JCPenney Exchange and Item Return Declined

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I was very upset when i brought things back to jcpenney to only exchange and was declined. Was told to call a service called
The Retail Equation. I was told i can not bring anything back until 90days in which my receipt expires after 90days and they would need to do the exchange as if i had no receipt and might not take the items back, because policy says they do not half to with a expire receipt or no receipt. I have been a customer with JCPenney for close to 20years must have spend over thousands of dollar in that time and my payments have been on time and sent in more then the payment asks for.

The company that’s handling the return declines, handle people that buy things and bring them back worn, does not have reciepts, and comments fraud and abuse there credit card. How i got in this category i don’t know and no one seems to be able to tell my why. As a valuable customer I am very insulted and upset at the whole matter. I am now working on paying off the credit card and am not going to use it anymore. I will close the account even if it hurts my credit, i have other cards that know how to treat there customers better. I shop at JC Penney for my daughters clothes and do bring things back to exchange or get something else, but it’s very rare that i walk out of the store with nothing.

JCPenney needs to know how to treat there very good customers better, I would not recommend the store any more to anyone, they did not notified me of any changes on exchanges or returns. I found out at the register with everyone looking on. Shame on you JCPenney…

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One thought on “JCPenney Exchange and Item Return Declined

  • ElAine

    Purchase a garment. Took it back the next day realizing I had gotten the wrong size. Put it back in it’s hanger. Still had my receipt. They said they could not exchange. Because there was a tag missing. That it was against there policy. But I have my receipt, i exclaim. The assistant said I would exchange it even if you were my grandmother. It is against our policy.

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