Kohls Return Policy Problems

Kohls Return Policy Problems 46.67% satisfaction rating from 3 complaints

KOHL’s Hassle Free Return Policy is a FARCE. My daughter purchased my husband Nike Shoes for Christmas that were on sale for $29.99 plus tax. The shoes were too small, so my husband took them back to KOHLs. We waited in line a while, then was told to just keep the shoes and find a replacement. So we thought great, we will see if they have them in his size. Well they didnt. But he saw a pair for $39.99. He took them back to the service desk and the gentleman there deducted $7.00 because he had no receipt and a $5.00 restocking fee. If the store gets $12 for EACH refund with no receipt, they are making money!!! This is a FARCE !!!

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3 thoughts on “Kohls Return Policy Problems

  • Denise

    I ordered a sweater online January 3. It is not February 18 and I have yet to received my order. I have called a total of 4 times to their customer service department. I have gotten nothing but excuses. Two weeks ago they told me I would refund my credit card I used. Still nothing. I called today and they tell me they refunded my card….they did not. Then they tell me they shipped to the wrong location and that is why I had to wait until that person returned the item. WOW really because I had nothing to do with shipping it to the wrong location. Long story short I purchased an item on line never received it and Kohls still has my money…..Kohl’s…what a scam! Never will I ever shop there again. Their stores look like dumps inside anyway.Very low class looking store. Kmart looks better inside than Kohl’s does.

  • Mario

    Next time, save your receipt. They can also look up your past purchases that you may have made using a Kohl’s Charge, or other credit cards.

  • Reds

    I have never heard of Kohls having a restocking fee. Hassle free returns doesn’t mean you can cheat the store. You chose an item that cost more than the return value of the shoes. Had you used a credit card, debit card your purchase could have been traced. Without a receipt they have no idea what you paid for the item. Don’t blame the store for your lack of organization.

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