Terrible Scott Toilet Paper

Terrible Scott Toilet Paper 100.00% satisfaction rating from 1 complaint

I have used Scott Tissue Bathroom T. paper for almost my whole life and LOVED IT…what in SAMS HELL happened to the rolls you are selling NOW !! They are TERRIBLE !!! You can’t even take care of business without using 25 sheets to finish the job … ITS WAY TO THIN…I had to go out an purchase another kind of t.paper. Waiting to hear your comment!

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23 thoughts on “Terrible Scott Toilet Paper

  • carolyn

    been buying scott toilet tissue for years, it has gotten terrible, you have to rip it off because it don’t have lines on it to tear it off, and it thinner and the rolls are smaller than it use to be, not buying any more of scott products.

  • hissing kitty Post author

    Sorry about the poor experience with Scott toilet paper carolyn, and thanks for stopping by to let us know. I hope that Scott and other companies get their head on right and go back to quality before they lose more loyal customers like you.

  • Brenda

    I had a similar experience with Scott’s toilet tissue. I grew up on Scott’s, but got away from it because other brands were more econimical. I recently purchased it because it was on sale. I noticed an immediate difference from when I was growing up. Yes, it is thinner, more transparent looking and porous. You shouldn’t skimp of certain things. Don’t skimp on Scott’s.

  • Arlene Shawner

    I can’t believe how they have destroyed the tried and true brand of Scott. I called to find out where I can buy the old regular stuff and they said they no longer make it. Scott is going to lose a lot of loyal customers with this awful “New” Stuff. I’ve been a loyal customer for 15 yrs. but I can’t buy it anymore. It leaves little bits of tissue behind. Not acceptable. What were they thinking? Why do they think people buy Scott’s?

  • tony

    you suceded in making scott tissue crap before it’s used. i hope you lose a ton of money because of your greed.

  • Ashley

    Agreed. All of a sudden, it’s just a shell of what it used to be. <> Eeew. It doesn’t even work for noses.

  • wanda wipeass

    I wipe my butt for several years with Scotts Toilet Paper. It did get thinner, I now have a rash the size of california. I put special cream the doctor prescribed for this issue, but it is now the size of the United States. I have a geographic butt. I switched to cottenelle and feel cottony all over.

  • Michele

    6/9/2011 – I too have used Scott toilet paper for YEARS. It has always been my favorite toilet paper. It was soft, affordable, and lasted a long time. Two months ago I noticed new packaging in the store. One was for a “new, softer” Scotts. The other looked kind of like the old, but something was different. I knew that “new & softer” meant thicker…and I think thick toilet paper is gross, so I bought what I thought was the old kind. When I used the first roll, it was literally like wiping with tree bark. I tried another roll, same thing. I even bought another package from a different store, and its all now like tree bark. I have now switched to Northern. Too bad Scotts had to fool with it. If its not broke, don’t fix it!

  • leon

    used scotts for 25 years just got so thin we switched to store brand use alot fewer sheet to do the job now

  • Grumpy

    Husband and father have both complained about this…I compared 2 rolls of scott…an old one I had on the shelf for a while and the new pack…New stuff is see thru and half as thick…So sad when profits outweigh quality…will have to switch brands after a lifetime of Scott…55 years!

  • scott

    The new line of tp is awful….I got it at BJs and they have a coupon this month….LOL Original is great but the new soft line that is on sale and sucks leaves tissue in your butt if your a guy. Really Scotts has been a leader who have you hired to test marked and get this horrible produc on your name brand….WAKE UP SOMETHING HAS CHANGED AND I AM TELLING EVERYONE I KNOW OF YOUR NEW TP THAT IS IN MY SHORTS RIGHT NOW….DINGLE BERRY 5 DAY ROLL OF TP….Would love to be on a panel for your products..I am swithing back to reg scotts tp…

  • vn2ra

    Dear Scott Staff, I am really angry about the thin paper as well. I will never buy scott toilet paper after being a long time customer. I have already told more than ten friends about this and I’m sure the word will spread quickly. I feel like I’ve been robbed. Make the same product you once made and i might be your customer again.

  • Polly

    I have been complaining about Andrex, too. It seems to be a general thing. Tissue thinner, less sheets. I think the idea is make us all buy more ,as well as to increase the price. I was told that there are three qualities of toilet tissue, soft, very soft, and eewwwww, They all seem to be fast approaching the eewwww stage.

  • fred

    Thought it was my imagination, but Scott’s changes SUCK ! I’m done. Im getting the stuff we use at the office wholsale, FAR far better. Lost a 30 yr customer here

  • Emael

    you are right !! I agree with you….I am not going to buy it anymore either. I have been using it for 40 years +

  • kevin

    I am so disappointed in SCOTT toilet tissue I googled my complaint and wound up here. My Mother was very smart about paying more for quality products. 50 years ago Scott Tissue was high quality and perfect thickness. It is now so thin I have to layer it 10 times to keep poop off my fingers . I was expressing this concern while visiting my brother and his wife. They quickly became offended because they had just experienced a very costly plumbing problem and the plumber insisted that from now on they only use Scott Tissue. I personally will never use Scotts ultra thin nonsense on my butt ever again. Using almost any other brand is thick enough tissue to get the job done in just a few sheets rather than 50 or more of Scotts. L@@K Out Mr. Whipple; from now on I’m squeezing the Charmin!

  • Heidi Pelletier

    I’ve been using Scott for my entire 56 years and so has all my family. I’m starting the search for a new TP. I’m so “irritated” with the changes – smaller squares, flimsy, thin paper that leaves pieces “behind”. Scott is no longer the preferred, predictable product. I will begin my search for a replacement when my current stock is gone!

  • Jean Hynes

    Now I know why I’ve purchased CHARMIN TOILET TISSUE FOR 25 years! Last week I purchased a 12 roll pack of Scott toilet tissue because I had a $1 coupon and I thought I’d try it. It’s awful! It is the quality of paper that you would find in a gas station or on a train. I will never buy it again or recommend it to anyone. I will probably put your 12 roll pack in the trash because I wouldn’t give it to my worst enemy unless they like using wax paper for such purpose.

  • Heather

    It is terrible. Super thin. Wiping with print paper feels more comfortable and durable. Just today and all the times I use it I have to use at least 15 sheets(no lines to tear it off) just wipe and all I did was urinate. I didn’t even go number two. As the day went on it felt odd “down” there. It had tore up down there. I came to realize that happens every time I use it. I shouldn’t have to wipe piss and then take toilet paper out of my private part. TMI. Its the truth. Sad thing is. I live with my parents and they refuse to switch. So I am stcuk with it up my crotch till I buy my own.

  • loyaluserofScot

    Complained a few years ago about the see through thin version of Scotts TP, and finally they improved it making it a bit “stronger.” Now along with the stronger comes the less wide version which leaves the TP roll to pop back and forth on the dispenser, not to mention having to use more of it to cover my entire palm when wiping. I am so interested in seeing if they (it should be me!) comes up with a clever cute little invention to make space filler decorations for either end of the roll dispenser so the unit looks less ridicious! I would suggest little sad face balls.

  • Sue

    I have been trying to find the old scott toilet paper for some time now but after reading these posts I guess they changed their product. For what reason who knows? The new scott paper doesn’t last as long as the old kind so I guess that’s what they want. Then you have to buy more,sooner! Like some one else said, if it ain’t broke don’t fix it. Does anyone know why they changed the product? Well I am not buying it anymore either. Used the product for 3 generations . Someone in that company made a Huge mistake!

  • Karen

    I have been using Scott toilet paper since I was potty trained which is 54 years now. I can not believe how much this toilet paper has changed. There is no longer any QUALITY. I hope the company is happy with the money they are saving by all the cut backs they have done over the years. They have made the rolls a lot shorter, so thin it breaks off about 4 times before you get enough to do the job. It is so THIN!!! I am extremely disappointed. Scott has left me no choice, I am not purchasing this toilet paper anymore. I am going to switch to another brand. My entire family used Scott also and all of them are switching to something else. You lost many loyal customers just with my family alone. Someone in that company made a HUGE mistake when they thought cheating the customers was a good market move. Make it the way you used to and I will come back!!!!!!

  • Cindy McNatt

    I have complained to OrGREENIC cookware with no response. We are disabled and live on social security,about 11mo. ago we purchased pans &pots one at a time to have a full set with doubles of some we use daily. We use only Teflon utensils&don’t misuse them,followed instructions on cleaning. They are now sticking horribly bad.I gave my perfectly good wearever(had 16yrs.)as well as my Tfal(10-15yrs)old to women in battered abuse centers. Now I am stuck(lierally)with a lot of cookware that ruins a lot of foods I fix. The worse part is due to our financial situation we can’t buy replacements.I am also concerned what kind of coating was on this cookware and did we ingest harmful chemicals. I sincerely hope the company will answer my concerns,as well as make good on the faulty cookware I trusted to deliver according to there advertisements.. Thank you for your time, Cindy McNatt, 361-729-5196(home phone number) 6089 f.m.1781,Rockport,TX. 78382

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