had problems with Groupon and Clouds Memory Foam. After being given 2 delivery dates for a pair of pillows and still no , after 8 weeks I cancelled but then had to go back to Groupon for the pillow refund. After numerous emails and telephone calls it wasn’t until I mentioned reporting them to Trading Standards that they gave a refund.

  • Dave

    I’ve had several Groupon deals cancelled on me, not to mention miss selling. I was bought a Kite Surfing Lesson, thankfully I called a head and the person running it confirmed it was flying a kite on the beach and I would go nowhere near the water. He said if I was interested in Kite Surfing I should save my money and do the full lesson! I’ve spend hours complaining to and about Groupon but they seem to be protected and nothing major has happened even though their own social media links are full of complaints. If you want a laugh send them an email complaining and then post on their Facebook page your issue. They will reply via Facebook within 30mins offering a tailored service to fix the problem and all you have to do is drop them an email. After two weeks of playing the game I never actually got an email just the promise in an open social media environment that they would help! I wonder why!

    Groupon is an amazing idea but when you speak to retailers they say the deals are never realistic and they are forced to offer massive discounts that they know are unsustainable. In their T&Cs if you offer a groupon deal they can’t offer another deal to any other customer! Yeah right, like Groupon have that much control over the world! I’ve experience twice myself that they have over sold deals and broken T&Cs only to blame the other company, I’m happy to send round all my evidence to people.

    Great idea, run by idiots and unfortunately it looks like they are slowly doing more harm than good with their antics. As with other comments its only until you mention trading standards that they sit up and listen, I’ve also found that if you tell them that a colleague agreed and you have email confirmation they never check and do what you want otherwise you get a “computer says no” answer!

    Personally they have a good idea but are just thick, stupid and conmen! Why over sell the deals, why lie to customers and why don’t they solve the issues rather than worrying about their image on social media sites!

  • Ale

    Their merchants are really aiming to loose customers even before having them ! Besides some scammers, like PEARL NATIONAL , others just take a month or more to conclude the transaction and send you the items you ordered (EXTREME FLIERS & mygadgetsandgifts). The PEARL NATIONAL situation is serious though: I’ve spent £90 for a stupid teeth withening session, but these people have disappeared before I could take my session. And it has been impossible even for Groupon to reach them apparently. But yet, after more than 1 month, I’m still waiting the decency from Groupon to refund me. I.E. customer service is pretty bad !!! They have sure lost a good client…and everyone else I can tell my story too !!

  • Moomerry

    I have had the same problems, YOU FRAME canvas ordered still unfulfilled after 3 months and beauty treatment that I can’t get an answer or call back about to book. For me, Groupon has been a total headache and waste of time. I’ve learned the hard way that if a deal seems too good to be true it probably is! I would never use Groupon again and I am warning all my friends and family off them.

  • Tom

    In September I bought a go-karting voucher from Groupon and this week I have been trying to ring Karting 2000 in Manchester and couldn’t get through to their landline telephone or mobile, and they haven’t replied to my email about booking my session. I am worried because the last day to book is tomorrow, so I either want to book on fine or get my money back before it’s too late! Any suggestions? Thanks

  • Ailon

    I had very bad experience with Grupon. I bought service from them but provider is not reachable. Nobody repaly on e-mails and I can’t contact with them. Very poor customer service. I will never use Grupon….

  • groupon ex

    We have had the same problem it would seem the go karting place has over subscribed with some 5000 people trying to book for the 3 months they offered. To add to the problems the place has also now flooded and there will be further delays and cancellations. We are currently trying to get a refund through groupon as it was impossible to even book the event.

  • MrBen

    A house cleaning service in Manchester was overwhelmed with the demand, extended the voucher eligibility via Groupon but then still was unable to get around tgo replying to emails or phone calls/texts. I contacted Groupon for a refund since it is known that they don’t hand overfunds to the company makingthe offer until the voucher is redeemed. They offered a credit “in the circumstances” but said a refund wopuild only be due if claimed within 7 days i.e. distance selling regulations. Knowing that I’ll use the credit on another deal I could have accepted it but I felt that a dishonoured deal deserved a refundand that the distance selling regulations were not at issue. I wuill dispute the charge with my card issuer card and fully expect to received the monies back at some cost to Groupon. Had they done the sensible thing and handed back the money that they still possessed rather than attempting to hide behind the distance selling regs when we are mor elikely to be looking at the latest incarnation of the sale of goods act. Should I fail with the card issuer it’ll be an online small claims court action …

  • Glenis Thompson

    I was given a Groupon voucher as a Christmas gift for a spa day a Oulton Hall, Leeds. They only take bookings on Group vouchers 2 weeks in advance. When I have called more than 2 weeks in advance I an told ….yes we have plenty of availability for that date just call when it is 2 weeks away. Then when the day comes to make the booking they are already booked up for that day with excuses such as … “We are a very busy hotel”….”We have a lot of hen parties booked in”….”It is valentines day on the 14th and we are busy all week”. It seems that although the Groupon client has paid up front, they come at the bottom of their priorities and with a voucher that is only valid until 14/03/2012 this is quickly starting to look like a scam.

  • Leanderpace

    I purchased a groupon getaway deal to Lakeview Country Club in Cornwall and booked my place within 2 minutes of receiving the voucher. I have called the hotel a number of times who give me a number for their marketing department to call. That number is always, always busy and on two occasions I got through, I spoke to people who plainly were not taking this seriously and just asked me to wait for an e-mail which I suspect will never come because they are not going to honour even a single deal. I have realised that good groupon deals will be nothing but disappointment and a frustrating experience. On buying this voucher, I stopped my holiday search thinking if I acted soon, get the deal however this experience has left me feeling like a fool. I am very angry at how these people have been allowed to waste people’s time and money on making telephone calls. I agree with the author that a simple refund is not enough to compensate for this horrible experience. They wasted my time where I could have booked something else that at least would have materialised. TAKE MY ADVICE, STAY AWAY FROM GROUPON GETAWAYS

  • Jenna

    We purchased a bin, after months it arrived dented. The company promised a replacement 3 months ago but they now ignore emails and calls. I’ve emailed both groupon and ilocal furniture in excess of 30 times and I’m going to print them all off today and send them to trading standards. Groupon appear to be a bunch of con artists.

  • steve

    My only experience of Groupon was great. £89 for two people for two nights bed, continental breakfast and a one course evening meal in a nice hotel in a beautiful setting – what a bargain.

  • anonymous

    Groupon is a very shotty company. I have tried their services 5 times and they have failed every time. I have had problems every single time either the deal is in 3 months time or If you get a meal your classified by the restaurant as a discounted meal, you then receive a second rate service you would normally receive and the smaller portions, does not make it a deal. This company should be regulated!

  • Wendy

    I purchased a Groupon from VAGHEGGI ACADEMY for 3 facial injections. It costme £139. it looked like a great deal. Teh woman charged me £150 extra because she said I needed more and the Botox didn’t even Work! Groupons says no refund because I had the treatment. I’m a student and all my savings have gone down the drain now.

  • andrea

    I purchased an item on Groupon, on the 18th February 2013, I changed my my shortly after, as the product advert and the actual item weren’t the same. I then sent an email to Groupon a few minutes later requesting a refund. I then follow-up the email with a telephone call on the 19th February 2013 and was firstly told that the information and Voucher was passed onto the Merchant and I would need to contact them myself, which I did, the Merchant told me that they hadn’t received a Voucher for me, so I went back to Groupon who agreed to raise a refund and I still have not been paid my money, I contacted them again by email over the weekend and was sent an email telling me they are raising a refund again, I then call them and was told I could not speak to a manager. Could you please tell me who to contact to get my money back from Groupon?

  • liz mason

    Please give me a refund on voucher code 001004258w security code E2E31271F5

    I have no problem with provider, treatment jus wasn’t right for me,after consultation. Please could I have refund into my bank account,not PayPal,thanks.

  • liz mason

    Am jus hoping I get refund into my bank account. Not PayPal account. account. Have been reading negative reviews and am getting worried. Hope there isn’t a problem with me. Want to be a groupon customer in the future.

  • liz mason

    Please can I get my refund into my bank account, instead of PayPal? Thank you. you I would appreciate it.

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